tagBDSMCo-ed Correction Ch. 02: Boundaries and Edging

Co-ed Correction Ch. 02: Boundaries and Edging


I sat in the plush, leather chair inside the English Office suite in the Mistgee Building, waiting for my 3:30 appointment with Prof. Wagner. The office lobby was warm and inviting, with dark cherry furniture, and a beautiful view of the Lake close to our scenic school. Across the room sat an unguarded Keurig supplied with free, high quality coffee from a local roaster and café, and all the creamers and sugar a poor student could desire to throw in their bag.

I would have been very cozy waiting there, were it not for the butterflies in my stomach and the pounding in my head. My last interaction with Prof. Wagner left me hungry, confused, nervous, aroused, and more curious than I, the book nerd since kindergarten, had ever been.

A few quiet moments passed as I fidgeted on the seat and flipped through pamphlets on the side table. Pictures of happy students and our wine red, castle shaped insignia surrounded the text that listed the joys of becoming a literature major, reasons why one should attend Swinburne University, and campus activities to do in one's spare time. I smirked, thinking they forgot to mention one very compelling reason- Prof. Wagner's attentions.

The door opened and he stepped out, saying goodbye to a quiet, dark-haired boy who was clutching a book. "Good luck on the capstone, Thomas! I'll see you soon." The boy nodded and swiftly left. I swallowed, and the Professor waved me in.

"Good Afternoon, Ms. Rosen."

"Hello Sir."

"Please, have a seat." He motioned towards two red, stiff backed chairs with cushions in the back and seat. I pulled my dress further down my thigh and settled in. I reminded myself to cross my ankles, sit up straight, and breath as I stared at the papers littered across his desk. I heard the door close and knew he was moving around the room. When I looked up he offered me a mug and a plate full of cookies.

"Earl Grey and Snickerdoodles, take them. I always keep snacks in my office for long days."

Though it was more of a command than an offer, I was glad for the tea, which I wanted but would have been too shy to accept if given the choice.

"Thank you." He offered me cream and sugar, so I took a spade shaped cube. Then he sat at his chair.

"So, first, I must apologize for my behavior at our last class meeting. I was much too forward, and honestly what I did with you in that classroom was inappropriate, unprofessional and put you in an unfair position. I want you to know that I am deeply sorry. And if you don't want that kind of relationship with me, I will never approach you like that again. If you want to report me, I will not fight you. If you're angry at me, or intimidated, or uncomfortable, please tell me what I can do to fix our problem." His hazel eyes looked directly and softly into mine.

"I..." I wondered if I should accept his apology and walk out, if what happened was a one-off thing and this was his kind dismissal. But I looked down at his soft, strong hands on the desk with their dappled freckles, and at his crisp shirt and handsome jaw, and somehow found myself saying "I don't want an apology. I want more."

His velvety lips broke into a wide smile. He lifted his mug to his face to conceal some of his pleasure.

"Then I'm glad to continue our arrangement, Pet. I was afraid that I had come on much too strong, and knew if you turned me down we would have to transfer you to another course. Continuing to teach you would have been too great a temptation. I feel the way your eyes fix on me when you think I'm not looking at you. And I find you irresistible."

My thighs felt that familiar tingling sensation and my stomach lifted like I was plunging down the Red Dragon roller coaster at the local amusement park. I gulped and tried to find words, but just blushed, smiled and lifted my tea to my dry throat, feeling stupid and stiff.

"That being said, we should discuss our boundaries and desires before we go much further."

"Yes, I'd like that." I nodded politely, though my libido was screaming "I don't care what you do, just take me!"

"I want you to know that if you are uncomfortable with this at any time, you can tell me, you can stop what we are doing in the moment, or you can end this relationship. You are not powerless. Your feelings and thoughts matter, and you should always share them with me, especially if something doesn't feel right. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir." His genuine concern was comforting, and I relaxed a little in my seat.

"Very good." Folding his hands, he asked "is there anything you absolutely don't want to do?"

"Well, what do you mean?" I knew what he was asking, but needed to make sure before risking embarrassing myself with an obscene answer.

"Are you absolutely disinterested in anal toys, anal sex, vaginal sex, oral sex, vibrators, spanking, different spanking tools, clamps, ropes, ties, blindfolds, or any other sexual acts or items, especially those considered kinky?"

His clinical questioning was, oddly, a turn on. He's a different kind of doctor, but I'm sure he has good bedside manner. I focused on the conversation again. I had never engaged in real kinky sex before, except for the occasional light tap on the bum or use of fuzzy valentine's handcuffs, and I found myself a little unsure, but eager to try. None of my few previous lovers had ever asked what I did or didn't want to do, or what I liked in bed. I thought about it for a moment.

"Well, I don't want to do anything that leaves me bleeding or more than lightly bruised. I don't want fire or hot wax on me. I'm okay with trying different things slowly, like anal, but I don't want to mess around with... well, poop. Basically, I don't want to do anything that could lead to a visit to the emergency room or the psychiatrist."

"Those are good boundaries." He smiled at my little ER joke. "So, what turns you on?"

You, I thought, wanting to run my fingers through his curly, dark hair as he nipped and licked my breasts.

"Honestly, your control over me was so hot. I loved being spanked, being restrained by your tie, being taken by you. Being instructed what to do and when and how to do it. You having control and power, and me knowing that you are my teacher and I'm your student and your pet, was a real rush."

"Good, Pet. We will play with control a great deal then. There are some things I will let you control. Sometimes, I will have all the control. But remember, if you need it to stop, just tell me "Stop" or "Red Light." I will drop whatever we are doing and talk with you right away."

"Yes, Sir." I liked the idea, 'red light.' Our own private slow down.

"As for me, I draw the line at humiliation and degradation, beatings and financial or nutritional control. I won't do any of those things. I don't like brattiness, childishness or demands. I will not be blackmailed or toyed with. What I do like is obedience, curiosity, passion, and honesty. I like knowing that if I'm hurting you or bothering you, you will say something. I like knowing that you are having a good time and that I am in control of your pleasure and your pain. I like knowing that you are giving it all up to me. Does that sound good to you?"

"Yes, Sir." I practically growled. I wanted him so bad.

"Good, then let's prepare for your next tutoring session." His eyebrows arched suggestively, and I felt between my legs grow warmer.

"I have some assignments for you. You will read this book, and purchase the objects on this checklist. I've included the money in the envelope. I've marked the ones that you must purchase, and the rest of the list is your choice whether or not you want to use the items. You will bring your annotated book, a journal and these objects in a discreet bag to my house one week from today, at 6:30 p.m. In the same envelope, there is money for a pink bra, pink underwear, a matching garter and tights. You will wear these under your clothes that night. You will choose a blouse with buttons, a skirt, and tasteful heels. Understood?"

I looked down at the paper, where, luckily, all the instructions had been typed as well.

"Yes, Sir. Is there anything I need to know to complete this assignment satisfactorily?"

"I'll be preparing dinner, so come with an appetite. Also, I require you to masturbate every night until then. For 20 minutes before bed. But you may not come."

I gulped. Touch myself without coming? Every night? For a week?

"You will report to me that this was done satisfactorily, every evening. If you come, or you neglect to rub your pussy, you will be punished. Remember that honesty is the best policy."

"Yes, sir. But, what is your address? And how should I report to you?"

He wrote down his street address and his cell phone number, instructing me to text him how long I had touched myself, what it felt like, what I was thinking about, and if I came. I nodded, thanked him and stood up, thinking our meeting was winding down. "I'm really looking forward to next week. I hope to please you, Sir."

"I'm glad to hear it. However, Ms. Rosen, did anyone give you permission?"

I looked around and realized what he meant. I shouldn't have stood up yet. "Oh, No, Sir."

"Well then, sit back down. And the next time you rise without my permission, you will be punished, understood?"

I licked my lips. "Yes, Sir."

He stood up and locked the door. Then he cleared most of the papers off his desk.

"Now, sit up on my desk. Facing me." I did as I was told, popping my bottom up onto the desk.My legs dangled close to his. He put his hands on my knees and gently pushed them apart, revealing my wet, purple panties under my green dress and cardigan. He rubbed up and down my thigh, barely skimming my pussy with his hands, then back down towards my knee. My palms were flat against the desk and I coo'd with pleasure and arousal.

"Shh, Pet, we can't be too loud in here."

"Yes, Sir" I replied just above a whisper, tilting my head back and closing my eyes as his hands traveled up toward my breasts and kneaded them. He rose and kissed my lips, and down my neck. Then, he nipped my collar.

"Pet, show me how you're going to touch yourself for me." He whispered in my ear. I hesitated, embarrassed to do something so intimate in broad daylight, in front of him, in his office. He lifted my right hand from the desk and placed it against my wet panties. "Go on Pet, this is a command." He sat in his big office chiar with his legs spread and his arms resting on the sides. "Pull your panties to the side and show me."

I snaked one finger, then two under the silky, damp fabric and began to rub slowly up and down my slit. I could feel my pussy juice flowing over my fingertips. With my other hand, I pulled the crotch aside to given him a view of my ballet slipper pink, hot, wet cunt.

"mhhm" he moaned, watching me. I circled my two fingers just outside my hole, brushing my clit gently with my thumb and feeling electric. His hungry eyes and the erection straining against his slacks was all I needed to keep going. I tried my hardest to keep quiet, but a sigh or a moan would slip out when I looked at him.His rolled up sleeves, his muscular, dark forearms, his belt. I slid my fingers in and out, knowing my wetness was dripping onto his wooden desk. Then I began to rub my clit with more urgency, and I bit my lip. I could feel a climax building. My pussy was not quite full enough, not satisfied without his big, hard, throbbing cock in me. I rubbed harder and faster. Then I made my noises,


The ones that meant I was right on the edge.

"Stop, Pet. No cumming." I sighed and my chest heaved as I frustratedly pulled my shaking hands away, wiping the mess on my inner thigh. I needed to finish so badly. My pussy was pulsating and I could barely focus my eyes. When I regained control I looked at him and waited for further instruction.

"Take those panties off, and place them in the second drawer."

I slid them down my legs and pulled open the drawer, which held a mix mash of office supplies. I dropped them in and closed it.

"Good girl. Now, use your mouth to clean up the mess you made on my desk."

I kneeled on the rough carpet and saw, reflected by the lamp, a small puddle of my wetness. I felt his hand slide up and pinch and grab my ass as I licked the desk, slowly and with big, luscious movements of my tongue, like a curious cat. I had never tasted myself before.

I loved every drop.

"That's a good Pet."

I lifted myself from the desk when my task was done, wanting so badly for him to command me to suck his cock until he came down my throat, or to bend me back over the desk and be filled up with him, all 9 rock hard inches.

Instead, he kissed my hair, picked up my bag and the checklist and handed it to me, and said

"That little exercise counts as tonight's assignment. Well done."

"Thank you, Sir."

Next week. 6:30 Pet. Remember your homework. You're dismissed."

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