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The Crush


Jan heard a faint knocking once again. At first she thought it was the squirrels running on the roof again, but now it seemed to be coming from the front door. They had a bell. It couldn't be anyone. She looked out the peephole just in case.

There was a girl there. She had a slim frame, with freshly teased mousy brown hair. Her eyebrows needed to be thinned. An extra 10 pounds would do the girl good. She was chewing nervously on her lower lip. Her hand continually smoothed her clothes as if they could somehow make her drab clothes a bit prettier.

Jan opened the door. "Can I help you?" she asked.

The girl blushed a bright red. "I was just - I was - ah - raising money for..." she stammered.

"For what?" Jan asked, arching a thin eyebrow.

"A - school - trip..." the poor girl looked as if she were ready to bolt.

"Where to?" Jan smiled, the girl was obviously lying.

There was a pause. "France." the girl volunteered.

"I'll ask my husband Mark to see if there is really a class trip to France when he gets home."

"I don't got to Mr. Mitchell's school," the girl blurted.

"How do you know where my husband teaches?" Jan asked as the young eighteen year old fell into her trap.

"I - I " The girl blushed even redder. She looked down at her shoes. "I really need to go."

Jan's mind was a whirl. She'd frightened the girl off. That was her goal at the start, but now, something in her wanted the girl to stick around. It was all the excitement she'd had all day.

If she wanted the girl back, she needed do it quickly. This girl had to be one of her husband's students, but which one? There were so many. She helped grade his papers, certainly she'd graded this girl's. Who did the best on the tests? Who. Shanon? No, it would be the honors class. This girl was definitely honors material.

The girl was leaving. She had to hurry. She took a wild guess.

"Where are you going Leslie?" Jan asked the retreating girl, stopping her in her tracks.

"Turn around Leslie," Jan said, her suspicions confirmed. "And come back here."

"Please don't tell," Leslie begged the woman. How had the woman known her name? Had Mr. Mitchell been talking about her. God, what if this woman...not just a woman. His wife. What if she knew? "This was a big mistake."

Jan opened the door wider. "Why don't you come in Leslie." she said. "So we can have a little chat."

"Yes ma'am." the girl gulped visibly as she stumbled into the house.

"Are you having difficulty seeing?" Jan smiled.

"I-I I need my glasses."

The tall thin girl put on her glasses. The were thick and ugly. Things began to fall into place. They were enough set her apart. To make it difficult to find friends. The girl's height would make it difficult for boys to approach her. Her brains would make it harder still. Her attempt to find someone outside of her ordinary social circle would be difficult at best.

She would go outside her circle to find someone. Anyone. The girl had a crush. A teacher's crush.

'Have a seat," Jan said, pulling out a chair from the dining table. "Can I make you a soda or something?"

"Please," Leslie whispered, anything to delay the inevitable.

Jan made two diet cokes and put a shot of Jack Daniel's in her own and joined the eighteen year old in the dining room.

"So what was your plan?" Jan asked. "Were you going to come over here and seduce my husband?"

"No," Leslie shook her head for emphasis, but her blushing cheeks gave her away. She'd never thought of Jan. Oh, she knew Mr. Mitchell was married, but she'd never thought of his wife. She never thought of anything like that, just the way his ice blue eyes made her knees quake. The way his deep voice had worked its way into her fantasies.

Jan was feeling very conflicted. On one hand, this was the sort of girl who kept her up at night. She knew her husband was attractive, plus he was an authority figure. She knew there were all those young girls there at high school and some would be eager to steal her husband away.

On the other hand. She had been unemployed for a month now, and her self esteem was making new lows daily. And she was bored. This girl, this blushing trembling young girl, was making her feel powerful. Dominant. Making her - hot.

"How old are you?" Jan asked.

"Eighteen." Leslie volunteered.

"Parents divorced?"

Leslie shook her head.

"Does your mom work?"

Another shake of the head.

"How would you feel if I went over to your house and seduced your dad?" Jan asked. "If he left you and your mom. And she didn't have a way to pay the bills? How would that feel? And then after, what if I didn't even have respect enough to answer her questions."

"I would feel bad," Leslie croaked, blinking back fresh tears. "I-I'm really sorry Mrs. Mitchell. I don't know...I don't know what got into me."

"Shhhh.." Jan said, circling the poor teen like a cougar. "We both know what got into you. I remember what is was like being a budding young woman. The hormones. How I would lay awake at night...feeling so hot down there."

"I wasn't.." Leslie blushed. How did this woman know how she felt. Was she really that transparent. Or was - or was the feelings she was feeling completely normal.

"But why go after a married man. A teacher?" Jan asked. "There's plenty of available boys for you. A whole school full of them. Hmmm..but they don't notice you - not in that way do they?"

Leslie shook her head. They liked the pretty girls. The short girls with great bodies and big boobs. The bubbly blond girls. Not long, lanky, gawky, smart girls. They didn't have the time of day for those type of girls. Girls like her.

"But you could be noticed, you know," Jan ran a finger along the slim girl's neck. "You could have your pick. And if those young boys don't interest you, there's always college boys. Why haven't you found - you know - someone to take you under her wing and show you what's what? Surely your sister has shown you a thing or two."

"I - don't have a sister," Leslie said. Nor a mom that cared about how people made fun of her or the fact that she'd never felt more alone than she did right now.

"An aunt?" Jan smiled- knowing each question would only bring another shake of the head from the insecure girl. "A friend of the family perhaps?"

"I don't have anyone," Leslie's eyes filled with moisture. "Not to help me...about stuff like that...not to help me..."

"Fit in?" Jan tilted the girl's head up by her chin. "You poor thing. I feel so bad for you. I'd - well I'd love to help. To take you under my wing. Teach you. No - forget I said anything. It's best for you to find someone else. Perhaps your mom has a friend - or someone you trust in your class."

"There's no one," Leslie was crying openly now. "No one to help me. Please Mrs. Mitchell - I - I'm begging you."

"I really can't," Jan said. "My husband is your teacher. It wouldn't be proper. I'm certain he wouldn't allow it."

"I won't say anything," Leslie said with hopeful eyes. "I promise I won't tell a soul."

Jan felt her loins grow hot. This girl was as good as hers now. However, she had no idea what she was going to do with her.

"Let me get a good look at you," Jan said. "Stand up. Let's see what we have to work with."

Leslie stood. It was uncomfortable standing as Jan looked at her with such critical eyes. However, it was a small price to pay to have someone help her fit in and not be an outsider anymore.

Jan took out her camera and snapped a shot.

"What are you doing?" Leslie asked.

"I want to have before and after shots," Jan said. "To document your transformation from being a little wall flower nobody to being miss popularity."

A wallflower noboby. Even this woman who just met her knew what she was. Leslie's cheeks colored at the ease in which the older woman seemed to know her.

"Now take off your shirt and jeans," Jan said.

"What?" Leslie looked around nervously.

"Nevermind," Jan said dismissively. "You should just go. I told you, find someone you trust to take you under her wing and teach you a thing or two. This is going to be too hard with you balking every time I ask you to do something. God, if Stacy or Megan talked back so much, I would have never been able to work with them."

Leslie was conflicted. On one hand, she didn't want to disrobe in front of a perfect stranger. On the other hand, she had no one else she trusted, not that could help her. The woman clearly knew her business - and she'd even helped teach other girls. Stacy and Megan - whoever they were...besides, these girls even sounded popular. Her fingers began to fumble with her buttons.

"God, you act like you have something I haven't seen before?" Jan said. "I assure you I've seen better."

Leslie blushed. She knew the woman had seen better. Mrs. Mitchell obviously had no idea what it was like to be shy about your body. The woman was well-developed and had every reason to be confident.

Next followed shoes and socks and finally her pants. It took all of Jan's will to hide her obvious hunger. There was something about the girl's narrow hips and tight ass that begged for - God, it was all she could do not to grab the girl from behind by that narrow waist and give her a pounding - only she didn't have anything to pound with.

The high school senior felt a shiver as the older woman examined her.

"You are too skinny," Jan said. "But maybe one day you will fill out and all those pretty high school girls will be jealous, but I've seen boys that looked more feminine. I don't know if I even have enough to work with."

Leslie wanted to crawl in a hole she was so embarrassed. And it only grew worse. She saw the shrewd woman's eyes narrow as it glanced at her chest.

"And what in the world is going on in there?" Jan said, pointing at the eighteen year old's chest.

"What do you mean?" Leslie lied, knowing exactly what the older woman was referring to.

Jan didn't wait for an answer. She grabbed for the skinny girl's chest and snatched quickly. Leslie tried to stop her, but it was too late. A stream of tissue were held in the older woman's hand and the remainder hung from Leslie's bra.

"Tissue?" Jan said incredulously. "My God. In this day of wonderbras and even gel bras, you stuff with tissue. You may as well have used oranges like Jan on the Brady Bunch. What would you have done if you'd actually seduced my husband? You don't think he would have noticed?"

Leslie blushed even more. "I wasn't. We wouldn't."

"Honey," Jan said. "You don't know men the way I do. Poor thing, I know it's because you don't have ANY experience with them. But, you would have been found out and word would have gotten out - and that is something you can't come back from. Bra and panties next. Come on girl, we don't have all day."

But. Leslie had a ton of buts, and even more doubts. However, she knew she was on thin ice. A but or doubt would send her out the door and without the older and more knowledgeable woman's help. Leslie obeyed hesitantly, her clothes ending up in a pile on the dining chair. Her cheeks blushing bright red, a hand clutched protectively over her breasts and the other over her crotch, she trembled under the older woman's penetrating gaze.

Jan smiled, taking her phone from her purse. "Move your hands Leslie," she said. "I can't see anything."

Leslie moved her hands, but only for an instant, when she saw Jan press a button on her phone.

"What are you doing?" Leslie asked, aghast at the thought of what must have happened.

"I took a picture of course," Jan stated in a matter of fact tone. "I said we were going to do a before and after. This will be a perfect learning tool. I wish I had something like this when I was your age and learned about such things. Now stop yapping and come over here, let's take a look at you."

I don't want to look, Leslie thought to herself. But she knew she must,if only so she could get the woman to delete her picture. She'd be ruined if something like that got out. At the very least she could see how incriminating the photo was.

It was very incriminating. God, everything was on display. From her sex to her small breasts. Nothing was hidden from view.

"Now what are you most embarrassed about?" Jan asked as she increased the magnification and scrolled the picture up and down.

"I-I'm too pale." Leslie offered. That was the least of her problems, but she would be far too humiliated to mention her true shame.

"Is that all?" Jan asked. "Well, can just doctor you up with some color and show this to a few of your classmates then? It's obvious you don't need my help whatsoever."

"Wait," Leslie blushed. She couldn't permit that picture to get out. She'd be ruined. They'd see her every fault. "My forehead is too high. My breasts are too small. My shoulders are weird. I'm too bony. I don't have hips. My nose is too big. I look like I...I look like I've seen a ghost."

"Good," Jan encouraged the young girl. "We can't progress unless you are completely honest with me. Now, I think we can begin in earnest."

"Let's take one more," Jan held up her phone again. "This time, turn a bit to the side. Now tilt your head a bit. Brush your bangs down. Here let me help."

Jan worked with the girl's hair. Then moved her into position. Touching her arm, her shoulders, the small of her back, her thighs. Growing more and more aroused over the fact that she now had this young eighteen year old increasing in the palm of her hand.

"Now a bit of a smile," Jan said. "Not that. God that's awful. Imagine you are a model. There you go. Don't be afraid to show those pretty teeth. Perfect."

Jan snapped another picture. "Now close your eyes," Jan said as she sidled next to the young girl.

"Keep them closed," Jan said. "Let me tell you about a pretty young girl I met. She has beautiful brown eyes. She reminds me a bit of Natalie Portman. She's sexy- but not in the usual way. Nod if you'd like to see her picture."

Leslie nodded, truly curious.

"Then open your eyes and take a look."

Leslie opened her eyes and almost gasped in amazement. The girl on the phone was pretty. She was sexy. She almost had to do a double take when she realized the girl in the picture was her. Before she could look for her flaws, Jan turned the phone off.

"How's that for progress?" Jan said. "But we are only just beginning. It isn't just confidence, we have to back it up with knowledge. And that's where you are a very lucky girl...knowledge is something I have in abundance. Much more than a friend or cousin would have. Now, pick up your clothes and follow me to my room, there is tons more work to do and very little time to do it in."

Leslie picked up her clothes and followed the older woman. She couldn't help but watch the way the older woman walked. The way her hips moved. The way her bottom wiggled so sexily with every step. There was no way she could ever hope to be as sexy as this woman.

"Let's put some flesh on that skinny little body," Jan said. "Get down on the floor and see how many push ups you can do."

Leslie reached for her clothes so she could dress.

"Didn't you hear me?" Jan said sharply.

"Yes ma'am," Leslie answered, her cheeks burning red.

"Then why aren't you doing pushups?" Jan said. "Or did Miss Smartypants make a time machine that will give us time to lollygag about this afternoon.

"No ma'am," Leslie stammered as she went down to the floor and did a push up. Her arms trembled. This was hard work. It was also off putting to be doing this naked on the floor while a woman walked around her perfectly clothed and modest.

"Count them out," Jan ordered.

"Two- umphh - three..." Leslie counted, doing a a total of five before she collapsed.

"Two more weakling," Jan said. "Two more or you can get your things and go."

With burning trembling arms, Leslie managed to eek out two more pushups.

"Good girl," Jan said. Now on your back. Arms behind your head and crunch."

Leslie counted out twenty crunches before she collapsed and was then ordered to do five more.

"Now keep your arms behind your back and lift your feet up," Jan said. "Good girl. Now hold it. Hold it... and release."

The older woman licked her lips. Things were about to get more interesting.

"Now spread your legs and lift your feet up again." Jan ordered. Her insides grew ever warmer as the young girl spread her lean legs and tensed her stomach as her heels left the floor. The girl was so skinny, her hip bones protruded. God, she could see the girl's nether lips. So pretty so pink. It was all she could do to refrain from jumping the girl's bones here and now. However, Jan was patient. Good things come to those who wait, she told herself as she called out more orders for the young girl.

Leslie barely had time to think the orders were coming so fast. Feet together. Feet apart. Tighten stomach. Feel the burn. Up down. Up down. Squat thrust. Thrust squat. Her body glistened with sweat and her breathing grew ragged. She was tired. Her body burned. There was another feeling down deep in her loins. She was hot. God she was aroused. It was as if the exercises were designed to stimulate her.

Still there were orders. Up down. Down up. Get on the bed. Use this. Show me how you bring yourself off.

Something penetrated through the hazy fog that was clouding her mind.

"What?" Leslie said with disbelief, staring at the cylindrical object with startled brown eyes.

"Did I whisper?" Jan said. It was past time to reel this fish in. "Bring yourself off. It's time to see how comfortable you are with your own body."

I'm not comfortable with my own body and I damn sure not going to become comfortable with it while you stare at me, Leslie thought to herself. She kept those thoughts to herself, and chose a bit more delicate reply. "I-I can't."

"Are you frigid too?" Jan asked. "You poor girl. This is going to take much longer than I thought."

Leslie's cheeks burned a bright crimson. She should have been more firm. Now she had this to explain. "I'm not - I don't think I am. It's just..I've never...you know ...with one of those."

"Do you live under a rock. Are you one of those Amish girls?" Jan said, sensing the girl was growing distant and a bit more spirited. She could only think of two courses of action. Push the girl and threaten to withhold the lessons. But her instincts told her that she was pushing too far. Perhaps there was another way.

"Give it here," Jan said, unzipping her skirt and wriggling out of her panties. "I guess I'll have to show you. I don't know whether to think you truly are that unbelievably inexperienced or just putting me on."

The older woman sat on the bed and showed the back of the vibe to the young girl. "This is the on off switch. Just turn it on here. Now we need to get it wet."

Jan slipped the vibe into her mouth. God she felt so dirty. She'd never done such a thing before. Oh, she'd used the vibrator often enough. But, never so lewdly. A little KY sure, but she'd never just stick it in her mouth like this.

However, she wanted to teach this little minx a little differently. The girl was going to learn to be a little geek whore. The thought sent a thrill through her loins.

Running the vibe along her slit, Jan gave a low moan.

"Fuck yeah," Jan growled. "See how I'm doing it. Nice and slow. Up and down my slit. Then when you get warmed up, play it along your clit. Ahhh...that's good. See what I'm doing? Just make slow gentle circles around your clit."

Leslie looked on uncomfortably. She felt like such a dweeb. Here was a woman in control of her own sexuality while poor Leslie couldn't imagine herself spread and moaning in front of a boy, much less this woman who'd offered to teach her such worldly matters.

"You hold it," Jan said, grabbing the girl by the hand, and bringing it to the vibrator. "Try to do it exactly like I was."

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