Christmas Party Date


"Now that seemed like it felt good," Tina said quietly, standing up and stepping against me so her bare body pressed against mine, her rigid nipples pressing into my chest. She leaned her face to mine and began kissing me gently teasing my lips with her tongue until I opened my mouth, allowing her to slide her tongue into my mouth and share the salty taste of my own cum. "You know," she whispered after playing with my tongue for several minutes. "I've always believed that a guy doesn't really care about you unless he's willing to share the taste of his own cum after sex. That's the difference between a user and a lover. I'm glad you're a lover," she whispered.

"Well then I hope you will equally appreciate the taste of your own pussy after I lick you to climax tonight."

"I'm looking forward to it!" she answered with a grin before releasing my neck and stepping back. "Now I suppose I need to get dressed."

"For now." I answered as I pulled my own pants back up.

I sat back down and watched her slowly dress, her actions clearly geared to ensure that i saw everything I wanted to. With all her clothes back on except her panties she stood in front of me and looked down at me. "What should I do about these?"

"Nothing." I said reaching out to take them from her. "Donna almost never wore panties at work. She took them off in the car before she came in to work so that she could tease me more easily. It was always a turn on when we were sitting in a meeting knowing she was naked under her skirt."

"Hmmm I might have to try that. Especially if it gets me more of this kind of treatment."

"Never know." I said as she leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips.

With a final smile she picked up her uneaten lunch off my desk and walked to the door, swinging her hips seductively as she did. "I'll send you a map to my house this afternoon. How about, oh, say sevenish?"

"Okay, sevenish it is. I hope I don't regret this."

"Trust me, you won't," she said as she unlocked and opened the door. "Talk to you later lover."

It was a good thing that she had sent me a map to her house. Even with the map I almost missed the turn onto the winding path that she called a driveway. Out in the country was one thing. I lived out in the country. The house that Tina rented, on the other hand, was an earth home built into the side of a huge hillside almost a mile back from the main county road. The driveway twisted and turned down into a small valley, around a small lake and then part way up the side of the hill until it ended in at a flat spot that was literally cut out to the side of the hill. The face of the house appeared to be poking right out of the hillside as if the house existed and the hill, still towering another couple hundred feet above, had tried to eat the house.

With green leaves on the trees it was probably a gorgeous view down over the valley, but in the dark and with all the leaves gone the only thing I could really see was a rather spooky view looking over the gray and barren branches reaching up for me from below.

I had barely gotten out of my car before the front door opened, a long pool of warm orangeish white light spilling out onto the wide flat where I had parked. I could see the outline of someone standing in the doorway, the backlight showing through whatever she was wearing to reveal her profile in black in a halo of shimmering variations of orange and gray. She stood with her feet set apart and one hand on either side of the doorframe slightly higher than her head.

"Hello David!" she called, confirming that it was at least Tina. "I see you found me."

"I did. I'm glad you sent a map, or I might not have."

"Well, don't stand out there and be a stranger, come on in." She said as I approached her. The closer I got the more detail I could make out. She was wearing a very shear red robe that went from her neck nearly to her ankles, the light behind her showing through to reveal yet another layer of sheer material running from just above her breasts to just below her ass. Under that she wore a red satin looking bra that lifted and squeezed her breasts together sexily and a tiny red satin thong panty that barely covered anything at all.

"Wow, you look spectacular!" I said as I stepped closer.

"Thank you. You look pretty spectacular to me too. I wondered if I'd ever see you walking up to my door, now that you have I can't even begin to describe how nervous I am."

"Nervous how?" I asked as I stepped up to her, her arms coming down to circle around my neck and pull herself up against me.

"Would you be offended if I told you that I've had many fantasies about you and me, here, doing all kinds of things?"

"No, why would that offend me?"

"Would you believe that I have climaxed to those fantasies so very many times?"

"I can believe that. I've thought more than a few times about what it would be like to get you naked, although I never in a million years would have expected the first time to be in my office."

"Actually it didn't surprise me at all. Some days I left your office wondering why I didn't just throw my clothes off and beg you to fuck me." she said, her voice barely above a whisper. "How about you come the rest of the way inside though. I'm about to freeze to death in just this little thing."

"Yeah, I guess it is a bit chilly." I answered, letting my arms slip from around her as she stepped back, sliding her hands down my arms until she could clasp both my hands in hers and tug me into her home.

"Wow, big place!" I said with a whistle as I looked around the size of the living room and entry hall.

"You haven't seen the half of it. This place is huge. The guy who built it built it into a cave," Tina said, tugging me along with one hand now, leading me into the middle of the living room with its deep soft carpet and abundance of sofa's and love seats arrayed around a large central coffee table. "Let me take your coat." She said, reaching for the zipper of my jacket and tugging it down while I looked more closely at her outfit. The sheer robe and equally sheer gown beneath served to make her body all the more alluring, being able to see but not in defined detail. Through the shimmery red material I could make out the red satin bra and panties, the bra poked out by her two hard chilled nipples.

"That's some outfit," I told her as she pulled my coat off and tossed it on one of the sofas.

"I hoped you'd like it," she answered with a smile. "Just wait till you get to take a few more layers off. I'm hoping you enjoy the rest of it equally well."

"I am sure I will," I answered as she took my hand and pulled me along toward a long hallway.

"So this is the kitchen and dining room," she said as we passed two more large rooms, "and the bathroom and there are five bedrooms."

"Wow, big."

"Uh huh. But we're going to the play room," she said with a grin.

"The play room?" I asked as she led me down the hall to a door at the end.

"Uh huh. That's what I call it," she said as she opened the door to a cavernous room that was more than large enough to host a small wedding reception. The rows of recessed lighting brought the entire area to a comfortably soft glow. The room had what could only be described as a dance type floor in the center, easily twenty feet square, surrounded by an extremely soft carpet. The long walls on the left and right were lined with a variety of sofas, love seats, and chairs, many facing the center of the room while some seemed to be grouped to face each other in varying numbers. The near end had an elaborate bar in one corner and I could tell that the far end had two large Jacuzzis, one in each corner. The entire far wall was made up of floor to ceiling mirror panels making the already huge room look even larger.

"Damn." I muttered, realizing I was already starting to sweat in the warmth.

"Yeah, the guy that owns the place gets to use it for parties. It's part of our rental agreement. We keep it clean and available for his parties. We don't have to clean up after them or anything, that's done by a service that cleans everything thoroughly, but we get to use it as much as we want otherwise." She said as she turned and started unbuttoning my shirt. "Now how about we get you out of these bulky clothes so we can have some fun!"

"Just out of curiosity, who is we? You don't have a boy friend I don't know about, do you?" I asked as everything she said started to sink in.

"Oh no. Just me and another lady, we rent it together." She said as she tugged my belt open and started working on the button of my pants.

"Wait. You and another woman? You two live together?" I asked, grabbing her hands as my pants fell to the floor around my ankles.

"Uh huh. Is that a problem?"

"Well, I mean..."

"OH! No no. We share the house for financial reasons. Right now she's out on a date with her boy friend. We're know."

"Oh, ok. Just had me worried for a minute." I said, letting go of her hands which went immediately back to work undressing me.

"Not that I wouldn't mind playing a little. She does have a pretty spectacular body." Tina grinned as she sunk to her knees, pulling my underwear down to my ankles as she did. "Mmmmmm look at that!" She cooed before closing her mouth around my already hard cock which was now sticking out at her invitingly.

"Oh damn." I muttered as she swirled her tongue around and around the head, teasing it over the sensitive spot on the bottom of my head. "I get the feeling you've done that before."

"MM Hmmm" she answered without pulling my cock from her mouth. "Once or twice," she said between slurps.

"Oh shit. I can tell." I grunted as she bounced her head on my shaft, taking in as much of me as she could before practically gagging on me.

She pulled her face from my cock and grinned up at me before looking down to work my shoes, socks and then pants off, leaving me completely naked. "Now," she said as she stood up," seems to me you were talking about wanting to taste my pussy. I'm all yours lover."

"Actually, I would like to do that," I said taking her hand and leading her toward one of the sofas. "You know, you have way too many clothes on for my taste."

"That's because I thought you might like to unwrap your present a little bit."

"I can handle that." I answered as I reached for the tiny bow that held the sheer robe closed up near her neck. I gave it a gentle tug and then pushed the almost non-existent material off her shoulders and down her arms until it fluttered to the floor. The little nightie, if you called it that, was as sheer as the robe. Unlike the red robe that had covered it, it was a gold color, which made it shimmer in the lights even more than it had covered by the red sheer robe. It had three tiny gold bows holding it closed as it wrapped around her from just across the tops of her breasts down to her cute little ass. I pulled gently on the ties one by one while she stood still, not moving a muscle while I enjoyed both the view and the fun of unwrapping her. "This is a fun outfit," I whispered as I tugged the last and top tie, allowing the gold to flutter down around her body to the floor, leaving her in the red satin bra and thong panty.

I stepped closer to reach around her, my finger tracing the strap of the bra while my rock hard cock pressed against her bare stomach. Her fingers found my cock and teased it gently while my fingers fumbled with the fastener of the bra, finally getting it loose after much more time than I would have preferred. I pulled the sides of the bra around her while she wiggled the straps off her shoulders. I let the bra drop to the ground and then leaned down, gently kissing her neck. One kiss at a time I worked my way down across her upper chest and then slowly back and forth across it, kissing the tips of both breasts as I cupped and gently squeezed them.

I felt her shiver slightly in the hot room as my kisses worked closer and closer to her rock hard nipples, finally licking a slow wet circle around her right areola. I teased the sides of her nipple, bringing a soft moan from her lips as I suctioned her whole areola and nipple into my mouth, flicking it with the tip of my tongue.

"Ohhhhh so nice," she moaned softly, her hands stroking my short hair. "You're making my pussy tingle already, and you haven't even touched me below the waist."

"Good," I answered after letting her tit slip from my mouth and before starting to kiss my way across her chest to her other sexy little tit. I zeroed in on my target, sucking her left nipple into my mouth and treating it with the tip of my tongue. I let go of her breasts with my hands, keeping her tit suctioned into my mouth. Quickly sliding my hands down to her practically bare ass as I knelt down, I pulled her to me until her legs and stomach were pressed tightly to me. Walking my knees carefully back, I pushed her backwards until her legs hit the sofa behind her and she could go no farther. As she fell back I let her tit slip from my mouth, the loud slurp mixing with the surprised cry as she reached for the sofa to break her surprise fall.

With a grin to myself I slid my hands down and around her butt, pulling on the panties and skimming them down over her butt and away from her pussy before her sweet soft ass could land on the sofa cushion. Using her own momentum against her, I levered her legs up by lifting her thighs, sticking her legs straight in the air while sliding my hands down their bare length, pushing the tiny panty along at the same time. With her feet high in the air and her laying reclined back on the wide sofa cushion, I pulled the panties from her feet and then gently pushed her feet apart, spreading her legs in a wide V that exposed her now bare pussy.

"That was a cute move," she said, the surprised look still on her face.

"Glad you liked it. Hope you enjoy this one even more," I said as I lowered my face between her spread legs and quickly pushed my tongue against her wet lips and licked the length of her wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, I do!" She cooed as I drew back and pressed my tongue harder against her flowery inner lips, pressing them apart and pushing in until my tongue could teas the entrance to her tunnel. Very slowly I drew my tongue along her pussy, tasting her juices as I pressed it closer to her clit. I heard her suck her breath in quickly as I flicked the tip of my tongue across her clit, making her whole body jump slightly. Again and again I repeated the trip, her squeaks and moans growing louder by the minute as I worked her pussy and enjoyed the juices she was so copiously producing. Her taste went from a strong tangy taste to a soft enjoyably sweet taste as her orgasm inched closer.

I slipped one finger slowly into her hot pussy, feeling her walls grip and caress my finger as I worked it in and out, slowly curling it more and more until the tip was rubbing across the top of her tunnel, my tongue still working around and across her clit the whole time.

"OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!" she screamed, her hands gripping the sofa cushion into bunches and her whole body trembling as her climax inched closer.

I slipped a second finger into her and covered as much of her pussy as I could with my mouth, my fingers plunging in and out and my tongue flicking back and forth across her exposed engorged clit.

"OH SHIT OH SHIT! HERE IT COME!!" She screamed as her whole body was wracked with spasms and shrudders. I felt her pussy contract around my fingers and tasted the flow of her juices as her pussy convulsed in time with the rest of her body, pushing squirt after squirt of her girl cum out at me, some into my mouth and some splashing off my chin and chest. I continued my assault on her clit until her climax started to fade and then finally drew my fingers from her still twitching pussy. Ever so slowly I kissed my way up her body to her breasts, kissing each one as I slid my own body along hers, her juices lubricating me. I let my hand guide my cock into her as my face reached hers, her hands wrapping to my face and pulling it toward hers.

Her kisses were hot and aggressive as she sucked my lower lip and then my tongue. I arched my back slightly and pushed my cock deep into her sopping wet pussy, drawing a cry of delight from her that was muffled by my own mouth. Her legs hooked around my waist and she pulled with her heels, forcing her deeper into me. I began stroking my cock in and out of her, the sensations causing her to release her headlock on me and arch her back, reaching back down to the sofa cushion and grabbing two handfuls of the material. I levered myself more upright and began pounding my engorged cock into her, driving each thrust in until I could feel my head smashing against her cervix.

"OH FUCK!" She screamed as I drove into her, each impact of my thighs slapping into her ass making her whole body shake and her tits wiggle enticingly before me. "GOD YOU"RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM AGAIN!" She screamed as my own cock began to grow that last little bit before my own climax.

I could feel my orgasm inch closer and closer, finally thowing my whole body into spasms as it jerked and pumped what felt like a gallon of cum into her pussy. The surge of hot juices seemed to trigger a second orgasm and I could feel her pussy convulsing around my cock as her whole body shook and jerked in little spasms. I closed my eyes and lay down on her chest, gently kissing her neck as the climax I had experience faded slowly away, only the twitching of my slowly shrinking cock and the copious amount of cum deposited remaining as a testament to its strength.

"Sweet lord," she panted. "Shooting to the moon doesn't even describe it."

"Glad you enjoyed it."

"Oh trust me, I did that!" she said with a giggle. "God, if you did that to me every day I'd be trying to fuck you in the stock room too!"

"If you say so." I chuckled.

"I do say so. Damn that was good!"

We lay like that for several minutes before she gently pushed me off, my cock slipping out and allowing our combined juices to leak from her pussy. "Yeah, you did fill me again. God I love that!" She said as she sat up. With a grin she got to her feet and led me the length of the room to one of the hot tubs, turning it on before she stepped into the now swirling, bubbling water.

"Well, coming in?" Tina asked as she turned around in the middle of the tub and waited for me.

"I suppose so," I answered, gingerly stepping into the hot water.

Tina stepped closer to me and then wrapped her arms around my neck pulling herself against me and lifting her face to mine. She softly pressed her lips to mine and teased my lips with her tongue. "Mmmmmm you taste good. You taste like my pussy."

"You like that?"

"It means that I just got eaten out till I came. That I like," she answered with a giggle, pulling on my neck to pull me down into the water with her.

We sat in the water for almost half an hour before the heat was too much for me and I had to get out. Tina led me back across the play room, through the doorway and down the hall. She opened a door to a bedroom that was almost as large as my living room, a huge king sized bed on one wall and numerous dressers and wardrobes arrayed around the room. Across from the bed was a gigantic flat screen tv and above the bed the ceiling was covered with mirrors.

"Well this is some room!" I said as I took it all in.

"And for tonight, your room too. If I can convince you to stay, that is."

"We'll see. I'm not sure. I mean... I haven't slept with another woman for almost thirty years."

"Maybe it's time you did," she said, backing up to the bed and tossing the covers aside. She slid backwards onto the bed and continued to slide back until she was backed up against the pillows, which leaned against the huge padded headboard. She leaned back and spread her legs wide, exposing her pussy and spreading her arms across the pillows so that I had a full view of her whole body. "So, wanna come up here with me or just stand there looking. Not that I mind you looking. It kind of turns me on knowing you're examining me, checking out my hot sexy little body. I know you think it's sexy. Wanna know how?"

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