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Cherry Poppin'


Everyone's got a story about how they lost their virginity, and this is mine. Like everything, I tried to do it in the most spectacular way I could imagine. And I succeeded by my wildest adolescent fantasies.

I was born and bred in New Orleans, Louisiana. My once thick accent has tapered off over the years into an easy drawl. Hard to believe to the casual reader that once upon a time I used to run around with a rowdy crowd down in the Irish Channel, where the summer air is thicker than molasses in January. The lads, as my father used to call us, were just a bunch of prepubescent punks from the neighborhood really. But that was the best childhood. During muggy days I'd escape from the stuffy perfumed atmosphere of our Garden District home near Magazine Street and seek out the other guys to hang with. We'd swap stories and generally get into trouble. It was a day and an age long before I ever got the nickname Eagle. Back then I was still plain old Marc to all who knew me, and there was nothing in my universe outside those sweet southern streets.

But when I was ready to start high school the world turned upside down.

But perhaps a little background first. You see my father was a Scotsman, born and raised. My mother on the other hand can trace her Cajun ancestors in Louisiana back before the Revolutionary War. She'd spent one wild and hot summer traveling Europe as a young woman, which is when she met my father in London. He was working there for an American oil company. A few nights of passion produced Peter, my older brother, and the rest as they say is history. My father truly did love my mother and tried to indulge her hometown fantasies of Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras for thirteen years. But he was always too much of a world traveler to stay put forever.

His dream was the Wild West. He switched jobs from the gulf oil company that he was working for and moved to Colorado to be closer to the business interests in Denver. His great American dream was this crazy idea of living a rougher, country life. So the family packed up and headed off to the ranch country up north. Of course my father was not about to become a rancher. He was too busy wheeling and dealing for that, spending most of his time in London or New York on business. My mother enjoyed a glamorous lifestyle, so she sure as shit hated Colorado. She escaped at every opportunity, leaving Peter and I to take care of ourselves.

And Peter was the man.

I thought the sun rose and set around him. He was a couple years older than me, but he got to experience everything first. From the time I was in diapers I'd always followed him around like a puppy. He's a good guy mostly and he was always great to me. I mean we would tease each other a lot, but then which brothers don't?

Peter understood me.

When I was eleven and after my first real boner, my father had given me a discreet talking to about what a hard on meant and why it was appropriate to 'control' myself in public, as he put it. He was far too reserved and British to be very good at talking about sex though, and if it hadn't been for Peter I think I'd have been completely lost. The lads talked about anything dirty we heard from our dads, uncles, brothers or cousins. Problem was not too many of us knew how to synthesize the info into a coherent whole. I knew that if I wanted answers I needed Peter.

Peter made sense of what the lads talked about.

Unlike the ribbing I'd been expecting when I first came to him he was very sober about the whole thing. He explained to me what he knew about choking the snake. To help me along, he even snuck me a copy of Playboy, which made me real popular with the lads. For the first time I could comprehend with a visual image exactly what my equipment was for. To celebrate Peter also stole some tequila from the liquor cabinet and taught me how to do my first shot. I started everything young.

Peter came through for me. When our father dragged us there, Peter being older, learned what he needed to get by, and taught me all the skills I needed to know too. Like fishing and hunting, wrangling and rodeo. He and I could do everything a rancher's kid could. It was going to take some charm, but I had that in spades.

Being a jock was probably the biggest help. Peter loved football and he taught me everything I know about the game. After cattle and country music, sports were everything in that place.

I did end up doing all right for myself. I got by.

So it was in Colorado then that I began my descent down that road which is manhood; which brings with it that awful need to fuck all the time. The only difference was instead of being in New Orleans, I was in Colorado and the lads had changed to a new crowd of guys. Not so street smart, but more rough and tumble. The horrors of the virgin are many. And guys being guys, razzing on virgins is what they do.

Maybe it was that country air, or the breeding animals everyone seems exposed to on all the ranches. Maybe it was just getting older and more desperate. I dunno. But a young man's thoughts just inevitably stay fixed on women. There was not a one of us guys even at a relatively tender age who would admit to not having gotten any. Truth is that adolescence is often a terrible gnawing experience of wanting to jump every hot girl you see and learning how to control yourself. And I was horny and jacking off every night.

Of course, as I've already told you, there's a girl in the story.

Her name was Kelley, and she was everything in the world to me. Or at least I thought so at the time. She was a tall cool drink of water, and she had this pair of tits that just seemed to stand up all on their own. I just wanted to reach out and caress them every time I saw her.

She left me with a raging hard on whenever I thought of her, which was so unbelievably often, man. It was her that I thought of every night I jacked off.

Problem was she was Peter's girlfriend.

Current fuck was probably a more apt description. The older he got the more he moved through women like some guys go through a pack of cigarettes. But, man, he did it with such finesse. He kept them begging for more. And they would come back for more, too. He was my idol. All he'd have to do was crook his little finger and he could have more pussy than a toilet seat.

Kelley was a cheerleader and they were always the easiest to tap anyway. Peter told me one night that he thought she was a little too willing sometimes. I asked him what was wrong with that. That's when I learned my first lesson about women. Some women were for dating and some just weren't. It didn't make them bad people either way, but it was something a man needed to understand.

So it is at this point that my story really begins.

I had thought that everyone was gone. So I settled into the bathroom with an old copy of Hustler that my brother had nicked a couple years before. In fact I was thinking about Kelley when Peter barged in the bathroom without knocking and found me jerking off.

He waltzed into the bathroom just as I desperately draped the magazine over my long dong silver, quickly managing to hide my dignity.

"Looks like little bro's spanking the monkey again," he laughed, not really paying close attention, "What's the problem my man?"

"Fuck off!" I said, embarrassed, "Go away!"

I was feeling desperately trapped there with the magazine covering my wherewithal and having lost any good feelings I might have had before he walked through the door.

"Hey, bro," he said all casually, "Don't get so upset. We all do it ya know. Nothing to get all prissy about. Besides I need to take a piss."

He walked over to the toilet, with his back to me, whipped out his dick and let go the flow. As I heard his urine hit the water below, I just got really irritated.

"What the fuck do you know, man?" I asked, genuine anger in my voice.

I stood up pulling my boxers up over my now soft, floppy dick, "You get all the pussy you want."

He turned his head around and looked at me soberly, taking in my angry face.

"Hey, dude," he said with some sympathy, "You're still young, ya know? I can't help you get laid yet, but maybe I can give you the next best thing."

Finishing, he zipped himself up.

"What you mean? Dad's porno tapes? I already seen 'em man!"

"No, dude," he replied, "I mean Kelley!"

I perked up instantly. I had just confided in him the week before how hot I thought she was, especially when she wore those tight skirts that rode up her thighs. Like what red blooded American male wouldn't have thought so?

"She's downstairs right now, man," he said earnestly, "Why the fuck do you think I came home so early? I was gonna ask you to make yourself scarce so I could get me a little afternoon delight."

"Oh," I said, disappointed, "I'll head over to Steve's for awhile then."

I knew he'd do the same for me if I were ever actually lucky enough to be in that situation.

"Well, guy," he said, his voice taking on an excited conspiratorial whisper, he put his hand on my shoulder pulling me closer, "Maybe that's where I can help. You know mom's closets?"

I nodded thinking of the louvered doors that were so big you could easily see through them.

"Go get in the closet, and we'll give you a show."

I nodded to him, pulling up my pants, hurriedly trying to get to my place.

"But Marc," he called after, caution in his voice, "If she catches you or you do something stupid, I'll fuck you up! You got that? Never mess with any tail that belongs to me. Got that?"

"Yes," I sighed, nodding.

What the hell did he think I was going to do? Like I was honestly going to fuck this opportunity up.

I slipped into my mother's closet in my parent's room. They were in London for the week. I'm sure Mom was having a shopping spree at Harrod's even as I was taking up my stealthy position kneeling behind the door. I tell you I was so excited at the point I couldn't give a fuck if I was in Milan or butt fucking Egypt. But I earned my show, waiting maybe twenty minutes before anything happened.

Just as I was about to give up hope, I heard Kelley's laughter as she came up the stairs. Peter's heavy footfalls followed behind her.

"Don't be such a tease Kel," he said in a mockingly whiny sort of way, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

"That's original," she said, sounding bored.

But even so, she turned around and melted into his waiting arms.

"Baby," she said in a low sultry voice, "You know all you need to do is ask."

He took that as his invitation to move in. This was not their first time of course. I knew that. Hell, everyone knew that.

Peter slowly bent to kiss her, and her eyes closed in response as she savored his mouth. I grew noticeably harder when Kelley parted her lips, allowing Peter's tongue entry. His tongue touched hers, exploring her mouth as they made out. He moved as if to pull away, but she reached up and pulled his mouth down to hers again. His tongue snaked into her mouth and remained there for a good long while.

God, I wish I had a stopwatch.

Reluctantly they finally broke apart. He released her arms and her hand held the back of his head as they kissed. Her thighs moved against my brother's as their kissing grew more urgent. Peter responded by caressing up and down the side of her smaller body, running his hand over her leg and the side of her ass as they made out. Then she moaned loudly as his hand cupped her breast over her top.

I could see her nipples harden through the thin, taut material. Peter was relentless as his tongue shot into her mouth. His hand slid down her smooth stomach, over her skirt and between her legs. She moaned again when his hand touched her sensitive area through the material. He began to gently rub her covered pussy and she kissed him with more intensity, her own hands sliding down his body. Her hand found his bulge in his jeans and her fingers traced its outline.

Peter took her actions as a sign to continue. In a swift gesture, he used both hands to pull her shirt up and over head, revealing the lacy black bra that was all she was wearing underneath.

Absent-mindedly I moved my hand down to stroke my boner through my jeans.

Now uncovered, Peter slid one hand under her skirt and into her black panties, stroking the slit I knew would be found there. His fingers appeared to be working with intensity. She kissed him harder and her hand merely rested on his crotch as she obviously enjoyed the feelings in her pussy. His finger gently caressed up and down the lips of her cunt as he moved to kiss her upper lips with his mouth. Then he dipped a finger into her tight hole and all hell broke loose.

"Oh, fuck!" she moaned loudly, breaking their kiss temporarily.

Peter pushed his finger all the way inside her. He began to slide it in and out of her, and he felt his own button loosen and his fly go down.

Kelley reached into Peter's jeans and began playing with my brother's manhood. I could see the excitement in his eyes as he now clearly fucked her pussy with his finger. But to his partner's clear disappointment, Peter pulled his hand out of her panties. He grabbed her skirt, undid something at the back, and tugged it downward, breaking the kiss as it fell to the floor. She turned her back to the closet for a moment then, and I had a spectacular view of that gorgeous round ass. I let out a deep breath at the way those matching panties covered her cheeks, the fabric so smooth and tight.

Peter let his hand slide up over the curve of her smooth ass as he bent to kiss her once more. Their lips smacked loudly as his hand found the warmth of her cunt and began to rub her through her panties again. His fingers eased her panties to one side as his tongue explored her mouth. He began to caress her puckered lips with the tips of his fingers, holding her panties aside.

"Oh, Kel," he said excitedly, "Hurry up, babe. I gotta get some quick."

She moaned into his mouth again, her hand diving back into his jeans. Unable to take much more, she pushed him willingly over to our parent's bed and eased him onto his back so that she was straddling him. She began to rub her panty covered crotch against the thick bulge in his jeans, breathing heavily into his mouth.

Still kissing him, Kelley pushed his shirt up his body, revealing the bricks of his abdominal muscles and his thick chest. They broke the kiss as she pulled his shirt up over his head. Then she began to kiss down his chest, her tongue briefly teasing his nipple on the way by. She kissed down his belly to the top of his jeans. They were in profile to me at that point. Her tits were hanging down in front of her. Fucking Christ! Real goddamn tits hanging there! It was all I could do not to burst out of that closet right then and there. My brother had his hands cupping those fucking unbelievable tits right now. Occasionally he moved his mouth closer to hers for a kiss.

She moved her hands to undo the buttons of his jeans. He was helpless to resist, even if he'd wanted to. And I'm pretty sure he didn't. She was desperate and I heard my brother groan as we both watched her kissing his package from the outside of his jeans. Then like a little girl unable to contain her eagerness on Christmas morning, she undid his jeans and pulled them down his legs. This was followed by his boxers, freeing his long, rock hard cock. It swung up into view, its large head teasingly slapping her in the cheek.

His pants and boxers were now down around his ankles. He sat up on the bed, supported by his arms, and she got down on her knees. She threw his underwear on the floor, crawling quickly back up to his dick. Her hand gripped his shaft, stroking it expertly as she stared at it. I watched Kelley bend towards his dick. Her tongue snaked out and licked the top of his mushroom tip, and he gasped letting out a low long moan. She slowly stroked him. Then I could see her tongue snake out to curl along his underside, a strand of her saliva leaving a trail back to her lips. Peter reached his hand down to play with her long blonde hair as she played with him Then half heartedly grabbing her hair, he pulled her head back so that she was looking into his eyes. She liked to his base, her eyes on his. Then she sucked one of his balls into her mouth, and his hands went down and held the sides of her head, holding her down there. I could hear the sounds she made, slurping as she went, releasing his testicle, and licking back up his pole.

She eased his cock into her hungry mouth, sliding her lips down his shaft. She expertly took as much of him into her mouth as she could, holding it there for an instant, before sliding her lips back up to the top. Then Kelley began to bob her head up and down, slurping hungrily on my brother's meat. Slurp, slurp, slurp, she went so loudly that I felt like I was right next to them on the bed.

I could see her from the side and from behind on her hands and knees, head bobbing up and down hungrily. I thought that she had the most wonderful ass, as I stared fixatedly at the tiny black triangle of her panties covering those creamy round cheeks. It was perfect. I could see Kelley's lips slide up and down my brother's thick cock. He gently held her hair back out of her face as she gave him amazing head. I thought it was for my benefit as I could now see her stunning face much better that way.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth and she looked at him, smiling.

"Get on the bed bitch!" he commanded.

Quickly she obeyed, crawling up onto the bed towards him. She pressed her panty covered crotch against his shaft and she began to rub herself against him as her searching lips found his. They kissed sloppily as he they ground together. Peter boldly slid his hands up her back, and I watched him unsnap her bra and tear it off her, freeing her breasts to hang before his face. They were amazing, so large and round. I wanted to feel them.

His hands caressed them, squeezed them, feeling her hard nipples as he kissed all around her chest. She was breathing heavily, and I watched his tongue lick around her nipples. I could also see from that angle that her panties were completely soaked as she continued to grind herself against my brother.

Trying not to take her tits away from his mouth, Kelley raised her ass a little, her hands trying to push that last vestige of clothing, her panties, down. She slipped the dainty things off her ass, revealing her gorgeous white cheeks to me in all of their naked glory. She was forced to pull away from Peter a little as she raised a leg off the bed and pushed her panties further down. Finally, she was able to scramble out of them, pulling them off her feet and dropping them on the floor with the rest of her clothes.

It looked to me that her pussy was shaved with just a little trail of dark hair to guide the way for a hungry cock. Peter playfully shoved his lover onto the bed, and she fell on her back with her mounds hanging above her on her chest, one foot dangling over the bed.

Peter moved over to a dresser and opened up the top drawer. He took out a foil wrapped condom that must have belonged to my father's stash and ripped it open with his teeth. He turned his back to the bed, tauntingly shaking his ass at Kelley. He was facing right at my hiding spot. Peter seemed to look right at me. Slowly he took his left hand and stroked up and down on his long hard prick, jerking it off, pointing it right at me, leering like a madman. I think my being there was a big turn on for him. With his right hand he rolled the condom down his length, the condom taut around his bulging manhood.

He winked at me before he moved back over to the bed. A somewhat sinister look had come over his face. It seemed to excite her even more.

"You ready for this bitch!"

"Let me feel it Pete," she begged.

"What do you want to feel?"

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