tagFirst TimeChelsea's First Time Ch. 01

Chelsea's First Time Ch. 01


After many months together, Charlie confided the full extent of his fantasy to Bonnie. He'd been hesitant to tell her about it, but when he did, the revelation tied their already close-knit union even tighter. She saw that it made him hard, and as usual, when she saw his excitement her eagerness to please him grew in proportion to it.

The fantasy wasn't much of a secret by that point. Bonnie could see that her daughter had an effect on Charlie. It didn't bother her; she thought it was cute. As the mother of a popular and sought after girl, she was proud of Chelsea, and pleased that Charlie found her attractive.

Chels was stunning after all, and getting more beautiful with each passing year. Many people remarked on her resemblance to her mom and Bonnie took that as a great compliment. She understood though, that no matter how pretty she herself was, a big-boobed, skinny eighteen year old with a fresh face was a hard thing for a sexual man like Charlie not to notice.

Along with Chelsea's beautiful face and bountiful body, she also had considerable confidence. She had worked hard as a competitive cheerleader throughout her high school years, traveling to competitions around her state and a few times nationally. She was worldly beyond her years and comfortable around boys, appreciating the ample attention they paid her. Bonnie was proud of this trait too. She was never as comfortable around the opposite sex when she was a schoolgirl. It wasn't until well after her divorce--when she'd met Charlie to be precise--that her sexuality began to bloom.

As Charlie and Bonnie's relationship developed, he became less guarded about sneaking peeks at Chelsea. He'd stand by the kitchen sink at Bonnie's house and stare out the window to the driveway where Chelsea washed her car in shorts and a tank top...or he'd glance at her as she stood tip-toed in the butler's pantry reaching for a flower vase high on a shelf. Bonnie and Charlie would be playing cards at the kitchen table and his eyes would zero in on Chelsea's flat tummy as her blouse rode up. Bonnie would wait patiently, letting him soak in the sight for a few moments before giggling and reminding him it was his turn to play a card.

As Charlie and Bonnie grew closer, she would sometimes tease him about her daughter. In June, shortly after Chelsea's high school graduation, Bonnie mentioned as they talked on the phone that Chelsea was mowing the lawn in her bathing suit. Charlie laughed, and asked for more details. Bonnie coiled the phone cord around her finger and cocked her head to the side while looking to the backyard.

"Well, it's a yellow string bikini. Her boobs are on full display in it, baby. They're Ds, bigger than mine, and firmer. They point straight out, with just the slightest jiggle when she walks. She's keeping her lawn mower lines straight, I'll say that for her."

"Oh, baby, you're killing me," Charlie replied.

Another time, on a stifling hot early summer's day while again on the phone, Bonnie told Charlie that Chelsea was asleep on her bed, stripped down to a lacy white bra and thong set in front of a fan.

No doubt, Charlie got excited hearing comments like these. He loved the fact that Bonnie enjoyed teasing him in this way. But Bonnie went slowly with the banter, careful not to dangle her newly-of-age daughter in front of him too blatantly. As much as he longed to be teased, only occasionally would she paint those pretty pictures for him. For Charlie's part, he was careful too. He went a long time before letting on to the extent of his imagination. Eventually, Charlie confessed how much he liked Bonnie's teasing, and that's all she needed to hear to step it up a notch.

One evening while they were in bed after hours of lovemaking, she told Charlie she'd seen her daughter earlier that day on the front curb with her new boyfriend. Chelsea was part of a summer cheering program and was headed to a nearby state university for an overnight cheering competition. She was waiting for a friend from the squad to pick her up. She was wearing short-shorts and a baby doll top that hardly kept her big boobs from spilling out the sides. Bonnie had watched out the living room window as Chelsea teased her boyfriend mercilessly, lifting the blouse slightly and twisting her torso, drawing an imaginary line with her forefinger connecting many tiny chigger bites on her flat tummy.

When Bonnie described the scene to Charlie, he blurted, "Those lucky chiggers!" before having a chance to stop himself. Then he asked if the boyfriend had gone to the competition with her.

"No, thank God," Bonnie replied. "I don't trust that boy. I don't think he's all that genuine. I think Chelsea's still a virgin, but I'm concerned."

Becoming bolder with his comments, Charlie said, "Well, maybe she was just giving him a little glimpse of her tummy so she wouldn't have to give him more. You know, give him an image he could make himself cum to later, so she wouldn't have to do it for him."

Preferring to tease Charlie instead of ponder Chelsea and her boyfriend's sex life, Bonnie said, "Or, maybe you'll store the image so you can come later!"

Charlie laughed and rolled on top of her, tickling her and smothering her with kisses. They had made love only a half hour earlier but suddenly Charlie was hard again. Like always, Bonnie let him do whatever he desired.

Yes, Bonnie was proud of Chelsea. Proud of her angelic face, proud of her sinful body, proud of her devil-may-care attitude. So much so, that after Charlie had asked a third time, Bonnie secretly shot a photograph of a bikini-clad Chelsea to give to him.

When Charlie had first asked for a photograph, Bonnie pretended not to hear the request. She wanted to please him, but she wasn't sure she could go that far, and doubted she'd be able to snap a picture without Chelsea wondering what it was for. But Charlie has his ways of getting what he wants from Bonnie. He persisted, and before long, Bonnie figured a way to give him what he wanted. The fact was, she liked Charlie having what he desired, and liked being the one providing it.

It had always been this way between them. Charlie would coax Bonnie about one sexual thing or another, and Bonnie would happily acquiesce. When she was married, her husband was very strict with her and not at all sexual. He would have a fit if she so much as showed her legs in public. After her divorce, and within weeks of meeting Charlie, she found herself being opened up to all sorts of previously closed worlds.

Charlie was the exact opposite of her ex-husband. He was very sexual, and pushed for her to dress provocatively. He coaxed her into trying anal sex for the first time, and taught her the precise ways he liked her to suck him. When he mentioned he wanted her to swallow his come after oral sex she happily obliged. She'd had no interest in doing these things before meeting Charlie; but after falling in love with him she became quite comfortable indulging in life's sensual pleasures. Nowadays, she'll do just about anything he asks. She is a woman in love, and loves pleasing him as much as he loves being pleased.

After Chelsea returned from her cheering competition she had a week off from practice so Bonnie took her for a few days to a beach resort up the coast. Although Bonnie rarely got up the nerve to speak with Chelsea about sex, while at the resort she brought up her concerns about Chelsea's new boyfriend, saying he seemed like a player who'd ultimately hurt her. Chelsea acted thoroughly nauseated by the thought of having sex; she swore she was a virgin and planned on staying that way. Whether this was true or not almost didn't matter. Bonnie was just grateful to have heard the admission, and grateful that the conversation ended so quickly, while also thinking she'd done her motherly duty to bring it up.

When they got back home from the resort, Charlie and Bonnie were lying naked on his bed one evening when Bonnie got up from the sheets and fished a newly taken photo out from her bag. The picture showed Chelsea from a birds-eye view, lying on an outdoor lounger by a pool wearing the same skimpy string bikini she'd mowed the lawn in. She had wide-rimmed, black sunglasses on and earpods in her ears. The white cord of the earphones snaked down between the valley of her breasts. Charlie followed it passed her cleavage, over her tanned tummy, and then left to her hip, where the cord plugged into her ipod tucked into the string of her bikini bottom.

Bonnie was looking over Charlie's shoulder as he sat at the edge of the bed looking at the photo; she whispered that it had been easy to take the picture because Chelsea was asleep at the time. As he lingered over the picture more, Charlie noticed that her hair was wet. There was a sheen on her upper lip and he wasn't sure if it was sweat or from a recent swim.

Charlie spent long moments admiring the swollen breasts straining the material of the bikini top, then lingered over the prominent hip bones showing beneath Chelsea's tiny string bottom. The suit was pulled taut across her pelvis, leaving a tiny gap between it and her skin. He daydreamed about sliding his hand into the gap and touching her virgin clit.

As his arousal grew, maybe Charlie should have become embarrassed. And maybe, as Bonnie glanced down to see the photo's effect on him, she should have been mad. Instead, she got wet, as she always did when Charlie was in that state.

"Her boobs stick straight up even when she's lying down," Charlie mused.

"She eighteen, baby. Her big boobs hardly move at all."

Charlie continued to stare at the photo as Bonnie got off the bed and began to dress. Putting on a new bra with see-thru cups she'd bought earlier that week, she joked that she might have to give the bra to her daughter, as the cups felt loose and Chelsea's boobs were bigger than hers. Charlie looked up from the photo, imagining Chelsea stuffing her big boobs into Bonnie's see-thru bra. He reached for one of Bonnie's breasts and fondled the erect nipple through the sheer material. When Bonnie saw that he was now even harder, she dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth, sucking him to orgasm as he looked at the picture and making sure to swallow his deposit when he came.

The next day, Charlie was at work when Bonnie emailed other pictures she'd taken while on vacation with Chelsea. He was a lawyer at a large firm in the city and when he saw the email come in with the subject "More pictures you'll like!" he got up from his desk and closed his office door. Sprinkled among some typical vacation scenes Charlie found what he'd hoped for: more bikini pictures of Chelsea.

Charlie had quickly bypassed the photos of seascapes and exotic birds and lingered over the ones of Chelsea for quite a while. More than ever, she looked like a girl ready for sex, with a tight butt that Bonnie takes pains to point out, and those big "well-proportioned" boobs. On the phone with Bonnie later in the day he thanked her for all the pictures, especially the ones of Chelsea. He mentioned that in one of them he could see her erect nipples straining her bikini top as she emerged from the ocean waves.

Bonnie remembered the picture he was referring too. She'd sent it because Chelsea looked gorgeous in it, her body dripping wet and her piercing blue eyes looking straight at the camera. She replied that he must have been looking closely to have noticed that!

"Are you sure she's not having sex with that boyfriend of hers? I mean, she looks very sexual. She could easily be a lingerie model."

"I truly hope she isn't. I tried talking with her at the resort but didn't get too far. I'm just afraid he's going to break her heart."

In his most silly voice, Charlie said, "Ya know, Bon, you really should bring Chelsea to my place with you some night. I'd give her a very good first experience."

Bonnie could tell he was joking. As she was doing more and more these days, she decided to tease him a little. "That's a great idea, baby. I'm sure you'd be very gentle with her."

"I sure would," Charlie continued with a laugh, not wanting to give up the banter. "After all, she's going to do it anyway, right? Might as well bring her to me, where you can keep an eye on her and know she'll be safe."

Bonnie laughed about the outrageousness of the thought.

Charlie chuckled too. Not wanting Bonnie to feel left out of his fantasy, he quickly added, "You could teach her all the right ways to use that hot body of hers. You'd be the perfect teacher, my love."

"Well, that's thanks to you, baby. Anything I know, I learned from you."

After hanging up, Bonnie giggled more to herself. She knew he was joking. She loved his humor as much as she loved his honesty. It was true she needed to keep an eye on Chelsea these days. And it was also true she hoped her daughter would find safe experiences for herself...unlike the one that seemed inevitable with her new boyfriend.

As Bonnie lay in bed that night, she wasn't able to stop herself from wondering what outfit Charlie might want to see Chelsea in. She knew Charlie's tastes so well. Eventually she decided on a little green sundress she'd bought for Chelsea at Abercrombie and Fitch while they were away. It flaired out at mid-thigh and showed lots of cleavage up top. It looked completely adorable on Chelsea, and Bonnie knew Charlie would love it.

Underneath the dress, she'd put her daughter in the see-thru bra that she had indeed handed down weeks earlier, and one of the super-skimpy thongs that Bonnie is forever finding in Chelsea's laundry basket these days. She would paint Chelsea's fingernails, and maybe even recommend she shave herself completely, because that's how Charlie likes it.

She was finding it hard to sleep, and let her thoughts drift more to what Charlie's reaction would be if Bonnie were to undress her daughter down to the tiny thong and see-thru bra in front of him. Charlie was so virile; she knew he'd get hard instantly while studying Chelsea's young nipples beneath the see-thru cups and gazing at her dewy folds clinging damply to the dimpled thong.

"My daughter is bold," Bonnie would whisper to him. "I could never have done this at her age. I was naïve and nervous before meeting you. Look at her. Isn't she naturally beautiful?"

Charlie would agree, and Bonnie would glance down and notice the familiar bulge in his pants.

There are things Chelsea doesn't know about her mom. She would be surprised to see how bold Bonnie is with Charlie, and how in control she can be, even when giving up all control to him. Frankly, Bonnie would like to show her know-it-all daughter that mom can still teach her a thing or two.

Rolling over in bed, Bonnie couldn't shake Charlie's silly fantasy from her mind. She put her hand between her legs and was surprised to discover how wet she'd become. She decided not to think about it anymore and moved her hand away from her clit. She kept it resting on her thigh, and before long her wrist slid inward again and her fingers were drawn back to her pussy. As she moved her fingers over her thickening lips a thought entered her mind of Charlie reacting to Chelsea taking her bra all the way off, exposing her ripe breasts to him.

Bonnie's fingers moved to her slippery clit as she envisioned Charlie's hard on pushing against his pants as he gazed at her daughter. He would be so excited he'd probably pull out his erection in front of both of them. And Bonnie would instinctively genuflect as she always does upon seeing it, wanting to love him with her mouth.

Bonnie wondered what Chelsea would do while watching her mother demonstrate the sucking technique Charlie had taught her, sucking him deeply and slowly before building to quick short strokes and moving her hand back and forth on the shaft to make him come. Knowing how brave and bold Chelsea is, maybe she'd slide a finger inside her tiny thong and play with herself brazenly as she watched, just as her mom was doing now privately.

Or, more typical of Chelsea, maybe she'd get impatient and tell her mom she wasn't doing it right and to move over. Bonnie couldn't help but giggle at the thought, knowing it sounded exactly like what Chels would do, whether she actually had experience or not.

Alone in her bed, Bonnie massaged herself more quickly, thinking of Charlie being so hard in her mouth as Chelsea watched. She put two fingers of her free hand in her mouth and imagined him holding her head still and moving his cock in and out. He'd tell Bonnie he was getting close and she'd take his warm cock from her mouth, holding him off while saying it was Chelsea's time to learn.

She would then motion for her daughter to get on her knees alongside her.

Bonnie's fingers circled her clit feverishly, breathing through her nose in short, choppy breaths as she continued sucking her fingers. Then she pulled her fingers from her mouth and let them flutter around her blooming nipples like hummingbirds. She thought of her daughter dropping to her knees before Charlie, her big young breasts exposed and her mouth open and eager.

Bonnie envisioned the perfect scenario for Charlie. How she'd hold his shaft out from his body in one hand while keeping the hair out of her daughter's face with the other. How she'd guide Chelsea forward with her hand on the back of her head, coaxing her, talking softly and supportively, telling her to put it in deeply, while pulling Charlie gently toward Chelsea's mouth. And then her confident daughter would begin sucking him in earnest, just as she'd seen her mom do moments earlier.

Bonnie knew it wouldn't take long for Charlie's legs to begin their familiar tremble. She envisioned him positioning his hands on Chelsea's head, holding it in place as he does with Bonnie's when he's about to come. And then his warm liquid would erupt into Chelsea's mouth, a mouth looking so much like her mother's, and making those same moany sounds her mom makes when Charlie comes in it.

Bonnie came hard on her fingers just then, convulsing in wave after wave until her soft moans subsided and her body rolled over onto its side. Several minutes later she lay content and cooing while staring at the wall, her hand still clamped between her knees. She realized she'd just come about as hard as she ever had before. It wasn't long before her antsy mood had been replaced by fatigue and she felt ready for sleep.

Closing her eyes she smiled while drifting off, very sure that Charlie could never talk her into such a thing.

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