tagNon-EroticCoco Dynamo Ch. 04

Coco Dynamo Ch. 04


All of the background detail used up in Part 03 brought all sorts of thoughts and ideas to the surface. I feel the need to expand more on the backgrounds of the two characters of the story, Coco Dynamo and Ben White. So, here are some details and background for them. It deals mostly with their abilities and skills regarding magic and combat. This couldn't really be worked into Part 03, so I decided to write a little essay-style interlude chapter.

Also, on these interludes. They'll generally be out-of-canon stories, or out-of-the-current-time-frame stories. Sometimes they'll be sexual, sometimes not. I think, as this story develops, I'll pepper these in here-and-there to help expand on ideas or explain things.


Coco Dynamo's magical ability is mostly natural mixed with many, many hours of practice and research. When she first began using it, the magic was weak and nearly formless. Now she can produce a wide variety of energy forms. The earliest thing she learned to create, and something she continues to make today, is a small bit of heat and light produced from her fingertips. It's five points of light, that each create luminance equal to an LED and heat around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, slightly warmed than the human body. The most complex spell, is a shockwave about the size of a person. It requires Coco to create a large arcane symbol and then move her whole body in a building wave, followed by pushing the energy with her body, through her hands, through the symbol, and out.

She rarely uses the term spell for these abilities. Spell, to her, sounds too much like a childish term. She prefers Invocation, Evocation, Magic, Arcane Power, or something in the like, but expedience and ease-of-use sometimes dictate the terms of technical usage, so Spell pops up a lot when referring to her magic.

There are two primary requirements to Coco creating a piece of arcane power, they are (1) bodily movement and (2) runic/arcane symbol creation. If she cannot do either of these, for whatever reason, she cannot cast the spell. If she's physically disabled, by being tied up, held down, pined down, bound, chained, on-a-rack, handcuffed, or in any other kinky tie up not listed here, she can only make basic spells. Also, if she cannot create or access runic or arcane symbols the spells lose their kick. She mostly creates them with her blue arcane energy, which can hang in the air in front of her, or be drawn on to surfaces, for a short period of time. She can also pre-draw these symbols, on paper, in dirt, on a wall, plastic, floor, ceiling, chair, table, or whatever. The complexity and positioning of the symbols determines the effects and power of the spell.

A few common spells that Coco uses include several variations on shockwaves, power waves, energy transfers, screens, platforms, and maneuvering spells. The color of the energy is blue, which Coco finds soothing and reassuring. She only uses the color blue in her magic, despite red being her favorite color and the color of her hair and costumes.

Some examples here follow:

Blue Fireball -- Using one hand, she forms a simple circle with little symboling used. She then thrusts her hand into the circle, sending a ball of blue flames at a high speed. This can vary in strength based on arcane invocation and body movement.

Shockwave -- Coco creates a circle of runic symbols about twice the size of her torso. She then thrusts her hands through this, sometimes with a forceful spin of her body, sending a wave of energy through the air. The energy is a ripple with hints of blue and moves with a crushing force. This can vary in strength based on arcane invocation and body movement.

Hovering -- The bottoms Coco's feet/shoes glow blue, and produce a subtle force that can raise her above the ground. The height at which she floats is determined by how much energy she forces downward. She can never reach high speeds of flight, but can hover for an extended period. The most common time she uses this is to augment her running or jumping. It's simple and easy for her to do.

Hand Hovering -- Like with the energy around her feet, Coco can generate a similar energy with her hands. She mainly uses this to maneuver and right herself in the air when falling, but can also use it for moving swiftly in a cartwheel or tumble.

Screening -- Coco can form an energy shield around her (in a bubble) or directly in front of her (a flat shield that hovers). This grants temporary protection from almost everything, but breaks if it is hit with too much.

She has several other spells and magic-based abilities in her arsenal, but these are the primaries.

The final aspect of Coco's magic is the ability to learn new things. She has two ways of doing this, (1) she studies and learns something from research, which takes time and effort, and (2) she pick-ups up a magic extension of some kind. These are exceedingly rare and can only be sensed, found, and used by an arcane initiate, like Coco (and rarely, Ben). Both types of expansions can add either power or effects to her magic. Effects include stunning, blinding, freezing, burning, loud sonic booms which deafen, and others.

Coco's main weakness is her lack of hand-to-hand skill. She can't defend herself that well when the enemy is able to prevent her casting. This can sometimes be a problem when she is alone, but with Ben around, she has a meatshield.

Ben White is a martial artist. In addition to his various hobbies and nerd-isms, he studies several forms of physical fighting. Aggripa fencing, Liechtenauer sword usage, Eskrima, Jujitsu, and Krav Maga. He mostly tries to glean practical knowledge from the various forms of fighting, leaving the spiritual and mediational elements out. Since he was a boy, he was obsessed with martial arts, finding knights on horseback, Chinese Kung Fu movies, and Hollywood over-the-top fight scenes to be quite fetching. His like of the material was combined with bullying events throughout middle and high school, which caused him to take Karate lessons. He found, however, that these classes didn't help him to defend himself. The teacher seemed to focus too much on the exercise and spiritual benefits of martial arts rather than the self-defense aspects.

"If you want to learn how to defend yourself," the teacher would say, "go buy a gun."

Ben's need for self preservation happened to coincide with the rise in popularity of this thing called "The Internet". Using various search engines, he found information on more martial arts then he could count, including the self defense style of the Israeli military, called Krav Maga. There happened to be a school near him and he enrolled for classes. After just a few weeks, he had the class mastered. One day soon after, a bully approached him, after school in a hallway full of students, and Ben promptly had the larger kid on the ground in a knot of pure pain.

Since schools are all zero tolerance, at this point in time, Ben got to spend two weeks sleeping in and eating homemade lunches. At the end of the two weeks, he had to go to a special panel of school board officials who would decide whether or not to expel him. Luckily, he was on the defensive and despite the arguments of the other kid's redneck, ignorant, po-dunk parents, he was allowed to remain in school. The other bullies taunted him but didn't fuck with him from then on.

After high school and during college, Ben expanded his training to include weapons. He learned to use improvised weapons and began to use long blades. The improvised weapons were things like pipes, chairs, trash cans, trash can lids, coat sleeves, couch cushions, rolled-up magazines, rolled-up newspapers (when he could find them as they were growing increasingly rare), several forms of cups, glasses, and mugs, and pens of various description. The long blades, commonly called swords, were his favorite though. He loved swingin' a huge broadsword around and did nothing to hide the phallic nature of sword fighting. He learned Aggripa style fencing, which combined mathematics and physics with swordplay, along with brute force Germanic sword work. Eskrima allowed him to work with dual wielding and to use his hands and arms in multi-tasking rolls, working independently of one another.

Ben has a little arcane power, most of it has been rubbed off from Coco Dynamo. Perhaps he'll expand this power in the future. His weakness is range. He can only fight in melee and can't deal with far off enemies. When Coco around, this is no problem for him, as he can defend her while she launches magical artillery.

His martial arts would eventually lead to his meeting Coco Dynamo, but that's another story for another time.

On the bookshelf of Ben and Coco's apartment storeroom is a book called "The 101 Positions of the Kama Sutra". This book sits next to a plethora of other sex manuals, naughty books, adult magazines, and pin-up books. Ben and Coco had a normal relationship, well, as normal a relationship as a mage and fighter could have when dealing with paranormal and monster events.

Coco always has an internal fire burning, and at some level, she's always ready to jump Ben's bones. Ben does his best to keep up with her, usually in the form of a new position or sexual activity. Their room has a sex swing bolted to the ceiling and a collapsible brass pole to give Coco something to grind against, sort of like a human "scratching post". Coco has a giant costume collection, which includes a huge sub-group of lingerie and fancy underthings.

Both Ben and Coco are fairly acrobatic in bed, able to keep positions for a long while. The books and video they use for things are many, and heavily re-watched and sticky paged. Though they are sexual adventurous, they are in a strict monogamist relationship. Neither of them are comfortable with the idea of swinging or swapping. Ben has been known to get quite angry when people try to advance on Coco, and Coco has a fear of being taken advantage of.

Magic in the bedroom happens occasionally. Usually, Coco uses hovering abilities or heat-generating spells to give Ben a little extra burst of sexually excitement. Ben's martial arts have given him a high amount of stamina, especially in his legs, which are toned and muscled from sword fighting.

So, that's some more on Coco Dynamo and Ben White. Ben is a warrior style character with a background heavily based around European swordplay, Filipino stickplay/maceplay, and Israeli hand-to-hand fighting. Coco is a mage, manipulating arcane and mysterious energies to create powerful effects and spells. Sexually, they are very developed and open to new experiences, but do not wish to share each other.


Coming to a dirty story near you! See!

Coco Dynamo in Space!

Ben White Battles Ice Demons!

And! The Wonders of Human Cloning!

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