tagGroup SexChris' Wild Evening

Chris' Wild Evening


Chris looked out her kitchen window as the car pulled into the driveway. Her heart skipped a beat due to the excitement that jolted through her as she noticed her lover Alan getting out with a grin on his face. She was glad that she had invited him over for dinner and whatever else could happen...hoping that tonight was going to be a memorable night. She frowned as she saw the woman get out of the passenger side.

'That son of a bitch' she thought. 'He brought Lily with him. Now I wonder why he did that? I wonder if he knows that Lily and I have been to bed together. Nah, how could he?'

"Hey, Alan. Hey, Lily. What are you doing here?"

"Alan told me that you had invited both of us to dinner tonight."

"Oh, he did, did he?" Chris shot Alan a look that could have killed him dead on the spot thinking about how much she had wanted a romantic evening with him in her bed. Alan seemed to ignore her while producing a pair of bottles filled with white wine.

"Yes, I did."

"And just why did you do that? I thought you and I were supposed to have a romantic evening just for two."

"We're going to have that romantic evening. You'll see. Doug will be along in a little while to keep Lily company while we are amusing ourselves later on."

"Oh? You're just one surprise after another tonight, aren't you?" Chris was surpirsed that Alan had not only brought Lily without her knowing about it but had also asked Doug, whom she was not all that fond of knowing, to join them. She was just barely keeping herself under control and slowly losing the fight to a rising anger.

Alan poured them all a glass of wine and they sat drinking on the living room sofa, making small talk until the supper was ready to be served. Chris set an extra plate at the table and fumed as she smiled sweetly at Lily.

Soon, dinner was served and eaten. They returned to the sofa and listened to some soothing music. 'If only I felt soothed' thought Chris. The two bottles of wine were soon emptied and Alan disappeared for a while bringing back a keg of beer and a bottle of Scotch from the car. Even before the keg was near half empty, Chris was feeling little pain and her irritation with Alan and Lily was quickly waning.

"I gotta go pee." Chris announced while getting up from the sofa. Her legs were wobbly as she headed down the hall to the bathroom. Forgetting to close the door, she pulled her shorts and panties down over her knees and sat heavily on the commode seat. Chris' urine tinkled loudly in her ears as she pissed out the wine and beer combination.

"Don't bother to put your clothes back on." Chris' head jerked up and saw Lily standing in the doorway without a stitch of clothing on her voluptuous body. "It was getting hot in the living room so Alan and I decided that we didn't need our clothes to keep us warm and he sent me to tell you to get undressed too."

Chris wiped and stood up leaving her shorts and panties on the floor in front of the toilet. She quickly pulled her light blue sweater over her head exposing her braless 38C breasts, breasts she had spent a fortune on getting enhanced. Lily eyed them hungrily and stepped forward placing a hand on Chris' left breast. Chris covered Lily's hand with one of her own and leaned forward to place a gentle kiss on Lily's lips while reaching up with her other hand to cup Lily's smaller tits. Chris squeezed the tit in her hand eliciting a soft moan from Lily. They broke the kiss and started back to the living room.

Much to Chris' surprise, Alan and Doug were sitting on the sofa with a hand on each other's stiffening cock slowly pumping away almost in unison. It was obvious that they had done this sort of thing before. Doug's head dropped into Alan's lap and Chris gasped as she saw Alan's prick slowly being taken into Doug's busy mouth. Standing there watching Doug try to suck the seed out of Alan's meaty sex spear was making Chris' cunt get to the point of being a complete swamp of pussy juices. She could feel the essence of her womanhood slowly drip down her thighs. Suddenly, she felt a tongue start to clean up the leaking juices and spread her legs wider to allow Lily access to her steaming womanhood. Looking down she saw Lily's eyes looking back at her and groaned her appreciation of the other woman's efforts. Chris' hands pushed on the back of Lily's head trying to draw her ever closer to her hot, dripping cunt.

Lily's mouth was being gentle, almost featherlike, in its attack, but the real turn-on was that Alan had swung Doug around into a sixty-nine position and they were both sucking each other's cock for all they were worth. Chris twisted around and brought Lily's cunt close enough to lick and suck. Her tongue licked Lily from asshole to clit, slowly at first and then increasing in intensity as her orgasm neared fruition. Chris could feel the spark start deep inside her and rush to her womb's opening. With a loud moan into Lily's pussy, Chris let go with a stream of hot pussy juice. This in turn triggered Lily's orgasm. Over on the couch, the two men's cocks expanded and exploded into each other's mouths.

Alan rolled off Doug and fell to the floor completely wiped out. Chris scooted over to Alan and started to suck and lick his seed from his wilting cock thinking to herself that while pussy juice was good, there was nothing like good man cum to turn her on. Lily did the same with Doug cleaning his cock of all traces of his sperm.

More beer flowed from the keg into four different bellies. The alcohol soon had Chris to the point of passing out. Alan crawled over to her and kissed her tenderly on the lips. Chris opened her mouth to welcome his tongue in for a brief fight even though she could taste traces of Doug's cum on Alan's tongue. Alan slowly kissed his way from her mouth to her two lovely breasts, sucking on each nipple in turn before continuing his journey southward. Only a tiny strip of blondish hair adorned Chris' pubes. Alan gently pulled on them with his lips and continued his trip to the promised land of pussy and honey.

At some point during Alan's gentle lovemaking Chris nodded off into a drug induced sleep. When she awoke just a short while later, she found herself spreadeagled face down on the bed with her hands and feet gently tied with soft straps made of silk. Vaguely she wondered how she came to be tied up like she was. Then she realized that she was also wearing a blindfold over her eyes. With her mind clearing from the fuzziness brought on by the beer she had drunk, she also realized that there was a male body under her and as the vibrator was removed from her cunt, a hard cock took its place. The owner of said cock did not move a muscle. Chris was lifted slightly and placed over the cock until it slid without any problem all the way to her cervix at the top of her womb.

Chris became aware of a gentle probing of the juncture between her legs. She was being probed anally by a vibrating dildo and vaginally with a hard, unmoving cock that were slowing building up in the intensity from their distinctly two types of penetrations and causing low moans to escape from her mouth.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she demanded. There was no answer but she felt hands rubbing oil between her butt cheeks and as the dildo was removed from her anal opening she felt a greasy finger and then two fingers penetrate her body. Soon a third finger was introduced into her rectum.

Chris moaned again as the cock that had penetrated balls deep inside her warm, dripping wet pussy started to twitch. She felt her own cunt muscles start to work on the penetrating cock, but still the man under her made not a single movement of his body.

The fingers in her ass had loosened Chris' spincter muscle to the point that she felt like she could take a two by four piece of wood up her rectum without any problem. She was somewhat surprised when the bed moved under her and she felt somebody kneel between her outstretched legs.

Chris gasped as she felt a cock tickle her asshole before plunging balls deep in one amazing thrust. As soon as this cock hit bottom and started to pull out of her, the cock she was riding with her cunt started moving also. The two cocks soon had Chris on the edge of the largest orgasm of her life. As her orgasm approached, a mouth latched onto Chris' left tit and sucked for all it was worth. This sucking and nibbling of her nipple pushed her over the edge and her orgasm spurted out of her cunt like a river. Just as she was coming down from the spasms created by this intense fucking, she felt two cocks expanding and erupting simultaneously in both her ass and her cunt. This had the effect of setting off a second orgasm. While it was of shorter duration than the first, it was still just as intense.

Hands reached out and untied her feet from the lower bedpost and then released her hands from the headboard. Chris slowly took off the blindfold to see Alan's smiling face looking up at her. Lily sat back down on the bed and spread her legs to Chris in an invitation, an invitation Chris took without hesitation. Before her lips met Lily's cunt, Chris looked over her shoulder to find Doug grinning from ear to ear.

"You are one hell of a fuck, lady. At least your asshole is one fine fuck. Sure you won't let me get into your pussy?"

"No way, Doug. If you're lucky after I get done with Lily I'll suck your cock a bit and clean anything she misses. Alan, if you had told me you had this planned, I would have dressed more appropriately...in my birthday suit."

"Would you have let both of us fuck you at the same time?"

"I don't think so."

"That's why I didn't tell you. I wanted it to be a surprise."

"Who slipped me the Micky?"

"That was Lily's idea. We had to get you into bed and tied down without you knowing, didn't we?"

Chris smiled and thought to herself that it was definitely turning out to be a very long evening. She decided to try to wear all three of them out, even if it meant that Doug got to fuck her pussy.

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