tagLoving WivesChristmas Shopping Suprise

Christmas Shopping Suprise


It was late in the afternoon, the day before Christmas, and Jenna was still searching for the perfect gift for her husband, Mark. He already had everything he needed around the house, and he was no help for ideas. Jenna found herself at the mall, wandering around aimlessly. She past a lingerie shop and decided that maybe Mark’s present would just have to be her dressed up in a sexy teddy. The only saleswoman in the store greeted Jenna warmly.

“Hi, my name is Liz, can I help you find anything in particular?” Liz was a beautiful blonde with big blue eyes and long legs. Her curves were nicely shown off by a tight black dress.

Jenna felt a little silly but she decided to explain anyway. “I’m looking for a Christmas gift for my husband.”

“Ohhh…” Liz smiled knowingly. “Then I have the perfect outfit to show you. Follow me into a dressing room.”

Liz led Jenna into a plush fitting room with big benches and velvet décor. There was only on big room, surrounded by wall length mirrors. Jenna was highly impressed. She hoped the dressing room’s high style wasn’t an indication of the store’s prices. Liz left her there while she ran to get some lingerie to try on. She returned holding an armful of silk and lace lingerie.

“I picked out the styles and colors that I thought would be the best for your long dark hair and tanned skin. Go ahead and try them on.” Liz sat down on a bench and crossed her legs.

“Um…” Jenna wondered if Liz was just going to sit there the whole time.

“Oh, come on. We’ve both seen naked women before. It’s no big deal. It’s my job to make sure that you pick lingerie that suits you perfectly, so I will see it sooner or later.” Liz smiled, not moving.

What the hell, Jenna thought. She kicked off her shoes started to take off her top, very aware that Liz was watching her every move. Then Jenna unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her legs. Soon she found herself standing in nothing but her black lacy bra and thong.

“If I may say so, you have a gorgeous body. Some women need this lingerie to look sexy but not you. You have a perfect figure.” Liz stared at Jenna’s full breasts and flat stomach. She began to think it might have been a bad idea to stay in the dressing room with her. She wasn’t sure she could control herself around such a beautiful body.

“Thank you,” Jenna blushed and turned her back to Liz as she began to undo her bra, only to find herself facing a mirror. She felt Liz’s hands on her back. Liz undid her bra and turned to pick up the first item. It was a silky red teddy with black lace. Jenna stepped into it and Liz pulled it up onto her body. Jenna shivered at Liz’s touch moving up her body. She was almost certain that Liz was attracted to her but then again, she did just say it was her job to make sure lingerie fit well.

“How does that feel?” Liz stepped back to admire Jenna. “That teddy really does extenuate your tiny waist.” She placed her fingertips on Jenna’s waist to prove her point. “Hmmm…I don’t know. Try on this baby doll. It will show more of you.”

Jenna let Liz pull the teddy off her and then slip a black sheer baby doll onto her. She looked at herself in the mirror as Liz tied the strings in between her breasts. Liz tussled some of her hair and stepped back. Jenna looked at herself. She looked like one of those models in the gentlemen’s magazines that she would sometimes find in Mark’s nightstand drawer. Her dark nipples were very visible through the thin fabric.

“Here, try this on with it,” Liz handed her a matching sheer g-string. Before Jenna could say anything, Liz hooked her fingers under the sides of her thong and was pulling them down. Now Jenna knew that this was more than kind salesmanship. She looked down at Liz, who was kneeling in front of her bare pussy, slipping a g-string around her feet. Liz met Jenna’s gaze as she pulled the g-string up and placed the side straps on her hips.

“Perfect. You look absolutely drop dead sexy.” Liz felt her pussy start to tingle, as she remained kneeling, inches away from Jenna’s thinly covered pussy. She had to stop herself from ripping off Jenna’s panties and tasting her. Jenna looked down at Liz, and slowly lifted her until she was standing again.

“Do you really like it?” Jenna now had a new idea for Mark’s Christmas present. He had always fantasized about having two women at the same time, and now Jenna was fantasizing about it too. Liz was extremely sexy and Jenna had never felt attracted to another women, until now.

“Yes,” Liz breathed softly. Her lips were so close to Jenna’s. “I think you look absolutely fuckable.”

“That is just what I wanted to hear,” She smiled and moved closer to Liz.

Jenna placed a hand on Liz’s waist and leaned in to kiss her. Liz couldn’t believe it. She kissed back and soon had her hands untying the baby doll. Jenna was pleasantly surprised at her first kiss with a woman. It was so much softer than kissing any man. It made it more intimate. She slipped the baby doll off her shoulders and began to pull at Liz’s dress. She unzipped it and it fell to the floor around Liz. This time it was Jenna’s turn to be impressed. Liz had perfect breasts, firm and round. Jenna hungrily kissed Liz, as she felt her pussy growing hot with lust. Liz pulled Jenna to the ground. She put Jenna on her back and started to kiss her way down that gorgeous body. Jenna moaned when she felt Liz’s warm tongue start to flick her nipple. She reached down and ran her hands through Liz’s hair. Liz moved down quickly. She was dying to taste Jenna’s pussy.

Jenna watched as Liz’s tongue traced circles down her navel. She held her breath in anticipation as Liz licked her inner thighs, inches from her waiting pussy. When Liz finally made contact wither pussy, Jenna exhaled hard and gasped at the new wonderful feeling. Liz’s soft tongue began to probe her sensitive clit, making Jenna moan. Liz was in heaven, eating Jenna’s pretty little pussy. It was nicely shaved, with a little triangle of hair. Liz sucked on her pussy lips, eliciting moans of delight from Jenna. She rubbed two fingers up and down Jenna’s wet pussy, and then slowly slid them inside. Jenna responded by pushing her pussy farther onto Liz’s fingers. Liz began to slowly finger fuck Jenna, as she sucked on her clit. Jenna was thrashing around by now. Mark never ate her pussy this well. She could feel her head spinning and she knew she was close to orgasm. She began bucking her hips and her breathing became quick and shallow.

“Oh shit…Liz, I’m cumming!” Jenna cried out before her body spasmed and shook. She lay still for a minute, trying to go over in her head what had just happened. Liz came back up and smiled at Jenna.

“Did you like that, sweetie?” Liz leaned in and kissed Jenna.

“Mmm…is that what my pussy tastes like?” Jenna licked Liz’s lips again. “I like it. I want to taste yours too.”

Liz smiled and turned around. She moved over Jenna and lowered her pussy onto Jenna’s lips, as she gladly returned her tongue back to Jenna’s pussy. She almost cried out when she felt Jenna’s tongue tentatively lick her pussy lips. And then she licked them again. Jenna wasn’t exactly sure what to do but she knew what she liked, so she buried her head in Liz’s pussy and began to lick and suck it. It tasted sweet and was warm and wet. Jenna found Liz’s clit and began to suck on it. Liz responded by sticking her tongue deep into Jenna’s pussy. The two women ate each other’s pussies with passion. Liz began to orgasm, and as she did, she moaned into Jenna’s pussy, vibrating her clit. Jenna moaned and sucked harder on Liz’s clit, making her orgasm again. Jenna began to lick all over, trying to lick up all the cum. Liz kept licking Jenna’s pussy until she was cumming again onto Liz’s face. The two women fell apart from each other, breathing heavy.

“Wow,” Jenna gasped. “That was amazing.”

Liz smiled and moved up. They began to kiss, tasting their juices mixed together.

“Come home with me tonight,” Jenna asked. “I can wrap you up in a little red bow and you can by my husband’s present…and mine.”

Liz sucked on one of Jenna’s nipples, making her sigh. “Okay, but you have to wear that little baby doll. Consider it a present.”

About an hour later, Jenna pulled into her driveway with her sexy new friend in the passenger’s seat. She had called the house before she left to make sure Mark wasn’t home yet. He would probably be back from work in awhile. Jenna smiled at Liz and squeezed her thigh.

“I’m so excited. Mark is going to love you,” She said. She wasn’t exaggerating a bit, either.

The two women went inside and Jenna poured them some wine. They sat on the couch and planned out how they would surprise Mark. Liz thought that she should be waiting in the bedroom in her bra and panties, and Jenna should greet Mark at the door in her baby doll. They went into the bedroom to get undressed. Liz hid her things in the closet and sat down on the fluffy white down comforter on the bed. Jenna had been tying her baby doll shut but when she turned around, she grew weak in the knees again. Liz was perched upon her bed, looking luscious in her underwear. Jenna walked over to Liz and they started to kiss. Liz rubbed the palm of her hand over Jenna’s pussy. Just as Jenna started to push Liz down onto the bed, she heard Mark pull into the driveway.

“He’s here!” Jenna’s heart started beating faster. She gave Liz a quick kiss and ran into the living room to meet her husband.

The front door opened and Mark walked in. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his wife in her new lingerie. “Oh my god…Jenna, you look incredible.”

Jenna smiled and opened her arms. “Merry Christmas, sweetie!” She walked over and pulled Mark into a deep kiss. Mark felt his dick start to rise. He started to untie the baby doll.

“Not yet,” Jenna said. She grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the bedroom. “I have one more Christmas present for you.”

Mark wondered what she was going to do to top this. Jenna opened their bedroom door and his jaw dropped open. There, sitting on his bed, was a gorgeous blonde woman in her bra and panties. He looked questioningly at his wife. Jenna just smiled and sat on the bed next to Liz. Liz was quite pleased with Mark too. He was probably about 5’8” and he obviously worked out. He had short dark hair and dark eyes. The phrase “tall, dark, and handsome” came to mind.

“This is Liz. I meet her while I was shopping today. She helped me pick out this outfit for you,” Jenna loved seeing Mark’s reaction. Jenna added, “And then she fucked me.”

“What?!” Mark couldn’t believe this. Jenna had never showed any real interest in woman before, even when he would talk about it. Now here she was, inviting him to have sex with her and another woman! He was far from upset though. He was getting quite excited.

“Hi Mark,” Liz purred. “Are you ready for your Christmas present?”

She leaned into Jenna, and they began kissing each other passionately. Liz undid the strings of Jenna’s lingerie and pushed it off her shoulders. She undid her own bra, and began to rub her hands on Jenna’s breasts. Mark watched for a minute before he was quickly taking off his clothes too. He went and stood in front of the two women kissing, with his dick standing out. Liz looked at it.

“What a perfect cock you have,” she moved her face closer to it. “It’s nice and thick.”

“Wait until you feel it in your pussy,” Jenna whispered into Liz’s ear. “You’ll go nuts.”

Mark was getting more turned on by the second, hearing his pretty wife talking dirty to another woman. Liz grabbed onto his dick and started licking the head. She moved so that she was on all fours. Jenna moved behind her and started to lick her pussy. Mark couldn’t stand it any longer, and he pushed Liz’s head farther down his shaft. She moaned and started to lick and suck his dick. Jenna looked up at Mark while she ate Liz’s pussy. She inserted two fingers into Liz’s wet pussy and started to pump them in and out. She watched Mark’s face twist as Liz sucked on his dick harder. Mark couldn’t hold back any longer. He looked into his wife’s eyes and thrust his dick into Liz’s mouth as he groaned. Liz turned around and grabbed Jenna. She kissed her, and Jenna could taste Mark’s cum on her lips. She hungrily kissed Liz back.

“Come back here,” Mark grabbed Liz’s hips and pulled her back onto her hands and knees. “I’m not done with you yet. I still have to fuck that little pussy of yours while you eat my wife out.”

Liz obediently began to lick Jenna’s pussy. It was all wet and slippery already. Jenna began to squirm, as she lay on her back, with her legs outstretched. Mark rubbed his dick against Liz’s pussy, getting her juices smeared all over. She wriggled her ass at him, trying to get his dick into her. She felt his dick start to penetrate her pussy. She began to whimper in anticipation. Mark slowly slid his dick into her pussy. It was tight, but it was also wet, so that his dick had little problem getting in. He pushed his dick in all the way and waited for a moment before her pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in Liz’s pussy. She let out a loud moan as she felt Mark’s big dick stretching her pussy. She tried to concentrate on Jenna’s pussy. Jenna had propped her head up on a pillow so she could watch her husband fucking Liz. She was surprised at how much it turned her on.

Mark was now rhythmically pumping his dick in and out of Liz’s little pussy. She felt absolutely fantastic, so warm and wet. But he wanted to save his orgasm for his wife’s pussy. He slowly pulled out of Liz’s pussy. She moaned in protest but quickly stopped when Mark lay down and pulled Jenna on top of him. Her pussy slid down his dick, all lubed up with Liz’s juices. She moaned and began to ride him. Mark moved Liz so that he could eat her pussy, while she faced Jenna. Liz straddled his face and began to suck on Jenna’s bouncing breasts. Mark moved his hips to meet Jenna, while he sucked on Liz’s pussy. Jenna knew she was going to cum soon. She could practically feel the electricity from Liz sucking on her nipples to Mark’s dick fucking her pussy.

“Uhh…” she started to moan. Mark knew she was about to cum, and he slammed his dick into her pussy harder. “Oh god! Shit…I’m cumming!” Jenna screamed.

Her pussy tightened around Mark’s dick. He sucked hard on Liz’s clit, as he began to cum too. Liz bucked her hips against Mark’s lips as she went crashing into an orgasm. She sucked hard on Jenna’s nipple, before she collapsed and rolled off Mark. The three of them lay in the bed for a second. Mark found Jenna’s lips and began to kiss her.

“Thank you, honey,” he whispered. “That was the best Christmas present ever.”

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