Choosing Your Battles Ch. 01


The smaller kid high-tailed it out of the small hallway, but not before witnessing Selene giving his tormentor a swift kick in the ass.

Selene watched how he landed face-first on the ground before he turned onto his side. His covered head turned slightly to see the identity of his assailant. The hood still kept his face hidden.

"Ugh," the bully groaned as he laid on the floor and holding onto his nuts.

She casually strolled from where his feet were located to stand next to his head. She watched as his head moved as his eyes followed her movement.

"You're that fuckin' dyke bitch that all of these dip-shits are talking about," he groaned. "Your ass is goin' to regret gettin' involved in my business, once I'll get my hands on you, you fuc—

He didn't get the chance to finish his statement because Selene delivered another kick into his exposed ribs and then planted her stiletto-heel into his injured body part, in the fashion of a stomp. Despite her opponent wearing a baggy article of clothing, she knew that her strikes were effective. She felt the impact of the stomp as well. He let out another groan and his body folded into a fetal position. Seeing this big bully lay in a fetal position, looking pathetic made her happy...

... And it aroused her. For a second, she was stunned at how turned on she was. She noticed how her nipples' aroused state and how they rubbed against the fabric of her bra. The seat on her panties was damp with her nectar as her pussy throbbed.

Feeling a bit sadistic, Selene pressed the bottom of her right shoe into the slope area of the bully's neck. "That one was for calling me a 'dyke', you pathetic piece of shit!" she growled. She was about to give him another kick, when he grabbed the ankle that belonged to the leg that was balancing her weight. He gave the leg a good yank and caused Selene to lose her balance. Her body landed on the floor with a thump and a grunt. Before she made it back to her feet, the bully was up, in a squatting position. He was about to straddle her legs, when she kicked her left foot at him while she tried to push her body away from him. The large kid grabbed her right ankle and dragged her back. Selene reached out and slapped at his shrouded head with a closed right fist. In response, the large boy grabbed a hold of her jaw and violently pushed her head down onto the floor. The back of her skull made a sickening thud as it made impact against the linoleum.

"UUUUUGGGGHHHMMM!" her mouth grunted as the pain stabbed at her skull.

A bright, white light flashed before her. Her hands automatically grabbed at her head, so her fingers could investigate the area of injury. There was another white light that flashed underneath her eyelids. Her head rocked to the side after feeling a strong, blunt force on her face. There was pain. He struck her. Despite receiving a strong punch to the face that left her briefly disabled, her brain was still working. She knew that he wasn't going to stop with just one punch. Her arms automatically went up to guard her face for the upcoming barrage of punches that she knew was coming. When the first punch landed on her right forearm, a nerve-numbing pain had exploded in that limb. Even though her bones were used to receiving punches, it didn't mean that these punches didn't hurt like a motherfucker. She grunted at the pain, but still kept her arms up. She saw that he tried to attack her head; she used her hands and arms to block his strikes.

After feeling several of his failed attempts at attacking her, Selene felt his frustration and anger coming from him. She heard her opponent growl out obscenities at her as he threw punches. With every blow that his thick fists made against her arms, pain erupted. She knew that she couldn't keep this up and eventually her arms will drop.

'Okay girl, think of a way to get from out of—FFFFUUUCCCKKK!' her mind screamed as she receiving another nerve-numbing punch to her forearms. 'OOOOOHHH, THINK! COME ON, DAMN IT, U YOU GOTTA THINK OF A WAY! GRAB AT HIS FISTS! GRAB—

As she thought of a new way to defend herself, she became distracted. She was distracted by an object that was gently stabbing at her, on her stomach.

'WHAT THE HELL?' she thought.

Suddenly, she was greeted by a bright white light and mind-numbing pain in her face. Her distraction allowed for her offensive stance to go down and he was able to finally land a blow. He gave her a pop to the face, which momentarily stunned her. Her head tilted to the side after the impact and her arms dropped from their defensive stance. With her arms lying on the floor and at their sides, she was now defenseless. In her fog, she felt her arms being raised above her head and she heard the sound of something being ripped. The sensation of cold air caressing the flesh of her brassiere-clad tits was what pulled her back into reality. In reflex, her hands went to go strike this creep in his face, but they were stopped short when she couldn't move them. She realized that he held her hands down. She tried to pull her hands from out of restraint tactic, but was unable to remove them. So she did the next best thing to defend herself: she screamed.

"HELP ME!" she shouted into the air. It was a loud, scream that caused an echo in the hallways. She let out a few more pleads for someone to help her. To shut her up, the boy given her a slap across her face.

"Shut up," he growled at her, before giving her another backhand that caused her head to rock back and forth.

The strikes fulfilled their purpose and Selene became silent. Her eyes stared at the veil of shadow that kept her tormentor's face hidden. She kept her eyes on the veil, as she felt the same hand that struck her, grab onto her neck. She whimpered in fear, when she felt his hand starting to squeeze. His grip tightened as every millisecond passed. Just when he was about to constrict her breathing, he loosened his hold on her elegant neck. He kept his meaty, large paw on her throat for a few seconds. His grip was gentle, even though Selene was sure that it could've changed at any moment.

Her opponent's hand released her neck and drifted further down her body to her collarbone. His hand rested, palm down, on her décolletage. Selene took note that his large hand was hot, callused and sweaty. His hand lifted off of its resting place and drifted further down. She first felt the tips of his fingers grazing the ridge of the left cup of her cotton bra.

'No,' her brain whimpered as she realized his intention. She made a flinch, which was an attempt of a struggle. Before she could break out in a full-rage, her attacker stamped down on her attempt by squeezing her thighs with his own powerful legs. His effort was effective because she couldn't move her frame anymore. It was too effective because her hips were even feeling the strain.

His free hand pulled her bra's cups off of her tits and then begun to fondle them.

"For a fuckin' dyke, you have a nice pair of tits," he chuckled as he continued his assessment.

She began struggling again. During her attempt at getting free, her stomach and pelvis kept rubbing against her captor's groin. Unaware that her actions were causing his dick to hardened, Selene continued to thrash about.

"Mmmmm, fuck," she heard her attacker groan. She stilled herself.

Once she stopped moving, he said to her "Damn, baby, I was startin' to enjoy that shit too".

"Get off of me, asshole!" she said through her clenched teeth.

"Why, you're afraid that you're going to enjoy it?" he teased. He then gave her right nipple a hard pinch and she squeaked at the sensation. He chuckled lowly at her reaction. "You ever had a man touch you like this?" He asked, making his amusement known. "Are you afraid?" he asked, with his shrouded face hovering over hers.

She refused to stare into this bastard's face, so she gazed at the tiled ceiling. She felt his fingertips draw invisible circles on the areola of her right breast, before giving her nipple a gentle pinch between his thumb and index finger. Pain and pleasure stabbed at the pointed tip and then it swam down her body to the heated center that was in between her thighs. She remained silent, even though she wanted to moan. She even continued to stare up at the ceiling despite wanting to stare down at his hand to witness its actions.

"What's the matter, Foxy Cleopatra: cat's got your tongue?"

"Fuck you," she hissed, while she still refused to look at him.

She heard him laugh quietly an "okay", underneath the veil of shadow that covered his face. His hand stopped molesting her tit and traveled down to her left thigh. His fingers wrapped themselves around the thick object and with a marveling strength, his hand managed to pull her leg away from her right one. Once a gap was formed between the two limbs, he wedged his body into the space. She began struggling once more and was unsuccessful in getting free. She, however, allowed her tormentor to get deeper in between her thighs. She let out a fiery groan in frustration, when she was enlightened herself of her mistake. She knew that she needed to get away from this son of a bitch as quick, and as far away from him, as possible. She didn't want for her unknown assailant to know that he was making her aroused and her cunt was creaming frantically. No guy or boy has ever made her feel this way and knowing that this biological reaction occurred, frightened her. She's never was into the "hold-me-down and beat me until I cum" sexual deviancy either.

"I like it when you make that noise," he growled into her ear.

She turned her head away, in hope of keeping her face away from his. She ended up exposing the long, nape of her neck to him.

"It sounds sexy," he said to her, before placing his face into neck and nuzzling her while taking in her scent. "You smell good," he remarked.

The fine strands of hair on her neck stood up straight in reaction to feeling his warm breath caress her neck. Once she felt his lips nip at her neck, she let out another scream. His right hand clamped down onto her mouth as an effort to quiet her down. His large, meaty right hand came crashing down on her mouth so hard that the inside of her top lip was nicked against her front teeth. There was a mild salty taste of blood in her mouth. She smelled the odors of sweat and metal off of his hand, as it clamped onto her face.

"I thought I told you to shut the fuck up. Do I need to stuff something into your mouth to keep your ass quiet? Cause I know what I can put in that pretty fuckin' mouth of yours."

The notion of having his dick shoved in her mouth ran through her mind and she felt her pussy's wall clench in wishful thinking.

'What the fuck is wrong with me?' she thought.

He planted a kiss on her cheek and begun a trail of kisses down to her jaw line and her neck, while his hand remained clamped on her mouth. Her body's temperature went higher as he kept showering her with his pecks. His lips felt soft and warm against her skin and she wondered how they would feel against the lips of her cunt. When his mouth reached her collarbone, removed his lips from her flesh and introduced the tip of his tongue. Selene sighed into his hand as she felt his tongue trek down to her cleavage and lick at the valley in between her tits. Her nipples ached for some attention.

"You taste sweet," she heard him say, before his tongue made laps around her right tit.

Her body trembled at the sensation. When he drew the sensitive bud into his mouth, her reaction was a conglomerate of physical actions. A sense of pleasure flooded around her breast and afflicted the small section that was hidden underneath two layers of fabric. At the feeling of having his wet, hot mouth suck at her nipple, a gasp fell from her lips, her hips bucked off of the floor and her back arched at the stimulation. As he suckled at her breast, her muscles in her legs relaxed and her legs spread further apart. She felt his thick hand lift off of her mouth and go to her bra, where it unsnapped the fastening that was on her bra. With her breasts full free from its confines, his hand and mouth fawned over her pair.

"Ahhh...mmmm...ahhh," she lightly moaned, at the sensation.

Her mind went blank while her eyelids fluttered a few times before finally closing, as she surrendered to the sensation and to the fact that she wanted this boy with a fierce need. She felt his mouth leave her tits and latch onto that ticklish, but pleasure-inducing spot that she had, which was located on her neck. Her hips bucked and she moaned. His hand slipped between their bodies to search out the waistband of her pants. His fingers quickly unfastened her belt, the buttons on her pants and the zipper of her pants. He roughly shoved his fingers into her pants, underneath her panties and down to the source of her dampness. Once his fingers came in contact with her soft, damp slit, she loudly yelped. He hushed her before placing a juicy kiss on her neck. His index and ring finger parted her pussy lips and a fresh layer of her juice coated her fingers. The tip of his long, thick middle finger dragged its callused skin against the tiny bump of nerves that was her clit.

"Ugh...uh...oh, shit," she whimpered.

Her cries seemed to encourage his hand's exploration, because he applied pressure to his touch and now ground his fingers against her clit. Her lower body undulated against his hand's movements, which added more stimulation.

"Oooh, shit," she groaned. She heard the sound echo into the short corridor. She knew that she needed to keep her moaning down to a whisper, but it was so hard, especially when his fingers were causing her to scream. "More...I want more," she groaned.

"You want more?" she heard him whisper into her ear.

"Ugh... yes," she groaned.

Suddenly, her lips were covered with his own. She noticed that he own a pair of lips that were full and soft. Selene opened her eyes, but was welcomed with darkness. Her face was now mostly covered by this bully's sweatshirt's hood. With the darkness that took over her vision, it provided her with a chance of escapism. She felt like she was in her bedroom, lying on her bed and in darkness, instead of on the floor of a hallway in her school. The idea of being fucked by an unknown man crossed her mind. The notion excited her and caused her cunt to seep more.

"You want more?" he inquired, after having his tongue take a swipe at her bottom lip. She could feel his lips lightly graze hers, as he spoke to her. "You want me to fuck you?"

She moaned in pleasure from hearing his words.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" he repeated, as two of his fingers delved into her wet, hot depths.

A drawn-out moan drew from her mouth as her back arched and her pelvis tilted towards the ceiling. His fingers moved in and out of her pussy, in strokes that were slow and restricted in movement, because of her pants.

"Answer me," he demanded. Then she felt his thumb rubbed at her clit. She moaned at the double sensation before whimpering out a short 'yes'. There was another chuckle from him. "Good," he hissed. He removed his fingers from out of her pussy and pulled his hand from out of her pants.

She whimpered in what she felt like was sadness at having his fingers removed.

"Patience," was his reply.

His other hand let go of her wrists and joined its twin as they pulled Selene's pants off of her hips. They drew them down her shapely thighs, down to her knees and stopping at her ankles, so he could take each shoe and then each pants' leg off. He pushed her discarded trousers away. Then, her panties soon joined her pants. Afterwards, his left hand fondled her tits while his right hand had gone back to pleasuring her heated core. With available space now, his fingers slipped back into her and her inner walls contracted with glee. The sensation of the cold, hard floor against her bare bottom had heightened the experience for Selene. His three fingers' strokes were rough and aggressive. Her tits jiggled with each thrust.

"You like that?" he growled out as the tempo in his pace increased. She purred in response. Her hands joined his left hand and massaged at her tits. "Pull my pants down and take my dick out," he instructed.

Selene's hands moved to the front of his sweatpants and grabbed onto the elastic band. She slipped her hands underneath his pants and underwear. She stroked at the skin that greeted her, before pushing the clothes off of his hips. Her right hand went to his front and grabbed a hold of his dick.

'Oh my,' she thought while feeling a sense of astonishment at how big, thick and heavy his dick felt in her hand.

Selene began an exploration of the swollen appendage. She never held or felt a penis. In fact, she's never seen one up close and personal. Unless, she counted dildos, vibrators and the other phallic-shaped, sex toys that she used in past sexual encounters. She knew since she was a girl that she likes other girls and she was confident that she was a young, gay woman.

A groan erupted above her and then she felt his mouth descended down hers. As his tongue invaded her mouth, her hand stroked at his cock's shaft. His hips thrust forward and a grunt slipped out of him.

"Oh, fuck girl" he groaned at the sensation, against her lips.

She had become aware that he was enjoying the pleasure that she was giving him. She noticed how he allowed himself to enjoy the sensation, occasionally bucking his hips and muttering a word of encouragement. After a moment had passed, he had physically removed her hand. He also removed his fingers from her snatch as well. He pushed himself off of her and kneeled in front of her. Selene's eyes gazed at this veiled stranger.

The hood of his over-sized sweatshirt was shifted. His face was still hidden, giving him a sinister appearance, but she now could see his chin and his neck, as well as the center of his collarbone. She noticed the patch of dark colored facial hair on his chin. He was a white boy; Selene knew that much based on the coloring of his hands. Now, with the sight of his chin, it was confirmed.

Her eyes drifted down to bottom of his sweatshirt, where his dick was made its presence known. It stood straight up and lifted up the bottom of his shirt. She was right with her assumption of his cock being thick and long. Slightly built with a darker hue, his member was flushed with shades of burgundy and pink. There were two veins underneath the skin of his shaft that were prominent. The mushroom-shaped cap was fat and his slit was prominent. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw a piece of curved metal penetrated the rim. Her fingers twitch, a reflex for wanting to touch him.

"You like what you see?" he inquired, as his right hand grasped onto his prick and pumped at the engorged flesh. Distracted by his hand's gesture, she nodded her head absent-mindedly. His available hand gripped her left knee and instructed her legs to spread further apart. He slipped his frame in between her legs. "You ever had some dick before? And I'm not talkin' about any vibrators and that other shit either," he asked as he settled over her smaller frame.

She frantically shook her head. He placed his upper body's weight on his left hand as his right hand guided the tip of his cock past the fleshy barrier of her pussy. Selene moaned at the stimulation. Her back arched off of the floor and legs wrapped themselves around his waist. Her right fingers wrapped themselves around his left wrist while her left hand rested on his lower back. He inserted himself further into her warmth and Selene felt her inner walls clench on him. He grunted.

"Fuck, you're tight," he grunted from the sensation of her pussy clamping down on his member. He withdrew an inch and shoved more into her.

"Ah...more," she groaned. She set her hooded, dark brown eyes on what supposed to be his face and she gave him a content smile. "I'm not going to break, you know."

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