tagGroup SexCheerleader Chronicle Ch. 20

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 20


Thanks to my editor Cheer_Smartie526 for all the help with this. I changed the format of the competition, I hope you enjoy it.


Rick hugged the wall. His heart was pounding against his chest. He took a deep breath and focused on his surroundings. He cleared everything else from his mind. For now the laser tag maze was his entire world. This was not the first time he had played laser tag, but this game was quite different. Somewhere in the dark maze that surrounded him were Trinity and Nancy. Rick looked down and cursed Nancy for picking out his outfit. Admittedly she didn't have much to work with in his wardrobe, but he thought she could have done better than a pair of black 501 jeans and white V neck T shirt. She had deliberately omitted underwear of any kind. Compared to the outfit he had picked out for Trinity his was rather plain.

The sound of someone running snapped him out of his daydream and he chided himself for losing focus. He didn't want to be the first to get tagged out. The rules were simple. The first person to get hit had to take off their shirt and become an observer for the rest of the round. Getting half naked was his contribution. The second person to get tagged became the submissive for the victor. For Rick it was a no lose situation. He would either get to watch Trinity and Nancy have sex, or get to fuck one of them while the other watched. In the back of his mind he knew watching would be fun once, but frustrating each time after that. He was also a little concerned about being Trinity's submissive.

Nancy crouched down in a corner, catching her breath after sprinting down a long hallway. She was the only one out of the group that had done anything like this with more than paintballs and lasers. She was a little concerned that the game would be too stressful and bring back some unpleasant memories. The outfits helped. Rick had not been shy about letting her know he thought the outfit she chose for him was lame. Nancy held her ground when he tried to accessorize it. His ass looked great in the 501s and the tight fitting T shirt showed off his chest muscles very well. The V neck showed just enough chest hair to catch her eye. Nancy regarded her own outfit, selected by Trinity. It consisted of thigh high fishnet stockings and a short suede skirt. Around her waist was a Sam Browne belt with a pouch made of shiny patent leather. She wore a pair of black leather boots that laced all the way to her knees and had a slight heel. A hidden zipper ran the length of the boots, making them easy to take off. Nancy was secretly glad she was wearing these instead of strappy stilettos that looked great but were impossible to run in. She couldn't remember buying the boots; but was thankful for her unknowing foresight. The outfit was topped off with a cheetah-print corset that barely contained her breasts. Nancy quietly cursed Trinity under her breath. Nancy wondered if her friend was just oblivious to the physics of running with large breasts or enjoyed watching pair of 34 D tits try to pop out of the tight outfit. Trinity openly admitted she wanted Nancy to be eye candy, and had dressed her accordingly. There was one other component to the outfit, one known only to Trinity and Nancy. Strapped around Nancy's naked thigh and bare ass was the harness for a strap on dildo. The dildo was tucked away on the pouch on her belt. Conspicuously absent from her outfit was any kind of underwear.

Nancy carefully scanned the darkness for her two opponents. She was mostly focused on finding Trinity. Nancy was still not convinced she was ready for lesbian sex, so the thought of being Trinity's submissive made her a little nervous. The best possibility would be to tag Trinity first and then Rick, although being tagged by Rick would also be acceptable.

Trinity looked down, waiting for someone to stumble into her kill zone. She had a bit of an advantage in that she was more familiar with the layout of the maze. The laser tag arena was run by a friend. It was not even open to the public yet, but she'd convinced her friend to allow a trial run. She didn't explain that the game was likely to turn into an orgy. She just had to make certain that Rick didn't leave cum stains everywhere. She did have to give the boy credit for her outfit. For such a redneck he had a sense of style. Initially, she'd been nervous about allowing him to peruse her drawers and insisted that Nancy accompany him. Trinity had visions of Rick masturbating everywhere in her house. She wouldn't be too surprised if she found out that Rick and Nancy had fucked at least once while they were there.

She'd half expected to be wearing a thong and nothing else, but Rick had come up with a complete outfit. She was indeed wearing a thong, but it was covered by a pair of tight fitting red pants. For some reason he had chosen stretchy leggings designed to look like leather. It was an odd choice when there were outfits that would not only have put her at a disadvantage but were sexier. Trinity both chuckled at and appreciated his incompetence right now. Her upper body was covered; barely, by a lacy camisole. She wore a leather collar around her neck. He had supplied the black nylon belt wrapped around her waist, but the two pair of handcuffs and riding crop tucked into it belonged to her. Rick had left the choice of shoes up to her and she'd decided to go barefoot.

Nancy quickly glanced around the corner, and then ducked back behind cover. Even though the area appeared to be clear she launched into a sprint, cursing Trinity's choice of outfits again as her breasts tried to bounce out of her top on each stride. She had barely made it ten feet when the light on her sensor vest illuminated.

"Shit!" Nancy cried out, annoyed that she had been tagged so early in the first game. She looked around but could not see her attacker. In compliance with Rick's last minute addition to the rules she stripped her top off. The air was cool and her skin was covered with goose bumps as she sat down cross legged on the floor. Nancy looked around again, wondering who had tagged her, but saw no one.

From her awkward perch Trinity looked down at her first victim. She had planned to take Rick out first, but had been so excited that someone walked into her ambush she had tagged Nancy without thinking about the consequences. What would she do with Rick as a submissive? It was too early in the game to fuck him. Trinity wanted to tease him for a while. She recognized that it was inevitable that she would have sex with Rick at some point in the game. Even if he did not get lucky and tag her, Nancy would probably sacrifice herself just to see her boy toy stick his dick in a lesbian. Trinity smiled when Nancy took her top off. Rick's rule had a silver lining after all.

Laying flat on his stomach Rick peeked around the corner. It had been his experience in both laser tag and paintball that people rarely looked down, so he sacrificed speed for stealth when he had to scan the area. He saw Nancy sitting with her back to him. He could see she was topless. He watched her for a few seconds, both hoping she would turn around and that she would give him a hint on the location of Trinity. She did neither. She was only about 10 feet short of the next corner, so he would have a close up view of her tits at his next hiding spot. Satisfied that the corridor was clear he slowly crept along the wall. Trinity waited until Rick was about five feet short of Nancy before she raised her laser and fired. His vest lit up. He looked around with a confused expression on his face. Before he could move up enough to see Nancy's naked breasts Trinity unfolded herself and climbed from her sniper's hide on top of the wall.

The way Trinity emerged from the darkness startled Rick. He had never seen a laser tag facility with hiding spots so high up. She crept down like a spider, and he was the fly trapped in her web.

"Don't move," Trinity cautioned as her feet hit the floor.

Rick was both disappointed that he could not see Nancy's tits and excited about what Trinity was going to do to him. She circled him like a shark that smelled blood in the water. Finally she walked up behind him and pressed her body against his. One of her hands slipped inside his jeans. Rick felt her hand grab his erection.

The first thing Trinity noticed was how warm Rick's cock was. She had dildos almost the same size and texture, but they were never hot the way Rick's turgid flesh was. It did not matter for now; she had no further plans to touch his dick in their first encounter. She pulled her hands out of his pants and removed one pair of handcuffs from her belt. She closed the bracelets slowly around his wrists. She eyed the pouch on Nancy's belt, wondering if it was too soon to bring out her toy.

The sound of the cuff closing echoed in Rick's ears. He tried to imagine how he was going to fuck Trinity with his hands behind his back. It seemed like it would be very difficult to balance in any position, and very awkward to lie on his back. When the second bracelet made its final click there was a moment of silence.

Rick stared straight ahead. He knew Trinity had her hand on the riding crop even though she was behind him, no doubt looking lustfully at Nancy. His erection strained against his jeans. He could not wait to have his cock inside the tall lesbian that had been taunting him for so long. "Turn around," Trinity whispered.

Both Nancy and Rick slowly turned. Trinity drew the riding crop out from the belt and put it on Rick's shoulder. They were almost the same height. Trinity looked into Rick's eyes, they burned with lust.

"Get on your knees, Breeder," she instructed, pressing down with the riding crop. Rick was hers, even though she needed him like a fish needed a bicycle. Trinity looked over Rick's shoulder at Nancy's half naked body, pausing to drink in her friend's full breasts and swollen nipples. Trinity involuntarily licked her lips, and then turned her attention to Rick. Trinity felt a bit like a dog that chased a car and finally caught one, what should she do with him?

"What do you have that I want?" Trinity asked. She rubbed the riding crop against the bulge in his pants, "not this."

It was a little white lie. Trinity had watched him fuck Nancy and she wondered if she would enjoy his cock as much as Nancy did. For all her wildness Trinity had never had sex with a man. For now it was payback time for all the occasions he had flaunted his access to Nancy. All the times he had kissed Nancy and more. She pressed the leather tip against Rick's abdomen and then slowly slid it up his body until it rested on his chin.

"I guess I will just have to make the best of the situation," Trinity mused, "I supposed I could let you lick my pussy. Do you think you could make me come with your mouth?" "Yes," Rick answered. His confidence annoyed Trinity, although based on what Nancy had said, he was probably right.

Rick watched as Trinity peeled off her tight fitting pants, revealing her bald pussy. One of the reasons he had chosen them was their ease of removal. The second reason was more tactical. The fabric had a slight sheen to it that would make it hard for Trinity to hide in the shadows. He would have spotted her in plenty of time to take her out if he had just looked up a bit more.

Trinity's long legs put her wet slit at eye level to Rick. She put the heel of her hand on his forehead and pushed back and then grabbed his hair. Trinity stepped forward and pressed her sex against his face. He was slightly off balance but she tugged on his hair to keep him from falling over backwards. He pressed his tongue against her labia. She was already wet, probably from the sight of Nancy's breasts.

"Make me come," Trinity said insistently. She smiled at Nancy as Rick began running his tongue along the length of her nether lips. Each time he got a little closer to her clit. She tried pulling on his hair to get him to touch it, but he continued to tease her.

The handcuffs were annoying. Rick wanted to touch Trinity. He wanted to grab her firm tits and pinch her swollen nipples. He wanted to feel her wet and swollen labia around his fingers as he probed for her G spot. But that wasn't possible, all he could do was struggle to maintain his balance while he licked and sucked on Trinity's pussy. It was perfectly smooth. He could tell a distinct difference between the feel of soft labia and her hard clit. He considered teasing her, licking almost to her little nub, stopping just short of her pleasure button. Maybe she would give up on oral sex and let him fuck her to a proper orgasm. Trinity must have seen through his plan, she held his head in place and ground her pussy against his mouth until he felt her clit rubbing on his lips.

Trinity had to admit the guy had talent. The way his tongue felt as it parted her nether lips was quite enjoyable. She almost laughed at his attempt to tease her by stopping just short of her clitoris. As far as training him to be a good sub it appeared Nancy still had some work to do. Trinity did not mind; breaking down the wild ones was something she rather enjoyed, even though Rick was her first man she felt confident she could handle him. Trinity tightened her grip on his hair and maneuvered her hips until her clit was pressed against his mouth.

"Suck it, suck it," she insisted. She wondered if Rick ever thought he would find himself in this position.

Rick realized he had lost this battle. Trinity wanted him to make her come with his mouth; there was no way around that. He alternated between sucking on her clit and swirling his tongue around it. He looked up at Trinity. She had him at an awkward angle; all he could see was the bottom of her breasts. Just the tips of her swollen nipples were visible over the curve of her small breasts. In a last act of defiance he shifted his head and speared his tongue between her labia. One way or another he wanted to penetrate this crazy lesbian.

As Rick ministrations inched her closer and closer to a climax Trinity continued to stare at Nancy. Mostly she looked at Nancy's mouth and her full lips. As talented as Rick was proving himself to be Trinity wished it was Nancy's mouth between her legs. It was when Nancy licked her lips that the fuse of Trinity's orgasm was lit. The sight of her delicate pink tongue between her ruby red lips made Trinity moan. The sound seemed to encourage Rick. He thrust his tongue into her and then redoubled his efforts on licking and sucking her swollen clit. Trinity gripped Rick's hair tightly again, but this time to keep her balance as her body shuddered from her climax.

"Okay, we are done," she said with a smile, pushing Rick away as the last bit of her orgasm faded away. She put her pants back on and released Rick's wrists from the handcuffs. "But...but... I didn't get off," Rick protested.

"There's no rule that says I have to make you come, just that you have to do what I ask. To the victor go the spoils, better luck next time," Trinity teased. She suspected if Rick did win a round there would be quite a price to pay. It was also unlikely that Rick could do anything to her that she had not already done to herself.

"Okay, back to your bases," Nancy said, putting her top and vest back on.

The sound of footsteps told Nancy it was time to make a decision. She had been watching Rick for almost a minute. She was hoping to tag Trinity first, but had been unable to find her. She knew if she tagged Rick that she would be denied his cock until the next round. Nancy pressed the trigger on her laser and Rick's vest lit up. He would have to thank her later for saving him from being taunted by Trinity again. Nancy watched as Rick dutifully removed his shirt and began to look around for his assailant.

Upon seeing Rick take his shirt off Trinity began to look for Nancy. She had been watching him, trying to decide who she wanted more. Having control of Nancy's naked body was her goal, but riding Rick's cock while Nancy watched also sounded good. He had done a good job making her come with his mouth, but Nancy's stories of riding Rick's cock to orgasm had piqued Trinity's curiosity and put her in a cowgirl state of mind. Trinity was still wondering who she would rather fuck when her vest lit up; it appeared the decision had been made for her.

The tell-tale flicker of the sensor vest was visible before he could actually see who was wearing it. Rick smiled at the sight of Nancy leading her captive back to him. Maybe watching would not be so bad after all.

Trinity felt Nancy tug on her belt, bringing her to a halt about five feet in front of Rick. The smug look on his face was annoying, so she stared at the floor. Trinity was not surprised when Nancy removed her vest and lifted her top off. Rick's eyes stared hungrily at her perky breasts.

"He only gets to watch, no touching," Trinity objected as Nancy pushed her closer to Rick.

"I'm just giving him something to look at, I'm sure he will behave," Nancy replied, putting her hand on Trinity shoulder and turning her.

Now the two women were face to face with Rick standing about three feet to their left. Nancy pulled Trinity's hands against her full breasts.

"I'm going to let you decide what to do next," Nancy said softly as she closed her eyes. She wasn't thinking about who was touching her and who was watching her. Nancy was only thinking about how the soft kisses on her skin felt. Even though Rick could be gentle there was a noticeable difference with Trinity. Her slender fingers and soft, plush lips felt delicate in a way that was impossible for Rick.

The idea of a guy coming in his pants was something Rick thought only happened in movies, now he felt like it might happen to him. The sight of Trinity kissing and touching Nancy's tits made his cock ache. He had inched closer and closer until Nancy put up her hand, stopping him about two feet away. Trinity went from kneeling in front of Nancy to sitting as she worked her way down Nancy's body. Finally she reached under Nancy's skirt. Rick could see the material bulge as Trinity's fingers stroked Nancy's ass. Then Trinity began to lean back, slowly pulling Nancy down. When it was all done Nancy's skirt was draped over Trinity's head. Judging by the expression on Nancy's face, Trinity was pretty busy.

A smile spread across Nancy's face as she looked at Rick. He did not know what to do with himself. He fidgeted with his hands, unable to find anything to do with them. Several times he began to reach out to her, but then remember the rule was he could only watch and dropped them to his side. Nancy clumsily scooped up her tits; it was difficult to concentrate on anything with Trinity licking her pussy. Never breaking eye contact with Rick, Nancy lifted her breast and lowered her head. She extended her tongue until it brushed her swollen nipple. Rick looked like he was about to swoon. Nancy closed her eyes and pinched her nipples. Rick, the sound of the air conditioner, everything faded away as Trinity pushed Nancy closer and closer to climax.

A bit of movement caught Rick's attention, drawing his eyes away from the sight of Nancy playing with her breasts. One of Trinity's hands had slipped out from under Nancy's skirt. Rick stepped to the side. He suspected Trinity was touching herself. Two steps later he could see Trinity stroking her pussy. Rick took another step. He could not resist the chance to see Trinity slide her long, thin fingers into her hot wet pussy. Later Rick would wonder if Trinity was fingering herself for her own pleasure or just to taunt him, but right now he followed every movement of her hand as her digit vanished from sight.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. Don't stop, make me come, make me come," Nancy moaned. She let go of her breast and put her hands on the floor to keep from falling over as her body shuddered from orgasm.

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