Children of the Cosmos


"What the...?" She began, but Vern puts his hand over her mouth.

He continued to fuck her as hard as he could. As he reached his climax the light coming from him flashed so bright, it blinded her. His semen pumped inside her womb, filling it completely, so much that some squirted out around his cock. Gladys' orgasm sent her into convulsions, she screamed and lost consciousness.


Vern and Travis had an excellent night crawfishing, and made a good sum selling them that morning. It gave him more money to help him build the house he had planned. He knew that Gladys would get pregnant soon, given her sexual appetite lately. Enjoy it while you can, Vern old boy, he thought merrily, eventually it'll dry like an old well.

They pulled up outside Verns home and climbed out. Travis grabbed a bucket filled with Crawfish and said, "I'll get this started so we can eat."

"Good, I'll go wake Gladys, she'll be fixin' to eat a good mess of them too," Vern said.

He walked into the rickety house and noticed Aron's mattress empty. He shrugged as he didn't care for the man that much. I wish he'd go back to where he comes from, Vern thought, and good riddance to him too.

In the bedroom, Gladys lay on top of the bed naked. The room smelled of sex. "Sweet Pea?" Vern called out, she didn't stir.

He walked up next to her, looking at her naked form, wondering what the hell's going on. He shook her, but she didn't wake. "Sweet pea, wake up!" he said louder, but still got nothing.

He's raped her, that cunt Aron has raped her, Vern thought angrily grabbing the blanket and covering her.

A female voice called out from the living room, "Vern? Gladys?" Travis's wife Anita had arrived to share in the Crawfish feast.

"In here," he called out. He knelt, caressing Gladys' face in his hand. "Wake up, sweet pea, come on!"

Anita walked in with a smile, but froze when she seen Gladys. "What's going on?"

"I think Aron raped Gladys last night, while we were out crawfishing. She won't wake, 'Nita, I'm scared."

Anita ran to Gladys' side, lifted the blanket, and looked under it. She shook her head and grimaced. "I think you're right, Vern, she's been sexed. No denying it. Is he still here?"

Vern came to his senses. "I don't know, but when I catch him, he's gonna wish he was dead. You look after her for me will ya? I gotta find that Aron before he gets away!"

"Get him, Vern, make him pay," Anita said.

He ran through the house and found no trace of him. Aron had disappeared. Travis joined in the search but came up empty too. "Where is he?" Vern spat in frustration. "He don't know this place."

Travis had an idea. "Maybe he's gone back to Millers Creek, you know, where I found him the other day."

"That's a start, let's grab our rifles, and get going," Vern said.

Minutes later, Travis' pickup truck sped down a dirt road throwing up dust, heading for the Bean's farm, where Miller Creek is located.


The buzzing Aron heard a few days ago began to get stronger as he walked through the fields. He now understood what it the sound is a homing beacon especially for him. Only he could hear it, even among his own kind. The day felt warm now, and insects and birds could be heard going about their business. All he could think of is Gladys, and what he had to do to her. He wished he didn't have to fool her like that, but she took something from him and the way he could get it back had been to trick her.

He came to a road and stopped before he crossed. He remembered this place, the road where Vernon ran him over. The memory was clear to him now. He was walking from the opposite direction, distracted by a hawk, floating on the breeze, he stepped on the road without looking. He remembered being near death, when Gladys took his hand and his own survival instincts made him use her life force to heal his body.

Her life force that overwhelmed his brain. Only the sex brought him back, his chance to return the life force to her.

After he crossed the road, he climbed through a thicket and came out into a clearing. The buzzing got loud, and after he walked ten meters into the clearing it stopped. The air in front of him shimmered like a heat wave, then as if out of thin air, a man appeared. He looked exactly like Aron, except he wore a shimmering white suit.

"Where have you been?" the man asked. "We were worried you'd been killed."

"Forgive me, Adar, I was hurt, but I'm OK now. Some indigenous people helped me."

Adar's eyes bulged. "You've been with natives?"

Aron nodded. "Yes, I understand that quarantine will be necessary."

Adar suddenly twisted his head as if listening to something in the silence. "Two male natives approach this area, they have weapons. I think they're after you."

"Yes, I had to mate with a human female to recover. One of the males coming this way is her mate, I suspect he's angry with me," Aron said.

Adar stared at him. "You mated with a human too? The Kalorn will not be pleased with this outcome. You know it's against the rules."

Aron looked glum. "I had no choice, I'm ashamed of it myself."

"Come, we must leave, the natives are getting close," Adar commanded.

The air around them began to shimmer.


"Through here," Travis shouted. He could see the back of Aron, who looked as if he were talking with another man. "Come on, we got him!"

Vern and Travis burst into the clearing with their rifles ready to fire, to find no one.

"I thought you said he is here?" Vern complained.

Travis reached up and scratched his head. "I could swear he was standing right there, with some other guy."

"You're seeing things," Vern said. "Come on, I see some tracks."

They took a step toward the tracks, and suddenly, a bright light filled the clearing. A shock wave hit them knocking them to the ground, which began to shake. A high-pitched noise made both men cover their ears, and the light shot up into the sky very fast, and disappeared, leaving them in silence. They climbed to their feet looking at the sky.

"What was that?" Travis asked.

"Something we never tell anyone about, not even our wives. They'll think we're plumb crazy," Vern said.

Travis looked at Vern. "What about Aron?"

Vern kept looking at the sky. "I suspect we won't see him again. Come on, let's go home, I'm worried about Gladys."

They left the clearing and returned home.



By the end of June, Gladys knew she had gotten pregnant. Sometime around her fifth month she felt sure she were having twins, as she looked unusually large, and could feel two babies kicking her. There's a history of twins on both sides of the family. With one-hundred and eighty dollars Vern borrowed from Orville Bean, he set about constructing a family home on the Old Saltillo Road, and he and Gladys moved in that December.

Although she and Vern secretly worried that the babies might be Arons, they decided to love them anyway. They had made love many times before and after the Aron incident, so it wasn't a fait accompli who the father is.

Early January, nineteen thirty-five, Gladys delivered her babies. The first child came out stillborn, and the midwife whisked it away before she could see it. Several hours later, she delivered a second child, a healthy baby boy.

As she cradled the baby in her arms, Vern sat next her on the bed filled with pride in his wife, and their newborn. "Have you decided on names yet?" Vern asked her.

"I wanna call the stillborn, Jesse," she said.

Vern nodded sadly. "What about him?" he asked.

"I think we should name him for Aron, in case he's the father," she said.

Vern's eyes popped. "Sweet pea, no one will understand. They'll always ask us why we named him that, who's Aron? Are you sure you want that?"

"It feels right," she said stubbornly.

Vern had an idea. "What if we call him Aaron? That way we'll know what we mean, and nobody else will. Especially the boy," he suggested.

She thought for a moment and decided she liked it. "All right, I agree." She kissed the baby on the forehead. "Welcome to the Cosmos, Elvis Aaron Presley."

The End.

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