tagGroup SexClub Night, Second Time Around

Club Night, Second Time Around


Danielle and I had been to the swingers club once before. It had been her first time then and I was wonderfully surprised when she let me use my fingers and hands to bring her to a big orgasm as we sat on the sofa of the club's second floor balcony that overlooked the dance floor. That was an amazing display of public lust. I was hoping that we could repeat something like that.

This visit held the promise of being even more exciting for us both. As we dressed at my apartment, Danielle was being seductive and flirty, touching me and striking provocative poses as she put on each article of clothing for our second visit to the club. She looked genuinely excited to be returning there. I was being cool and calm so as not to ruin the mood. I didn't want to have expectations and run the risk of being disappointed.

It was still summer in Atlanta so it was warm enough for her to wear mostly what she had worn previously - a short and loose, side-buttoned schoolgirl skirt, black thigh-high stockings with garters and belt sewn in, see-through black bra and matching thong, and red pumps. She did change her blouse. Instead of the white button-down top she wore before, she now put on an almost transparent black lace button-down top with very short sleeves. If the light were right, her breasts and nipples were clearly visible. It was a perfect outfit for this club.

There was another minor change to her outfit and one that required a very diplomatic suggestion from me while she was still dressing.

"Danielle, you should put your stockings on before you put on your thong." She held her thong and looked at me quizzically. I wanted her to realize that it might be necessary to remove her thong at the club without removing the stockings because of the sewn-in garter belt. I also wanted to be reasonably diplomatic with my suggestion. Thankfully, Danielle is clever and so it took her only a few moments to figure it out.

"You're right." With those words, she was telling me that she might very well indeed remove her thong without taking off the stockings. She finished dressing and then moved on to her makeup so she could finish preparing for the night's fun.

At the club and as before, we paid our entry fee and made sure that the bartender had our premixed bottles of cocktails. We walked slowly around the club's first floor seeing what we could see. It was moderately crowded at that point in the evening.

Danielle and I went back to the bar so we could have drinks. We found two adjacent stools and took our seats. We spent some time sipping our drinks and watching the scene on the dance floor and around the club. The dancers were doing their usual grinding and thrusting. It was a Saturday night and the club was getting more crowded with couples and just a few single guys. The age range spanned from the mid 20s to the 50s so Danielle and I fit in quite nicely with her in her early 30s and me facing down the big four-oh in a few short months.

The dance floor was more than half full with couples and groups doing a kind of horizontal sexual foreplay. Some women were topless or wearing see-through clothing that held little to the imagination. There was a stripper pole on the low stage and a svelte, young, almost naked woman was doing an erotic pole dance. The music ranged from hip hop to classic rock with the occasional Latin song tossed it. There were a few couples who did some excellent Latin dancing which was fun to watch because of the sensuality of the dance moves. We didn't dance at all because we're not the dancing types, at least not vertically. We'd been chatting idly and drinking our cocktails while checking out the scene for almost 30 minutes.

After watching all the adult antics on the dance floor and having a couple of strong drinks, Danielle was feeling frisky. She reached over and took hold of my cock through my loose-fitting dress pants. She winked at me as it responded by starting to swell. I took advantage of the situation by unbuttoning her top. She looked down at my hands as each button came undone, exposing a bit more of her chest.

"It's already-see-through and you want to take it off?" She had a bemused look in her eyes.

"I like to see you," was my honest reply. "Besides, you look incredible with just that black bra for a top."

She didn't respond and let me continue to unbutton her top.

With all the buttons undone, Danielle took off the sheer garment and let it rest over her arm. She reached out to continue her massage on my growing cock. She looked beautiful sitting on the bar stool. Her legs with the black stockings were slightly parted and her sexy, black bra revealed her little, pink nipples quite nicely. I reached out to carefully and slowly pinch one of them. Danielle didn't say anything, just looked down at my fingers. The cute bartender had noticed us and smiled broadly when I looked around and my eyes met hers. I stopped pinching Danielle's nipple.

"Oh, don't let me stop you", she said. "Watching you two is more fun than pouring drinks."

Danielle giggled and I smiled. So, I continued with my treatment of her nipples making sure to get the most physical response from her. It worked. Her nipples swelled into points which were clearly visible through the bra. Danielle looked down again at what I was doing.

"You really like doing that, don't you?...especially here in public?"

I winked at her. "You know me and you like me doing that. Besides, you started it."

She looked at her own hand that had firm grasp of my erection through my pants and then looked up again. "I suppose I did. It's exciting to have an audience." Danielle looked over at the bartender who had been watching us as much as she could. The brunette with the tight tank top smiled widely. "I wish I weren't so busy or I'd be watching more."

I leaned and kissed Danielle, softly at first and then with more fervor. Our tongues met wetly. I knew that Danielle loved kissing and that it raised her ardor. Tonight was no exception. As we kissed, she kept her hand on my crotch and I kept my hand on her breast. When we withdrew, I pulled a bra strap from her shoulder. She raised an eyebrow archly. "And what are you intentions with my tits, young man?"

"I think one of them needs a good sucking."

Danielle looked around. No one seemed to be paying much attention and the bartender had moved away to tend to patrons further down the bar. This was probably just a little lingering modesty, despite our public display of affection the last time we visited the club and the bartender watching what we had just been doing.

"Then do it, you horndog."

I pulled the bra strap further down so that the sheer fabric over her left breast fell away and revealed her well-shaped tit and very white skin with a firm, pink nipple. I leaned down and took it into my mouth feeling the firmess with my tongue and lips. I could sense Danielle's head fall backwards. I knew she liked when I did this. Her nipples were very sensitive to my mouth. I sucked and nibbled using my teeth very sparingly. I moved a hand to her legs and caressed upward, taking her skirt upward as well. She spread her legs a little, just barely giving me access to that special warm spot I knew so well.

Her head moved down and she whispered in my ear. "You're making me really horny" I responded by moving my tongue rapidly back and forth across her nipple. This made her breathe more rapidly. She put her free hand around my neck. "Don't stop what you're doing" she whispered, a touch of urgency in her voice. I moved my hand between her legs more and she spread them more. My fingers moved away the fabric of her thong which was warm and moist. I rested my thumb right on her clit. "Oh shit!" she sighed, keeping her voice low. I was hoping that the cute bartender was watching all this. I couldn't see because my face was in Danielle's chest, my mouth attending to her nipple.

Danielle was breathing heavily at this point. I ignored the music from the dance floor and the people around us. I was very focused on my girlfriend so I could bring out her passion and lust... to a point. I suddenly pulled back, my mouth away from her breast, my hand away from between her legs. She looked surprised and then upset. "Why did you stop?" I didn't say anything. I just moved her bra strap back on her shoulder and made sure her breast was properly covered.

"We have all night...I just want to make sure you're ready for anything." I removed her hand from my crotch.

Her faced became bright again and she smiled. "Just don't tease me too much because I'm ready for anything. If you do that again, it'll be just like the last time we were here." Her voice was playful.

"I think we should check out the voyeur room and see what we can see." She moved first to put her empty glass on the bar and I did likewise. She hadn't put her top back on and was just wearing the sexy, sheer bra... nipples still pointy and firm. Danielle knew what to expect in that room so a public sexual display wouldn't be the shock it was the first time when we came to this club. It helped that our drinks had left us relaxed and slightly buzzed from the alcohol.

We walked back towards the voyeur room. I could tell that Danielle was eager to see something torrid. We opened the curtain that lead to the short hallway and the big window looking into the room. Danielle wasn't disappointed. In the room was a naked woman lying on her back surrounded by three, equally naked men. Her legs were facing away from the window. It was hard to tell their exact ages but they looked to be in their early 40s or late 30s. The woman was plump but not fat. There was a muscular, balding guy between her spread legs and he was thrusting vigorously and deeply into her. In both of her hands she held the fat, erect cocks of the two other men.

"Wow" was all Danielle could muster. She put her face close to the glass to get a better look of the sexual tableau just a few feet away on the other side of the glass. I stood directly behind her, my chin resting lightly on her shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her waist to hold her close. She didn't respond immediately to my physical affection. Something else held her attention and it was truly exciting for us both. I whispered into her ear. "Do you like what you see?"

Unlike the first time she had seen a scene such as this, Danielle was confident in her response. "I love it... this is incredibly erotic." I moved my arms up and took her breasts in my hands. She pushed back into me, nestled nicely in my body. Another couple entered the hallway and stood close by us so as to also watch the passionate happenings in the voyeur room. We didn't pay much attention to them, we didn't even see if they were old or young. The four of us just watched the nude woman cavorting with the three nude men.

It was not easy to predict how the scene in front for us was going to unfold. The balding guy was eagerly fucking the woman with his deep and dramatic thrusts. When he pulled out to thrust again, we could see his condom-covered erection and that he was very well hung. He thrust into the woman and she yelped. Her hands were stroking the firm cocks of the other two guys. I whispered to Danielle, "I'm glad you like this, it's making me horny, too....you do realize that they can see us watching." Danielle nodded her head and then pressed her butt into my crotch, obviously feeling my own hardness.

We continued to watch the group in front of us. The man suddenly thrust in deep and closed his eyes. He was cumming! He held that frozen position for a few moments, not making a sound. The woman who was on the receiving end started crying out "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" She was cumming too! After her first very obvious orgasm, the balding guy pulled out slowly and moved away, peeling away the full condom as he did so. One of the other guys took his place, reached around to find a new condom, rolled it down his cock, and thrust into the woman without hesitation. Her reaction was immediate and loud. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! UH! UH! UH! UH! FUCK! FUCK!"

Danielle started to squirm. I could tell that the sight in front of her was making her very aroused. I clutched at her breasts using my fingers to feel and tease her tightened nipples. I could feel her breathing becoming rushed. "I think she's going to fuck all three guys in there," I told her quietly. The woman standing next to us responded instead. "I hope so, this is wild."

Danielle and I both glanced over at the couple standing next to us. Their position was a mirror to us. The man - early 40s or so - was standing right behind the woman and he had pushed up her tight, white top and was playing with her exposed breasts just as I was doing to Danielle's not so exposed breasts.

"This is incredible," said Danielle. I took a moment to kiss and nuzzle her neck. Danielle made a very low noise of contentment and arousal. In front of us, the second guy was slamming into the woman on the floor. She had tilted her head far back and her glassy eyes and open mouth showed that her arousal was at its peak. Perhaps she was between orgasms or in the middle of one; she had moved past loudly crying out and was visibly panting with shallow breaths.

My girlfriend seemed to be panting a little as well. As she was firmly in my embrace from behind, I could sense every breath and every subtle movement in her aroused body. I lowered my right hand from her breast and reached under the front of her skirt. The fabric moved up easily as I reached for the junction of her legs. With no prodding from me, Danielle spread her legs wide enough to allow me to reach her pussy. Her thong was wet with her natural lubrication. Danielle always got thoroughly wet when she was very aroused and I always found that thoroughly exciting.

In front of us, the lusty scene continued. The second guy thrust in deeply and he made a loud grunting noise. The woman closed her eyes and moaned loudly. Both were cumming and not being shy about it. I briefly looked over at the other couple in the hallway looking through the same window. The woman - a tall brunette - was grinding her ass into the front of her man who was standing right behind her, his hands firmly on her naked breasts. I don't think Danielle even noticed them, so deep in her arousal was she.

I used my index finger on Danielle's clit, pushing and massaging through the damp thong. My other hand was tweaking her nipples. I was also lightly kissing her neck. My erection strained against my trousers, poking out the fabric. Thank goodness I wasn't wearing any underwear or my erection would have been very uncomfortably confined.

Suddenly, Danielle tensed up and a second later bent slightly over, putting her hands on the glass of the window to support herself. She trembled and moaned softly. Her orgasm had snuck up on her and seized her. I held on closely, not moving my fingers on her anymore. She gasped and continued to tremble. "Ohhhhhhhhhh" she uttered quietly.

We heard a feminine voice. "Yes, it's exciting, isn't it?" The couple standing next to us had certainly noticed Danielle's climax. I looked over and nodded my head. The woman next to us was receiving much the same treatment, her man's hand up under skirt. But hers was much tighter than Danielle's so it was pushed well up her shapely hips to give her man better access. The woman put her head back and was quickly lost in her own passion.

Danielle recovered quickly. I pulled my hand away from her pussy but continued to hold her close, a hand on a breast. In front of us, the third man had mounted the woman, but this time, she had shifted her position to be on her hands and knees, looking straight at us as she was deeply penetrated from behind. "They can really see us?" Danielle asked softly.

"Yup, but not completely clearly, I think the glass is tinted on their side," I said quietly in her ear.

"So they saw what just happened, that I came?"

"If they were looking, yes." My response transformed Danielle.

"Do it again, make me cum again. I want her to see." Her voice was compelling. She took my free hand and moved it towards her pussy. Danielle was becoming an exhibitionist and I took it as my duty to indulge her exhibitionist and sexual needs.

"You have to do something first." I took my other hand from her chest and then using both hands, I hoisted her skirt completely up. Then I grabbed the waist band of her thong and pulled it down. She got the hint and so lifted one leg, then the other, and helped me deftly removed her skimpy lingerie in an easy motion. I was glad she had put on her stockings before she put on her thong. If not, the only way to remove the thong would be to remove the stockings first, a mood-killing proposition. She put the thong over her arm where her flimsy blouse was already resting.

Danielle stood up and pressed her back into my chest. She spread her legs so that I could easily drop a hand in between them. I glanced at the couple next to us. They were close physically but in a completely differently galaxy sexually. His hands were rapidly rubbing her pussy and the look on her face made it clear that she was thoroughly enjoying it.

"Please, make me cum... now!" Danielle demanded in a low voice. I took my right hand and put it firmly on her wet pussy, my index finger immediately finding her deliciously wet lips. Without hesitation, I moved my fingers to put pressure on her clit, finding it very swollen. "Ohhhhhhhhh" murmured my very aroused girlfriend. My other hand pulled down a bra strap and then clutched her naked breast, thumb and forefinger lightly pinching at her nipple. I made a point to softly kiss her neck.

The scene in front of us continued in a mad sexual frenzy of two bodies joined well. I sensed that Danielle was staring directly at the woman on all fours being ravaged by her partner behind her. I was massaging Danielle's pussy strongly and aggressively. She started gasping and very quickly tensed up. Her second orgasm hit her quickly and dramatically. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, FUCK!" she quietly called out with her hips rocking back and forth against my hand, Danielle obviously did not care that she and I were standing right next to another couple.

The woman in front of us was clearly cumming as well. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. Low, guttural sounds could be heard through the window glass of the voyeur's group room. The woman next to us was also pushed over the edge into climax. She let of a very satisfied "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". Her posture relaxed and her man held on tightly to her, his hand, like mine on Danielle, tightly against her pussy.

The whole scene probably unfolded in less than ten minutes but the intensity very much stretched out the minutes. Danielle seemed content to be held in such an intimate way. I didn't release my hands. I held her closely and felt her orgasm fade away. I nuzzled her neck affectionately. "You have no shame." I said quietly.

There were no further words for a few moments. We watched the group in front us and the couple who were screwing so enthusiastically pulled themselves apart. The man's half erect cock glistened with her moisture, the condom now fitting loosely. My girlfriend had relaxed at this point. She pulled my hand from between her legs and kissed it, no doubt smelling her own arousal. The couple next to us drifted away quietly. While Danielle was in the throes of her passion, I had mostly forgotten about them, anyway. Playing with my girlfriend was far more important.

It was time for us to move on. I pulled up Danielle's bra strap to cover her exposed breast. She turned around kissed me deeply on the lips. When she pulled back, her eyes were sparkling. I looked up and down at her. The short skirt and bra combination were so alluring. I was turned on completely but what I was seeing, what I had seen, and what we had done while being voyeurs and exhibitionists in that hallway.

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