tagBDSMClaiming Marc Ch. 03

Claiming Marc Ch. 03


Winter months were upon them. Snow blanketed the ground, and the days were short. But the nights... the nights were so long and hot! Marc hummed happily as he fixed dinner. Jenna was at work now, but due home shortly. It made her very happy when she came home to one of his homemade meals. He had been doing that a lot lately... finding ways to make her happy... Anything to please her. A sizzling warmth filled his middle, as he thought about it. His nipples throbbed in painful agreement. He reached up and brushed the sore tips, feeling the still foreign presences of the steel rings under his t-shirt.

Two days earlier they were driving home from the gym. She was driving his jeep, as usual.

"This afternoon we're going to Neons to get you pierced" She announced. He had just sat there for a moment, speechless. Neons was a tattoo and piercing parlor.

"Jenna, I'm in the military, remember? I can't. It's against Regs." Marc had thought that would end it.

"I am well aware of who is paying your check" She answered blithely. "But you only go into your unit once a week, and you go in fully clothed, right? They will never see your nipples, dear. When was the last time you had to take off your shirt in front of your Commander?" She had a point. The Army would never know if he had a nipple piercing....

"But if they get infected... I could get an article 15... damage to government property..." He trailed off.

"Then we won't let them get infected... will we?" She asked, putting a hand firmly on his upper thigh as she drove. There was something about the way she set her hand there, the inflection of her voice, that made him go jittery inside. Or maybe it was the knowledge that he really had no choice. She owned him. His cock, of course, went ridged with excitement at that thought.... God, what was the matter with him?

They went to Neons that afternoon... Him following behind her obediently... Waiting, flushed with embarrassment, while she discussed ring types with the young man at the front counter. Then, shaking a little, he had signed the consent... it was a joke really, because he didn't have a choice... but Neons didn't need to know that. They just needed to cover their ass with the consent form. Then his nipples were pierced by the thick metal rings. Jenna had the piercer pull the nipples out away from his chest, placing them deep into the tissue, right where the nipple met the areola. It left more nub in front of the ring, and less risk of tearing if they were pulled or tugged. And they were for sure going to get pulled and tugged! Jenna had even asked the guy about weights. He said to wait at least 3 months for that. It was such a matter-of-fact conversation that Marc had wanted to crawl under the chair. Instead he sat there silently, feeling so humiliated, with a ridiculous erection bulging in his jeans.

That was two days ago, and his nipples ached like a bitch! Every time he moved his chest, the tissue around the rings pulled a little. He cleaned them regularly, and rotated the rings like the piercer had instructed... but they still hurt. Ah, but somehow, he liked the ache. That was the fucked up part! He kept reaching up to touch the tips of his nipples. It reminded him of Jenna. She loved them... bumping the heat up so he could go shirtless around the apartment. She couldn't play with them yet, but that didn't stop her from eyeing them hungrily. Thinking about it now, he stripped off his t-shirt as he went to set the table. She would be home any minute.

Jenna arrived to the warm bright apartment, fragrant aroma of food inviting her in. Music was coming from the kitchen, and Marc had not heard her. He was fixing a salad, and doing a little dance to the beat. Clad only in a pair of faded jeans, his muscled back flexed with the movement. Jenna watched him for a long minute, lust darkening her vision and forming a knot of desire in her belly. Feeling her gaze, he turned toward her, sexy smile on his lips. Ah, so fucking hot! Her handsome man! His lean hard chest with those silver rings through his nipples! She got wet at the sight of him. Hers! He leaned back against the counter letting her take a good long look. Such a flirt!

She dropped the bomb on him as they were finishing up dinner. They had just finalized plans for their work out in the morning and were relaxing at the table.

"Tonight I have a special plan for you, babe" she grinned, leaning over to brush a crumb off his lips. Her blue eyes locked onto his.

"Oh?" It came out in a breathy whisper, and goose bumps broke out over his skin. His nipples tightened painfully. Her 'special plans' were scary... and exciting. Part of him wanted to bolt for the door, but he stayed there, frozen, waiting. His cock pulsed to life.

"Tonight you are going to give me your virginity." She stated, continuing to hold his gaze. She saw the flash of panic in his eyes.

"I lost that when I was fourteen, Jenna" He tried to joke, but his mouth was dry.

"You know what I am talking about" She admonished, chuckling softly.

"Jenna, I can't do that. Please can we not do that?" He implored.

"Marc, what are you afraid of, babe? It's going to be amazing, I promise you." Her eyes sparkled.

"For you it might be... But I'm not gay. I'm not into that." He frowned, but his cock was throbbing painfully. Fucking prick. He had to get that thing under control, he thought.

"Having me take you is not going to make you gay. It just means your mine." She reasoned calmly.

"I'm already yours" he pleaded. "I just got pierced for you..."

"Yes, I know you did... and they are amazing, right? You look so fucking hot! And you can't keep your hands off of them." She pointed out. He didn't realize she had noticed him teasing at the tips, damn.... She sat back then, and waited, watching him struggle. He slouched in his seat, running a hand through his short curls. Then he sat forward and put his head in his hands. Jenna stood and carried their plates into the kitchen, giving him a moment to think. She rinsed the dishes and filled the dishwasher, then began cleaning up the few things Marc had left from dinner preparation. She was wiping down the counter when he came in, chewing on the edge of his thumbnail. He leaned against the counter, head downcast, waiting for her to finish. Hanging the cloth over the sink, she turned to him. He stepped slowly into her arms, their hug slightly awkward, as they tried not to crush his sore nipples. He held her for a minute, resting his cheek against the top of her head. Then he murmured a single word. "Ok."

Jenna had purchased the strap-on over a week ago. It was a very good quality black leather harness. The sales lady had promised that it wouldn't slip around. She had selected an 8 inch black silicone dildo of medium width to go with it. She didn't want to kill him, the first time out, but she did want him to feel it. The dildo was shaped just like a cut cock, with a mushroom head and veiny ridges. Happily, she slipped into the snug harness, and fit the dildo into place. Black thigh high stockings with lace trim and black pumps went on next. Then she slipped on a lacey black bra. Lastly, she dug a new black leather paddle out of the bag. Best to warm her boy up first, she decided, and get him settled into a submissive state of mind.... Although, he was probably already there after their earlier conversation. He was in the bedroom now, waiting for her. Naked, facing the far wall, hands clasped behind his neck, legs shoulder's width apart... He was waiting.

Jenna came up behind him, admiring the luscious view of his tight ass and thighs. She reached up with both hands and squeezed his shoulder muscles, enjoying the feel. Then she ran her hands down his back and over his ass. It was like having her own private stripper, she thought. He stood very still, breathing deeply, as she stroked his body. Tucking the dildo up against her stomach, she pressed her body against his back, reaching around to run her hands down his smooth abs. He sucked in a sharp breath when the silicone cock pressed along the crevice of his ass cheeks. He sucked in a second breath when her hands found his cock and balls. She squeezed and stroked his throbbing cock. Then cupped and rolled his aching balls. Once she had his cock leaking and rigid she was ready to play.

"Over the chair, Marc." She ordered, stepping away. He turned away from the wall and started toward the chair, but stopped to stare at her.

"Wow, you look amazing, Ma'am!" He breathed... but then his eyes went wide as he took in the strap-on. "Oh shit..." Jenna chuckled and pointed to the chair.

"Now!" She commanded. He hurried to the straight back chair at the foot of the bed. She had been spanking him over her knee in that chair for the past month. She knew he much preferred to be up against her skin, especially with her wearing the sexy black stockings... But she did not want him writhing around against those freshly pierced nips.

"Bend over and grab the seat of the chair with your hands" She instructed. Once he had assumed the position, she picked up the new leather paddle.

WHACK, it made a very satisfying sound against his tight ass cheek. He flinched and hissed.

WHACK, it left a nice dark pink spot on the other white cheek and another hiss.

She began laying down even steady strokes that had him shifting, flexing, and grunting. The paddle traveled from the tops of his firm globes down to the upper edge of his thighs. Then back again. It had a nice heft to it. She experimented with a snapping motion, then with a stronger follow through, watching for his reactions. He gasped, hissed a curse, then whimpered. Yes, she liked this paddle! Ten more hard swats, she decided. She made him count them out for her with a "Thank you, Ma'am" after each spank. He was panting raggedly and beginning to whimper when they finished...

"Good job, babe" Jenna said, stroking his back and running a hand over his hot pink cheeks. She stepped away, and went to gather her supplies. Marc remained bent over the chair, reddened ass in the air.

"Come over here." Jenna called to him, from the side of the bed a few minutes later. He stood and went to her, heart pounding wildly in his chest. She was standing in those black pumps, hands on her hips and that obscene cock jutting out in front of her.

"On your knees" she said, pointing to the carpet in front of her. Marc dropped to his knees, the dildo a foot from his face.

"Suck it" Came her husky murmur. Marc felt an icy pit in his stomach, but his cock pulsed. He knew from her voice that she was getting very aroused. He wanted so badly to please her.... But if he did this... What if he liked it? What would that mean?

"Please no, Jenna.... Please no, Ma'am" He begged, looking up at her. His face was bright red with embarrassment. "Please don't make me do this..."

"You are doing this for me, Marc" she whispered. "Open your mouth."

A whimpering noise escaped him, and he slowly opened his mouth. She reached down and gently pulled his head forward, pulling his mouth over the black cock. He closed his mouth around it and she began pumping her hips. Slowly she fucked his mouth, just teasing the head in and out, letting him get used to the feel of the pliant silicone.

"Give me your hands" She said. He lifted his hands up toward her and she guided them to rest on her firm upper thighs, right at the lacey tops of the stockings. "Now work my cock." She commanded, her voice sterner. She had stilled all hip action and released the pressure on the back of his head. Another whimper, but his hands began to stroke her thighs, and hesitantly he began to bob his mouth up and down on her cock. Her hand returned to rest in his hair. He knew how he liked to have his dick sucked, so he began to apply the same treatment to her strap-on. Soon he was licking and sucking it with far more enthusiasm than he intended. Her stocking clad skin under his roaming hands felt so good, and his own cock was bouncing between his legs. He looked up into her lust filled eyes, and saw the growing excitement. A sense of wild abandon filled him, and he forgot to worry about how good this felt. Holding eye contact, he slowed his movements, and took her cock deeper.

Watching Marc working over her strap-on had Jenna frothy with arousal. Her pussy and her inner thighs were slick. An almost painful burning desire gripped her core. Finally, she could not stand it any longer... She reached down with both hands to hold his head, and again began to fuck his mouth. This time she pushed deeper, using all of her control keep from pounding into the back of his throat. His chest heaving, he struggled to breathe through his nose. He started to gag as she pushed up against his tonsils.

"Deep breathe in when I fuck the back of your throat" She growled at him. She was sure he had offered some similar advice to a previous girlfriend... most assuredly more gently then she was giving it to him now. "And you have to relax" She added, this time with less growl. She knew he wouldn't be deep- throating her dildo tonight, but she wanted him to take as much as he could. She wanted to push him to the edge. He had that cloudy drugged look that he got when he hit sub space. All his focus now was on sucking down her cock without choking. Deep quick inhalations, as she shoved the fake dick deep into the back of his mouth. One hand still holding his head, she reached with the other hand down under the strap-on. Legs spread, leaning back in her heels, Jenna began rubbing her clit. It only took a few minutes, thrusting in and out of his mouth, and applying that steady friction between her legs.... Then she came, shoving in deep, and holding his head there. Her legs shook and her upper body went ridged. Panting raggedly, she stared down at him, as he stared back up into her eyes. He was holding very still, struggling to keep from choking on her silicone dick, but arousal darkened his eyes.

Jenna positioned Marc in the middle of the bed on his back. She wedged pillows up under him, lifting his ass up into the air. He moved and shifted as she directed, but coarse tremors raked his body. The arousal so apparent in his eyes from earlier was replaced by mounting fear. His dick was beginning to soften slightly. Jenna stopped everything, and moved up beside him. Leaning forward she kissed him gently on the lips, then pulled back to look him in the eye.

"I've got you, babe" she whispered. "You can do this." Marc nodded, letting out a sigh, his body visibly relaxing. She kissed him again, her hand reaching down to grasp his cock. Squeezing and messaging it, she drove her tongue into his mouth. He moaned happily, the tremors lessening, as she jacked him back to stiffness with her hand. Sitting back up, she brushed the tip of his right nipple with a thumb. He flinched, hissing, then smiled up at her.

"Ready now?" She asked. He nodded again. Moving back down between his legs, she slipped on a latex glove and lubed up a finger. Gently, she began messaging around his tight hole. His breath quickened. Her other hand reached up to slowly jack him again. The messaging finger worked outward, then back in. A firm pressure against his hole... and then she was in. Marc sucked in a breath at the invasion, looking surprised and relieved by the lack of pain. Her questing finger worked in a soft circle, until she found his sweet spot.

"Ungh" He gasped, thrusting his hips forward.

"You like that?" She asked, eyebrow raised. He nodded vigorously, panting, as she gently messaged it. His cock was hard and leaking. Slowly Jenna worked in a second finger, making slow rotations, as she stretched his virgin hole. When she felt him relax, a third finger entered. He sucked in a ragged breath. Again, she brushed up against his prostate, and grinned smugly as he groaned with pleasure.

"Pull your knees up toward your chest." She instructed, as she slid her fingers out of his ass. He bit down on his lower lip, looking nervous, but did as she commanded. Stripping off the latex glove, she stroked a generous amount of lube onto her dildo. Kneeling, she pressed the head of it against Marc's ass. She reached up and gave his cock a few quick strokes, then began pushing in. He tightened up. She gave his inner thigh a quick sharp slap, making him jump.

"Relax!" She ordered. He nodded, taking a deep breath in and out, and his tight hole gave way.

"Ooohhhh" He moaned, as the head of her well lubed cock pushed past his first and second ring. Once it was seated just inside his ass, she began shallow short thrusts. The mushroom shaped head of the dildo rubbed against him in the perfect spot and he let out another low guttural moan. Chuckling, she deepened her thrusts. He rolled his hips up to meet her. Hands wrapped around his thighs for leverage, she picked up her pace, slowly beginning to pound into to his ass.

"Ungh, Oh God..." he ground, panting, face flushed. His cock twitched and jerked. Instinctively, he reached for it. Jenna paused to slap his hand away.

"No touching. You know that." She admonished. Marc groaned in frustration. "If you want to cum, you do it with me fucking you. We won't touch that anymore now, understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am", He panted, a flash of embarrassment crossing his face. Precum dripped from his stiff dick. She picked her pace back up, pounding into him with long deep strokes. Jenna reached between his legs and brushed a finger across one of his nipples. He gasped and shuddered under her. His eyes glazed over and his lips parted, as his chest heaved with ragged breaths. Another touch to the other nipple, and a slight brush against the silver ring.... And suddenly his body convulsed. Ribbons of white cum sprayed up onto his chest and neck. She continued to thrust into him until last of the shuddering spasms washed over him. He groaned with pleasure. Jenna stopped moving, and slowly pulled out. She slid the dildo out of the harness and tossed it onto a nearby towel. He raised his hips, as she pulled out the pillows, and then she climbed up beside him.

"So, still think losing your virginity tonight was a bad idea?" She teased.

"Oh God, Jenna... That was so not fair!" He exclaimed, flushing with embarrassment. "You should have made it hurt, or something... so I wouldn't like it..." He looked truly despairing. Jenna tipped her head back and laughed.

"Yea, but you like pain... so that might not have helped you out either!" She pointed out, laughing still. "Besides, I want my boy well fucked and remembering who owns his ass!" She stated, grinning down at him.

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