Chris & Cindy


Cindy who was a teacher at Chris's school was none to happy with him.

About a month ago out of the blue, he broke up with her niece Lisa and Cindy was none too happy in the way he did it. He blew her off a week before her prom and Lisa had taken over two months to recover from the blow.

Now Chris didn't know that Cindy and Lisa were cousins.

Cindy was a fill-in teacher and, at any cost, she wanted to make Chris pay for hurting her niece so bad. It took over two months, but one of Chris's regular teachers took a personal day and Cindy was quick to jump on the chance of teaching Chris a lesson as well as teach his class.

Now Cindy knew a full two weeks ahead of time that she would be teaching Chris in his class. She didn't know much about him except what little her cousin had told her in the past. She did manage to get a bit more info from Lisa but she didn't push it as she didn't want to stir old memories up again by asking too much.

One thing that she managed to find out was that the boy loved ladies in heels. Well, Cindy took that fact and ran with it. For the past two weeks she wore the same black stockings any chance she could get.

Now on the day she was to teach his class she had another teacher arrange to give Chris detention with her so that after school she would be alone with him, just him and her in the empty school.

Cindy had on her two week old black stockings and a semi short mini skirt and a pair of five-inch black strap-on pumps that she had worn with the stockings for the past two weeks and she didn't wash the stockings or the heels.

She could tell during class that day that Chris had been paying special attention to the heels and it kinda turned her on, but she really wanted to tease Chris out of his pants and come detention she was going to do just that.

Detention time Cindy had been in the heels for the better part of over 10 hours. Today she had strapped on the heels extra tight for that extra sexy look. She looked up at the clock at it was 3 minutes of 3 and she heard a noise, and in walked Chris.

Chris who had been perving all period at Cindy couldn't wait for detention. The black pumps and heels were driving him mad. He took a seat in the front of the room as Cindy got up with her heels clicking and walked over to him and dropped a few pieces of paper on his desk.

"Here is your assignment for detention," Cindy purred as the papers slipped off her long red fingernails and onto the desk.

Chris looked up at her and smiled and took the papers.

"I just wanted to also say Ms. Panas, you look awfully nice today." Chris said as he let out a big smile.

Cindy returned the smile. "Why thank you Chris I try and dress up every once in a while, though these heels are killing me today," she said, as she sat down and crossed her legs, letting the skirt rise up a bit.

Cindy then picked up a paper in which she had cut a few small holes and as began to read and she could see Chris moving around finding it hard to concentrate on his work.

She innocently leaned over and began to rub her legs and then even rubbed her heel as she could see her little pet was enjoying the view. She knew that she had him and that he was getting a little turned on by all this. 'I hope the little bugger's cock is rock hard,' Cindy said to herself, as she rubbed her heel.

Chris inside was dying as he watched the teacher take those red nails and rub her legs. God how he wished it was his tongue doing the rubbing on her legs and heels. He tried to picture in his mind what her feet looked like and he wondered if her toes were painted red as well. His cock began to get hard as he thought these thoughts. He couldn't keep his eyes off the black pumps either. They looked so sexy on her nice tanned legs.

Cindy then decided to up the teasing one more notch.

Seemingly, she kept on reading. She took the entire section of the newspaper and held it up in front of her and then, about 10 seconds later when she saw Chris looking, she leaned over and ever so slowly, almost in slow motion took a finger and pulled the strap of the pump back and pushed it till it became unhooked.

She then pushed out the strap and let it fall free.

Chris was in absolute pain as he watched the strap come undone. His cock was rock hard at this point.

Cindy then flipped her other leg over and again, even more slowly this time, undid the strap as she watched on as Chris was enjoying the view big time. She then took a finger and slid it under the heel as if was scratching an itch on her foot. Then she like a snake she slid her finger out of the heel and let the heel dangle. She felt the bottom slip out just a bit and she could almost feel Chris groan.

She looked at his crotch and sure enough a bulge was there. She took a sip of water as this was becoming too good to be true.

Cindy then decided to take the teasing to the next level.

She eased a foot back in the heel and then got up and went over to Chris.

She leaned over him and said, "How are we doing over here, young man?" As Cindy asked as she could see Chris's forehead sweating.

She leaned a leg back and then knowing Chris could not look, lifted a foot up and both of them listened as a heel fell to the floor.

There was silence for about 10 seconds.

"Something the matter Chris?" Cindy innocently asked as she slid her stocking foot along the ground before kicking the heel back up and using Chris's shoulder for leverage as she eased a foot back in her heel.

"God that felt good, my feet are killing me in these heels," she said as she walked away from him, over toward the window. Chris watched her move those legs and feet in those five-inch pumps.

"Such a nice day out, I wish I could just kick off these damn shoes and go out and play," Cindy purred as Chris gulped and had to regain his composure.

Cindy took both hands and laid them on the heater. Through the window she could see that Chris's eyes were on her and now she was going to give him a little show.

She took a black stockinged foot and moved it back and forth till it fell from the heel and then twirled it around up in the air giving Chris a nice view, but not too nice as she was several yards away from him. She took a hand and began to rub her foot like she was giving herself a massage. She then slid the foot back in her heel and eased the other foot out. She leaned and curled her toes inward as she heard Chris faintly gasp out loud and she smiled.

The boy was in absolute pain at this point.

He was trying to look and she if the toes were painted red. They looked so sexy in the black stockings. He wanted to taste them so bad. He knew how he could make her feet feel better, but he couldn't just come out and tell her, "Oh Ms. Panas, I have a foot fetish. Can I suck your feet?"

God he would be expelled.

Cindy watched as Chris was almost ready to fall off his chair.

She smiled to herself, 'Oh, poor boy can't take my heels and stockings?'

Inside she was glad the little heel pervert was suffering just like he made Lisa suffer. She lifted her foot up and twirled it around in a circle two times and then slid it back in her heel and with a clickity-clack made her way past Chris and into her chair.

She sat down in the chair and now part two of the tease was about to begin.

Cindy then got up.

"I'll be right back. Got to go to the bathroom. You sit there and finish up," Cindy instructed him as she got up. She then added, "To hell with these damn things," and with two kicks the heels had sprawled across the floor and under her desk and without missing a beat she slid out the door and into the hallway.

She walked about 100 yards and then snuck out a door and out onto the grass. She leaned down and snuck over to a far window. She peeked into the detention room and she saw Chris get up and open the drapes a bit. She ducked down for a second and then she couldn't believe her eyes.

Chris had her heels in his hand and he was smelling them! She had never seen that done before and she just thought Chris liked heels and legs like any other man.

'He likes feet,' Cindy thought to herself. 'Oh is that little bastard gonna get it now,' she said to herself. Then, as she watched on in fascination it kinda turned her on watching Chris inhale the heels that hadn't been washed in weeks.

She got back down and quickly went back into the hallway. She leaned on the doorknob a second and then walked into the room. She noticed her heels were in a different spot, but said nothing. She quietly sat down and then walked over in her stocking feet and grabbed another chair. She put it next to her desk and then got up and began to walk up and down the rows without a care in the world.

She got over to Chris and leaned over and curled a foot inward. She then asked how he was doing.

"Pretty good, Ms. Panas. Thanks for asking," Chris managed to get out as inside he was dying.

"Good we need to hurry up and get out of here," Cindy said as she got up and sat back down and then placed both feet up on the other chair in plain view for Chris to see as she went back to her paper. She lifted it up and watched.

Chris wasn't doing any work now. His eyes were right on her feet.

Cindy began to wiggle her toes, knowing inside it was driving the boy mad.

She crossed her feet at the ankles and then put the newspaper down. Then she got back up and began to walk around a bit more and then sat down beside Chris, who by now was sweating bullets.

"Is something the matter?" Cindy innocently asked as she slid her feet back and forth under the desk. She then moved sideways toward Chris.

"I mean you are sweating and all," Cindy said, as she grabbed Chris's hand.

"If something is the matter, you can tell me, maybe I can help?" and Chris gulped when he heard those words.

Cindy then crossed a foot across her knee and began to rub it.

"Damn feet hurt, I wish I didn't wear heels today dammit," Cindy muttered out loud.

She saw Chris staring at them. At this point the soles were filthy black like the stockings, but Cindy didn't know this, nor did she know that dirty feet turned Chris on to no end.

She saw Chris looking.

"Oh I am sorry my feet must smell huh, I have been in my heels all day," Cindy exclaimed apologetically.

"Oh no. It's no bother Ms. Panas. They are OK," Chris said.

"Oh yeah," Cindy said as she turned around and as Chris watched with his mouth open, she slid up both feet right up on his desk!!

"Sure they aren't smelly Chris?" Cindy asked as she looked over and saw how dirty they were and she thought her plan was over.

"Well Ms. Panas. To tell you the truth I think you look pretty sexy without the heels," Chris blurted out.

"Oh you do? But they are dirty, look at them," she said as she moved them closer to Chris, expecting him to move away instead he moved closer, catching Cindy off guard for a second.

She regained her composure and slid her feet up to Chris's shoulders. The smell of her being in the heels and stockings was overpowering and Chris inhaled the foot smell like a man getting his last breath in.

Cindy slid her fingers under the stockings and began to slowly pull them down.

"I saw what you did to my heels and it turned me on, I liked you licking and smelling them, I got something maybe you will lick and smell huh?" and she pointed at her foot as the stocking rolled down her leg and to her ankle before letting it dangle on her toes as she pulled it off, causing Chris to huff and puff.

"What is the matter Chris?" asked Cindy, now totally into what she was doing. "My like, they are a bit dirty, maybe you could clean em?" Cindy asked as she re-crossed the other foot and slid that stocking off as well.

Chris was in total lust now and Cindy knew she had him.

She then had Chris lie down.

"Mmmmmmm Chris I like a man who knows what he wants" Cindy said as she rubbed his balls with her foot as she slid off his pants.

She then got some silver tape and before Chris could move had tapped his eyes shut. She took the stockings and tied them across his mouth. She then got a chair and said, "This will teach you to hurt Lisa...suffer wimp!" and with those words Lisa came walking in the room also barefoot.

"Oh Cindy did I tell you, Chris has a HUGE dirty foot fetish?"

Lisa pulled up a chair and both her and Cindy let four feet rest right above Chris's nose.

Soon it was playtime.

Lisa went down and began to suck Chris off, which was something she never did before. She then leaned over and took another pair of stockings and tied them to Chris' balls to prevent him from cumming. She then sucked hard on the cock, up and down while Cindy kept her feet directly above Chris's nose.

The combo of the dirty, smelly feet and Lisa sucking his cock was too much to bear, but with his balls tied the cum couldn't leave its area to spurt.

Lisa went hard down on him and she then got up and began to jerk his cock and smiled as Cindy rubbed her dirty soles all over his nose. Then they switched places and Cindy didn't suck cock, but jerked the cock up and down as Lisa teased Chris.

"Bet you want to cum huh, wish you could suck my feet I bet, smell them, been barefoot all day thinking of you," Lisa purred as Cindy began to jerk Chris's cock at a high rate of speed and then slowed down the pace and then even stopped.

Cindy then said, "Lisa it is time," and Lisa went over and pulled out a dildo.

Lisa then went over and undid the tape so Chris could see as she hooked it into place.

"I'm gonna get your ass Chris, it is mine baby," Lisa purred as she slipped it into place. Eight inches in length, it was huge.

Lisa spit on the dildo as Cindy put her feet all over Chris's face. Cindy lifted Chris's legs up as she leaned over to watch. Lisa rubbed the tip of the dildo back and forth and right before she plunged it in Cindy whispered, "Paybacks are a bitch huh Chris?" and as she said that the dildo slid into its new home.

"Oh yeah take it bitch," Lisa cried as first the head went in, soon followed by another inch and another.

She slid the dido out and then with two more thrusts, eight inches was buried in his ass.

Cindy looked on and was soaked as she had never seen a guy get fucked, and boy did she want to try it. In and out the dildo went as Cindy rolled her soles and toes across Chris's mouth and nose. The cool thing was he could see the feet, smell the feet, but couldn't lick the feet. Cindy came while she watched her cousin fuck Chris.

Finally Lisa pulled out and she unhooked the dildo.

"Your turn," she purred as Cindy went over and flipped Chris over as she wanted to do him doggie style.

"Oh Chris, this is the last time you will see these," as Cindy shoved her feet right in his face as he looked on helplessly as Cindy slipped her heels back on.

The heels made her feel more in control as she spread his cheeks wide and rammed the dildo right in.

"Oh yeah, take it baby, fuck yeah, fucking take my cock!" Cindy cried as Lisa had both dirty soles crossed a mere inches from Chris's mouth and nose.

Lisa then untied the stockings from Chris's mouth.

"Don't you dare touch my feet," Lisa warned.

"Cindy are these the stockings you wore the last two weeks?" Lisa asked as Cindy nodded between thrusts of the dildo.

Lisa winked at Cindy and as Cindy watched Lisa rolled the stockings in a ball and squeezed them right over Chris's open mouth. Beads and drips of sweat, dirt and grass fell right into Chris's mouth like a waterfall. Chris gulped down the precious liquid like a man on a dry desert. Cindy then watched as Lisa rinsed out the last few drops as Lisa bent over and untied the stockings on Chris's balls.

"I think we should let him cum," Lisa purred as she grabbed Chris's cock and put his hand on it and commanded him to jerk himself off.

To help him Lisa lifted up two very dirty feet and put them just a few inches away, just far enough where his tongue couldn't reach, but the foot smell she was sure did.

Lisa and Cindy could only look on as Chris buckled and as Cindy plunged the dildo eight inches deep, as the first river of cum splashed a good three yards across the floor.

Wave after wave like a volcano erupted from the tip of Chris's cock as the two ladies looked on.

Cum continued to pour out for a good 90 seconds as finally Chris milked the last few drops out and Cindy pulled out her cock. She unhooked it and let it fall to the floor.

Lisa then went over and stepped right in the cum. She then had Chris lie down and both girls watched the cum drip from Lisa's dirty feet into Chris's mouth, which of course he swallowed with pleasure.

"Stick out your tongue," Lisa demanded.

And with two licks Chris had the cum off her feet.

Cindy went over with her heels still on as Lisa went over and put her heels on and Cindy scooped up some cum on her fingers, which he licked off.

"Get down there and lick the rest of that shit," Lisa yelled as she bent down to watch him lick the cum off the floor.

"Oh yeah suck it up. Think of my feet baby," Lisa purred as she watched on.

Chris sucked up all the cum.

Every last drop and swallowed it.

"Well Chris it is a shame you will never, ever get my feet ever again," Lisa purred as she pulled a video camera out.

"Maybe I'll mail you a copy," Cindy said as she went over to Chris's paper and gave him an F.

And with the clickity clack of high heels both girls left.

Opinions wanted!

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