tagLoving WivesChoices Ch. 01

Choices Ch. 01

byJanna C.©

Chapter 1: Chocolate Lover

Kirsten is tingling with excitement when she finally lights the candles for her romantic dinner. The table looks stunning set in red, white and gold. A large vase of red roses serves as a centerpiece. She wants everything to be perfect for tonight. The meal has an hour left to cook and Patrick should be home any second now. She knows he loves these little surprises she comes up with.

She puts on some soft music and hurries back to the kitchen for one last thing. It's hard to believe that after six years together she still gets butterflies thinking of being with him.

Pulling off her satin robe Kirsten takes her seat in the oversized recliner. It's back is to the door so he won't be able to see her body at first. The chocolate syrup dribbles down on a firm breast and she wishes she hadn't put it in the fridge. She continues to cover her body with the sticky syrup and finds that the cold mixture falling on her skin is very arousing. By the time she finishes, her nipples are rock hard and the rest of her is red hot. The sound of a key in the door makes her jump and she scrunches her tiny body further down in the chair, repressing the urge to giggle.

Patrick struggles through the door with a large package. Upon entering the living room he notices the very dim lights and hears soft, sexy music. The smells coming from the kitchen compel him to go there. When he reaches the dinning room and notices the lovely table and candles he knows Kirsten has one of her little adventures in store for him.

He hears a soft snicker from the other room and turns around. He walks back in, scans the room and realizes she is in the big chair. He slowly walks over and stands in front of her, the site of her sitting there covered in chocolate, her long black hair draped carefully over her shoulders gives him an instant erection.

" Happy Valentines Day baby." She half- whispers. Patrick grins and sits down on his knees beside the chair. Visions are already running through his head of what will happen later. He lifts the sexy red lingerie out of the gift bag and holds it up. " Guess we won't be needing this tonight." He tosses it over his shoulder and moves in to give her a long, passionate kiss. He thinks how lucky he is to have an adventurous wife. He traces a taught nipple with his finger and then sucks off the chocolate. " Would you like to taste?" he offers. Once again she feels his finger sliding around in the gooey syrup this time making circles around her breasts. He drags the chocolate up her neck and to her lips; a soft tongue licks the sweet confection from his finger.

She begins to suck on his finger so ravenously his penis threatens to break free on its own. Once more he places a steamy kiss on her lips and then his mouth moves down her neck to lick and nibble the sweetness there. He pauses for a moment to remove his shirt then begins to enjoy his " treat" in earnest.

Slowly and deliberately he begins to lick the syrup from her skin, taking time to torture her with pleasure. Slowly he lowers his tongue to her breast and takes his time exploring her softness. Each time his tongue touches her body she gasps and he feels her hot breath on his face. Tiny bumps erupt all over her body and she begins to quiver slightly. She begins to thrust her hips and wriggle in her seat. He can hardly hold on to her as he finds his way down over her stomach. When he reaches that little triangle of hair he licks all around making her jerk upward with each touch of his moist, hot tongue. When at last he has removed all of the chocolate he notices that her little triangle has become heart shaped. "Hmmm, what's this?" he says while tracing the heart with his finger.

"It's your own personal valentine." Kirsten giggles. "Do you like it?"

" Very much" Patrick says as his finger slides down to her very moist pussy. When his finger slides down and into her aching pussy Kirsten begins to thrust her hips frantically. His licking her all over was even more exciting than she had imagined. His mouth touches her clit and she immediately begins to orgasm.

Patrick can't believe how tight she is getting and he's never made her cum like this. He continues to lick and suck until he feels her begin to relax and she loosens the death grip on his fingers. Her hands unwind from his hair and she sinks back into the chair. He has never seen her look more ravishing than at this moment. He moves up to kiss her lips, now dry from breathing so heavily.

" Hold Me," she pleads, her peridot eyes shining into his.

He lifts her onto his lap and kisses her once again with searing passion. He moves her hand down to release his penis from its prison. She strokes him gently, his body tenses and gooseflesh forms on his skin. A soft, delicate hand runs down his shaft and to his balls.

The touch is all he can stand. A low growl escapes him and he lifts her up. Patrick positions his tiny wife over him and lowers her down on his cock. The heat of her has him trembling and beads of sweat form all over his body. Silky black hair tickles his chest as she leans in for another kiss.

He wants to be gentle with her but his body will not allow it. He sits her back up and thrusts his cock fully into her. Kirsten throws her head back at the feel of that hard cock thrusting in and out of her. Strong fingers wrap gently around her neck and another hand squeezes a breast. She matches his thrusts, bucking wildly. She feels him throbbing in side her, his cock grows stiffer every second and she knows he is almost there.

Patrick groans and grabs her hips, thrusting furiously into her. He feels himself nearing release. He holds her tightly against him and presses his lips firmly to hers, thrusting his tongue deep in her mouth.

They sit together kissing for a few minutes more caressing one another. Kirsten hears a very faint beeping sound and realizes it's been beeping in the background for a while.

" Oh shit! Dinner's probably burning."

Patrick laughs as she runs to the kitchen, thinking it's funny that she worries so much about things being perfect for him. She is so good to him and works hard to keep things exciting. So why does he always feel that something is missing; that he needs more. He's not even sure what "it" is and he should be satisfied. Guilt fills his thoughts while he goes to clean up.

Kirsten hurries to the kitchen and pulls the game hens from the oven, " only a little well done" she thinks " I should have turned it down."

She washes off in the sink, still sticky from the syrup then puts on the lace see through apron she bought for tonight. The plan had been to make him wait but that never seems to work. She puts dinner on the table and pours the wine. Patrick walks in just as she finishes. " Mmmm I think I like that one better!" he tells her looking her new apron.

" Everything looks perfect baby.

They enjoy the romantic dinner, holding hands and talking all evening. The conversation is spirited and flirty. They talk about the evening's adventures. " Did you really have fun?" Kirsten asks.

" Yeah, that was wild."

" That was mild compared to some of the things we've done. Like the time you made me go to strip clubs with you and practically raped me in the parking lot!"

" Watching you get a lap dance with that girl made me want to jump both of you right there."

" Hey, you owe me for that, you promised to take me to a club with male strippers."

" I just don't know if I could handle seeing you with some guy, besides I'd feel weird looking at a bunch of half naked guys."

She looks at him with questioning eyes and wonders why men always get so weird about that stuff. " Oh and you think I wanna see half naked women?"

" It's different with girls, that's sexy."

She laughs at him and gives him a little mock lap dance. He picks her up and takes her to the bedroom. Once inside he finds yet another surprise. There are furry handcuffs a blindfold and a whip lying on the bed. He throws her on the bed, cuffs her and then gives her a good spanking. When their lovemaking is finished in the wee hours of the morning, they fall asleep in each other's arms.

Patrick falls asleep thinking of everything that has happened tonight. He walks down a long, dark hallway in his dream, it's very dark and there are lots of rooms. First he sees Kirsten with a really hot blonde, they are dancing together, swaying back and forth. As they dance, dark black hair becomes entwined with pale blonde. They kiss and lips run down the blondes' neck and to a waiting breast. Smooth, alabaster skin brushes against golden tan as they caress one another. The image begins to fade moving further away until they become mist. Continuing down the corridor he now sees his beautiful wife standing alone he goes to her and holds her close. He kisses her gently and runs his fingers through her hair. They begin to spin in the room as though floating on air and then once again she slips away in the fog.

Once again he is in the long hallway, it seems to grow longer with each step. When he finally comes to the end the hallway opens up to a large room with a glass roof. Unlike the others, this room is full of light. A peaceful feeling calms him when he walks into the room. He sees someone move toward him from the back of the room but there is a thick fog surrounding that person. He moves closer and is able to see more clearly, the figure turns around and embraces him. He feels safe and happy in this person's arms. The light is very bright and he still can't see who is holding him. Warm arms begin to caress his body gently at first, then with more pressure. Large, hot lips cover his own, in a searing, passionate kiss. He returns this kiss with fervor and begins to explore with his hands as well. His hands move down over muscular shoulders and then quickly over a very muscular chest. He looks up in shock to see the man standing before him. The initial shock only lasts for a second and surprisingly he feels calm. The man reaches out and pulls him close for another kiss but just as their lips touch his lover is pulled away and the room begins to spin quickly.

Frantically he tries to keep his balance and get to the door but he falls and ends up curled in a ball on the floor. Suddenly he is in the dark again and gets to his feet. He runs down the corridor and finally he is back in bed, his loving wife at his side. He wakes and sits up in bed, a cold chill runs through him and his head begins to throb. He looks at Kirsten sleeping peacefully and touches her face. He kisses her cheek softly and then rests his head on his pillow, thinking about the strange dream.

Janna Covington


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