tagGroup SexCo-eds to Enjoy Ch. 07

Co-eds to Enjoy Ch. 07


This is the seventh in a series. Check out the previous chapters to keep things in sequence.


"Can you stay the night?" I asked Beth as we climbed out of the tub.

"Yes," she said, "but Pam will know I was with you." she added.

"Don't worry about Pam." I said. I led Beth back into the house and then upstairs to the bedroom. I turned back the covers and we climbed in. Beth was a bit surprised when John slid in next to her on the other side.

"I feel like the meat in a sandwich." she teased.

"A good analogy since that is exactly what you are going to be in a little while." I teased. Beth turned and kissed me as I wrapped my arms around her body. She felt John's hands slide up around her breasts and knew that she was not going to get much sleep this night. We lay Beth flat on her back and then she felt us pull her thighs open. Both of us began to suck on her breasts as our fingers slid between her open thighs.

Reaching down with both hands, Beth grabbed a cock in each hand and began to stroke both of us. The sexual heat in her body was greater than any she'd ever experienced. John rolled her hips toward him and began to probe her pussy with his fingers. As he probed her pussy, I began to probe her tight asshole. Her hips began to gyrate out of control as she felt the double assault on her twin orifices as we continued to suck on her tits.

Opening her up was pretty easy since she was hungry to be fucked again. When I felt her ass was open enough, I nodded to John. We rolled Beth over onto her chest and John moved between her open thighs. Laying his cock in the crack of her ass, he slid back until his cock slipped between her warm thighs. Beth looked up at me as she rested her head on the pillow and then felt John's cock slip into her tight pussy. She moaned softly as she felt his cock fill her pussy to the hilt. He stroked several times into her loins and then easing out of her pussy, pressed his cock into her tight asshole.

She bit her lip as she felt her tight sphincter stretch out to accommodate his large cock. She slid her thighs wider apart as John pressed deeper into her sculptured ass. Once fully inside her, he slowly slid in and out of her body until he felt her tight hole stretch enough that he'd be able to get back in without any difficulty should his cock slip out.

His hands came up to Beth's breasts and he cupped her firm tits in his hands. His fingers closed around her nipples and he began to tease them as he gently thrust his hips forward and Beth felt his cock slide deeper into her tight ass. One hand slid down to her hip and holding it tightly, he rolled onto his side bringing her with him. He pulled her leg up over his and his finger then slid down between her thighs and began to tease her silky, blonde, pubic hair. A chill ran through her body as she felt her young body come alive with sexuality.

I snuggled closer to Beth and she felt my cock graze against her open thigh. Wrapping my fingers through her soft, blonde hair, I kissed her deeply, sucking her tongue into my mouth as I pressed my hips towards hers and my cock slipped into her tight pussy. I adjusted my position slightly and then slid my cock all the way into her body.

Beth felt both our cocks deeply embedded in her young body as I kissed her and John fondled her panting breasts. She'd never had both of her holes filled with cocks before and the sensation was overwhelming. Then we started to move in her beautiful, young body. Beth felt herself bounced back and forth as John and I thrust up into her open loins. It took a moment before we fell into a rhythm and then the young beauty felt herself overwhelmed with the passion of the moment as we fucked her front and back simultaneously. She clawed at my back as her hips thrust back and forth between the two cocks penetrating her beautiful, young body.

John raised his body and we rolled Beth up onto me. Her legs straddled my hips as she drew her knees forward. John slid out of her ass until she was able to position herself comfortably on my cock. I reached up and pulled her chest down onto mine and then John stepped over her hips and squatting down, slid his cock back into her open asshole.

He took hold of her shoulders and we began to thrust back into her body. Beth braced herself and thrust back against our invading ramrods as she felt her body begin to orgasm. Every few moments she felt her body overwhelmed by yet another orgasm as she showered my cock with cum. As her body lifted slightly, I could see the shiny flow from her quim as it oozed down over my cock. She was unbelievably tight and I knew it would not take much longer for me to cum in her sweet pussy.

Just then John decided to pull out of her ass and lifting off of her body, stepped around to the head of the bed. Standing over me, he lifted Beth's face and guided her lips to his cock. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and then sucked his cock between her lips. She slid her hand up between his thighs and as she caressed his balls, she went after his cockhead like a madwoman. In an instant, she felt her mouth filled with his hot seed as his cock exploded in her mouth. She sucked and swallowed as she drank down his huge load.

As she released his cock, he stepped off the bed and I rolled her over onto her back and began to thrust hard into her writhing, young body. Beth thrust her hips up to meet each penetration as I whaled into her lush body. I felt her hips rise and then she lifted her legs up over my hips and locked her legs around me. I pumped hard into her heaving body as she rolled her hips hard against my body.

Easing out of her pussy, I helped her to roll over onto her chest and then pressing between her legs, I slid my cock into her tight asshole. I cupped her breasts in my hands and pounded my cock into her ass. Beth grunted and groaned as she felt my cock hammer into her magnificent ass. She loved the feeling and pressed her legs even further apart. As my cock pressed into her body, her clit was mashed down against the mattress and she ground her hips hard as her body was overcome by another powerful orgasm.

John was smiling down at me and I decided to have some fun. Cupping Beth's tits, I rolled us over until I was flat on my back with her body on top of mine, legs spread wide and my cock still rammed up inside her ass. My hands caressed her tits as John lowered his lips to her seething pussy. As he sucked her clit between his lips, her hips went wild. I felt her love muscles contract around my cock as her body convulsed in a powerful orgasm.

John moved between our legs and he continued to suck on her clit as her hips bucked out of control. She wrapped her fingers in his hair as she tried to guide his mouth to the most sensitive areas of her womanhood. Her hips were moving a mile a minute and the tightness of her ass felt wonderful as she pleasured my cock.

Finally, Beth pulled John's face from her quim and looking down at him gasped, "Enough!" She lifted herself off of my cock and then pushing John over onto the bed, turned her body around and straddling my hips lowered her pussy onto my cock. Bracing herself, she began to plunge her hips up and down on my rod as her inner muscles massaged my cock. She was hell-bent for one hell of an orgasm and I wasn't about to disappoint her. As she plunged down onto my cock, I thrust my hips up hard and rolled my hips. Her eyes bolted wide open and she screamed as a powerful orgasm ripped through her loins. She fucked like a madwoman as her blonde hair flew from side to side and her beautiful, young body bucked up and down on my hips.

Finally she raised herself up high and tightening her powerful love muscles, plunged down hard onto my cock and felt it explode deep in her love hole. She screamed with pleasure as she felt my seed splash against the inside of her pussy and her own loins flooded with cum. She collapsed exhausted across my body.

John lay down beside us as I rolled my body slightly and the beautiful, young blonde came to rest between us. We drifted off to sleep as we gently caressed her body.

I knew what I wanted to do with Pam. The problem was to get her to accept the "punishment" I had in mind. For starters, I wanted her to join Beth in a threesome with me. I also wanted to see the two of them going at it. I knew Beth would go along now but I might need some more leverage with Pam than just her grade at the end of the term. I decided to get her on film also. Even if I didn't need it to force her to participate, it would be something to remember her by in the months to come.

When I awoke in the morning, I felt Beth snuggle up against my body. Her hand was wrapped around my cock as she slept and my ramrod was stiff and ready. Rolling her over onto her back, I lifted my body up and nestled between her thighs. She moaned deeply as my ramrod pressed against her soft mons. Sliding down slightly, I felt my cock slip between her thighs and she slid them a little further apart as she moaned. I teased her pussy lips with the tip of my cock and she began to awaken from her sleep.

As she opened her eyes, she smiled at me and kissed me. I felt her tongue press into my mouth and I kissed her deeply as my cock slid into her sweet, love hole. Beth pressed her head back and groaned as she felt my shaft fill her tight love hole. Slowly I began to thrust into her tightness as her inner juices began to flow. I felt her pelvis thrust up to meet mine as I slid in and out of her wetness. Beth raised her knees and then lifting her feet into the air, crossed them around my waist. She smiled up at me and I began to really fuck her sweet, young body. She moaned with pleasure as she thrust her hips forward to meet my every lunge into her body.

I felt her inner muscles begin to work my cock as I thrust into her and then she felt John's hands begin to caress her body since we'd awakened him and he also had a stiff cock. John sat up and then piling some of the pillows up, knelt behind them. I knew what he had in mind and I raised my body off of Beth's creamy chest. Keeping her legs wrapped around my waist, I lifted her arms to my shoulders and then raised my body up bringing her with me. She slid down the length of my ramrod as her entire weight was supported on my shaft.

Turning slightly, I eased her body back down onto the bed and her shoulders rested on the pillows. Her head dropped back as her chest was raised and her lips were scant inches from John's ramrod. She realized what was going to happen to her and braced herself for another double onslaught. John inched closer and Beth opened her mouth. John guided his cock between her open lips and watched as she began to suck on his ramrod. His hands went down to her panting breasts and his fingers closed around her taut nipples. Pinching her tender nubs, he began to twist and pull on them and Beth moaned loudly as her inner muscles tightened around my cock and her sucking became more powerful.

I eased Beth's ankles apart and she brought her feet back down to the mattress. I drew my knees up under her thighs and sat back with my cock still buried in her tight love hole. Running my palms over the tops of her trembling thighs, I slid them up until they grazed against her erect clit. A powerful shudder ran through her naked, young body as I felt her insides flood my cock. As I began to tease her clit with my fingers, Beth planted her feet firmly on the bed and raising her hips, began to grind her pussy against my invading cock. She felt exquisite as she pleasured my cock and John's shaft slid in and out of her mouth.

He raised his hips and pressing down on her creamy breasts, began to thrust his cock deep into her mouth. She felt herself once again being bounced back and forth between the two cocks that were hammering into her sweet, young body and wondered to herself if she'd become an addict to double fucking. Her body was overwhelmed with lust as she could sense both of us coming close to exploding inside her beautiful body.

I looked over at John and I could see that he was close. He smiled at me and we both decided it was time to finish up. His fingers tightened around Beth's nipples and as he pinched her hard, she screamed and the muscles of her pussy clenched tightly around my shaft. Just then I let go with a powerful spray of cum and as Beth felt me shoot deep into her tight pussy, her own insides let go with a powerful orgasm. As she screamed with passion, the vibrations caused John to erupt in her mouth and almost simultaneously we all creamed in Beth's beautiful body.

What a way to start the day. John slid in and out of her mouth for several more minutes as I continued to tease Beth's pussy with my cock and fingers. She lay spent on the bed as she moaned with pleasure. Easing out of her young body, John climbed off the bed and headed for the shower. I lay down across Beth's glistening body and then rolling over onto my back, brought her with me. She lay across my body, her legs spread and her arms wrapped around my neck. I hugged her close to me.

I propped myself up on one elbow as I slid my cock all the way into her tight pussy. Smiling down at her I said, "Now that you've enjoyed the pleasures of a menage a trois with two men it's time for you to experience the pleasure of one with another woman."

"I won't." Beth said with a note of finality in her voice as she tried to push me off of her body.

"Oh, but you will." I insisted. "You see our last session was also taped." I shoved my cock further into her tight pussy for emphasis. "Besides, you'll probably enjoy it. Remember, you seem to have enjoyed most of the things I've made you do so far." Beth blushed. I explained what she would have to do and then took several more thrusts into her tight pussy. Then sliding my shaft out of her wetness, I headed for the shower. Beth lay on the bed, her legs spread and her pussy oozing cum as she reflected on her future. She joined me in the shower and then we went down for breakfast.

To be continued......

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