Christmas Party Date


"Ok, how do you know I think you look sexy?"

"Besides your admitting it just now? Cuz you're getting a hardon again. You're thinking of how hot my pussy looks and you're thinking of how it's going to feel when you crawl up here and push it back into me again. How you want to slide it in and out of my hot little pussy, how you want to feel me climax around your big fat cock."

"If your goal is to get me turned on, it's working."

"Good. Come up here and fuck me with that big hard cock!"

I walked to the edge of the bed and crawled up onto it, leaning my face down to kiss the inside of her calf. Slowly I kissed my way up her legs, each kiss an inch or so higher than the last, followed by a tiny little lick with the tip of my tongue. Inch by inch I worked up her leg, past her knee and along her soft creamy thigh. She struggled to sit still, gasping and sighing as I teased her body. I was almost to her pussy when I detoured past it, drawing a cry of complaint from her.

"Patience, patience." I whispered just loud enough for her to hear before I went back to kissing her body, working my way up over her shaved mound on my way to her heaving chest.

"God what a fucking tease! My pussy is about ready to explode and you haven't touched it or my tits yet!"

"Uh huh." I answered as I gently placed my first kiss between her creamy tits. I kissed my way slowly to her right nipple, kissing and licking my way up her heaving chest.

"OH God! Fuck me! Stop teasing and fuck meeeee!" She begged, ending with a long squeal as I sucked her nipple into my mouth and bit gently on it. "SHIT SHIT! God you're gonna make me cummmmm!" She squealed loudly as her whole body bucked under me. I grinned to myself and released her tit, quickly lifting myself up over her and sliding my hips forward, my hard cock pressing into and then sliding into her convulsing pussy. "OHHHH FUCK!" She screamed as my shaft pushed deep into her. I started pumping in and out of her, banging my hips into her thighs causing a loud slap as I shook the bed and her body with each impact.

"Oh fuck." I grunted as I pounded into her, watching with pleasure as her tits bounced wildly with each stroke.

"Oh God! Oh fuck!" Tina squealed as I continued to fuck her hot pussy, each stroke squishing loudly before being punctuated by the loud slap of our bodies.

I was sweating heavily by the time I felt that familiar feeling growing inside, my orgasm inching its way up toward release. "Damn. Almost there!" I grunted loudly.

"YES YES! Come for me!" Tina squealed, letting go of the pillows she had been holding and grabbing for my body.

"Oh shit, here it comes!" I grunted as my cock started pulsing. My body suddenly jerked, jamming my cock deep into her as the first surge of cum pushed into her pussy. Again and again my body jerked, adding to the cum filling her pussy until I finally collapsed on top of her, my chest heaving with hers, our sweaty bodies sliding against each other.

"God that was good. You fuck like no one else I've ever been with."

"Maybe it's the fact that I haven't had sex in years."

"I have a hunch that you fucked like that in the store room too."

"Well, I'm not gonna even go there," I said as I rolled off of her and lay on my back trying to catch my breath.

"Well, I'll just have to reach my own conclusion then," Tina whispered as she rolled onto her side, snuggling up to me with her head on my chest and one leg crossing over mine. "And my conclusion is that Miss Bently kept coming back because it felt oh so good."

"If you say so," I answered evasively, closing my eyes and just enjoying feeling her snuggled against me. It had been so very long since I felt that.

I don't know how long I had been asleep, but I knew very well what had woken me up. The sensation of a mouth sucking my cock was unmistakable. I decided to close my eyes and just let her have her way, which she seemed more than interested in doing. I stifled a groan as her mouth and hand slid up and down my shaft, her tongue swirling around my head at one end of her stroke and my head pressing into her throat at the other end.

Tina had done a wonderful job getting my cock rock hard and ready to ride, so it wasn't a surprise when she let go of it with her mouth and I could feel her shifting her weight to straddle me.

"Oh fuck yes!" I heard a soft female voice with just a hint of a Mexican accent mutter as a hot wet pussy slid down my shaft.

My eyes flew open...that was not the voice I was expecting...In fact, the voice I heard was a complete and total surprise! "Elena!" I practically shouted, my hands flying from where they had been on the bed to her bare thighs, trying to lift her off of me.

"NOOOOO don't!" She pleaded, leaning forward and putting her hands on my chest to make it harder for me to get her up.

"Elena, what are you doing here?" I asked still in shock.

"Fucking you! I saw you two lying naked on the bed and just couldn't resist. I've been trying to get you to do something with me, anything with me for months! How could I resist this?"

"But this is Tina's house! What are you doing here?"

"It's my house too!"

"It is. Elena is my house mate." Tina said quietly from where she had rolled over, propping her head on her hand.

"You could have told me that!" I practically snapped.

"What, and have you back out of our date? Hell no! Besides what difference does it make who my roommate is. You were here to fuck me."

"Yeah, well it seems like it's a bit of an issue now!" I answered her.

"Doesn't have to be. I mean I don't mind if Elena has some fun too. With as little sex as you've had in the last few years I'm sure you're up to it and to be honest, my pussy is a bit sore right now from what we did earlier."

"So you just lean back and let me make you feel good." Elena said, her face mostly hidden in shadows caused by the light spilling into the room from the hall door.

"I don't know about this. I mean hell, I just got comfortable with the idea of Tina. I don't know how to deal with multiple women."

"Seems like you're dealing with just fine." Tina said as she got up from the bed and walked across the room. She turned on the bedroom light and adjusted the dimmer down until it was a soft glow, allowing me to see that Elena was wearing a short skirt, hiked up around her waist, black thigh high stockings and a gray turtleneck blouse. Tina walked back across to the bed and climbed onto the bed, straddling my legs behind Elena. "You'll probably like this a lot more." She said as she slid her hands down and around Elena's waist, pulling the blouse out of the waist of the skirt and tugging it up and over Elena's huge tits.

"Damn." I muttered as the huge double D or larger tits, supported in large lacy cups of her bra, popped and bounced into view.

"Oh yeah. You do like tits don't you?" Elena asked as she put her hands back down after letting Tina pull her turtleneck up and off. "Donna said you always loved it when she flashed her tits at you, and hers are so much smaller than mine!"

"Yeah, you do have pretty big ones." I answered her as Tina undid the bra from the back and started to slide it off around Elena's body. "Oh shit yes." I muttered as her huge tits were fully exposed, each massive mound of flesh hanging tear drop shaped from her chest out toward me. Her skin was darker than Tina's almost a light coffee color, but equally good looking. Her huge tits each had a large dark brown areola covering a significant part of the front of her breast with a large hard nipple almost as big around as my finger, sticking out almost as far as it was wide.

"You like these?" Tina asked from behind Elena, hefting each one in her hands and letting her thumbs rub across the nipples to make them stand out even harder.

"Ohhh yes he does. I could feel his hard cock jump inside my pussy." Elena cooed.

Elena began to slowly lift herself up and down my cock, riding me slowly and sensuously. Her eyes closed for long minutes as the sensations of her riding me and Tina teasing her nipples flowed over her. I could feel her pussy getting even wetter as her breathing grew more ragged and broken.

"I wanted to rip your clothes off so many times." Elena mumbled as she rode me. "I wanted you to reach out and touch my tits, to play with them and squeeze them." She continued as she rode up and down my shaft, inching me toward an inevitable climax. "So many times I opened my shirt more, hoping you wouldn't be able to resist touching them!" She reached her hands out for mine and pulled them from where they sat on her thighs and up to her massive tits, Tina moving her hands down under more to cup them while mine lay over the front of her tits, her nipples pressed into my palms.

"Yessssssss!" Elena hissed as my hands squeezed her tits and nipples. "Sooooo fucking good!"

"UH shit. You're gonna make me cum!" I grunted as she continued to bounce up and down my cock.

"Uh. Not yet. Wait...Just a little more!" She begged, one of her hands sliding down to her own pussy and frantically frigging her clit. "I want to come with youuuuuu!" She squealed as her body started to tremble. "Ooooooooo fuck!"

"OH God!" I gasped as her pussy convulsed around my cock, her pussy seeming to try to draw me into her farther. The rippling of her vaginal walls teased and pulled on my cock, sending me over the top. My body jerked spasmodically, forcing my cock into her as far as I could go and sending a jet of hot cum up into her pussy.

"YYYEEEESSSSS!" She screamed, her whole body seeming to explode with jerks and shudders as her climax overtook her, her pussy spewing juices over my thighs and stomach as her body jerked and spasmed for nearly a full minute.

"Well, now that you two have completely soaked my bed, I guess we're going to spend the rest of the night in Elena's bed." Tina said as she crawled off the bed and padded naked across the room to grab a towel that was lieing on a chair. "Here, you two can clean up a little bit first so we don't all three wake up sticky in the morning."

Elena took the towel and wiped where she could before lifting herself off of me and wiping her drooling pussy. "Now I'm kind of glad we didn't do this at work. I'd hated to have to run around covered in our cum like this."

"Yeah, he does fill you up, doesn't he?" Tina asked with a giggle as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

I watched Elena climb off of me and the bed and then stand next to it, stripping off her skirt and stockings.

"I take it your date didn't go well?" Tina asked her.

"No, he was being a jerk so I came home." Elena asked as she looked around the floor and bed, picking up her clothes. "Come on David, let's go to my room."

"Really maybe I should go home. We do have to work tomorrow." I answered as I let them pull me up and to the edge of the bed.

"Don't be silly. We can all sleep together." Tina said.

"I promise. I won't try to attack you any more tonight. That was enough to satisfy me for now. Please...stay and sleep with us!" Elena practically begged.

"Okay," I said with a sigh. "But we really do have to get some sleep."

"We promise," Elena said with a grin, pulling me along out of the room to the hall. She pulled me into a similarly furnished room, dropping her clothes on the floor soon after we got into the door, and then pulled me along until the three of us were on the bed, each of the ladies on opposite sides from me, my arms around them and their heads on my chest and legs tangled with mine.

To my surprise the ladies did as they promised, letting me sleep until six thirty in the morning, and then treating me to a very fun shower that included one quickie each so that the three of us wouldn't be late for work, although I don't know exactly why we bothered. It seemed like half the office staff took the day off to get ready for the annual Christmas party that was to take place that night.

"Are you all ready for the party?" Tina asked, sticking her head in the door of my office.

"I guess. I'm just hoping everyone doesn't look at us and see that we're fucking each other."

"Why? Worried about your reputation?" She asked with a grin.

"Something like that."

"Trust me. Getting the reputation of a fun fuck would be a big improvement over sullen depressed guy."

"I don't have that reputation!" I objected.

"Actually you do. Only half a dozen of the girls even think you have a personality and half of those don't much care for what they see. Getting out and having some fun would be a good thing. Let them all see you with me on your arm. That will at least change a few minds. Oh that reminds me. Elena's date is being a piss ant, as she puts it. She doesn't want to take him to the party and doesn't want to go stag. Would you mind horribly if she came along with us? You could chaperone both of us."

"Oy. I agree to take one woman to a party and all of a sudden I have two? What in the world would make me want to do that?"

"Well. I'll tell you a secret. She never wears panties under her dress."


"So wait till you see her outfit!" Tina said with a wide grin and a wink. "Pick us up at six, ok? Thanks sweetie!" she said, darting away before I could object further.

"What the hell have I gotten myself into?" I muttered to myself.

Four-thirty came and I hadn't seen either Elena or Tina in hours, which was a bit of a surprise. I walked by Tina's dark office on the way out and wondered when she had taken off, probably to get ready for the party. I headed home and dug through my closet to find something appropriate to wear. After a bit of flipping past one shirt I hadn't worn in years after another, I decided on a cream colored silk turtleneck, dark brown cargo pocket slacks and my dark brown suede sport coat. It had been a long time since I had gone to any kind of formal party, so I felt kind of out of place as I headed out of town to pick the girls up.

I drove up the long winding drive and stopped in front of their most unusual house. I walked to the door and knocked, the door opening almost as soon as I had knocked. "Wow!" I said, staring as Tina made a slow turn for me in the foyer. She had on a long red dress of some kind of shimmery material that seemed to cling to all her curves, from just below her arm pits to her ankles. She seemed to have red stockings and red high heel shoes on. As she turned I could see that there was a slit up one side of the dress that ran nearly to her waist, giving me a view all the way up her leg, past the lacy top of her stocking and up her creamy hip, broken only by a very tiny string that had to be part of her underwear.

"Glad you approve! You're the first one I've worn this dress for."

"Well, all I can say is wow. You look fantastic!"

"I certainly hope you think the same of my outfit!" Elena said as she walked down the hallway carrying her high heels in one hand and a small handbag in the other. She had on a very short white dress that fit like a glove, up and over her hips and up to her huge chest. The material bulged out over her enormous breasts and then stopped, held up by two tiny little strings that ran up and around her neck. She made a quick turn for me showing that the dress was equally snug over her rounded stick-out butt and half way up her back to where it ended. It was obvious to me that if that tiny little string failed her tits would be well out and exposed before she could even think to catch the top of the dress. I looked down at the skirt and white stockings, the lacy tops of the stockings visible under the hem of the short skirt. I suddenly remembered what Tina had told me and stared as she bent over to put her heels on, the back of the skirt riding up her butt until her pussy was peeking out between her legs at me.

"Oh shit." I mumbled.

"Told you!" Tina whispered with a giggle.

"So you like my leetle dress?" She asked, slipping into a very Spanish accent that she worked hard to keep suppressed at work.

"I have to say I do."

"Thees ees good." Elena answered.

"She's already been hitting the wine. Her accent always slips, along with her dress, when she gets drunk." Tina whispered over her shoulder as she followed Elena out the door toward my car.

"I am not drunk!" Elena protested.

"Not yet," Tina said, rolling her eyes as she looked back at me.

Yeah, I was really wondering what the hell I got myself into as I opened the front door for Tina to slide into the passenger side bucket seat and the back door for Elena to get into the back seat of my crossover.

"If Tina gets the front on the way, does that mean I get the front on the way back?" Elena asked from the back seat.

"I suppose that's fine with me." I answered as Tina shook her head no. I shrugged my best version of "what?" and she just sat and continued to shake her head slowly, as if I had made some horrible mistake that would haunt me forever.

The drive to the party was actually pretty nice. The girls chit-chatted with me all the way, talking about things that I would characterize as guy things instead of girl things, which I am sure was part of their plan to make me relaxed. I parked in the large parking lot outside the country clubs main building and walked around the car to open the door for both of the ladies.

"You know, I could get used to this!" Tina said as she swung her legs out of the car and took my offered hand to pull herself out and up to stand. I opened the back door for Elena and offered her my hand the same way. She pulled a bit harder and almost launched herself against me smashing her big tits into my chest.

"Now I know you're not that drunk." I whispered as she reached down and grabbed at my cock through my pants.

"Not that drunk, but damn horny. You know what?" She whispered.


"I'm not wearing any panties. I never wear any panties when I wear a dress. Did you ever notice how often I wear a skirt to work?" she asked with a little wink.

"I did notice your little show at the house, and yes I have noticed."

"Good," was all she said in response as she stepped clear of the car door.

With the ladies each taking one arm, I led them to the front door of the country club and the doorman opened the door allowing us and another two couples ahead of us in. To my surprise Mister Hanson, the company president, and his wife were there to greet each couple as they entered. I had missed the first one of these when I joined the company, being on a trip for the company at the time. By the time the next one came around my wife was gone and coming to an event like this was the last thing on my mind.

I waited our turn in line with Tina and Elena on each arm.

Tina stepped in line ahead of me and reached out to hug Mister Hanson, who embraced her back warmly. She smiled as she released the embrace and moved on to hug his wife while he stuck his hand out to shake mine.

"So you must be David Carlson. I've seen your work - good stuff. We're all sorry for your loss, but glad to see that you're getting back on your feet."

"Uh, thank you sir," I said in confusion as he released my hand and then reached out to embrace Elena, who was following close behind.

"David!" His wife said warmly, reaching toward me and wrapping her arms around me, pulling me snugly against her. She had on a long gown that fit her trim figure snugly from her breasts to her ankles. I reflexively hugged back, my hands finding her back bare anyplace I touched. "We're truly sorry for your loss. I'm glad that Tina has been able to help you start moving on."

"Yes ma'am, thank you," I answered awkwardly.

His wife laughed as she released me from the embrace. "Please, Debbie to my friends. Even though the company keeps growing we want to keep it as much a family as we can. I hope you enjoy the party, the holidays can be the hardest after losing a loved one."

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