tagBDSMClueless Pt. 01

Clueless Pt. 01


Kaylie looked at her Kindle Fire while fiddling with her sucker wrapper. This was the fifth novel in a week but she couldn't seem to put them down.

"Hey, Kaylie!" Wyatt Coleman ran up to her from his car parked at the curb. She was waiting for him at the Sunrise Cafe on Burk Avenue in New York City where they had a scheduled coffee date.

Looking up at him, she still experienced shock when she realized that he was hers. Wyatt was 6'2 and had brown wavy hair. He was in very good shape with defined abs and biceps. Honestly, he was the whole package rolled into a living, breathing Adonis. Sometimes she wondered why he had even chosen her for his girlfriend, but she honestly didn't care. Wyatt Fucking Coleman was hers and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

"Wyatt!" Kaylie squeaked and hurriedly turned off her Kindle. No one knew about the books she read and she definitely wasn't going to tell Wyatt. She didn't want to scare him off with her erotic fantasies.


Wyatt looked down at his beautiful girlfriend and tried to suppress his curiosity. He had known Kaylie for years but in all that time, she had never told him what was on her Kindle. She always carried it with her along with those stupid suckers that made him want to fuck her senseless.

"Why don't you go get our drinks and I'll save our table." He said, trying to hide his intentions. He had finally decided to steal it because he had a faint idea of what was on it but wanted to be sure.

Giving her a bill for the coffee, he watched her go inside the cafe before setting his plan in motion. Reaching into her book bag, he grabbed the Kindle and put it inside his backpack that he brought with him from class. Kaylie and him both went to NYU and he had just finished up his classes for the day. Thankfully he was able to hide it amidst the textbooks and binders in there because the zipper was broken and Kaylie would probably spot it in the open bag.

Trying to act like he hadn't done anything, he sat back in his chair and thought about phase two of his plan. If what was on her Kindle was what he guessed, he needed to act quickly before she found out what he was planning. Spotting Kaylie coming through the cafe doors, he smiled and waved her over, hoping that she couldn't see the guilt in his eyes.


No fucking way. Looking down at the dozens of books downloaded on Kaylie's Kindle, Wyatt was shocked. He had guessed that Kaylie was reading smutty porn novels from the way she always looked guilty while reading them but no way in hell had he thought that she was into kinky shit. Novel after novel of stories depicting kinky punishments and daddy doms. He had to admit though, he had been wanting to talk to Kaylie about stuff like this ever since they had started dating. It was no secret that he liked control, but no one knew the kinds of things that he wanted to do to Kaylie.

"Wyatt! Are you okay?" Kaylie asked from outside the bathroom door.

"I'm fine!" More than fine, actually. He had just discovered her little secret and no way in hell was he not going to take action...


"Wyatt, have you seen my Kindle? I thought I put it in my bag but I can't seem to find it in there." Kaylie looked at Wyatt with veiled panic because of the things she had on it. She had stupidly not put a pass word on it and anyone could see her kinky books.

"Yes honey, I have. You see, I shouldn't have stolen your Kindle, but you also shouldn't have hidden your fantasies from me. Especially because I am just like the Masters in your books." Wyatt said while walking towards Kaylie in the living room of their apartment.

Kaylie backed away quickly, trying to escape, but Wyatt lunged forward and threw her over his shoulder. She tried yelling at him to put her down and punching his back, but then Wyatt spanked her hard on her ass. Yelping in shock and pain, Kaylie quieted down as Wyatt walked towards their bedroom down the hall.

"Been meaning to tell you about all this, but I didn't want to push you too fast. Knowing you have the same kinks I do is just even better than I could've dreamed. What I'm going to do is tie you up, use my vibrator on you til you beg for mercy, and then spank your ass because of your dirty little secret. Then I'm gonna do it again." Wyatt growled as he tossed her on the bed.

Kaylie gulped in excitement and fear as Wyatt and her started to live out her greatest fantasy, she could only hope it went the way she wanted it to.

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