Choosing Your Battles Ch. 01


In response, she felt what little of his cock slide out of her, but only to have him ram his full length into her cunt. Both of them groaned out, loudly, at the intrusion. She tightened her legs around him. Inside of Selene's pussy felt full; his cock was stimulating every cluster of nerves that were buried deep inside of her. In a breathy gasp, she pleaded for this stranger to fuck her. In response, he doled out four strokes to her cunt that were slow, deep and hard. She moaned with each thrust that invaded her warmth. Then he sank his cock into her depths and stilled himself.

"Fuck me," she pleaded.

She heard his chuckle and then felt his prick give her thrusts that were aggressive and rough. They were so rough that her body flinched with every thrust. Her eyes fluttered close and her head rolled to the side, as her body burned with stimulation. Her face taken on a serene expression and her lips slightly parted. Her hands traveled from his body to hers. She gripped her tits in each hand and caressed them, as he fucked her. At one point in their rutting, a sequence of whimpers floated from her, as he ground his pelvis against her inflamed labia and hidden clit.

"Oh shit," she whimpered as she felt the tingles of her impending climax. "Oh, I'm about to...Oh, I'm..." she moaned out, before succumbing to her orgasm.

She had opened her mouth to take a deep breath and was about to scream, when it was cut off by his mouth. His thick tongue invaded her mouth and fucked her mouth, in the same manner that his dick was doing to her pussy. She groaned into his mouth as her undergone the physical transformation of her climax. Her mind felt cloudy, Selene felt his dick swell even more and she knew that he was about to cum himself. His thrusts were staccato and lost their fluidity.

"You're about to cum for me?" she asked in a breathy moan. A groan left his throat as he continued to move. "Cum for me, baby. Cum in my pussy," she moaned.

Her words had an effect on him, she knew. The reactions were simultaneously: a loud groan which turned into a whimper, his hips made a few pumps and his body tremor. A warm feeling erupted in her for a moment before gradually disappearing. She figured out that he came inside of her. His body collapsed on top of hers and she welcomed the feeling of his weight. Her arms wrapped themselves around his waist as in an embrace. Her hands rubbed at his massive back. He let out an appreciative grunt and she felt his lips kiss at her neck. She moaned in response. They fell into a silence. The only sounds that were heard were their breathing.

"Mister Pickett, are you sure that they are over here?"

It was a statement that they heard come from another corridor. It was the factor that broke Selene and her mystery sex partner out of their interlude. The voices were not too far from where they were hiding, so they moved quickly to put their clothes back on. Still feeling light-headed from her recent climax, Selene quickly slipped her panties and pants back on. On shaky legs, she stood up and slipped her shoes onto her feet. Her eyes made brief contact with the other teen. He was casually fixing his clothes, as if he had all of the time in the world. Meanwhile, she felt like she was about to have an anxiety attack. She thought that she was definitely going to get expelled from school for fucking another student in a hallway. By the time she was fixing her blouse and making sure that everything was not out of place, the stranger/bully/lover was dressed and was leaving the foyer.

"Mister G!" she heard him shout, jovially, from the other hallway.

"Mister Parker, why are you not in class?" she heard from what sounded like an authority figure.

"I'm sure that little shit that's standing behind you told you why," the bully informed him. The joy from his voice was gone and all there was left was an edge.

"Parker, watch your language!" the staff member instructed. There was a five-second silence, before the faculty member asked for Selene's whereabouts.

"Oh, her, she's back there," the bully, this Parker kid, had notified him. "If I was you, I'll wait a few minutes, she's busy getting dressed."

Selene gasped in shock from his comment. 'Fucking asshole!'

"That's enough, Mister Parker! Mister Jackson, can you please take Mr. Parker to my office? And, as for you, Mister Pickett, you can get back to your class." Selene heard a kid give an affirmation before she heard sneakers break out into a run across the polished linoleum.

'Well, here goes nothing,' she thought, before she took the first steps that led her out of the foyer.

She spotted the faculty member standing in an intersection of hallways. He was a tall, bald-headed man, who wore a cheap-looking brown suit and an aura of authority as if it was a three-piece Armani tuxedo. She didn't know who he was, but she figured that he must be a big-wig, here at the school.

Turns out that she was right, the faculty member was the assistant principal, Mr. Aaron Gorensky.

After the small kid, who Selene learned later on was the 'Little Tommy Pickett' left the foyer, he ran to the assistant principal's office and told him that she was about to get killed by this bully; the bully, whose nickname was 'The Monster'.

After leaving the foyer, the man had taken one look at her face and told her that she was going to see the school's nurse. The assistant principal had escorted Selene to the school's nurse office, to be treated for the bruise that marred her left cheek. A bruise that she didn't know had formed. During the nurse's observations, both of them noticed that bruises were beginning to form on her forearms as well. The nurse asked her if she wanted to go home, but Selene declined. She asked the plump, short woman if she could use a restroom and the woman taken her to the nearest one. Inside of a stall, she wiped away the cum that was smeared on her legs and soiled her clothes. As she wiped away The Monster's seminal fluids, she silently thanked herself for being on Seasonique, a birth control tool.

After the nurse visit, Selene was escorted by the assistant principal to his office, where the Parker kid and a security guard were waiting. Mr. Gorensky asked the guard to leave the office and the officer complied with his wishes. The assistant principal instructed for Selene to sit down in the available chair that was positioned in front of his desk. Parker, also known as The Monster, sat in the other chair. There was six inches of space between them. Selene could feel the tension between them. Inside her mind's eye, she replayed the event that transpired between them. Her pussy grew hot from the memory. She wanted his cock again. It didn't help deter her need, when she felt two of his fingers reach over to her hand and lightly graze at the skin of her left hand.

'Get back on track, honey,' her conscience warned her libido. She placed her left hand on her lap.

The assistant principal sat in the chair that was behind his desk. He placed each one of his hands on a folder that was on the desktop. There was a huge disparity between the two folders. Selene noticed that one folder had more contents than the other one and was about a foot off of the desktop.

"Before I start, Mr. Parker, take off your hood. You are inside of a building and not standing on a street corner," Mr. Gorensky said to The Monster.

Selene heard him sucked his teeth, grumbled something under his breath and then scoffed, before he complied. She gazed over at him, groaned low and then turned back to Mr. Gorensky's direction.

For Selene, it was official: she was attracted to him and she wanted more of his cock, and probably would have to beg for it. Before she saw his face, she expected an average, baby-face with chubby cheeks and maybe with a double chin. Instead, her vision was greeted by a handsome profile. On top of his head was a mass of black curls that was shaved into a mohawk. The shaved sides were stubbly, a sign that he was growing his hair out. From his profile, she saw a strong, masculine face that held a nose with an elegant bridge, a pair of full lips, thick black eyebrows and almond-shaped blue eyes. Her eyes gone back to gazed at his bottom lip. It looked full and heavy to her. An image of sucking on it as she rode his cock popped into her mind and shuddered.

'Get it together, girl' her conscience warned.

On his face, there were patches of red-colored, inflamed rashes that she knew was a symptom of eczema. They littered parts of his forehead, cheeks and jaw line. She thought that the patches added to his rugged beauty. She knew a lot of girls wouldn't have found him attractive. Well, she thought that he was handsome.

"Miss Dennis, are you feeling all right?" Mr. Gorensky asked her. "Do you want to go back to the nurse? You look a bit flushed."

She heard a snicker erupt from her left side. She wanted to kick the shit out of her compatriot that was sitting next to her.

"No, I am all right, Assistant Principal Gorensky," she informed him. "Please, continue."

"All right," the assistant principal said to her. He gave each folder a slap with his hands and said to them, "Do the both of you know what are inside these folders?" Selene shook her head while The Monster just smirked. "These are your permanent records. Everything that you have done, whether if it was good or bad, are in these folders. Everything, starting from when you were in kindergarten to now, is residing in these folders. As you can see, one folder is thicker than the other. This bad boy, right here, belongs to you...Selene."

At hearing that news, her eyes widened in surprise. She quickly recovered and avoided looking at the assistant principal. She was embarrassed.

"This other one... belongs to Mr. Parker over here. Now the two of you have a lot in common, but today..."

Then, he proceeded to give the both of them a lecture about the rules and guidelines for the students at Payton High School. It was during the assistant principal's speech, every once in a while, Selene would glance over at the floor. She was trying to gather up enough courage to take a glance at The Monster. It was during Mr. Gorensky chat about 'students fighting' was when she finally took the chance. She turned to stare at him. His sapphire-colored eyes were giving her an unwavering stare that let her know that he's been watching her the entire time. Selene felt her core temperature rise and the blood in her lower body rushed to her pussy. She gulped loudly and tried her best to ignore him.

"...under normal circumstances, I would just send you two; or any two kids who were caught fighting, to after-school detention for a week. But, being that you are new student Miss Dennis, and from what I've been told by your teachers, you are trying to maintain on the right path: I am not going to punish you..."

Selene let out a sigh of relief.

"...But I will give you a warning: I don't want to see you again in my office, young lady. I've spoken to Mister Pickett and he told me what happened and based from what I've read from your pervious schools' records, you are a good kid. You just need to learn how to choose your battles. The next time you see a kid being picked on: just go get a security guard or a teacher. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mr. Gorensky" she said with a nod of her head.

"Now, as for you, Sasha..."

"Sasha?" she said under her breath. There was a smile on her lips.

"...being that you is a frequent guest to my office for numerous offenses and this time you are here for putting your hands on a girl, I am going to suspend you for two weeks—


"Would you like for it to be three weeks, Mr. Parker?" Mr. Gorensky asked him. The Monster was silent, in response. "That's what I thought! If you can't come to grips with it, I suggest for you to think of your suspension as an early start to your Christmas break!"

Selene noticed the smug look on the young man's face and she scoffed. His eyes darted over to her before going back to look at Mr. Gorensky.

"I understand, Mr. Parker, that your home life is... difficult."

Selene watched as Sasha's eyes had grown cold and intense. She assumed that he didn't appreciate the 'calling-out' that Mr. Gorensky had just done to him.

"... But that should be your motivation to do something with your life. To do something positive, instead of running around town and acting like a thug!"

Selene could hear the passion inside of Mr. Gorensky's voice as he spoke. It was obvious that the man cared for Sasha. She gazed at Sasha to find him giving the older man an expression of indifference.

"So what, so I can grow up and be like you; graduate with a diploma and get a meaningless '9-to-5' and be miserable, just like you?" Sasha said to him, with a smugness that made Selene want to slap the shit out of him. "I wonder what your old crew thinks of you, if they could see you right now... Creeper"

"So, they know each other?' Selene glanced at Mr. Gorensky, who just looked stoic.

"I wonder what my Pops have to say, if he saw you right now: in your cheap suit, sitting behind a desk, pushing papers like you're some kind of secretary and eating shitty food from a high school cafeteria," Sasha wondered.

Selene felt the room's atmosphere become super uncomfortable. She stared at both individuals as they glared at each other. She felt like she was invading a private moment between the two of them. A fat moment of silence occurred before Mr. Gorensky spoke again.

"If your father was alive, Sasha, I am sure that he wouldn't have one negative thing to say about me and what I am doing with my life. In case you haven't noticed Mr. Parker, I am one of the few people who have made it out of our old neighborhood successfully. I maybe dine on 'shitty cafeteria food' as you like to call it, but it's better than the way I used to eat then, which was no food at all. I might not be living in a mansion off of the coast of the Florida Keys, but I am living a life where I am not looking over my shoulder. And to answer your question about the members of my old crew: they don't have much to say right now, because they are dead. Either they were killed, on the streets, or they were murdered in prison like your father. If your dad was alive, I know he would've wanted you to do something with your life—

"Keep my father's name out of your mouth," Sasha threatened.

"I think it's time for me to go," Selene announced as she stood up from her chair. The tension had become too intense for her to handle.

"You can stay, I'm about to leave," Sasha announced as he stood to his full height. He was about to make an exit, when Mr. Gorensky stopped him.

"I meant every word that I've said, Sasha!"

"Your words don't mean shit to me," was Sasha's parting shot, before left the office.

A few seconds after his departure, the young student and the assistant principal heard the sound of an angry roar. It had come from outside of the office, from the corridor. Selene felt the anger that boiled inside of that cry.

"I'm sorry, Miss Dennis, for you having to witness that moment. It was totally unprofessional of me and I am sorry. As you heard, he and I go way back; he is like a son to me and for my wife. He's been through a lot and it has left him... scarred."

"Hey, say no more," Selene said to him with her hands in the air, in a mock surrender. "What happened right now is something that I don't want to know about. My name is Paul and this was between y'all." She walked towards the office's exit. She stood in front of the doorway. She gazed at the school official. "But on a serious note, I really do appreciate the second chance at proving myself. I thought that I was going to get a suspension. In every other school that I was in, I was kicked out before I could land the last punch." Her eyes grew a glazed over look as she thought about her past expulsions. When she came to, Mr. Gorensky saw the pain in her eyes. "So, yeah...thank you."

"You're welcome, Miss Dennis. Like I said before, don't try to play the hero. I know too many people who were killed over something stupid because they tried to play the hero," he informed her.

She wondered if Sasha's father was one of those people.

"I've already alerted your teacher that you were in my office and I will be notifying your aunt and uncle as well."

With a groan, Selene's face held a grimace. "Great," she groaned.

Selene walked down a corridor and was heading back to her fourth period class. There were close to thirty minutes left in her class. As she walked past a darkened hallway, she was grabbed by her right wrist and was snatched into the short hallway. Her back had collided with a cold, tiled wall. She grunted at the pain in her back and was about to fall onto the floor, when she held up against the solid object. She felt fingers dig into the flesh of her biceps as she forced to stand upright. She looked up at her assailant. From the light of the well-lit hallway, she saw a pair of familiar dark blue eyes gazing down at her.

"Did you enjoy your little lesson with our highly-esteemed, assistant principal?" he asked her.

Before she could say anything, his mouth descended down on hers. She moaned into his mouth as he deepened his kisses. She felt his right hand leave her left bicep. The hand snaked its way down to the waist band of her pants. His fingers unfastened her belt and pants before drawing her pants down. Her pants slid down her thighs to her knees. His fingers searched out for her hot spot that rested underneath the crotch of her panties. His fingers inserted themselves and she shuddered. He provided deep and slow strokes as his thumb rubbed at her clit. She parted her mouth from his and rested her head against the wall. Her hands were resting on his thick arms and would grip tighter when she felt his fingers touch a particular pleasuring-inducing spot.

He asked at one point, "Are you sure that you are a lesbian?"

A sense of guilt and shame stabbed itself into her soul, at hearing his inquiry. He was right: she did proclaim herself as being a lesbian. In fact, she paraded her sexuality since her start at Payton High School. In response, she giggled, kissed him and then said in his ear, "If you think that I am one, Sasha, then why don't you fuck me so good that I won't think about eating another pussy again?" She chose not think about her sexuality right at that moment. She chose to ignore her guilt and she was going to use this fuck session to help her forget about it.

Her inquiry had roused a side of him that she hasn't seen in him. With a groan, he withdrew his fingers from her sex. She groaned in disappointment, but moaned in pleasure when he sucked her juices from his fingers.

"Turn around," he grunted, in a husky voice.

She obeyed his command. She pressed her hands on the tiled wall as she slightly bent at the waist. Her ass was pressed against his mid-section. His hands roughly grabbed her lace, boy shorts and drew them down her legs. His fingers kneaded the skin of her ample, round ass as they massaged and smack each cheek to watch it jiggle. Soon, Selene felt the fat head of his cock pushing at the entrance of her pussy. She arched her back, bringing her ass up higher, in anticipation. She tried to inject his cock into her, but he would back away from her. She released a grunt that revealed her annoyance. Then she heard Sasha the Monster laugh before slowly injecting his fat cock inside of her warmth again. Just when she was about sank his member deeper into her, he pulled out again. This exchange had gone on between them for a few more attempts.

"Sasha" she moaned, feeling a fringe of frustration creeping on her, a result from his teasing.

"You want it?" he asked, sounding amused.

"Yes" she hissed, "now, fuck me!"

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