Finally, he pulled back from me slightly, both of us gasping for breath. The smell of cinnamon warmed the room, and I smiled up at him lightly. "Emma, I am going to fuck you and make you mine." The words trailed deliciously out of his mouth, and I bit my lip, a bit shy.

"Jordan—" I began, slightly nervous. His eyes met mine, and he raised an eyebrow. "I—I mean... I've never..." I stuttered, my blush coloring my cheeks scarlet. It was always shocking to discover that a 24 year old woman had never been touched by a man, and I was sure Jordan would be disappointed.

I heard a deep rumble coming from him, and looked at his eyes. Their dark blue color was filled with arousal, and he began to toy with the waistband of my jeans. "You're telling me that I'm the first person to ever make love to this delicious body?" He asked, his hands holding firmly onto my hips. I looked up at him through my eyelashes and nodded shyly.

He let out a deep groan, then began peppering my face with kisses. I giggled, a little caught off guard. "You have no idea how hot that is," he murmured, kissing me. "That my cock is the first cock your sweet pussy will ever feel. That I get to be your first and last," he engulfed my mouth in another ravishing kiss, and I let out a whimper, my hips rising to press against him.

I had a deep need for something, anything rising from me. "Jordan, please—" I begged, my need for him reaching a peak. He chuckled sinfully.

"Please what, little one?" he teased, his hands resting tightly on my hips.

"Please," I whimpered again.

He smirked. "Use your words, little one. Tell me what you need." His voice was deep and sent shivers through me.

"Please touch me," I tried, raising my hips. My crotch pressed against the bulge in his pants, and I let out of soft, wanton moan. The sound surprised me. I was never so forward, so needy.

Jordan stroked my hips lightly with his fingers, still teasing. "I am touching you."

I locked eyes with him, my need overcoming any residual shyness. "Please touch my pussy."

His eyes darkened with a wave of arousal, and he let out a soft growl. "As you wish, little one," he murmured, his fingers going to the button of my jeans. He undid them, and slowly I began to shimmy my way. I could tell he was becoming impatient, and he pulled them from my knees then tossed them into a heap at the side of the room.

My panties, a mere scrap of lace, were soaked through with arousal. Jordan inhaled deeply, his eyes flashing. "Fuck, little one, you smell divine," he told me, his mouth lowering to my pussy. My breath caught in my throat until the unbelievable fist touch of his tongue against my panty-clad center.

My fingers wound, of their own accord, through Jordan's hair to pull him closer. His tongue pressed more firmly against me, lapping at my panties. I whimpered in delight, but the feeling was not enough. Jordan seemed to agree, and before I knew what was happening, my panties had been torn off and thrown aside with my jeans.

Jordan took another deep smell, his eyes looking up at me. It was the most sinfully erotic image I could ever imagine. His tan skin looked flawless next to my own pale complexion. His blue eyes and dark hair were the hottest combination I could ever picture. The slight smirk on his lips warmed my heart.

Then he dove his mouth into my pussy, and I lost all sense. He nibbled and sucked, sending wave after wave of the most intense pleasure bolting through my body. I let out a loud moan and called him name, my hands leaving his hair to grip the comforter beneath me. His hands came up to pin mine down and his tongue dipped into me, tasting and licking as he went.

His lips closed around my clit, and I saw fireworks. I came hard, juices pooling between my legs as Jordan lapped my essence in a frenzy. He growled low, pinning me in place, devouring the most private part of me.

I came down, releasing the comforter in a wave of exhaustion, but Jordan was clearly not done. He stood and tore his own jeans off, his eyes never leaving mine. "Fuck, that was beautiful, little one. I can't wait to hear you call my name every day for the rest of our lives."

I whimpered at the thought, and my pussy clenched again. Jordan took a deep sniff, his eyes closing for a brief moment. "Fuck I need you," he whispered, his eyes opening again.

His pants finally hit the floor and I let out a deep groan. His cock was more perfect than I could have thought. There was something so beautiful and proud about the way it jutted out from his body. I didn't have nearly enough time to admire it before Jordan was climbing on to the bed between my spread legs.

I opened them wider, a deep need to feel him in me consuming my actions. Jordan pushed my legs open wider, growling, and we both watched as his cock slowly began to enter my pussy. The second the tip was in, I let out a lusty moan, my head falling back onto the bed in sheer pleasure.

Jordan let out a moan, too. "Ah fuck, Emma, your pussy was made for my cock. God you feel so fucking good, little one," he whispered, pushing in further. He gripped my hips, then looked up at me for a moment. "There's going to be a little bit of pain, sweetness, then I'll make you feel good, I promise."

I nodded, a little nervous, but trusting him fully. He thrust his hips hard, breaking through my hymen, and I let out a sharp gasp of pain. However, it went just as quickly as it came, and the sensation of being full of my mate's cock overwhelmed me.

Jordan stayed still, breathing hard, his eyes dark with need. I moved my hips and he hissed out his pleasure, then his hands pressed my hips down so I couldn't move. "No, no," he teased. "This is the bedroom. I'm in charge here."

A volt of pleasure raced down me, and my hips bucked against his hands. He chuckled slightly, starting to ease himself in and out of my body at a maddeningly slow pace. I whimpered, my hands clutching the bedding, silently begging him to go faster.

He continued his slow trek against my body, ensuring I felt every single move he made inside of me. He let out another moan, and muttered "fuck this," before beginning to move at a deliciously fast pace.

I groaned loudly, my hands leaving the comforter to come wrap around him and pull him closer to me. His cock pounded away at my pussy and I felt the pleasure inside of me build. Jordan's eyes locked on mine, wild with arousal. "Mine," he growled, thrusting in me.

I nodded, and he growled louder. "Mine," Jordan repeated, thrusting faster.

"Yours!" I called my climax hitting my body. I instinctively bared my neck to Jordan, gasping with pleasure as his teeth locked onto my neck, biting hard. Arousal flooded through me as he claimed me as his, and we both reached a shuddering climax.


Christmas day was a loud affair with the pack. The pups raced around the older pack members, chasing their friends and nipping at each other with glee. Alpha James nodded at me over a glass of eggnog, a friendly smile covering his face.

Jordan's arms wrapped around me from behind as I picked up another roll to add to my plate. I'd always held a special place in my heart for the carby food, but recently, the drive had become even deeper. Jordan pressed a kiss on my mark, making me shudder with pleasure, as it always did.

It had been two weeks since I'd first shifted, and the memory brought me (and Jordan) great pleasure. A smile lit my face as I recall how I'd teased him, flagging my tail and then dancing away when he'd come near me. Little one, you're playing with fire, he'd said in my mind, sending delicious shivers through my fur.

I'd taken off and ran from him, leading him on a delightful chase through pack property. When he caught me, he mounted me, fucking me hard and reclaiming me as his mate. Mine, he had repeated. Yours, I had agreed.

Jordan's hands now rested on my belly, which had yet to show evidence of what it was housing. I was late, but only by two days, so I wasn't completely positive. My wolf, however, knew with smug satisfaction that her mate's pups were growing in our womb and would be due in the late Spring. The thought filled my heart with utter pleasure.

I'd called my landlord after Jordan claimed me to let him know I would not be returning to my apartment. He seemed unsure at first, as he knew that I was not one to make rash decisions, but ultimately he just seemed happy to hear that I was happy.

I followed my mate to our seats in the shared room, tucking my feet under me as I sat. Jordan smiled, and the memory of the first time I did that in front on him returned to my mind. We sat and ate with our pack, a contentment covering me that I had never known. Though I missed my parents desperately, as I know my mate missed his mother, I was filled with such joy to have found the place where I belonged and the one I belonged to.

Jordan squeezed my thigh and shot me a sexy look, sending a blush through my cheeks. The excitement of the morning had dissipated somewhat as various couples had retreated back to their rooms for alone time. The unmated members of the pack stayed in the common room to keep the pups occupied while their parents celebrated the holiday in their own, special way. I caught eyes with Luke over a pair of pups play fighting, and smiled warmly. He matched my smile.

Paige was seated a few couches over, holding one of the youngest pups in her arm, and telling a few others a story of a hunt we'd gone on together. The pups watched her with wide, rapt eyes, dreaming of their own first hunt.

The room was warm and content, and I turned to nuzzle into my mate. He nipped lightly at the mark where he'd claimed me, feeling my body press into his as the arousal sped through me. "Shall we head to our room, little one?" Jordan murmured, pressing his hardening cock into my center.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and let him carry me away, just as he had our first time, to our bed. He stopped in the doorway of our room, noticing for the first time the mistletoe I'd teasingly placed there. He raised an eyebrow at me, and I giggled.

"Mistletoe, little one?" he asked, an amused lilt lifting his deep voice.

I blinked innocently up at him, smiling.

"Hmm... I guess that means I have to do this," he whispered, then his lips finally claimed mine. I moaned deeply, never accustomed to the onslaught of arousal that accompanied his kiss. He finished carrying me through the door and set me gently on the floor.

"Strip," he ordered, and I grinned up at him. We both knew he was in charge in the bedroom. I lifted the hem of my shirt, shimmying out the snug material, then tossed it aside. I unbuckled my pants, and let them slide to the floor. All that was left were my red and white holiday bra and panties, which he eyed with appreciation for a moment.

I smiled up at him, enjoying the look in his eyes as he took me in. "Those panties do delicious things to that lovely ass of yours little one," he said, giving it a smack. I let out a moan, pressing myself into his. His lips rested above my ear, whispering sinfully, "But I do believe I told you to strip for me."

I pulled back, blushing, and shimmied my way out of my panties, then unclasped my bra and let it fall to the floor. He let out a soft groan, the bulge in his pants an obvious sign of his appreciation. Without ceremony, he tore his clothes down and off his body, stalking closer to me.

"Hands and knees, little one," he ordered, and I obediently came to rest on my hands and knees on the bed. His tongue licked deeply at my entrance and I let out a soft moan. "Delicious, as always," he commented before coming to kneel behind me.

His hands were on my shoulders and his cock slipped into my pussy deeply, bringing a groan of appreciation from both of us. He began fucking me, hard, and the sound of our skin slapping together only caused my arousal to skyrocket. My mate. My love. Mine.

Our minds linked together, as they often did during our love making, and our combined arousal only heightened the pleasure we both felt. Our groans turned to growls and our sighs turned to yips of pleasure as our resulting climaxes approached.

Jordan gave one final thrust into my quivering pussy, then locked his teeth down on my mark, and we both cried out as we came together, his seed filling me.

We collapsed into a pile on the bed, our passions spent, but our desire to be near one another, to be constantly touching, as close as ever. Our legs intertwined together, and Jordan pulled me into him, murmuring his love for me into my hair as he rained down kisses on my face and head. I giggled, snuggling into my mate, delighted by the warmth I found there.

It was good to be home for the holidays, I thought, as a smile crossed my face and the smell of cinnamon filled my nose.

The End

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