tagCelebrities & Fan FictionChronicles of Spider-Man Ch. 05

Chronicles of Spider-Man Ch. 05


This chapter was co-written by De'sare, an author who not only has a deep knowledge of the Marvel universe and characters, but is very prolific and skilled as well. It was an honor to work with such a talented writer; I believe he matches the great Stormbringer's storytelling, and I strongly recommend reading his work.


Mary Jane was lost in her personal dilemma; it felt like the whole world was coming down on her. She desperately needed to figure out a way to get rid of the unsettling images that filled her subconscious. Reality shattered into fragmented visions, jagged shards slicing roughly through perception; her memories were falling like tattered pages from a book of lies.

Contrary to what she had imagined, she found out that not only had Peter not returned from his web-swinging, but Nick had vanished! All that remained was the mess he had made: the sheets were soiled with a combination of his sweat and cum. She proceeded to turn down the bed, and wondered where the shivering man could have gone, in the feverish condition he was in...

Mary Jane was surprised Katzenburg no longer occupied her and Peter's cabin, much less her bed. Considering the shape he was in she doubted he could have gone far; still, she did not want to face him and was relieved by his absence. She needed some time to figure out what had just happened, and what she would do next.

The bed was a mess; a combination of sweat and cum from the slobbering Neanderthal covered the sheets, and his smell filled the room. The smell of his overweight perspiring body added to the unmistakable smell of sex.

Mary Jane proceeded to get rid of the unsettling evidence, and opened a window to ventilate the place, as she began to remove the sheets from the bed. A pink satin teddy fluttered to the floor at her feet, the model blushed and picked up her favorite piece of nightwear. She simply could not believe what she did.

When she was taking care of Nick, she wanted to pay him back, humiliate him the same way he had humiliated her before. MJ knew she would be the only one knowing what really happened, but it would quench her thirst for vengeance. She didn't count on him actually being able to fuck her in his comatose state.

And she was calling him Nick, in her thoughts. Not fat bastard, or scumbag, not even Katzenburg. When was it she began to refer to him on a first name basis? Probably when he was balls deep inside her tight belly and her lips were glued to the side of his face.

The supermodel held the teddy to her face and breathed in deeply; even the teddy, like the room, reeked of him.

"God! What is the matter with me?" She said aloud, tossing the teddy with disdain to the far corner of the room.

The sheet was crumpled and shoved into the washing machine when she re-entered the room for her robe and panties that disappeared from her tight body during the night.

She hated Peter for bringing that prick here.

His argument was sound, but he could have taken him to Joe Robertson's place. Robbie was a good man and although one could tell he loathed Katzenburg and would have fired him long ago, save for the fact his boss J.J. Jameson wanted him to remain on the payroll despite, and because of his unethical practices. Joe ,however, was a good man, to a fault, the yin and yang of himself and J.J. Jameson kept the Daily Bugle atop its perch as the highest volume selling newspaper in New York City, if not the country.

Mr. Robertson would have taken care of his employee. There was no doubt that Peter knew this, why did he bring Katzenburg here? Was Peter really that stupid?

Her husband had other options; he is fricking Spider-man, after all! Why resort to his personal life when he has an army of freaks to help him, like the Fantastic Four or the Avengers? What's next? The Vulture? Dr. Octopus? What if those villains are hunted down? Is he just going to pop in and say 'Hi, honey... You wouldn't mind taking care of Mr. Scumbag or Dr. Commit-a-crime, would you? Thanks babe, gonna go web-slinging now.'

'Do I look like a fucking nurse?' The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She almost half-wished Peter would have come in when the comatose Katzenburg was balls deep inside her tight pussy for the second time that evening; surely, the sight of his wife's pussy stretched beyond limits, trying to accommodate an immense cock would make an impression on him! If that didn't, perhaps the sight of her lips glued to those of his enemy would.

'The second time.'

Not once, but twice. She just meant to tease him the first time, but his instincts in his delirious state took over and he fucked her silly. Mary Jane passed out, her head resting on his lap. She awoke several hours later due to Katzenburg's shivering and constant movement. She got up from the bed and covered him with a blanket. After brushing her teeth, Mary Jane returned to the bedroom, she was going to put on a nightgown and sleep on the couch. She sure as hell wasn't going to sleep next to that pig, especially in the wet spot of the bed.

She rummaged through the dresser looking for her nightgown, before realizing it was in the closet. Still, she couldn't help but smile as she pulled her pink teddy with white floral from the drawer. It was her favorite; hell, it was Peter's favorite too. Very pretty, very soft, very expensive. It felt wonderful against her skin, its colors designed by a fashion designer to highlight her flaming hair and green eyes. She had it custom-designed as a surprise for Peter during their honeymoon.

Mary Jane let the pink teddy fall seductively over her shoulders. She looked at herself in the mirror: yea, she was hot. She briefly smiled to herself before Katzenburg's annoying snoring caused her to turn around. The covers had slipped off his body due to his constant fever laced unrest. She stared at his fat form, his hanging belly and the bald spot on his head. He did not have much hair, and she could tell he never combed it, or washed it for that matter. His snoring open mouth gave her a clear view of unsightly teeth, she wondered if he had ever seen a dentist. She could not believe she kissed that mouth.

The young model and wife ignored the snoring and brushed her long red hair, removing the knots that accumulated while Katzenburg had run his pudgy greasy fingers through it earlier. She stood at the foot of the bed in her seductive teddy, her long hair resting seductively over her shoulders. She didn't know why she put it on, no one was going to see her; certainly not Katzenburg.

MJ once again put the covers over Katzenburg's shaking body and headed for the door. She paused before leaving, looked back at the shivering man and sighed to herself before shutting the door and walking back toward the bed. She pulled the covers from his fat body and climbed under the covers with him. He was still cold; she held him close to her like before and tried to squirm her body away from the wet spot of the bed.

His shivering subsided and the young model rolled over to her side facing away from him. Her head rested on a pillow; she was vaguely aware that Katzenburg's arm rested beneath the pillow. This was almost worst than fucking him. She was sleeping with him like she slept with Peter. She did not know how long she was asleep before she felt the flabby arm pull her into him until her head was on his chest.

"Nick?" she whispered half asleep, hoping the fat man had not regained his senses. He hadn't he was still out of it. His subconscious was aware of a woman sleeping next to him, and by instinct he pulled her closer.

Mary Jane rolled back over to her side. Katzenburg mumbled something incoherently and pulled her back until her face rested on his sagging hairy chest. She was too tired to fight him and resigned herself to sleeping on his chest.

As the restless night dragged on, Mary Jane was vaguely aware of squirming against the fat man; the sheet she laid on was uncomfortable and wet from earlier. Somewhere amidst her deep sleep she ended up on top of Katzenburg, sleeping peacefully on his flabby body. She often kissed Peter in her sleep, a reaction to insure he was still there and not out web-slinging. Her sleeping mind did not really know the difference between Peter and the pig lying below her. She kissed Katzenburg as well.

It wasn't so much the fever that caused Katzenburg's current state as so much as the drug he took to fool Spider-man and Parker. He had miscalculated, however, and he was now pretty much in an alcohol induced black out state. His body functioned, hell even his mind functioned, but he could not register any memories. All his primal instincts knew was that there was a female on top of him, her kisses to the side of his cheek waking him up.

"Mmm, Peter?" Mary Jane whispered in her deep sleep as pudgy hands roamed through her hair before gripping the back of her skull.

"PeterGLMPH... Ulmmmph... Ulmph!" Her mouth was suddenly filled with Katzenburg's tongue, her lips smeared back. She immediately remembered where she was and who she was sleeping with. Her hands rested on the fat mans chest trying to push away from him. His eyes were half open, seemingly dancing with laughter but being distant at the same time. She wasn't sure if he was coherent or not and immediately cursed herself for wearing the pink teddy and no panties.

Being on top of him already his cock throbbed against her belly. She tried lifting herself off of him which only allowed the thick cock to stand straight up.

"Wait... Wait... STOP!" Mary Jane said, trying to peel herself away. The fat cockhead was already against the tight opening of her sensitive pussy. She only needed a second to swing her petite body off of him. She did not get that second, almost as quick as the kiss his fat cock head spread her pussy apart and three inches quickly entered her already sore and very sensitive pussy.

"Oh, Gawd! STOP!" Mary Jane whimpered, her fingers dug into his chest, his pudgy fingers gripped her breasts hard squeezing them. He spread his legs, which in turn forced hers apart, gravity took over, and three more inches was stuffed inside her tight pussy. "No... Not again!"

"Wait! Oh, God! Nick, please no!" Mary Jane whimpered. Her palms rested upon his chest. She wanted to pull his greedy hands away from her sensitive nipples, which he was now pinching and mauling. But the palms on his chest were the only thing preventing her from being impaled completely. Katzenburg wasn't exactly gentle the first time he groped her in that bathroom and he wasn't gentle now, twisting her nipples through the teddy and squeezing her breasts with his fat pudgy fingers.

His primate mind seemed to sense the hands on his chest were preventing him from full penetration, he wanted his entire cock buried inside the tight pussy, and his hands left the firm tits of Mary Jane and held her wrists.

"Nick, I beg you..." Mary Jane pleaded, trying to lift her ass upward. "Please, don't!"

"S-Shut up, bitch!" The drug induced fat man said removing her hands from his chest, and lifting his fat ass off the mattress as she was coming downward.

"OhMyGawwwwd!" Mary Jane cried, her body falling forward. Katzenburg's flabby ass came back down upon the soft bed, but the damage was done, the super model was impaled hopelessly upon his fat cock.

"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!" Mary Jane whined staring down at the grinning face and distant eyes. Her hands were back on his chest; her bright red finger nails digging into his chest, trying to avoid the inevitable. Still, the fat man was impaled balls deep inside her tight belly. She sat on his lap, in her seductive pink teddy. His fat hairy balls nestled against her ass. She could cry rape, if it wasn't for the fact that she was on top of him and not the other way around.

Katzenburg again began mauling her tits through her pink teddy, causing Mary Jane to squirm into the mauling hands. "Ok, ok, ok, God, this has to go..." The pretty model said lifting the hem of her teddy upward and letting it fall to the side of the bed, giving the fat man full access to her naked tits. His cock throbbed like before, filling her, stuffing her, causing her eyes to roll backwards. He pulled her down to him and kissed her hard, his tongue working chaos amidst her gums and throat. She hungrily returned his kiss.

God, she wanted him to kiss her, why? She was squirming on him her round and perfect breasts crushed obscenely against his flabby chest; his cock just seemed to grow harder and throb more intensely as she returned his kiss.

The shapely model removed her lips from his and buried her pretty face between his neck and shoulder, nibbling on his neck. He was grunting incoherently calling her a slut and an easy piece of ass. She surmised he said these things because he didn't know who he was fucking; then again, he would probably have said the same things even if he did; she didn't care. She cried into his shoulder as the belly stuffing cock caused her to orgasm all over his fat balls.

Peter never made her cry, not like this, not like a babbling idiot. The sensation of being impaled by such an overwhelming, huge member was entirely new, her lips were pasted to the side of his un-shaven face as the fat man rolled the pretty super model onto her back.

"OhMyGod! Nick, fuck, fuck me, for the love of God, fuck me!" Mary Jane whimpered into the balding mans ear; her legs were spread wide, her lips pasted to his.

He didn't exactly fuck her, more like grind that fat cock into her. He was heavy, she didn't know if it was his weight that made it difficult to breathe, or the fat cock that was embedded deep in her belly. It was probably the fact however that his fat tongue was wreaking havoc with her tonsils. His pudgy nose smashed hers backward and she returned his kiss. She doubted she even kissed Peter like this. She couldn't get close enough. His fat cock kept throbbing inside her and she kissed him, allowing his foul mouth to take over hers completely. It was hard wrapping her long legs around his fat waist, but she did it.

Nick Katzenburg began pounding his fat ass up and down, punishing the polished loins of the young wife of Peter Parker. Mary Jane's petite hands held the face of Katzenburg, she kissed him everywhere. Her manicured fingernails raked his back when his slobbering mouth came away from hers.

"I-I'm cumming, slut!" Katzenburg slurred through tightly clinched teeth.

"Yes! Oh, God! Nick baby, cum, cum..." Mary Jane whimpered her legs wrapped tightly around his flabby waist. "Kiss me, Nick! Kiss me, baby."

His fat cock throbbed madly and exploded inside her tight belly. "Ullllmmmmppphhhh!" Mary Jane groaned, purring into his foul mouth as cum filled her belly. She came with him, her body jerking against his own, his heavy chest smashing her tits backwards. His heart was pounding much like that fat cock embedded so deep in her belly. She could feel his heart through his chest. And though he wasn't even in a right mind she felt closer to him than anyone. She almost wished he knew what they were doing. The fat man grunted and rolled off of the pretty model. Mary Jane did not care about the wet spot anymore. He had fucked her completely, she placed her head upon his chest and laced her arm over his belly and immediately passed out.


Katzenburg topped the ridge overlooking the resort and moved in. Moving forward, he looked down on the set of cabins that hosted the Bugle's guests. He was very dizzy, yet he pushed forward, making his way down a rocky slope behind the shed. Wondering, he made his way across the broad expanse of dirt; he started to step on the wooden steps leading up to the porch that ran across the back of the house, but paused when he thought he heard a sound coming from around the side.

Turning, Nick made his way around the corner as little puffs of dust flew up from his feet. Stopping, he looked around but saw nothing out of the ordinary. Just as he was about to turn back, he heard the sound again. It sounded like flesh slapping flesh. Like someone slapping someone inside the cabin, but doing over and over again in rapid fashion.

What the hell was going on inside, he wondered, listening to the sounds coming from the open window. Was someone having a seizure? Slowly, he crept down the side until he could peek in the window. What he saw stunned him. Mary Jane was lying on her back in her bed with her dress pulled up and wrapped around her belly. She was bare from the waist down except for her panties, which were now uselessly wrapped around her ankles exposing her pussy to no other than himself! A mirror-match was on top of her furiously slamming his horse cock in and out her pussy.

'What? That cannot be! How can I be doing that?' Katzenburg deliriously told himself as he watched his own big, hairy ass wildly jerking up and down. As he gawked in stunned silence, he stared down at the big, fleshy gash between the supermodel's long legs, which were bent at the knees and obscenely splayed out to the side. Her knees were shamefully bouncing up and down in rhythm with the fake Katzenburg's savage attack on her pussy. The underwear wrapped around her ankles kept her from spreading her legs any wider and the soles of her bare feet were almost touching as she looked up at the man defiantly. Her arms and hands lay at her sides lifelessly.

"Come on, bitch," Katzenburg heard the impostor grunt as he roughly squeezed and groped MJ's breasts through her dress, but she still made no effort to raise her hands nor legs to show any other signs of cooperation or defiance. "Do something, don't just fucking lay there."

"You can have that," the redhead grunted as he continued to saw his large cock in and out of her pussy. "You said if I let you fuck me, you'd keep quiet. But that's all you're going to get. So fuck me and then get off."

But why was she letting him fuck her if she didn't want him to, Katzenburg wondered?

He watched his fake-self's big, hairy butt bouncing up and down above the supermodel as the man's big cock plowed in and out of her juice slathered slit. His blue-veined monster was sliding in out of Mary Jane, merciless; his cock slithered in and out of the wet hole. Katzenburg could still hear the sick, wet slapping sound they mad as they slapped up against MJ's upturned ass.

Faster and faster, the man's ass jerked up and down as he furiously fucked Parker's wife with a vengeance. Katzenburg saw that the redhead's fists were clenched as she held onto the sheets and stared up at the impostor with a defiant glare. If looks could kill, Katzenburg crazily thought, the man would certainly be dead.

The fake Katzenburg groaned and shoved his cock into MJ's pussy as deep as it would go. The man's tightly clenched ass shook and jerked and Nick could see that he was shoving his cock down into her cunt as hard as he could. He felt a wave of jealousy wash over him as he pictured his big cock spewing out its boiling load of cum down into his obsession's sweet pussy.

Maybe he should have gone in and pulled the charlatan off of her or something, but he couldn't; actually, he could barely stand. A feeling of lost opportunity washed over him as he looked up and saw the fake Nick standing at the foot of the bed, slowly pulling his breeches up his fat, hairy legs as he leered down at MJ. Katzenburg's eyes immediately shot down to the big, meaty hole between the supermodel's legs. He saw that it was still gaping wide open and a continuous stream of Katzenburg's cum was oozing out of it.

"Better learn to like it, Red," Katzenburg heard him snarl, "Cause I'll be over to collect another installment next time Spidey is out."

"You bastard," she spat up at him, sitting up and reaching down to her panties. "I'll get you for this!"

"Don't threaten me," he shot back, "It's not becoming of you."

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