tagCelebrities & Fan FictionChristina's UK Odyssey Ch. 02

Christina's UK Odyssey Ch. 02


Starring: Christina Hendricks and Lucy Pinder

Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.


Christina agreed to travel to Lucy's home the next day, she was suffering from jet lag, so didn't get up too early and it was well past lunchtime when she arrived at the address.

"Come in Christina." Lucy said as she answered the door.

Leading Christina to the lounge, she had already poured out two large glasses of red wine. Both ladies sat down on the sofa, Lucy smiling as she watched Christina closely.

"Welcome Christina, so good to see you." Lucy said.

"So, what is the plan?" Christina asked.

"Thought we would hit the club a bit later after having some food at a restaurant?" Lucy suggested.

"I like that, sounds good." Christina replied.

"But we have a couple of hours to kill." Lucy added, leaning in to kiss Christina.

"Think we could go upstairs and improve on our mile high antics?"

"Ohh Lucy, thought you would never ask." Christina answered grinning.

Lucy opened the door as the girls rushed into the bedroom. Lucy was frantically pulling her sweater off, while Christina unzipped her purple dress. Kissing passionately they were soon down to their underwear, Lucy pushing Christina down onto the bed, before standing up to make a show of stripping off.

"I'm gonna help make this trip mind blowing for you Christina, I know which girls will be up for it, and hopefully we can corrupt a few of the others as well." Lucy said, unfastening her bra.

"Ohhhhh, fuck! Lucy those tits, fuck they are amazing." Christina gasped, still not quite believing this was happening.

Lucy cupped them in her hands before peeling down her panties, to stand naked before Christina. For her part Christina now had her knickers off, fingers rubbing her pussy as she watched Lucy. Lucy moved to the bed, straddling Christina's face she lowered herself down, eagerly Christina gripped her ass cheeks and pulled her shaven pussy down, burying her face in it. Lucy leaned back gasping, resting on her arms.

"Ohhhh, fuck yeah baby." She squealed as Christina ate her snatch.

Lucy rolled her hips into Christina's face, as her tongue delved deeper and deeper. Fingers on Lucy's ass cheeks Christina drank from her soaked pussy, as Lucy neared her climax.

"FUUUCKKKKK!!" Lucy screamed, her body quivering, pussy spraying warm juices over Christina.


Lucy's thighs clenched tightly on Christina's head, as her body shook in powerful orgasm, her big tits quivering as she came hard. Her gasps and cries lessened quickly as she calmed, before moving back to straddle her body.

"Ohhhh, fuck that was good, sooo good." Lucy gasped.

"You fucking drenched me Lucy!" Christina spluttered, wiping her face, "Do you always squirt?"

"Yeah, I cum really hard normally, fucking spray everywhere!" Lucy replied laughing.

"Fuck, you taste good though." Christina said, as she unfastened her bra and tossed it to the side. Lucy bent forwards and devoured Christina's breasts, squeezing one then the other between her hands, sucking on her hard nipples. Lucy played with her breasts for a good 5 minutes, Christina gasping and groaning in pleasure.

"I think you need to meet Sam." Lucy said grinning, getting up off Christina.

"Who's he?" Christina asked.

Opening a trunk at the end of the bed, Lucy took out a think 8 inch long strap on, "Sam the strap-on!" she said giggling, before putting it on. Christina got up onto the bed, on all fours she raised her stupendous ass high, head down in the bed.

"Fuck me, Lucy! Ohhh, God! I have dreamed of this for sooo long!" She gasped.

Lucy Got up behind Christina, and slapped her fake shaft on those big glorious ass cheeks, "Ready baby?" She teased before easing the head to Christina's pussy lips.

"Ohhh, fuuuuccck!" She gasped as the thick shaft eased into her. Lucy gripped her hips and pushed all the way in until she was deep inside Christina, running her hand up her back she grazed her nails along her spine. Christina gripped the sheets and whined as Lucy started to fuck her, every hour of fantasy now being played out for real.

"Fuck me Lucy! Fuck me like a dirty little whore!" Christina snarled as Lucy picked up pace. Slapping her ass hard, Lucy really started pounding Christina, her crotch slapping loudly against her on every stroke. Lucy was thrusting wildly, her big tits bouncing up and down, Christina had her head buried in the bed, and Lucy reached down to grab her hair.

"Fucking take it. you slut!" Lucy growled, pushing and holding her head down. Christina writhed, her pussy hot, burning and ready to explode, Lucy pinned her down. She gave her cunt to Lucy, to pound, over and over as she was held down. She screamed, a cry of pure pleasure, as finally her climax burst free. Lucy was bent over Christina, her weight holding her down, hips churning, driving the shaft deep. She felt her orgasm hit, legs collapsing as she came, uncontrollable waves of pleasure making her shake. Lucy lay there, sweaty body pressed on top of Christina, as her orgasm subsided, breathing hard she whispered in her ear.

"Like that bitch?" before easing up from her.

"Ohhhhh, fuck Lucy!" Christina panted.

"That was fucking awesome! I love it when you get rough with me."

"Ohh that's not rough, baby. If you want that then I can certainly do it for you." Lucy replied grinning.

"Put this on for me" She said unfastening Sam and tossing it to Christina.

Getting up she strapped it in place, while Lucy lay back on the bed.

"Ohhhh, Christina! Fuck me baby, fuck me good." Lucy gasped.

Stepping up to the edge of the bed, Christina grabbed Lucy's legs by the ankles and raised them up into the air. Lucy ran her fingers back through her hair, as Christina nudged the head of the strap on to her pussy.

"Mmmmmm, Lucy! You are so fucking gorgeous, I am going to enjoy fucking you." Christina said.

Easing the shaft in, Lucy took all of it, until Christina was nestled tightly against her. Lucy grinned, her body aching to be fucked, but still she wanted more.

"Oh baby, I didn't mean fuck my pussy. I want you to fuck my ass!" She teased.

"No way!" Christina gasped, shocked by what Lucy just asked.

"Oh yeah, stick that fat shaft up my tight little ass." Lucy replied, a huge grin on her face.

Christina let go of her legs, Lucy gripping them instead, holding them wide. She pushed the head against Lucy's puckered asshole. Pushing hard Lucy growled as the head burst in, legs quivering as a couple of inches pushed into her ass.

"Ohh, more! More baby, I want it all!!" Lucy squealed.

Christina thrust hard, Lucy gasped as the rest of the shaft slid up her ass until the whole thing was balls deep. Lucy's eye's were wide, her ass felt so full, pussy so wet, she bit her lip gasping hard. Swallowing she said "Fuck me good baby" as Christina started thrusting. Christina pushed her hips slowly back and forth, the hard strap on sliding in and out, Lucy was gasping as her ass was stretched, the huge breasted red head watching her intently. Slowly Christina built up a rhythm, her Lucy mouth open growling as she felt every movement.

"Ohhh fuck, honey! Yes! Harder, fucking ram my ass!" Lucy groaned, looking up at Christina.

Taking control of Lucy's legs again Christina held her tightly by the things, legs almost vertical. Lucy moved her hand to her big breasts, mauling them roughly as her ass was drilled. Her pace became more frantic, crotch slamming against Lucy, who was clearly near to her climax.

"Harder! I'm a nasty fucking whore, fucking pound my ass!" Lucy snarled, spit spraying from her mouth, in her intensity.

Christina went hell for leather, hips ramming furiously against Lucy, the whole length of her fake cock driving deep up her ass, over and over. Lucy's hands now gripped the bed sheets tight, her head tossed back, chest raised. A primal roar of pleasure erupted from Lucy as she came hard.

"YEEEAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!" She screamed, her body tensing up with the passing seconds.

Christina kept pumping her clenched ass, driving the full length in and out as Lucy howled in climax. Her pussy sprayed all up and over Christina's body, as the spasms of her orgasm sent her wild. Christina was starting to tire as Lucy's body twitched for the last few times, her orgasm spent. Slowly she stopped her thrusts and let go of Lucy's legs. Lucy looked up at her, smiling contently. Christina's stomach and tits glistened, Lucy's pussy juice dripping from her nipples, rivulets running down her abdomen.

"Ohh fuck, Christina that was amazing." Lucy panted.

Christina eased the shaft from Lucy's ass, she gasped it the feeling of emptiness. Sitting up Lucy admired Christina's curvy body, her huge breasts and wide hips, girl cum dripping down. Bending forwards Lucy grasped the shaft of Christina's fake cock, sucking it between her lips she savored the taste of her ass for a few seconds before releasing it from her lips. Christina lifted one tit to her lips and suckled on the nipple, tasting Lucy's essence.

"Holy fuck, you're dirty!" she gasped as Lucy looked up at her.

"Christina, believe me, everything you fantasized about is nothing like how this trip is actually gonna be." Lucy replied grinning, "Welcome to my world! You will never wanna look back!"


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