tagCelebrities & Fan FictionChuck! Fuck Ch. 06

Chuck! Fuck Ch. 06


Authors note: Unfamiliar with our story? Check out Chapters 1-5, or watch an episode of "Chuck" to get visuals. Sign the online petition to keep "Chuck" on air: it's a fun show, don't let them cancel it!

Sarah Walker had her eyes half-shut, transported to another world of pure pleasure, leaving all her cares and worries behind her. Chuck was fucking her tight pussy like never before. His dick sawed in and out, stretching her. He had set a rythmn of slow, teasing strokes alternated by quick bursts of pounding. Only adding to the sensation was Chuck's former girlfriend turned FULCRUM agent. Jill's tongue was expertly flicking her clit.

Sarah was an expert in controlling her orgasms, and now, to her secret delight, she felt one building in her so powerfully that she knew she wouldn't be able to control it or tame it in any way, that when it finally crescendoed, she would just have to ride along with it. The power of that building within her gave her a buzz that rolled her eyes to the back of her head. She felt hands on her firm, luscious tits and found that Chuck had found her left tit and was slowly tweaking her nipple, while Jill had found her right tit and was doing the same thing, with a bit more force.

Jill knew full well what this was doing to the CIA agent. With a mischevious look in her eye, and the intention of further prolonging this, she stood and pulled Sarah bodily off Chuck's big dick. There was a soft sucking sound as the two came apart. Sarah moaned loudly but was almost limp at this point. Chuck tried to push Jill aside.

"Now, Chuck..." Jill said, her soft hand wrapping around his sticky, soaked cock and giving it a gentle, teasing glide or two, her knuckles slipping from his mushroom tip down to the base of his shaft in one slick movement. "Now Chuck...be a good boy and wait here for a minute." She ordered.

Quickly, Jill rummaged through her toys and found a vibrating strap-on dildo. Chuck eyed it warily and she laughed at him. "Not for you, silly." Jill admonished, her small tits bouncing slightly as she laughed and adjusted her strap on.

Jill knelt on the floor behind Sarah, who was on her hands and knee's, lost in lust still and gently fingering her clit. Jill laughed at her softly, hit a switch which activated the vibrator, and slowly thrust into her blonde nemesis. Chuck watched as his former girlfriend began fucking Sarah expertly.

Sarah moaned and began to ride the vibrating dildo. It was wider than Chuck's dick, and the vibrations made it a sure fact that she would not be able to fight off her orgasm much longer.

Jill turned her head slightly and motioned to Chuck to join them. In a daze, he wandered over to them. "Come here, Chuckie." Jill ordered affectionately. Chuck stood over Sarah's body, his cock pointed at Jill's mouth. Jill never took her eyes off Chuck's as she leant forward and slowly, teasingly, agonizingly began licking his large shaft, with Sarah's cunt juices just starting to dry on it. Jill relished her position in the middle of this orgasmic delight. She could feel Sarah tensing, riding that high before the shuddering crash in an orgasm. At the same time, the vibrations from the strap on gave Jill something to rub her own clit against, which she was enjoying. Finally, under the skillful guidance of her tongue and ocassionally assisted by one of her hands, Chuck's throbbing man pole was making a lot of precum.

There were sounds in the distance. The air seemed to throb. Vibrations, thudding all around. Several loud reports.

"Exploding!" Chuck announced, sounding slightly confused.

"Mmmm..." Sarah moaned.

"Let it all come out, Chuck." Jill told him.

Chuck looked up. "No, something really is exploding!"

There was another bang and the heavy front door flew off it's hinges. Smoke curled into the room and Chuck smelled something burning.

"Freeze!" a familiar voice growled.

Men in SWAT outfits swooped into the room and lined up all around, assault rifles pointed at Jill. Their masks concealed whatever surprised expressions they may have had at beholding such a scene. However, NSA agent John Casey wore no such mask.

"Bartowski." He growled, eyes widening briefly at the scene in front of him.

"Casey..." Chuck managed a barely audible hoarse whisper. "Nice of you to come in..."

Jill licked her lips and looked at Chuck. "Come in? I think we've already been through that, Chuck. Mmmm, and it was good too." She said with satisfaction. She stood up, went to the table that Chuck had been strapped to earlier, put her wrists together and then bent over the table, exposing her tight ass and upturned pussy to the SWAT team. "Cuff me, boys."

The SWAT team eventually took Jill back into custody, bringing her and the other men who Sarah had knocked out back to a top secret, secure CIA processing facility.

Luckily, vacation time was just about up, so it was perfectly normal for Sarah and Chuck to head back to Califronia the next morning. Casey returned seperately of course. Something about not wanting to drain taxpayer dollars by flying on a "big fancy commercial jet." Whatever that meant.

They finally got back to Barstow late Saturday afternoon. Chuck and Sarah parted ways in order to start unpacking. But later that day, they had a meeting with Casey in the castle. Sarah eyed Chuck with bemeausement. "How are you feeling?"

Chuck gave her a baleful look. "Well, aside from being sexually used and slightly tortured over the past few days, I'm feeling pretty good."

"Your memory will still be a bit hazy about the encounter, Chuck." Added the voice of General Beckman, who was reviewing some files on the television monitor in front of the team. "The report submitted by Agents Walker and Casey, as well as the medical technician who accompanied the SWAT team seems to suggest you were both under the influence of a cocktail of narcotics, probably injected while you were unconcious."

Chuck gave a foolish grin and a teasing wink. "Oh I don't know about that, general. We were having a pretty good time, and I didn't have to be unconcious to join in the fun."

The general ignored the joke. Agent Casey gave Chuck a lethal glare.

"Take some time, all of you, to recover. We need you all to lie low for now anyway, while we ensure that FULCRUM is not still on your trail. All the FULCRUM agents captured at the scene-"

Chuck gulped as he thought of Jill. Despite her rather hidden aggressive side, he still maintained a soft spot for her, feelings that after all this time, hadn't really died down.

"-have been put in maximum security lockdown. Hopefully you will all be able to breathe easy for a few days, but don't count on it. At any rate, lie low until further notice." Beckman signed out.

It was a few days later when Chuck, still dazed from his experience, woke and headed for the shower. The first bathroom of the Bartowski household was occupied, probably by Sarah but it could be Devon or Ellie. So, still naked, he wandered sleepily into the master bathroom, whose door was left open.

He froze, awake, naked and slowly hardening at the scene before him.

Ellie groaned loudly as Devon slowly penetrated her tight cunt. Her pretty eyes widened and her breath shortened. One hand grabbed her tits and began tweaking one of her nipples. She looked up with lust filled eyes at Chuck, standing there dumbly with his large dick in hand.

"Come here, Chuck." She ordered

"What? Ellie...no. I'm not going to..."

"Come here, Chuck! I need a cock in my mouth. Come here." She stretched forward and Chuck's eyes permanently widened as his sister took ahold of his big prick and pulled him towards her.

"Agh! Whoa...no. No." Chuck protested but it was all in vain. Ellie had his big prick in her mouth. And it was a completely new sensation. Unlike Sarah, who varied her oral technique but was generally very soft, sensual and teasing, Ellie was sucking and deep throating his dick like a pornstar. Eagerly.

"Holy shit." Chuck groaned. His half-shut eyes saw Devon's grin and, of course, he heard the word "awesome" being uttered. He groaned again.

Now Ellie's soft, long fingers were groping his balls, which felt absouletly amazing. Chuck felt his dick harden even more in her soft mouth. Ellie apparently noticed this too, and made a soft groan from the back of her pretty throat. She wasn't even actively sucking him now, the momentum of Devon's thrusts from behind would carry her mouth forward and back, forward and back.

Now her fingers snaked further back, seeking Chuck's asshole.

"Oh, wow! Ellie...no...you can't..." Chuck tried to back away, but her mouth was not that easy to leave. Her hands turned strong and firm as she held him in place. Devon, still slowly and rhytmically fucking her pussy, looked up at him.

"Dude: not awesome."

Chuck didn't have a say in the matter anyway. Ellie's finger was already probing his ass. He whimpered like a small child. His big hands found her boobs and started tweaking her nipples, all his inhibitions gone as he enjoyed her body.

"Mmmm..." Ellie moaned as she came, her pussy tightening and seizing up around Devon's dick as the orgasm gripped her. She enjoyed it to the very last shudder, and when it was finished, she slowly disengaged from both dicks with a soft sucking sound on either end.

"Ready to cum? Let's see who can make the biggest mess." Ellie beamed as she lay down on her back on the rug. She ran her hands up her sides and toyed with her nipples. "Come on boys, cum all over me." She smiled slowly at both of them.

Devon and Chuck looked at each other, grasped their cocks, and with a few final strokes, both blew their loads all over Ellie's smooth, sexy body. She moaned and watched them, her fingers toying with the big pools of cum they left on her chest.

Groaning, both men got to their feet and prepared to go.

"Mmmm, I think I'll take a nice long bath." Ellie said dreamily. She turned on the jacuzzi and stepped in. They both stared at her for a second, her long, tanned and elegant body marred only by the cum drying on her breasts and tummy.

Devon and Chuck left. Devon went off to change and head in to work. Chuck had just enough energy to crawl, still naked, into his room and collapse onto his bed.

Meanwhile, just outside the Bartowski residence, a team of four men crept stealthily up to the nearest wall, all eyes expertly scanning for the nearest open window. They found a small but adequately sized window open on the far side of the building. One half knelt and took a quick look inside. He crouched back down to his friends, eyes wide.

"It's his sister. She's naked in the jacuzzi." He reported.

There was a pause. Then they collected themselves and prepared to do what they had come for. Inside of five minutes they were in the bathroom. Two minutes later they had Ellie's naked, unconcious body with them and were headed for their van parked on a sidestreet.

Sarah found Chuck passed out on his bed. She shook him awake. Chuck opened his eyes to find himself face to face with Sarah's low cut blouse and he smiled. "Chuck! Wake up!" Sarah hissed.

"What is it?" Chuck replied.

"Ellie's been kidnapped."

Already working on the next chapter! Please vote! Thanks you guys!

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