tagLesbian SexChronicles of a Callgirl Ch. 01

Chronicles of a Callgirl Ch. 01


My name is Amanda. I'm 20 years old now, but it all started when I was 18 and still in School. I have been ordered by my Master and my Mistress - whom I serve as their personal and willing slut – to write down my most interesting jobs as a callgirl, till I met them.

I'm a blonde girl with a slim but curvy body. My blonde hair is going down to my shoulders and I have green eyes like a cat. I'm of medium height and have a sportive, slim but curvy body with a fine, round ass and even more than a handful of firm, well-shaped, round breasts. My face has always been said to be beautiful.

I have always enjoyed the looks at my body and I have always liked to flirt and tease. I had been sexually active since the age of 15 with several teenage boyfriends. The sex was o.k., but it was just nothing in compare to what I have experienced since I first sold my body. Yes, I love being a whore.

And so it started:

I have never been one of the best in school, but I specially was bad in math. When I was 18 it finally turned out that I might even fail class. Our teacher was a strong and hard woman in her fifties (as I learned later on she was 54). She was said to be lesbian and she really looked a bit like the picture of a dyke. She was a bit higher than me and had a strong body. She was a bit chubby, with some weight too much around her belly and had a pair of breasts, bigger than mine, that underlined her body features. Her face had a bit of a hard look but had a special aura too. Her blonde hair was cut quite short and maybe it was her haircut, that made her look so cliché-lesbian. I had always been a bit afraid of her, like most of my class-mates.

One day after our math-lesson she ordered me to stay. She waited until all my mates had left the room.

"You know, that you will fail this year, Amanda?" she asked. I didn't know what to stay and finally came up with:

"I will work harder from now on, Miss Underwood." That was her name Katherine Underwood.

"That will not be enough, I guess. But I could help you, not to fail, if you are interested. Are you interested?"

I nodded yes.

She then stepped very close to me and looked deep into my eyes. "You know what is said about me? That I'm a dyke? It's true of course. And I like beautiful, young girls like you!"

She took my hand in both her hands and led my face towards hers. I blushed, but did not struggle against her. Her lips pressed hard on mine and I felt her tongue at my lips, open my mouth. For a moment she french-kissed me. Then she turned around and walked to the door of the classroom. From there she spoke again: "Come to my house at 3 pm today and you will have no more troubles in math."

I can not really describe my feelings after Miss Underwood had kissed me. It was a mixture of sexual arousal, fright and nervousness. Somehow I had to admit to myself that I was aroused by her dominant way and the fact that she had offered me to sell my body to her. I had never before really spent a thought on woman, but I was not offended by the thought of it.

It did not take long to decide. I would do it.

At 3 pm I finally was at her house. I was really nervous, but I felt a strange arousal between my legs too. I rang the bell and the door was opened by Miss Underwood.

She was dressed in a morning robe that was open. I could see her massive breasts. Her nipples were hard.

"I knew you are a little whore," the mature woman smiled at me. I blushed at her words.

"If you do what I want of you this afternoon, I will give you the questions and answers of the next exam."

I nodded yes and she commanded me to follow her. My knees were a bit week as I followed her to her bedroom. There she pressed me against the wall and kissed me hard on the lips. Her tongue forced my lips to open and she french-kissed me. I loved the demanding way that mature dyke kissed me. With her morning robe open her bare breasts, with her hard nipples pressed against me. Her hands moved down my body and felt my breast beneath my blouse and bra. She massaged both my tits for a while until one of her hands moved down further between my legs and rubbed against my pussy through my jeans and panties. My knees were trembling with excitement and I knew that I meanwhile was soaking wet.

Finally she let go, walked to her bed, let her robe fall to the floor. She only wore panties now. She made herself comfortable on the bed and commanded:"I want you to strip naked for me, my little whore! And then I will rape your pretty face with my pussy!" I have to admit, that her hard talking and calling me a whore even raised my own arousal.

Her hand moved down her body and into her panties. She was stroking her pussy as she watched me undress. I could see the arousal in that mature woman. I loved to see the effect of my strip. I was wet between my legs. Maybe that was the moment, when I really started to be, what I am now: A whore, that loves her job to fulfil the lust of women and men (from that afternoon I would always prefer a bit to serve ladies).

Miss Underwood loved to dominate me. That afternoon she commanded me to touch myself for her. I had to lick her juices and my juices from my and her fingers. I had to kneel in front of the bed and lick her to an orgasm through her panties, before I was ordered to remove her wet panties with my mouth only and lick her again. I loved the taste of her cunt. I had to kiss all her voluptuous body and kiss, lick and suck her tits. And she raped my face. I had to lie on my back, her massive, dominating, mature body above me and then she lowered her soaking wet, creaming pussy onto my face and I had to lick and suck and kiss, while she was rubbing herself hard against my mouth. Eagerly I took every drop of pussy juice that I could get. She came three times that way, before she let herself fall on me, squeezing me beneath her body, my wet face buried into her full breasts.

Later she feasted on my breasts and licked me. I truly came to a huge orgasm under her experienced tongue and the thought of selling myself to a dominant dyke 26 year older than me made me even hotter.

I even made her cum by licking her big ass and I loved doing it.

My grades in math improved soon and I spent two afternoons at Miss Underwoods house each week being her willing sex-slave.

And soon I started to think of other clients to sell my body too. If you want to know more about my life as a callgirl please let me know. I really get wet writing down these episodes and have to touch myself.

Feedback, Comments and Votings are very welcome and I also love some inspiration to the further events, that could happen... your pussylove69

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