tagErotic CouplingsChloe the Homewrecker Ch. 02

Chloe the Homewrecker Ch. 02


*Highly recommend reading chapter 1 before continuing with this chapter*

It had been 9 days since Will had seen Chloe. Due to various work, family and friend commitments they had not been able to see each other. It had also been the least productive 9 days of Will's life. Most of his waking hours were spent reliving the night in the bar. He found it hard to concentrate on anything. He was working long hours in an attempt to take his mind off her but it wasn't working. He had barely seen Esther or his boys barring one Sunday where they headed to the Sussex countryside for a long family walk, he thought of her the whole time. Esther commented on the drive home as the boys slept in the back seat that he had seemed distant. Will shrugged it off and when Esther went to bed early that night, Will masturbated furiously in the shower thinking of Chloe.

They had exchanged several text messages and even a brief phone call. Will had given Chloe his work Blackberry number so that, in the unlikely event that Esther checked his phone, she wouldn't be able to gain access to his messages.

It was 2pm on a Thursday afternoon. Will was in his office sat in his chair facing the window overlooking the London skyline daydreaming of Chloe when his Blackberry rumbled on his desk.

Hey you, what are you up to? Any plans tonight? C x

He smiled. Will checked his diary, he had a conference call booked in from 6-8pm. Afterwards, he knew he should prepare for a client meeting the following day but he had to see her. He began tapping away on his Blackberry.

I'm free from 9. What did you have in mind? x

Will put his phone down and his cock lurched at the thought of seeing her again. There was an immediate response on his Blackberry.

Dinner/drinks? C x

Will began to get nervous. He had spent the last 9 days thinking of her but had also considered what if someone had seen them in the bar together that night? Esther had a lot of friends who worked in the area. He couldn't risk getting caught. No one else could know. He had an idea. He switched to internet search on his Blackberry and found the number for an extremely exclusive but secluded London Hotel that he hadn't used for a number of years since his married life. He called them. The Hotel only had 7 rooms but luckily, there was one free that evening. Will booked it, paying the cool £800 it cost for the room on his credit card. He switched back to SMS and text Chloe.

Meet me at The Livingston Suite, Young & Fortner Hotel @ 9pm? X

Her instant reply made Will laugh out loud. She obviously knew exactly what he was thinking.

Good choice... I'll see what I can do ;-) C x

Will's conference call finished early. He rushed out of the office and jumped in a cab. He sent another text to Esther letting her know he wouldn't be back until way after midnight and he might even consider sleeping in the office. Whilst uncommon, it was not unheard of for Will to sleep on the sofa in his office and Esther simply replied with a sad face followed by 'You're working too hard x'. Will replied with an apology. And he was sorry, but not sorry enough.

He checked into the room and was shown to the room by a porter. It was one of their best suites, decorated in a Moroccan style. It had a very large bedroom with a super-king sized bed and a bathroom attached to the bedroom with a big walk-in shower and separate free-standing bath. The lounge room consisted of an antique desk, large sofa and dining table and chairs to seat two. Candles were lit all around the room and the porter showed Will the entertainment system hidden in one of the cupboards. Will tipped the porter as he left and waited for Chloe to arrive. He put some music on and paced around, checking the room out in more detail. He hadn't felt this nervous about anything for a very long time. He looked at his watch, 8.42pm. He pulled out his Blackberry and started checking on some emails in an attempt to take his mind of things.

There was a knock at the door. Will stopped emailing and glanced at the clock on the wall, 9.05pm. Shit, she was here. Will walked over to the door, unlocked it and opened it.

She stood there with a big smile on her face. In that instant, Will took her in and stood for a few seconds dumb-founded by her, she was a goddess. Her dark hair was down, slightly wavy and fell onto and below her shoulders. She had that same sultry style make-up as the night in the bar, accentuating her gorgeous big brown eyes and she wore a pronounced red lipstick. She had an expensive looking fur coat on and very high black Christian Louboutin heels on. Will didn't say anything to her, just stood back and opened the door widely to let her in.

'Hi' she smiled sweetly and looked at him as she walked in, her eyes fixed on his. She knew she had made the impression she wanted.

'Hello' he tried to maintain his air of cool. 'Can I take your coat and bag ma'am?' he feigned in an exaggerated posh accent.

Chloe giggled as she handed him her small leather holdall bag. 'She's obviously come for the night' Will thought to himself. He put the bag on the desk behind him and went to help her take off her coat. As he walked a couple of paces towards her he got a whiff of her expensive smelling perfume. He recognised it from the night in the bar. He stood behind her as he placed his hands on the shoulders of the fur to help her take it off as she unbuttoned it. Before he let her remove it, he planted a kiss on her neck.

'I've missed you' he said, instantly relinquishing any sense of "cool" that he was trying to feign. She smiled and turned to face him, her coat still on.

'I've missed you too Will' she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and ushered him forward to her lips. They kissed slowly and passionately. She groaned ever so slightly as Will put his hands around her waist and started slowly moving towards the bedroom as their tongues continued to interlock with each other. Their lips hadn't parted by the time the back of Chloe's expensive shoes had met the side of the bed. Will pulled away and put his hands to her jacket, she helped him slip it off her.

'Oh my God Chloe, you look fucking incredible' Will said as her coat fell on the bed. She was wearing a strapless silver sequin dress. It was relatively short cut revealing her sexy legs and it rested on top of the mound of her breasts, revealing enough of them to show they were pretty much perfect.

'You like it?' Chloe smiled and tilted her head to the side as she turned slightly to reveal half of her back exposed and lifted her leg up in a mock model pose.

'Like it? I love it. You look... well, you just look perfect' Will couldn't believe this girl was only 19. She had him hook, line and sinker. She had it all.

'I was hoping you'd say that' Chloe said as she put her perfectly manicured hands to his face and kissed him again. They kissed for several minutes as Chloe's hands slowly wandered to the back of his head, down his back and to his chest.

Will broke the kiss again, as they opened their eyes; he looked at her and smiled again. 'You hungry?'

'Oh my God, I thought you'd never ask!' She replied. Will walked to the phone and ordered room service and an expensive bottle of champagne as Chloe joined him in the lounge and took a seat next to him on the sofa. She snuggled in close to him. Will hung up the phone and they continued kissing breaking intermittently to talk, catching up on what they'd been up to since the night in the bar. They laughed and joked as their hands roamed freely over the others body, touching each other as they continued talking.

They began kissing again, more passionate than before, and Chloe climbed on top of Will straddling her legs around him as she began writhing on his crotch. Will felt the sensation of the sequin dress as her grabbed her incredibly tight ass as their kissing got more intense. There was a knock at the door. 'Room Service,' came the muffled male voice from behind the door. 'Shit timing mate' will muttered as Chloe smiled as she removed herself from him. Will got up to the front door and Chloe walked to the bathroom to check her hair and make-up. Will answered the door and the porter pushed the trolley of lobster and champagne into the room. They exchanged pleasantries before Will tipped him and he left.

Chloe came back out once she heard the door shut. They dimmed all the lights so the room was just lit by candles and moved the dining room chairs close to each other as they sat and began to eat. They talked some more, not just idle chit chat this time but recalling histories, sharing opinion and offering more compliments to the other. Of course, in between swigging champagne, eating lobster and conversing, they took time to kiss; from small kisses on each other's faces to passionate ones lasting minutes at a time. Will once again forgot their 23 year age difference and time drifted away. Half way through dinner, Chloe looked at the clock then back at Will. 'Are you here for the night baby or must you go home?'

The slightest pang of guilt flashed across Will's mind before answering, 'I'm here. With you. All night.'

'Mmmm' Chloe murmured as she slid off her chair and back to the straddle position on Will's lap. 'I'm so going to make it worth your while' she said. Once again she moved her hands to his face as they kissed again. She bit his lip slightly as she moved her crotch backward and forward over his cock. She stopped kissing him to take a swig of Champagne before moving back to his lips and gently releasing the champagne from her pursed lips into his mouth. A little of the champagne dribbled onto Will's chin and neck and she obliged in licking the last drop from him.

'Jesus Chloe' he said in a whisper. She responded by leaning back slightly and unclasping the back of her dress.

'I'm going to give you the most incredible night of your life' she said sexily as she freed her extremely pert breasts from her dress. He could tell she was turned on, her nipples were rock hard. Will gently kissed and licked them as she pulled her dress further down. She moaned letting him explore her with his mouth and then momentarily stood up from Will's lap and stood by his side as she bent down, pulling the dress below her hips. She made eye contact with him as she pulled it further down revealing her bare pussy to witness his eyes almost pop out of his head.

'No panties?' He said as she removed the dress completely, standing next to him in just her high heels.

'I couldn't find any to match my dress, so I thought why wear any at all?' She huskily said as she moved herself back onto his lap.

They kissed again, she was in complete control and she knew it. She could feel his rock hard cock in his trousers again and she couldn't wait to have him inside her. She didn't want to rush though, knowing they had all night but she teased him as she groaned in his ear when he planted kisses on her neck, collar bone and breasts.

'Oh fuck baby' she moaned as his hands moved over her, caressing her and grabbing her tight ass. She responded by moving her hands down his chest to his crotch, rubbing his rock hard cock through his trousers. She unzipped him and her hand dived inside his trousers and boxer shorts. She played with him for a couple of minutes inside his trousers as they continued kissing, rubbing her thumb over the head and gently rubbing his shaft up and down. He responded with gratifying groans before she pulled his cock from out of his trousers.

She stopped kissing him and looked at him. She sat, still straddling him, completely naked apart from her heels. His rock hard cock was fractions away from her pussy. She held his gaze as she unfastened his tie extremely slowly and unfastening the buttons on his shirt. They stared into one another's eyes in a moment of pure mesmerism. She helped him take off his shirt to reveal his toned torso. She broke from his eyes and looked at his chest, exploring it at the same time with her hands. She began to kiss and lick it, she moved all around, up to his shoulders and around his neck before continuing on his chest.

His head rolled back as he was enjoying the most incredible woman he'd ever laid eyes on servicing every inch of his body. He brought his head back forward when he noticed her stop kissing him. She moved back a little on his lap and they locked gaze again. She held it as she moved herself down onto her knees in between his legs. Her head moved towards his cock and without using her hands, took his cock in her mouth. She was moving incredibly slowly and Will was desperate to pick her up, lay her on the bed and fuck her. The anticipation was killing him. But he couldn't move, he was totally under her spell and he didn't want to halt this incredible young woman from her seductive performance.

She continued sucking his cock, her tongue rolled around the head of his shaft before moving down on him and pushing his cock to the back of her through. His hands were on his head, enjoying the soft sensation of her hair and occasionally brushing it back so he could see her perfectly formed face and lips fucking his cock. He offered encouragement but he knew she didn't need it. She knew exactly what she was doing. She began to work her hands into her routine and gently let some saliva slip onto his cock from her mouth to act as lubricant. She looked at him again as she kissed his head whilst moving her hands up and down, twisting them around slightly as she did so.

Will wasn't usually quick to come but he was so turned on by her he could feel himself building already. She continued to work her hands gently around his moistened cock and all the while planting kissed and sucking his head whilst maintaining eye contact with him.

She started talking to him in her sexy husky voice, 'Do you like that baby?'

'Oh God Chloe I fucking love it.'

'Do you like the way my lips feel on your cock?' And with that she took her gorgeous lips and planted full kisses up and down his shaft, still stroking it slowly.

Will let out a gratified moan.

'Any do you like the way my tongue feels swirling around the head of your fucking massive cock?' She closed her mouth around the head of his penis and sucked as her tongue swirled around the head flicking in between it and his shaft. She moved one of her hands down to his balls and started softly playing with them in between her fingers. Will felt himself building even further, she was too much. He moaned louder. 'Jesus Christ Chloe. Jesus. Fucking. Christ....' He let out a moan as her tongue and lips gave him pleasure he'd never felt before.

She removed his cock from her mouth and held it one hand. She rested his cock on her bottom lip and her eyes locked on his. She flashed the most sexy but naughty smile he had ever seen.

'And has anyone...' she kissed and licked his cock, 'ever...' she did the same again, 'made you feel like this....' once more she took his cock in her mouth, 'before?' As she said 'before' she started to move his cock further into his mouth and all the way to the back of her throat whilst her hand continued manipulating his balls. She held him at the back of her throat and gently bobbed up and down for what seemed like an eternity.

'There's no one like you Chloe' Will said in between groans. 'You are the most unbelievable woman on this fucking earth.' She slowly moved her head back up his cock and slightly gasped for air as her hands found his cock again, sticky from the juices left from the back of her throat. She continued stroking him and she could sense he was close.

'Are you gonna give me what I want baby?' She said her hands picking up pace up and down his rock solid cock. She flashed that sexy smile again.

'Oh baby... I am....' Will gripped her hair as he moaned and Chloe responded by quickening up the pace of her hands again, intermittently moving her mouth down to suck on the head of his cock, maintaining eye contact with him. She continued to pump him.

Will, for a few seconds, felt like the world seemed to stand still. He watched her eyes flashing with delight at the intense pleasure she knew she was causing. She knew he was so close. She sucked hard on the head of his extremely sensitive cock before suddenly moving her head back away from him. Her hands also released him and she moved her palms out wide as if she had finished a magic trick staring at amazement at what she had created.

Will for a few moments knew it was about to happen, and it was even more intense because she wasn't touching him. Will felt his heart beat in his chest several times before exploding cum all over her face.

'FUCK!' Will shouted. As the first globs of come hit her cheek, she moved her head back quickly and sucked the sensitive head of his cock as wave after wave of hot jizz filled her mouth. 'FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!' He repeated as her hands, back on his cock now, felt it contract again and again as the cum flowed from him and now, out of her mouth, which was full of it.

Will finally stopped and breathing heavily, slumped his head back whilst watching Chloe take a huge gulp and swallowing all of his spunk. She moved her index finger over her chin and lips taking all the remaining cum back in her mouth. She was looking at him again with that incredibly sexy but naughty look and got back off her knees and sat sideways on his lap, wrapping her arms round his head, still slumped backwards. She could feel his cock pressing into the side of her thigh and she nuzzled into his neck kissing him, licking his ear.

She spokes softly next to his ear. 'Did you enjoy that baby?'

Will moaned and laughed a little. 'I literally never want to leave this room.' She laughed and kissed him again. She moved her left leg over his lap to straddle him again. His still hard cock rubbed up against her pussy. She kissed his neck again and whispered,'I'm going to get cleaned up a little; can I meet you in the bedroom in 5?'

Will laughed. 'Of course, I need a drink anyway!' She pecked his lips as she got off him, giggling as she toddled away in nothing but her heels. She grabbed her bag as she walked toward the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

Will got up, put his cock back in his trousers and did them up. He grabbed his half full glass of Champagne and knocked it all the way back. He re-filled his glass and finished that too.

'Jesus' he muttered under his breath as he took in everything that had happened in the last two hours. He stood there bare chested and forced his chest out as he stretched his arms. The testosterone was pumping through his veins. 'How many guys in their lifetime get a girl like Chloe Frasier to give them what she has just given me?' He thought proudly. 'She is a thousand fantasies wrapped into one'

He moved into the bedroom with the remainder of the champagne and the two glasses. 'More champagne baby?' He called to her through the door.

'Oh God, yes please' she replied. He poured two glasses and placed them on his bedside table, next to his Blackberry as he sat on edge of the bed. He could hear her in the bathroom, it sounded like she was going through her make-up bag. He took another swig of his champagne as he heard the door open. The room was still lit purely by the tens of candles place all over the suite. In the candlelight, Chloe looked even more incredible. She left her left hand on the door frame as she came out and turned to face him.

She was wearing white silk panties with a black lace trim and black bows on the side with a matching white bra which also had the same black lace trim to it. It was a sheer cut and didn't leave much to the imagination. She still had her heels on. She took his breath away and it wasn't the first time. Her long sexy legs. Her toned stomach. Her perfect tanned skin. Her amazing breasts. She did her sexy smile again and said nothing. Will loved it and lusted her. She walked towards him both smiling as they knew what was next; they both intended to fuck until the early morning.

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