tagNonConsent/ReluctanceClover and the Occultists

Clover and the Occultists


Jed's next act of revenge was a corker. I fell for it absolutely, and when I received a beautiful gilded invitation to the local fancy dress black magic ball ("your dress code: virgin bride") I put on my best lace underwear and a simple cotton dress. I curled my hair, which was very long at that point, and plaited it down my back. And I made a sort of flower circlet and put it on the top. I loved the idea of a personalised dress code. I wondered what everyone else would come as.

My suspicions were raised when I was led into the hall and saw that everyone else was masked and in black. There were about forty of them, I'd say, all robed from head to toe, and all masked. A sort of murmur of excitement seemed to begin as I entered the room, but nobody spoke to me, so I accepted a glass of red wine off an incredibly beautiful man in a loincloth, who leaned over and kissed me full on the lips as he gave it to me. Moments later I slid to the floor, unconscious.

I awoke after my abduction feeling a little groggy, to find myself tied, flat on my back, to some kind of an altar. there were occult symbols on the floor around me, and candles lit. And there were people. When I turned my head I could see an audience gathered in a ring around me, whilst two men and a woman, naked except for eye masks and horns, were stroking my pussy and my nipples through the thin fabric of my dress. I was wearing a ball gag, which I really don't like, and I could feel that I was naked under the dress, apart from my G-string.

Bloody Hell. Had Jed done this to me? This wasn't funny!

I started to wriggle, and a low rumbling cheer went up around the audience. I realised there were a lot more of them there outside the candle light. And I was the entertainment.

I moaned slightly. It was a horny situation, but how many of them were here? What did they want? Why was I bound?

The ceremony began slowly. The massed rank of audience started to file around me, chanting and singing some satanic type of chant. I was quite lulled by it when the guy who seemed to be in charge leaned across and ripped my dress open from top to bottom. And after that the assaults began.

It started with my tits. There were lots of them. As they went round and round they were touching me, feeling me. Hands started pulling on my nipples, pulling and feeling. Then mouths were on my body, all over my skin, and fingers were lifting my G-string.

I could hear "oh yes, oh yes..." in low voices, and someone saying "let me see the pussy..." and the murmuring and moaning increased. Something wet hit me and I realised that many of them were rubbing their cocks, and their cum was spurting onto my helpless body where others licked it off hungrily. I could see long cocks, short cocks, multiple cocks... Oh God...

There were hands in my pussy now - lots of hands, when oiled hands, fingers in my butt feeling me intimately. I was being hand fucked and my ass was up for grabs. I writhed and tried to spit the gag out, but I couldn't. The woman was feeding on my left tit so brilliantly I thought she might be Jed in disguise...

And then a gong sounded and they stepped back and formed a ring. A silence fell, and I felt my stomach clench in nerves. And into the silence walked a man in a cloak and mask. He came to the table and climbed up some fort of steps at the end. Then he stood over me and got out his cock.

It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was black and monstrous. It was like no other cock ever. And staring at me he climbed onto the altar and knelt over me, and began to rub his own cock rhythmically, his dark eyes fixed on mine from behind the mask. And the people were chanting 'yes, master, yes, master, yes, master, cum, yes master yes master yes master cum" like zombies, and he was deadly silent, watching me and fucking his own huge member with his hand. I sense it before he jerked off as he came in a single huge spurt, still silent, and the worshippers all cheered. And he said, "your initiation has begun."

His cock was vast but at least it was dropping a bit. It didn't help me much though. Hands gripped my face on either side, the ball gag was removed, and he lowered himself into my throat.

And there he stayed. He wasn't moving. I could feel his giant soft cock dripping and hardening in my throat. It was only partway in, I couldn't take all of it, and my hands were tied down so I couldn't grab his balls. I tried to moan but there were two people suckling on my tits as a cock I couldn't even see slid gorgeously into my wetly prepared fanny and I was as turned on as a television set. I felt it begin a slow beautiful thrusting, probing the depths of my pussy in fabulous rhythmic strokes as the suckling continued. As the unknown cock fucked me to the timing of the sounds of a gong there were still fingers in my clit. There was chanting. The giant cock was swelling in my mouth. And I heard the unmistakeable sound of lube...

The fucking was speeding up. The crowd were chanting 'fuck her, fuck her..." and the tit sucking girls had been replaced by men, rough and horny, chewing and grabbing and lusting on me. Ever so often I was splashed with cum as the crowd rubbed themselves off as they pleased, and I became aware that the girls were writhing with orgasm as they were fucked themselves by first one cock, then another, rubbing one in each hand and swallowing another as they did so... I could barely concentrate, someone's fingers were deep in my ass and I moaned.

I could feel my cum building up. the smell of incense, the candles, the vaguely drunk feeling, the ever-growing black cock... I began to thrust my pelvis at the cock when - to my shock - he pulled it out of me.

"Oh yes oh yes oh yes" began the chanting, and a loose hood was dropped over my head. I felt myself being lifted, and held up...

A sort of religious chant began.

"Worshippers of Satan"

"Oh yes master"

"Have you delighted in the desecration of her body?"

"Not enough master"

"Has the fucking been sufficient for you all"

One voice, sounded familiar, "many of us seek the relief of her pussy, master...'

"What is the duty of the great high priest?'

"Take her for us all Master!"

"How many must take her?"

"One and then two and then all master...!"

"Then it shall be...' and I felt that vast black cock push hard, hard, harder against my ass hole. I cried out, because it was too big for me, but I was so lubed that he forced the cockhead in with a plop and moments later I was lowered down onto the whole of that giant twelve-inch shaft.

I moaned. 'oh God..."

"Master she cried the name of God"

"Fill her full...' he said, and the ball gag was put roughly back on me. As it was the hood was briefly half lifted and I caught a sight of about twelve men, all rubbing their cocks and watching me with expressions of lust. One of the was my Uncle Martin. Two of them were professors of law at my college. Oh God, so they all knew...

And then I couldn't think at all, because the black cock was in my ass and the white cock was in my pussy, and they were taking turns, like a heartbeat, thrust thrust, thrust thrust... and someone had put a vibrator on my clit and I was cumming even though I didn't want to, cumming and moaning and cumming again.

They were relentless. After they had cum into me I was soaped and massaged by many hands, and my pussy was licked clean, then it began again no more ass fucking but cocks in my mouth, in my hands, in my pussy, and this vibrating toy bringing me to vibrator orgasm over and over again so that each of them could have the pleasure of my spasms. I swallowed my Uncle martin, a fast and angry face fucking as he shouted "oh yehh, oh yehhh, oh yehhh "and my Maths professor took me in the ass with a slim, swelling cock, one of those curved ones that hit the spot and had me roaring with pleasure.

Eventually they were all spent. I had been bathed and redressed, still gagged and tied, and left lying exhausted on the table. The men filed from the room, and the gong stopped chiming. And that's when Jed appeared.

'Honey you were fantastic...' He said. "Cyril would like to say hello..."

"God," I said, "I've just cum about thirty times. I'm not interested in any more... "

"I don't think that's up to you, baby, " says Jed, climbing aboard and sliding Cyril lusciously into my exhausted pussy."

He starts to fuck me slowly and interestingly, with a sideways wriggle that turns me on, his fingers on my breasts, and after a while I am begging..."Oh God, oh Cyril..."

"What you want honey?"

"In my mouth...," I whisper, "in my mouth."

And he was out of me and Cyril sprang into life in front of my face, his purple mushroom cockhead swollen and angry, his thick veined shaft jerking a little with lust.

"You should have warned me," I told him half heartedly, "I don't do DP..."

"Sorry honey,' he said, "they did promise not to but you got them so turned on, and when I saw how you were loving it I didn't want to stop them..."

"You were watching?"

"Of course darling, you looked particularly pretty when they were all licking the cum off you and you had the High Priest's cock in your mouth...You know he's the Principal of your College don't you?"

"You bastard..."

"Oh but you want me, honey,' Jed was murmuring, "we can watch the film together later if you like..."

"Oh God. I want to suck you now Master. give it to me now..."

And that was all it took. He untied me and I was on my knees. I can't resist Cyril, nor any cock that reminds me of him. I'm like an animal, like a predator feeding on the best wildebeest ever. Jed's cock is my wildebeest. I could nosh and gobble and lick and suck that cock forever, however many Satanic nutters had ass-fucked me. No sooner had Jed got the ball gag off me that I was on Cyril, handling him and sucking him and licking him. I ran my tongue over his fat cockhead. I caressed his thick shaft, I suckled his balls, I rubbed him and stroked him and deep throated him. I was whimpering and begging for his cum. I was, even now, completely in his power and he knew it.

Oh God I am so his slave. I spent hours on Cyril that evening, suckling and feeding off him as Jed marked some homework and, every so often when it pleased him, gave it to me fast and hard and came in my throat.

I'd got it real bad.

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