tagLoving WivesC'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 09

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 09


It was about eight thirty by the time we pulled up in our driveway. It had been a rather quiet drive. Maybe we were exhausted and sleepy. Maybe we were not sure of each other's feelings after a whole night of consensual infidelity.

"You okay?" I asked, looking at Tina as I switched off the engine.

"Couldn't be better," she replied with a mischievous smirk on her face and a distant gaze in her eyes.

"Any complaints?"

"Well, not really. Maybe I could do with some hot thick sperm lubricating my womb."

"Oh, we'll take care of that later."

We were completely knocked out for the next couple of hours, recuperating from out first night of extramarital love. And when we woke up we just went for each other like we hadn't met for ages.

After being with another woman, and after seeing Tina with another man for one whole night, there was something fresh and exciting about our love-making that morning.

And, when we lay in each other's arms, completely spent after the hot sex, we had so much to talk about. We seemed to have so many thoughts and feelings to share. We felt so much closer to each other than we had ever felt before.

"You looked simply irresistible when you were in Dave's arms," I whispered to Tina.

"I felt simply wonderful in his arms, especially knowing that you were watching and that I was with him with your full consent."

Tina told me that she did not know what to expect at the swingers club, but she confided that she fully enjoyed and appreciated the experience, though she would have loved to go all the way with Dave. When I asked Tina whether she realized that her lover had broken some of the rules that we had agreed upon, she hesitated somewhat before concurring with me. It made me wonder if she had colluded with Dave in that little extra bit of action.

"I was really taken aback when he plugged his mouth on my pussy, but you know how helpless I become in that situation," Tina said with a naughty grin, "So I just lay back and opened my legs wider for him. What else could I do?"

"Oh, don't feel so guilty about it. I'm glad you got that extra bonus from Dave. I would have loved to come over and give you a good kiss on your lips while he was eating your pussy."

Tina went on to tell me that Dave would have done a lot more if he had his way. He had even suggested a quick penetration while his cock was pressed against her wet pussy. Tina said that she could easily have let him in and no one would have been the wiser.

"You sure you didn't let him slip his cock in?" I must admit that my tone was a bit incriminatory.

"Of course not, darling. I've never been physically unfaithful to you, and I wouldn't want to spoil things at this stage. Anyway I wouldn't let a stranger in without some form of protection."

I could sense that Tina was truly captivated with Dave's charming ways. She described him as a very gentle and courteous lover, although he had made apparent his disappointment at not being able to penetrate her.

Later on in the afternoon, as we sat munching some sandwiches for lunch, I asked my wife if she would like us to meet up with Dave and Jill again.

"I think they are a nice couple," she replied, "I liked Dave, and I could see that you were happy with Jill."

"But you haven't answered my question," I said to her, "Shall we try to get together with them again?"

"Of course we should," she replied firmly, bits of bread spurting out of her mouth together with the words, "But please, no silly rules of the game this time."

"That would call for a good supply of condoms," I interjected.

"Condoms? Condoms are a real nuisance," my wife responded, "They take away the spontaneity of the act. And you don't get the real satisfaction of giving and receiving, filling and getting filled, fucking and getting fucked ..."

"I know what you mean," I said, sympathizing with her feelings, "You want to go all the way, and you want to get the feel of his solid flesh and his hot juices inside you."

Pregnancy was not a concern. Tina had been on regular contraceptive jabs for quite some time. But sexually transmitted disease was something to worry about, and we certainly wouldn't want to be anywhere near the HIV scourge.

"How about a medical check-up?" Tina asked.

"Medical check-up? What do you mean? Check-up for whom?"

"The four of us," my smart wife retorted, "Ask them to come over and we could all go for a medical check-up to get properly screened for whatever. If everyone comes through without any hitches then we go for it, otherwise we call it off. Better safe than sorry."

"I never knew I had such a smart wife," I muttered, almost to myself.

That very evening I called Dave on his mobile to let him in on Tina's proposal. He was very certain that he and Jill were absolutely free of any kind of contagious disease. But he was very receptive to the idea of a medical check-up. And he sounded very excited to hear about Tina's preference for unprotected sex.

Just three days later, on Wednesday afternoon, Dave and Jill took a drive all the way to meet us at the private medical center not far from our house. We went through a full workout by a specialist who seemed to have guessed the motive behind our visit.

"Hold on till you get the results," he advised us, with a naughty smirk on his face.

The anxiously awaited test results were faxed to us exactly a week later. Both couples were given a clean slate of health. To our surprise the specialist had added a short handwritten note at the end of the report congratulating us and urging us to "go for it".

Tina could hardly hide her excitement. She had crossed a major hurdle in her dream to have unbridled adulterous sex with Dave. And I was certainly very happy about being able to make love to Jill without any phobias or restrictions.

"This weekend!" my wife almost screamed when I asked when we should invite the other couple over. Tina's period was just trailing off, and the kids were going to be away at a nature camp. That would be just perfect.

On Saturday evening, just two weeks after our first taste of a swingers club, Tina and I found ourselves awaiting the arrival of our new friends. Our double date with Dave and Jill would mark the beginning of a new phase in our married life.

Tina was in a new outfit - a white halter-neck blouse, which was actually more of a soft scarf that went around the back of her neck and over her breasts, to be held together by a knot at the back of her chest; and a tiny matching skirt whose elastic material just clung on to her round hips and buttocks.

"No bra and no panties this time," Tina had announced earlier in the day. I had nodded my head in approval.

I noticed that my wife was real fidgety as she sat on the sofa trying to browse through one of her fashion magazines. She kept flipping the pages back and forth without paying much attention to the contents.

I was no less nervous. I don't know why but even though we had been with Dave and Jill for one whole night at the club, we were nevertheless feeling unusually tensed up. Maybe it was just the uncertainty that comes with each and every new sexual rendezvous.

"They're here!" Tina jumped up from the sofa and quickly adjusted her outfit. I could hear the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway. I went up to my wife and gave her a quick kiss on her lips.

"Go ahead and have a good time," I told her, "Don't hold yourself back."

We were already at the front door by the time the doorbell rang. As I opened the door, I saw Dave and Jill standing hand in hand on the patio.

"Hi," Dave greeted us, "Congratulations on your clean bill of health."

"Same to you," I responded, shaking his hand.

I welcomed Jill with a hug and a brief kiss on her lips. Tina and Dave greeted each other similarly except that their kiss lingered on a little longer.

Tina went on to welcome Jill with a warm hug, but Jill took it a little further with a peck on the lips.

I could not help admiring Jill's outfit. She was wearing what looked like a multicolored bikini top, and a bright red skirt that consisted of just two tiny flaps of material held together at the sides of her waist. The two triangular pieces of her top just covered her nipples and left a generous amount of her globes exposed, while the rectangular flaps of her skirt just about covered her crotch and her butt. Jill had certainly not left much to the imagination.

"Let's get our drinks first," yelled Tina, obviously very excited, as she led us to the make-shift bar she had set up in one corner of the sitting room. I mixed a bacardi coke for Dave and a whiskey soda for myself. The girls helped themselves to some red wine.

"I'll get some tidbits to go with the drinks," Tina announced as she headed for the kitchen, beckoning Jill to come along.

"How's it going to be today?" Dave asked, as we stood sipping our drinks with the girls out of the way.

"Today, anything goes," I told him, "Give Tina all you have. She needs it. She wants it. Don't hold back anything. No holds barred."

"Wow," Dave exclaimed with a devilish grin, "No restrictive rules today, huh?"

"Only one rule - enjoy yourself to the fullest," I said as I looked at the girls returning from the kitchen with some light snacks.

Although Tina was on top of the world she avoided giving the impression that she was longing for Dave. She kept a comfortable distance from him and sat down on the sofa next to me, allowing Jill to sit with her husband on the other sofa.

Everyone was quiet for a while. A whole lot of things had happened just a fortnight back and there were high expectations for tonight. So it was not that easy for us to just pretend and chit-chat like it was just a social visit from some friends.

It was Dave who broke the ice. He raised his glass and proposed a toast to our new friendship.

"I would also call it a new partnership or relationship," I said, as the four of us clinked glasses with one another.

"I would call it a marriage between two couples," added Tina.

"Wow, you're absolutely right, Tina," said Dave, looking intently at my wife, "Tonight that marriage is going to be consummated. And lots of sperm is going flow into the right places."

Tina avoided making direct eye contact with Dave as she took a big gulp of her wine to sooth her nerves. Jill looked at me in amusement and gave a little smile.

"There's no proper meal prepared for tonight," Tina tried to put on an unaffected front, "We'll just have to make do with some tidbits and snacks."

"That's okay with me," said Dave, "I prefer to preserve my appetite for my main dish tonight."

I could see that Dave was trying to prime Tina mentally for what lay ahead. From the way Tina was tapping her finger on her glass I knew that the devil was already at work in her mischievous mind.

"Looks like I'm going to be someone's main dish too," added Jill, not wanting to be left behind. She had a triumphant look on her face and gave me another sweet smile.

"Why don't you help me get some more ice?" I said to Jill, as I got up and started walking towards the kitchen. Jill leapt from her seat as if she was just waiting for the signal, and the two of us headed for the kitchen hand-in-hand.

I took out the largest ice pot and placed it on the breakfast table. Then I looked at the lovely Jill.

She looked totally irresistible as she stood just next to me, her outfit offering flickering glimpses of her adorable private anatomy. It was quite obvious that she wasn't wearing any panties. Looking so vulnerable and accessible, she was just waiting to be taken advantage of.

I put my arms out towards her, and she just melted into them. Almost immediately her lips made contact with mine and I crushed my mouth against hers, my arms slithering all over her.

"We'd better head back there," Jill whispered when our lips finally parted very reluctantly.

I picked up the ice pot and held it under the ice dispenser while Jill stood next to me holding the cover. I could feel her almost naked body pressing against mine as I let the ice cubes rattle into the pot till it was almost full. Jill placed the cover on the pot, I gave her a quick peck on her lips, and we headed for the sitting room.

Tina and Dave were crouched over a pile of music CDs on the side table. Dave stood behind my wife, taking full advantage of the situation by having his arms wrapped around her waist.

When Jill and I walked into the room, Dave was busy brushing his lips gently against the side of Tina's face and neck. My wife seemed to be enjoying the close attention she was getting while browsing through the pile of CDs.

"What's going on here?" Jill asked, and I wondered which particular activity she was referring to.

"Oh, we're just looking for some nice romantic music to get the evening going," said Tina. She picked up a couple of CDs, turned her face towards Dave to get a peck on her lips, then got up to insert the CDs into the CD player.

Dave and Jill settled onto their sofa, while Tina took her place next to me like a good wife. With light music playing in the background, we helped ourselves to some bites while slowly sipping our drinks.

All this while I noticed that Dave's gaze kept wandering towards Tina's tiny skirt. When I glanced at my wife's skirt I realized that he must be enjoying a good view of her naked pussy whenever her legs were not crossed. And there's no doubt at all that Tina must have been very aware of that.

"Wanna dance?" Dave suddenly asked Tina.

"Sure," replied Tina.

"And don't you think you should be taking your rightful place over there?" Dave asked his wife, pointing to the spot where Tina was seated. As Tina stood up, Dave led his wife to take her place next to me on the sofa. Then he led Tina to the center of the room, and they began to sway gently to the slow beat of the music.

I shifted closer to Jill, and she gave me her usual sweet smile while placing her hand on my thigh.

"You're looking beautiful," I said to her, sliding my arm around the back of her shoulders.

"Thanks," she whispered, giving my thigh a little squeeze. When she tilted her head to rest it on my chest, I let my fingers comb through her long hair.

"That feels nice," she mumbled almost to herself.

After that, Jill and I just sat next to each other, quietly enjoying our physical closeness, while watching our spouses dance cheek to cheek in a world of their own.

There was something very romantic about the way Dave and my wife were interacting with each other while dancing. At the club they had been very physical and mechanical. Today they seemed to be spending more time whispering little somethings into each other's ears, and there was a subtle difference in the way they touched each other. I could sense the intense feelings developing between them since their last encounter at the club.

"Do you feel like dancing?" I asked Jill, my fingers caressing the smoothness on the side of her face.

"Hmm," she murmured.

"What does that mean?"

"It means yes but not here."

"Not here? Then where?"

"In bed," she purred with a naughty smile.

"Oh? The main dish?" I responded, "That'll have to wait. There's a whole night ahead. Now it'll be just starters and appetizers."

I brought my face towards hers and her lips pouted in anticipation. As our lips met I caught a glimpse of Dave placing soft kisses on Tina's cheek while his hand lovingly caressed the nape of her slender neck. Their bodies were glued together as they swayed to the romantic beat.

Jill and I were soon lost in each other, grinding our lips together and allowing our tongues to wrestle and play with sloppy disregard to everything around us. Our arms had crept around each other in a tight embrace.

"I missed you, darling," Jill whispered when we parted our lips momentarily to catch our breath, "I missed you since the last time."

"I missed you too," I whispered back before smothering her lips with another long deep kiss. My hand stroked first the side of her neck and then the bare back of her lovely torso.

"I need you," Jill mumbled while urging her hand to grip the growing prominence in my crotch, "I need you deep inside me."

"There's no way I'll be able to resist myself from getting inside you today, darling," I responded as I caressed the smoothness of her naked thighs.

Our lips met again and we plunged into the pleasurable depths of a spinning whirlpool of adulterous passion.

Jill's hand unfastened my belt and unzipped my pants to release my swollen manhood. I was not wearing any underwear, making Jill's task that much simpler. As my cock sprang free, Jill grabbed it by its thick shaft and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"I'm hungry," Jill complained as soon as our lips parted, "I'm going to have a nice juicy sausage."

Before I knew it, my big cock was sucked up into the cozy wetness between Jill's hungry lips.

As I leaned back on the sofa to give Jill better access to my tool, I got a blur view of my wife having her naked breasts vigorously handled by Dave. Still standing at the center of the room, their lips were plugged together in a deep kiss.

The white material that had earlier passed off as Tina's blouse now lay ruffled on the floor.

I savored the feel of Jill's lips and tongue playing illicit games on my cock. She kissed and licked the lucky fellow all the way from the head to the base. I almost felt like ejaculating when she took its full length into her mouth and began to suck on it rhythmically.

Through the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of Tina getting onto her knees before her lover. She wasted no time unfastening Dave's pants and getting his giant monster out of the its confines.

And, for the first time ever, I witnessed my wife take another man's cock into her mouth. She exuded an extraordinary sense of confidence as she proceeded to taste her well-earned trophy, attaining another significant milestone in her quest for sexual liberation.

As I lay on the sofa with my cock buried deep inside Jill's throat, I could only watch helplessly when Dave began to slide his cock in and out between my wife's lips. And my wife made no attempt to camouflage her desperate need for the illicit piece of meat that had eluded her for so long.

Zooming my attention back to the beautiful Jill, who was by now working on the pouch holding my balls, I felt adequately compensated for the loss of my sole carnal rights over Tina.

Jill took my testicles, first one and then the other, into her mouth and sucked on them like toffees. I could only lie there writhing and squirming as she feasted on my genitals.

In the midst of my state of ecstasy, I failed to realize that I had my hands clenched in a very firm and rather savage grip on Jill's lovely locks, forcing her face down rather brutishly against my crotch. In normal circumstances I would never condone such harsh behavior towards a woman.

But these were not normal circumstances. Jill and I were locked in the grips of illicit lust, and our animalistic needs had redrawn the boundaries of acceptable conduct. Jill needed me to make her feel vulnerable and violated. She needed me to make her feel ravaged.

Maintaining my grip on her hair, I tilted Jill's head upwards to look directly into her lust-filled eyes. The pleading look on her face conveyed her deep desire to be taken to the utmost limits of sexual bliss.

Drawing her face towards mine, I mashed my mouth against hers in a wild and almost violent kiss. She reciprocated with matching fervor, her tongue flicking out of her open mouth in search of mine.

"Oooh, darling," Jill murmured, as she drew in a deep breath, "It's so nice to be with you ..."

Jill reached back to loosen the knot at the back of her chest, and her bikini top slipped off her breasts. Her taut nipples appeared before my eyes, bobbing up and down in rhythm with her heavy breathing.

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