tagSci-Fi & FantasyClimax Curse Ch. 01

Climax Curse Ch. 01


Mindy was born with a strange power. Whenever she had an orgasm, she would swap a random trait with the closest person nearby. She discovered this when she was 15 and tentatively masturbated for the first time. When she reached climax, she was shocked to realize that her long, brown hair was suddenly gone, replaced by her brother's shaven haircut. After the two of them freaked out, her mother sat them down and explained what had happened. This trait was rare in her bloodline- it skipped her and her sister- but she knew that her grandmother had it and her great great grandmother before her.

There was no telling what would be swapped when the orgasm happened. So, her mother told her to never masturbate again and always think of the consequences. This worked for a while, until she got a boyfriend three years later, when she was 18. She told herself that she'd make sure not to reach climax, but her boyfriend had other plans. He rubbed her pussy and clit with surprising skill. Her mind silently ordered her to stop him, but her body was in too much pleasure and soon, she orgasmed.

For a moment, she had hoped that the strange trait, power, curse, whatever it was, was gone. After all, she still had her shoulder-length hair that she grew over the years, and her body seemed fine. She looked over at her boyfriend and frowned. Something was different. She remembered loving his muscular body and that bulge in his pants, but now she felt... Bored. Even a little disgusted.

For some reason, her mind drifted to Cecilia, the hottest girl in her class. She had perfectly creamy large breasts, a round and perky ass, and long, shapely legs. She didn't know it at the time but as her boyfriend removed his hand from her crotch and wiped it off on the bed sheets, he was imagining all the guys on his soccer team and their sexy, athletic bodies. He murmured an excuse and left Mindy's house in a rush, not that she cared.

She felt guilty when she realized what happened, but hoped her ex would find a guy to make him happy. She was certainly happy as she went into the girl's locker room the next day. She never really looked at any of her female classmates before other than her friends, but now she was trying not to be too obvious as she stared at their half-naked bodies, oblivious to how horny they were making her. She slipped into the bathroom, and the logical part of her brain was telling her to stop.

But it was too late, she was already rubbing herself to the thought of the sexy, almost nude girls around her. She tried to reason with herself that at least it'll be with a girl, so maybe it won't be as noticeable. As she reached climax, she felt like she was sitting on a cushion. She got up and gasped as she saw her ass. Not only was it much larger and thicker, it was darker.

Just like her Caucasian parents, Mindy had fair skin. But if one were to look at her ass alone after that day, they wouldn't believe it. She found out that an African American girl who was changing right outside of the stall had her very curvy dark rear replaced with a mostly flat, white one. The girl was distraught, crying over her loss. Mindy used her sweatshirt to hide her new larger bottom in shame.

This was the first time that she seriously hurt someone because of her power. With her brother, he just cut her hair off and even donated it to charity. With her boyfriend, he had a lot of fun with the one gay guy in their class. But this black teenager had her behind stolen and now she's something of an oddity, even a freak. After that day, Mindy vowed to never touch herself again. Thankfully, her mother agreed to let her switch schools so she wouldn't have to be constantly reminded of what she did.

From then on, she always wore very long blouses and pants or dresses. A few people here and there may have noticed that she had a large butt, but she was very very careful to make sure no one saw the coloration of her bottom. Her attraction to women only blossomed and grew over time. It was a struggle not to masturbate to the thought of their voluptuous bodies, but she only had to think of that African American girl's scream and she quickly forgot about her arousal. Things went well like that for a while, she graduated high school without a fuss. Thanks to not being distracted by sex and boys- or rather, girls- Mindy was able to improve her grades and enroll in a great college. Not ivy-league or anything like that but also not a trashy community college.

She was devoted to her studies but one day, near the end of the first semester, Nicole- her busty roommate who she tried not to imagine naked- nagged her about going to a big party. She refused, knowing that where there's college parties, there's sex. But Nicole went on and on, even threatening to stop talking to her if she didn't go. Mindy knew it was an idle threat but that made it clear how much her friend wanted her to go. In fact, maybe it'd be better if she went so that she could make sure Nikki got home safe. "Fine. But I'm not drinking, and I'm definitely not having sex,"

she said, which made her bestie jump in excitement- those perky breasts bouncing with her.

Nicole kissed Mindy on the cheek, making her blush a bit "Thanks hun. You don't have to drink but you might change your mind when you see all the hot girls!" Nicole was bisexual and this made Mindy confident she could tell her about her being a lesbian, though she definitely didn't explain how that came to be.

"Mhmm, I don't think so," Mindy replied.

Nikki forced her to wear something a little more outgoing than usual, which she begrudgingly agreed to, but she still made sure no one- not even Nikki- could see her chocolate colored derriere. They arrived at the rich guy's big house and Mindy immediately realized Nikki was right about one thing: there were some very attractive women at this party. While her friend went off to socialize, Mindy awkwardly stood around, not sure what to do. A blonde, curvy, and very drunk girl came up to her and giggled.

"Hey, are you gay?" asked the girl.

Mindy was shocked, wondering how this girl knew. "Um yeah... How could you tell?"

The girl just giggled again and grabbed her hand. "I'm Brittany. Come on, I wanna get my Les on! The guys are boring here."

And with that, Brittany started pulling Mindy upstairs, into a bedroom. "W-wait, no, I'm uh-" Brittany laughed again, looking her up and down.

"Ohmigawd, you're a virgin, aren't you?" Mindy didn't have anything to say to that. "Come on, relax, I'll show ya how to have some fun."

She pushed Mindy gently onto the bed and started dancing a bit, pulling at her clothes seductively. Mindy tried to ignore the wet sensation in between her legs, but she couldn't deny how attractive Brittany was. She had platinum blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and porcelain white skin. Her breasts were larger than Mindy's and even Nikki's who she knew to be DD cup. Her round ass was hugged tightly by her jean shorts, but Mindy knew that it paled in comparison to her own. The drunk girl began to kiss her deeply and passionately, clearly getting impatient as she grabbed Mindy's smaller boobs and kissed her neck.

To her surprise, the girl on top of her was already soaking wet, her juices dripping onto Mindy's legs. Mindy was frozen with indecision. On one hand, she knew she couldn't orgasm, she shouldn't even let Brittany touch her. But on the other hand, she was starting to be starved for sexual attention, and this insatiable bombshell was throwing herself at her.

"Ohmigawd!" exclaimed the blonde girl, whicg took her out of her thoughts, and her heart began to pound as she realized that Brittany discovered her secret. She had pulled down Mindy's jeans just enough to notice the darker skin. She started to panic

"O-oh um, it's not what you think it's um, it's uh-"

"It's not, like, a weird skin disease?" Brittany asked.

"Oh! Um, yeah, it is!" Mindy sighed in relief, glad that the girl was drunk and obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed. She greedily pulled down more of her pants and simple white panties, gasping at what she saw.

"You're so thick! I've never seen an ass this great on a white chick." The blonde girl groped and squeezed the round, dark curves, making Mindy moan softly. She had to get away.

"I um, I can't... I can't do this." Mindy stammered.

Brittany tilted her head, like a confused puppy. "Sure you can. You don't even have to do anything, just let me eat you out while I finger myself." Her words brought a heat to her face and down below. She couldn't let that happen, but she really didn't want to just leave.

"Um... How about I eat you out instead?" Mindy suggested.

The bustier girl smiled wide and nodded. "Okay!" She excitedly pulled off her crop top and shorts, no bra or underwear to be seen. She lied down on the bed with her legs spread and Mindy got on top of her but was stopped by a hand.

"You've gotta take your clothes off too. I can't cum if the other person is dressed, it makes me kinda like, uneasy ya know?" Mindy thought about this and shrugged, thinking it wouldn't really hurt. She already saw her ass anyways.

So for the first time in years, she stripped in front of another person who wasn't her family doctor, who knew all about her power. Brittany licked her lips excitedly and Mindy was shocked to see how wet the blonde's pussy was. She clearly got turned on easily. Without further ado, she brought her mouth to the other girl's crotch and started to eat her out. She hadn't watched any porn before, but she was vaguely familiar with the act of cunnilingus. She started to lick Brittany's heated sex, remembering to pay attention to the clit.

The blonde's moans let her know she was doing a good job. She was actually starting to enjoy act, so much so that she didn't pay attention when Brittany's hand reached around to squeeze her black ass, even putting a finger into her dark rosebud. Mindy gasped in surprise, but thought that it should be fine, she couldn't orgasm from her butt.

She doubled the speed and passion of the oral sex, loving the taste of pussy. She could feel the girl nearing climax. Suddenly, she felt two fingers enter her virgin slit, which stayed where it was after the infamous locker room swap. She knew that she had to make her stop, but the girl was so close, she just wanted to finish her off. She licked and sucked Brittany's clit, eliciting very sexy moans of pleasure, as well as more liquid for her to suck up. She was just about to tell the blonde to stop, when her fingers worked even faster, igniting something in Mindy.

She froze in pleasure, and practically screamed when she came for the first time in years. Tears welled up in her eyes and she got up, looking over their bodies to assess what happened. Like with her ex boyfriend in high school, she couldn't notice anything physically different. Knowing that Brittany was bisexual, she considered if her sexuality was changed again. After thinking for a bit, she confirmed with herself that guys still did nothing for her.

But she started thinking about women again... And her pussy started feeling very aroused, much more so than usual. She gasped and looked over to Brittany, who was streching. "Thanks, that was good... But, like, honestly? I don't really feel like sex anymore. I'd usually want a bunch more rounds, but I think I'd rather go home." The former slut got dressed and left. Mindy stood there, shocked. She just switched libidos with a horny college slut. God help her.

The next three days were agony for Mindy. She had left the party immediately after the... incident, took a cold shower, and popped some sleeping meds. When she woke up, she was beyond horny. She did everything she could to keep her mind- and hands- busy but the entire time, she was distracted with images of boobs and asses. On Tuesday, when she didn't have any classes, she was going crazy. She tried to stop herself, but she just couldn't. She lied on her bed, and decided she'd just touch herself a bit to relieve the sensation, but stop before she reached climax.

She moaned as soon as her fingers touched her dripping cunt, the engorged pussy begging for attention, which Mindy reluctantly gave. As she rubbed her clit and curled her fingers against her inner walls, Mindy realized that it was impossible to stop at that point. She had pretty decent self-control but she'd never felt anything this good, she HAD to finish it. She rubbed herself faster, moaned loudly, and came hard... At the exact moment the door to her dorm room opened.

After coming down from her orgasmic high, Mindy realized that she was looking right at her own shocked face. She didn't switch bodies or even heads with Nicole, just faces. It looked a bit strange, as Nikki's skin is a few shades darker than Mindy's, and their facial structure is different. Other than that though, her face on Nikki's body was weirdly sexy. And then, the newest addition to the room fainted.

Thankfully, she fell on the carpet instead of hitting her head on the wall or the hard floor, but Mindy still felt bad as she pulled her panties and skirt up and put cold water in her own face, on her best friend's body. It took her a few minutes to fully wake up so in that time, Mindy looked in a mirror. From a certain angle, she would've just thought she was looking at Nicole, but then she noticed her shorter dark hair, paler neck and shoulders, and slightly skinnier frame. Objectively, both of them were pretty, so it's not as bad as the Ass Incident, but she knew that Nicole would hate her when she found out. Mindy considered leaving right then, but she felt like the good-natured fun girl deserved to know who stole her face, and how.

When Nikki came to, she only saw Mindy's back. "Oh God, I had this weird dream that you looked like me and-" And Mindy turned back around. Nicole almost fainted again but the shock was a bit less this time. "M-mindy... Why do you have my face?"

The girl in question sighed and put the mirror in front of Nicole's face. "And w-why do I have your face??" And so, Mindy explained her power. Nicole seemed temped to disbelieve it but she looked in the mirror again. "So... What else have you swapped?" Mindy decided that she really trusted Nikki and that she kinda owed it to her, so she pulled down her skirt and showed off her thick black ass.

She then explained every individual orgasm she had and what they caused her to swap, including the second most recent one. "Holy shit, you switched sex drives with Brittany Anderson? That girl is ALWAYS horny!"

"Ugh, believe me, I know. But now /I'm/ constantly wet, and I can't cum without ruining someone's life," replied Mindy.

Nicole pondered this for a minute. "Well... If you know who you're going to switch with, why not do it to someone you hate? That way, you won't feel bad if you ruin their life."

"But what if I ruin /my/ life? I never know what I'm going to switch," the cursed girl lamented.

"Well, what other choice do you have? Do you really think you could go the rest of your life without orgasming?"

Mindy knew that answer immediately but she didn't want to admit it. "...No."

"Then there ya go. And for the record... I've always thought your face was really cute," Nicole said genuinely.

"R-really?" asked Mindy, a blush forming on her face.

There bisexual girl smiled, noting how that even the curve of her mouth feels different. "Yup, and now I have it. I was shocked at first but it's not really that bad. People have to get a good look to tell that something's off. Close friends and family might be a problem, but I'm sure we can figure something out."

Mindy hid in the bathroom as she watched Skyler Black make out with her newest boy toy. Skyler was the biggest bitch of the school and Mindy wanted to put her in her place. Maybe she'd get her implants, or her golden skin, or her long legs. Maybe she'd even get something like her bank account. It was unfortunate for Mindy that she had to watch a man with her most hated enemy but this was the best way she could think of. And she had to admit that it was erotic when the guy groped Skyler's tits and sucked on her neck. Mindy, as quietly as she could, rubbed her aching clit, knowing that it wouldn't be much longer. So... Close... And... The guy suddenly moved around so he was closer to her!

Mindy immediately knew what was happening, she'd been worried about this ever since her first swap with her brother. Her clit was steadily growing and thickening, bringing intense pleasure. Her vagina closed up which didn't hurt as much as she imagined, perhaps it had something to do with the magic? She didn't care though, this was such a strange and intense feeling, she could barely think of anything else. The area in between her black asshole and what was once her clit smoothened out, and she felt a sack of skin develop beneath what was indubitably a penis, forming a ballsack.

She looked down at her new crotch in shock, horror, disgust, and- to her own shame- arousal. The shaft was what she'd reckon as average, though it looked gigantic and out of place on her small, feminine body. It was fully erect and with a silent groan, Mindy realized that she still had a slut's libido and sex drive. Her new cock throbbed and dripped precum and her body moved on its own. Her hand grasped the shaft and stroked it up and down. She was unable to stifle the small moans at the strange but incredibly erotic and pleasurable feeling of stroking her own cock. She knew she shouldn't, but maybe she'd get lucky and just switch it right back, though she doubted it and didn't even know if it was possible.

Her hand pumped faster and she breathed heavily as her cock pulsed and released cum. She checked her body: her cock was still there. After a quick once-over, she was pretty sure that she must've switched a personality trait but she couldn't put her finger on what it was. She shrugged and pulled her clothes up and walked out of the stall. It's not like it mattered, she was still the baddest bitch on campus. Skyler was still there but her boytoy was gone; he probably ran away like a pussy when he lost his dick. Skyler was looking in the mirror with a frown, and she moved away when Mindy approached.

She threw up an eyebrow "What's your problem, bitch?" Mindy asked.

"Sorry... I just feel um... Kinda weird..." murmured Skyler, unsure why she was feeling so shy and nervous.

Mindy smirked as she looked at the other girl.

"You know what'd make you feel better? If we fucked."

Skyler gasped "B-but... I'm straight."

"I saw you and that guy through the hole in the stall. You wanted his dick, right?"

Skyler blushed furiously but nodded.

"Well, here it is." And with that, Mindy pulled her pants and panties down, revealing her fully erect cock.

Skyler's eyes widened as she saw the appendage, her face burning intensely.

"H-how do you have...?" asked Skyler.

"Don't worry about it, baby. Now do you want a piece of the hottest chick in this place or not?"

Skyler instinctively got on her knees and looked at the hard shaft in front of her. She knew that normally, she'd be slobbering all over this and any cock, but now, she felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment. Did she really want this? She thought about how disappointed her mother looked when she came home for break in a slutty outfit with hickeys all over her neck. Then, she scoffed and just strutted away with her boytoy. Now however, she just wanted to cover herself up and read a good book.

And besides, this was Mindy! A girl! She was certainly attracted to the penis she somehow had but she was fairly sure she was straight. And even if she wasn't... Well, she wanted to take things slower. Get to know the person first, not just fuck and move onto someone else.

She looked up to Mindy's face- did it always look like that?- and stood up. "I... I'm sorry, I can't do this."

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