The club was crowded, very crowded, and I had to squeeze my way in through the entrance. Passing down the short entranceway, multi-colored flashes of light competed with blasts of electronic music both seemingly briefly suspended in the heavy air, made humid and fragrant from the crush of bodies within. The walls painted black further disguise the room, and it alternately looks yawningly huge then claustrophobic tight. This in turn makes my petite frame either negligible in the mass or just large enough to fit in.

I fight my way to the bar where I have to scream at the bartender to try for a drink. I know she saw me, but she's one of these hard dykes that loves-hates my type, unless she's using me for her needs, she hates pretty fems, so she continues to ignore me as she pours and opens and slams drinks down amid the damp bills handed over the bar. Its part of the game, so I decide to play along and instead of raising my arm to get her attention, I stand silent and only watch her; knowing that she will feel my eyes and serve me once she feels like it.

She's not really my type either; I prefer my domme's to be pretty, even if they are hard and demanding in all other ways. She's hard all right. Dark hair cut short and tight to her skull, stocky and muscular, wearing a plaid work shirt with the sleeves ripped off, her jeans dark with heavy boots; if not for the large breasts filling out her shirt, it would be easy to mistake her for a male. Its an image she wants to project, knowing that it draws some fems to her; especially when they see she's packing, the large dildo clearly visible along her upper thigh.

Finally with a twisted grin, she places a drink in front of me. Something I didn't order, hell this is the first time she's acknowledged I'm here, but its strong, not too sweet and free. I take it and sip it as I nod my thanks; she stands before me and looks me over. I see her mind turning, assuming that since I arrived alone I came here looking to get fucked, and deciding – as if it was her decision alone – if she wanted to be the one to fuck me. I sip again before giving her a tiny smile and turning away; the club is full of dykes packing, and their not all working so if I find one more interesting I won't need to return. And if I don't? Well, she'll still be here and something tells me she won't say no.

I move about the club, finishing my drink then mixing into the crowd on the dance floor. Many paired up, but some not, but with even the couples making welcome the singles, I join in and shake my body to both relieve and heighten the sexual tension that brought me here tonight. Sweaty, I make my way back to the bar again where she serves me much faster, sustaining eye contact with me as our mutual lust increases.

Yes, I could see myself with her. The thought of how she would fuck me taking hold, the strap-on cock never softening or stopping until she herself was exhausted. She would bring me to orgasm several times but that would only be a by-product of her goal of getting herself off, my body something for her to use to gain that end. And that was appealing to me tonight.

I finish my second drink and rejoin the dance floor. Eyes half closed, I press up against the bodies that press in upon me from all sides. I give in to the moment, riding on the waves of music and allow my body to float among them; I'm caressed and I caress back. I'm kissed, and I kiss back. The temperature of the room rising along with my internal heat.

I'm sweaty and hot when the need to pee strikes me. I separate from the crowd before the song ends and start towards the lady's room at the back of the club. I'm halfway there and I can see the line extending back into the room. I don't want to stand and wait so I look about for another option. Recalling an earlier version of this place had a function room with additional restrooms in the basement, I search for the stairway that leads there. Hopeful its still a part of the facility and its existence not common knowledge.

In the dim light, with the stairwell door painted black to match the club walls, the passageway down is all but hidden to anyone who didn't know it was there. Pushing it open, the stairway is dark and I fear its now a dead end. But I enter anyway, my need now great, and once the door closes behind me, a faint glow at the bottom of the stairs appears. I'm apprehensive about going down alone but the alcohol gives me just enough bravo to take a few steps down. I stop and listen but its silent, well as compared to the music glaring behind me, so I chance a little more and go down further.

The stairway turns and a neon sign at the bottom of the steps lights up the lower floor. Its not much, but it does reveal the function room just as I remembered. Just as my eyes are adjusting to the light, a movement startles me and I start to turn. Then I realize the sound accompanying the movement comes from two women locked in an embrace in the shadows. A spark of light and a cigarette is lit; no, not a cigarette, a joint, which is drawn upon then passed over to the couple who pause long enough to take a hit.

A voice now, asks what I want and, after I respond, tells me the bathroom is still open but its not lighted. I'm told I can use it if I like. Passing by the small group, I'm offered the joint and I take a hit. I hold it as I continue on and enter the dark room.

I stand inside the almost total blackness, begging my vision to improve just enough to allow me to find the stalls and relieve myself. A covered window high up the far wall admits the barest memory of light but after a while my eyes adjust enough for me to move gingerly about. My hands extended out I find the row of stalls and I push to find the opening.

The first door doesn't give and I move to the next one. It swings open and I go inside; checking without hope for some paper and amazed when I find a roll. I tear some off and wipe at the seat, fearing to touch it either with my fingers or my ass. I plop myself down with my panties around my ankles. My piss strong, I almost sigh as relief floods me.

In the quiet darkness, my mind buzzed, I relax as I begin to plan the remainder of the night. The hour late, I won't have to wait too long for the bartender if that's my choice otherwise perhaps one of the dancers...

I'm frozen in place as I hear sounds coming from the next stall; shuffling sounds, and I think mouse...or rat! A desire to scream is building in my chest when another sound follows, but this one familiar, the whispering of lovers between kisses. My heart still pounding in my chest, I take a deep breath and try to calm my mind; feeling a bit foolish but, at the same time a bit curious, my voyeur coming out, as to what might be going on beside me.

Finished urinating, I quickly wipe and reach down to pull up my panties. Doing so, I can't help it, and I lean down further than necessary and glance under the stall wall, my eyes now adjusted enough to make out at least the outlines of shapes. I see two sets of feet, one behind the other, facing the stall door and obviously with both pressed up against it.

Twp sets of feet in heels, with legs bare or at least they are wearing skirts or dresses. Then I notice that the front foot of one has a pair of panties draped over it. As I stare, doing all I can to make this out, I hear them again; kissing mostly but also movements, and my mind tries to match the sounds with the movements that might make them.

Hands moving over each other's bodies? No, not bodies; maybe a body. With their positioning, the one in front would be hard pressed to caress the one in back. It must be the caresses of the one in the rear, but what is she doing?

Listening as intently now as I am staring, I hear a low grunt, followed by, "She's still there."

Another voice, "I don't care." And the stall wall creaks with the next movement.

"I hope she looks."

Looks? Looks? How can I look? My head swimming, suddenly finding the situation very erotic. Two women, locked in an embrace in the tight, dark confinements of a deserted ladies room, engaged, or about to engage, in a sexual act, and they, or one of them, wants me to watch. My inner voyeur takes charge and I find myself on my knees, forgetting that I could be kneeling on a nasty, filthy floor. Thankfully its not and I'm soon crouching down, peering under the partial wall.

Oh what did she give me to drink? Smiling as the image of what I am doing briefly flashes in my mind.

The sounds from the adjoining stall begin to increase, the stall again creaking, cracking; bodies pressing against it.

Soft kisses, not on lips but perhaps on the neck, along with a moan soon follow.

"Is she looking?"

"Yes...I think so."

The feet in front are spread wider than the feet behind. As I look, the woman in front steps them further apart; the near foot within my reach as I turn my head, trying to look up, to see who my half hidden playmates might be. No luck, I can only see the lower portions of their legs; but I can make out that they are moving ever so slightly. Both bodies barely moving, but definitely moving, as I watch.

The movements becoming stronger, the one behind leading.

"Is still still there? Watching?"

"Ummmm, yes."

"Good. Tell her."

Maybe its my imagination but I swear the woman in front just shuddered. Without thinking – again – I reach out my hand, and I touch her ankle. With that, she does shudder; and my fingers go round her ankle.

"She's...touching me."

The stall creaks again, both of their bodies pushing forward.

"Tell her."

I hear the woman moan and her hands clutch at the top edge of the metal door; in my mind, I can see her clinging to it and my fingers tighten about her leg.

"She's fucking me."

"Yes I am."

The movements again picking up pace, the words filling in some of the blanks of what I'm hearing and not seeing.

"Fucking you how, where?"

"In my ass...."

Now a sharp gasp fills the air, the gasp coming from me. The sudden knowledge of what it going on taking on added kink with them telling me. My fingers working, caressing the ankle, wishing I was caressing them elsewhere.

"You love being ass-fucked don't you baby?"

Loud, sharp bangs coming now from the stall, as the pace quickens even more. I can't see them but still... Wondering how big the dildo is, and is she getting all of it up her ass?

"Yesssssssssssssss." The word hissed out, but done so to stress the truth of the answer and the question.

I run my hand up and down her leg now. All three of us moving together. One being filled and fucked harder and harder. My presence adding to their pleasure of the act. And my taking pleasure in being a, sort of, witness. Knowing now when this ends, I will practically throw myself at the bartender; and once in her bed, I will offer my ass to her and beg her to fuck me there.

The metal wall shaking now, their efforts redoubled, almost violent as they rush towards conclusion. The feet behind going up on her toes, filling the other's ass. Flesh slapping into flesh as they fuck hard and fast.

One cries out, followed by the other. A few, last slams against the wall and they stop. I hear deep, swallows of air and whimpers of fulfillment as they settle down. These are followed by a twisting of the feet out of my grasp as they move into a new embrace; facing each other.

I hear them kissing as the harness and strap-on drop to the floor. I'm about to stand to leave when miss front feet drops down to her knees before miss behind.

"Oh yes baby, you know what I need."

I can't see them, but I know she's positioned herself to give oral pleasure to her lover. Her lover who just anally penetrated her. This knowledge confirmed by the wet sucking sounds that fill the room.

I listen a minute longer, to the gasps and sighs coming from the standing woman, until they've changed to deeper and more needful ones. Until she cries out again, cumming in her girlfriend's mouth; her reward for giving her ass to her lover.

A few minutes later, I've left the stall and just about to exit the bathroom, the door half pushed open with my hand, when they come out from the stall. The neon light from the stairway casts just enough for me to make them out. Both fem, but one clearly domme and older. They both smile at me and the older one gives her lover a quick, sharp slap on the ass.

"Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Judy and this is Jenny."

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