Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 06


"Oh, master. Fuck your slut as deep as you want. Fuck my little pussy hard and deep."

Cole felt like plunging right into her. He was so turned on by their sexual banter that he felt like impaling her on his cock. However, he worried Stef was not quite ready for that, as his cockhead probed her tight hole. He pushed forward lodging the big head into the entrance and opening her up.

"Oh, fuck," Stef squealed. "You feel so good."

"You too," Cole gasped as he pushed again and sank the head inside her.

"Mmm...that's so good," Stephanie growled.

Cole grabbed her hips and pressed forward. Several more inches drilled inside her, stretching her cunt walls to accept the massive cock.

"Oh, god. Bury that big dick inside me, Cole," Stef howled.

He shoved again. "Take that, slut," Cole groaned.

"Fuck your little slut cunt. Fuck her good," Stef moaned.

Another lunge forward and Cole's cock glanced off her cervix, stuffing her full of cock, and making Stef grunt from the impact. His hands slid up under her tee shirt. She had her bikini top on and he kneaded her firm sensitive breasts through it. He played with her tits before pushing the bra up and over them. They were now bare under her shirt for his hands to tease her nipples. 'God,' he thought to himself. 'Wish I could see her tits and had more time to play with them but we better hurry. My parents will be back from the boat ride very soon.'

Cole's cock began pumping into Stef with increasing urgency. His hands pinching her nipples were driving her crazy along with his massive cock. 'Oh, god. He feels so good inside me,' Stef mused to herself. 'I wish we could fuck like this for hours. Fuck that bitch, Michelle, too. Cole's big dick is all mine. Oh, fuck! I'm going to cum soon.'

"Ahh...ahh," Cole panted as he fucked harder into Stef. 'I don't know how much more of this I can take. I hope she is getting close. I want to get her off first.'

"Oh, Cole. You're fucking me so good. It feels wonderful. I'm going to cum soon. Please fuck me harder," Stef growled.

Stef was spread-eagled with her hands high up on the boulder for support. Her beautiful ass absorbed blow after blow from his banging hips and groin as he hammered her pussy. To fuck her even harder, he reluctantly let go over her tits and held onto her hips again. This gave him more leverage to drive his big cock into her deep.

"Oh, mother fucker! Pound that pussy, Cole! Fuck your wench like the whore she is!" Stef nearly screamed.

Cole's butt moved like a jackhammer as he sawed his mighty cock into her. 'I'll fuck her so deep,' he thought to himself, 'I'll be cumming out her mouth in a second.'

"Oh, fuck," Stef howled. "I'm cumming! Oh, shit! Fuck me, Cole."

Cole could feel his balls churning with his seed as he bored deep inside Stef. He felt her pussy muscles clamping down on his surging cock as it tried to get even deeper. He could feel Stephanie shaking as her orgasm ripped through her. His own was about to crest.

"Take this, you whore," Cole growled as his sperm rose in his testicles.

"Give it to your whore," Stef bellowed, through the last throes of her own climax.

"Ahh!" Cole howled. "Here it comes!"

"Shoot your cum inside me, Cole," Stef groaned. "Give me your seed."

Cole's head felt like it was going to explode with the pleasure. His cock expanded to huge proportions inside Stephanie just before it discharged the first blast of pent up fury. Cum hosed into Stef's cunt as if Cole's body had turned into an open spigot. Stef felt the hot thick liquid pasting her insides and it pushed her over the edge again. She trembled with bliss as Cole continued to cum. They moaned together until Cole stopped cumming inside her. He put his hands back on her firm, yet soft tits, as he slumped against her. Stef's arms were screaming with the exertion of holding herself up so long and now his weight added to it. She started to sag against the rock.

Cole felt Stef beginning to slip away beneath him. He realized even through his cum clouded brain she was about to fall against the rock. He pulled back bringing her with him. His hands mashed her tits flat against her chest and the distended nipples poked into his palms.

"Ahh...," Stef moaned, still recovering from two back-to-back intense orgasms.

Her head came back and rested on Cole's shoulder as she gasped for air. Cole gulped air too as his breathing started to return. His hands still held her against him by the breasts. Cole looked down over her shoulder, past her tee shirt to her flat belly and the dark trimmed patch of fur just above her cunt. It was at that moment his wilting cock slipped completely from her pussy and flopped between his spread legs. It dripped their combined cum onto his shorts, still spread between his legs. Cole realized Stef would be leaking too and stepped back pulling her with him. His timing was good as a rush of cum exited her cunt and dropped just behind her own shorts to the ground.

Stephanie could feel the fluids leaking from her gaping hole. Her head came forward to look down at her discharging pussy. She had thought to bring tissues but they were in her pants pocket at her feet.

"Cole, I need to get to my pants," Stef said.

"Okay," Cole replied and released her tits.

Stef squatted to get the tissues from her pants and felt more cum drip from her pussy on the ground. She grabbed the tissues from her pocket, split them in two handfuls, and clamped one hand over her sex. She then stood and handed the others to Cole.

"Good thinking," Cole said, referring to her preparation by bringing tissues.

"I know how much those big balls of yours cum," Stef said with a big grin.

"It's your fault. You bring out everything in them," Cole chided.

Stef pulled up her bikini bottoms and used them to hold the tissues against her sex. She could still feel a slow oozing of cum. Her pants followed and she pulled her bikini bra top back down over her breasts. Cole had wiped his cock off. He pulled up his boxers and shorts just as he heard Stef slap at another mosquito.

"The mosquitoes are closing in on us," Stef said.

"We better get back, Steffie," Cole said.

"Okay," she replied, as Cole took her hand and led the way back around the boulders.

After a short walk they were back to the road and fifteen minutes later back at the cabin. Their timing was perfect. The others were just docking the boat and the three daughters ran to greet them. They had gone to the marina for ice cream and a little shopping. The girls wanted to show Stephanie what they got.

After the excellent fresh fish lunch, they hung around for another hour before heading back home. Cole's cousins made Stef promise to come again. The short two hour ride back went fast as they talked about the weekend and listened to music. Cole's Father offered to drop Stef at home but Cole said he would walk her home.

They held hands on the short walk to Stephanie's house. Cole pulled her roller-board luggage. Once in front of her house, he kissed her.

"Did you have an okay time?" Cole asked.

"Yes, it was great fun," Stef replied.

"Great," Cole claimed.

"Cole, even though we don't have labs anymore I'd still like to study with you for the rest of the semester."

"Sure. That'd be great," Cole agreed.

"We've come quite a ways since I convinced you to be my lab partner, huh?" Stef said.

"I'll say," Cole confessed. "It's been great."

"It has!" Stef agreed. "Are you looking forward to the prom?"

"Definitely," Cole stated, but inwardly worried a little he might embarrass Stef or she would think he was a lousy dancer.

"Good," Stef said. "I'm so looking forward to going with you."

"You don't regret saying yes, do you?"

"Not at all. I wouldn't want to go with anyone else," Stef proclaimed.

"Sweet," Cole said. "I'm glad."

"Me too," Stef remarked and they kissed goodbye.


End of Chapter VI -- Sorry, I know I promised the prom this chapter but it's here now with the next one! I promise. No, really!

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