tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCoerced Cruise Ship Couple Ch. 02

Coerced Cruise Ship Couple Ch. 02



Debarkation Day was here! We all had been counting the days for weeks and it had finally arrived. Kelly had ordered a limo to cart us, and our luggage to the Port.

We laughed excitedly and talked about the cruise on our way to San Pedro. The limo pulled up to the unloading area. Two skycaps were there to take our bags, and because Kelly was in a wheelchair, we were all given priority boarding and were taken to our cabins immediately.

We had reserved a handicapped cabin to allow for Kelly's scooter which was plugged in and waiting in our cabin. It had more space and a larger shower than Dan and Jill's standard cabin which was connected to ours by a common balcony.

This was all "old hat" to Kelly and me. This was our forth Hawaiian cruise. Kelly had a sister, two nephews living on Oahu and we had a friend living on Maui.

Dan and Jill where thrilled and excited. They loved their cabin and balcony! Our bags started arriving slowly and we all unpacked and settled in.

The first order of the day was the safety drill. Passengers were told to bring the life-jackets in their cabins and report to their "Muster Stations" which was posted on the inside of the cabin door, for a safety and abandon ship drill.

After the drill, the "Bon Voyage" parties began. They occurred throughout the ship but Kelly had ordered Champagne from room service and we decided to enjoy our departure together, with our new friends from our cabin balcony.

As we were preparing to toast each other "Bon Voyage" there was a knock at our cabin door. I went to answer it and standing there was a tall, handsome black man in a crisp white uniform.

"Good afternoon" he said taking my hand a kissing it European style, "My name is Charles, I am your steward. I will be looking after you for the next fourteen days. If there is anything you need, do hesitate to call me. My number is on your cabin desk. Is there anything I can get you now?"

"No Charles," I replied and as I pulled my hand back I noticed an entourage of punk-looking men and women passing by and going into the suite next to our cabins. "Who are they?" I asked Charles.

Charles smiled a broad smile and informed me, "They are musicians, I believe they are called "Suicidal Tendencies," they will be performing during our cruise, Madam."

One of the members looked at me in passing, waved his tongue at me, winked and mouthed the words "Fuck me" and then walked by us and went into their suite.

"This should be an interesting trip," I thought to myself. I thanked Charles and closed the door. "Guess what," I said, addressing my husband and new friends. We have a retro-Punk Rock group staying next to us in the suite. They look like something out of the "Road Warriors" movie. This should be interesting!"

The others smiled and agreed as we continued our toast.


"To a wonderful adventure with two wonderful new friends," I said, as we all raised our Champagne glasses and drank the bubbly liquid.

I couldn't believe we were actually on our way. Our cabins were beautiful and the balconies were spectacular. My lovely wife Jill seemed to be relaxing and thoroughly enjoying herself. Our new friends, Kelly and Angel were so much fun. I was really feeling good about this whole adventure.

We watched the dock and ships go by as we exited the port. The sun was setting in front of us. Being from the East Coast I wasn't used to seeing a sunset on the ocean and it was spectacular. As we sailed out a bit farther, a thick fog engulfed the ship. I was reminded of the Van Morrison song, "Into the Mystic", as we sipped the Champagne.

Soon it started to get a little cold and the fog was so thick we couldn't see very much. We all decided to return to our cabins, unpack the rest of our luggage and take a little pre-evening nap before dinner because we were a little sleepy from our club outing the night before.


It was like a beautiful dream. I was feeling high from the Champagne as I undressed and got into our bed. I left my panties on, not wanting to expose my newly shaved pussy to Dan yet. Dan was in the bathroom when there was a knock at our cabin door. I quickly slipped on my robe and peeked out.

There in front of me was one of the punkers from the band. He looked me over from head to toe, licked his lips and said, "Well hello pussycat! Aren't you a pleasant surprise, and right next door too! Listen sweet stuff, it seems that we don't have a corkscrew to open our wine and toast our "Bon Voyage" could you help some poor children of misfortune out and let us use yours?"

I told him I would look for ours and could feel his eyes glaring at me while I searched our bags. I heard him take in a deep breath as I bent over in my thin robe to open the bag. I must have turned bright red as I found and handed him the corkscrew.

He took my hand, holding it and giving it a nice squeeze and said, "Listen pussycat, I don't know if you're on this trip by yourself or not, but if you need some company, my name is Cyclone and I am just a knock away!" He then thanked me for the loan of the corkscrew and disappeared into his suite.

This experience shook me up somewhat. I was not use to standing in front of a handsome stranger in just a thin robe while he ogled me and made passes. It both frightened and excited me.

I could hear the toilet flush and Dan came out asking, "Who was that?"

I told him it was a neighbor asking to borrow and corkscrew and quickly threw my robe over a chair and jumped into bed. Dan disrobed and followed me, quickly taking me in his arms, his little penis hard as a rock.

I didn't respond or press my bare panty clad pussy against him. I didn't want to reveal his surprise yet. I told him, "Not now honey, I need some sleep so I can feel rested before we go out to dinner.

He gave me a quick little disappointed pout and said, "Ok darling, sleep tight!"

I found it difficult to get to sleep. I was still thinking about Cyclone in his tight jeans, the way he looked at me and the sizable bulge he had between his legs, pressing against his pants. I could feel my pussy getting wet, but finally the rocking motion of the ship lulled me to sleep.


We must have been more tired than we thought because we all slept until eight p.m. and had to hurry to get to dinner. Because we were late and had signed up for "anytime dining", we were given a table where other passengers had already started eating. To our surprise, it was with some of the member of the punk-rock band.

Cyclone, the lead guitarist of the group was delight to see Jill again and said, "Well I see you couldn't stay away from me Pussycat!"

This annoyed Dan who wasn't use to having his wife addressed in such a casual manner in public by a stranger and he replied, "I think you have my wife mixed up with someone else."

"Don't get your panties in a bunch, hubby, you're wife and I are old friends, still have that sexy blue robe honey?" Cyclone teased.

This embarrassed Jill who quickly replied, "He's the guy that borrowed our corkscrew, honey." Trying to reassure her husband.

"That's right, "replied Cyclone, "and if you need a good screw, I'll be glad to return it!"

Now Dan was getting really angry and I quickly whispered in his ear, "Relax Dan, he's just kidding, don't let him push your buttons, besides you should be flattered he is coming on to Jill, and remember your fantasy."

Dan quickly settled down and said, "Hi, I'm Dan and this is my wife Jill. This is Kelly and Angel." Offering his hand to Cyclone.

Cyclone smiled back at Dan, took Jill's hand and said. "Pleased to meet you neighbor, this is Sweet Tits, Chaos, Spike and Dogboy, our group is called Suicidal Tendencies and we will be playing with you, eh I mean for you during the cruise.

His slip of the tongue didn't go unnoticed by either Dan or myself but we let it slide. We continued to make small talk throughout dinner as Cyclone kept flirting with Jill while Spike came on to Angel. I knew Dan was having a tough time with this. Part of him resented Cyclone's innuendos and another part was turned on by it.

It all ended on a friendly basis and Cyclone invited us to a party, later that evening, in his suite. We told him we would see and we then headed out looking for a place to dance.


I could see Dan and Jill were a little taken back by our dinner partners so I decided to ease the tension. "Not bad," I told Jill, "when a couple of GILFs like us can turn on men in their 20s!"

"GILFs?" Jill replied, "What's a GILF?"

"Grandma's I'd Like to Fuck!" I replied and we all started laughing.

We went to the Wheelhouse, a nautical bar with cool jazz and a dance floor. Kelly can only dance for a short period due to his impaired mobility so after a quick dance, Dan asked me to dance.

He was trying to be a gentleman and keep me at a proper distance but I knew he was turned on. I remembered he had a small dick but he certainly had no problem with erections. I could feel his hard little penis pressing against me through his slacks as we danced.

He too was aware of his little woody and said, "I'm sorry, I can't help it, you are so beautiful and sexy!"

I told him not to be sorry, I considered it a complement and gave him a teasing grind as we danced.

Dan told me that Kelly said he had shared the emails with me. He added it was a bit humiliating knowing that I knew all of his kinks and short-comings.

I just laughed and told him I thought he was cute and not to worry, I was on his side and would try to help Jill be more understanding.

This made him feel better and he relaxed and enjoyed our dancing.


I felt a twinge of jealousy as I watched Angel and my husband on the dance floor. I trusted Angel and knew she would never do anything improper, but I wasn't sure about Dan. He had never done anything in the past that would cause me to be suspicious, but Angel was quite a temptation.

Kelly then asked me to dance. I knew he had problems walking so I took his hand and held him close supporting him as we danced. In spite of his mobility problems, Kelly was a smooth dancer and I loved the way he felt and smelled. He had a twinkle in his eyes that made me feel excited just being with him.

I noticed Angel and Dan dancing close by and we changed partners. Dan told me how beautiful I looked and how proud he was. He said he thought Kelly and Angel were a good influence on me and it felt like we were on our honeymoon again.

After a few dances, we joined Kelly and Angel for some cocktails. I wasn't really a drinker and neither was Dan but somehow, being on this cruise, it seemed natural to drink. Soon I was really starting to feel high.

Then Dan noticed a pool table at one side of the bar that was unoccupied and ask Kelly if he would like to shoot a game. Kelly accepted and soon they were both engrossed in their own version of "The Hustler".

Angel and I attempted to drag them away but they were having too much fun so we went back to the cabin. We sat out on the balcony and listened to the IPod stereo music and watched the stars.

After a while, Angel asked me if I wanted to check out the punk-rocker's party and I thought it might be fun because Cyclone had mentioned at dinner that many of the ship's entertainers would be there and I thought it might me a good way to check out what future shows we might want to go to.

As we entered the suite we were greeted by Chaos and Dog Boy who were glad to see us, especially without our husbands. We were given drinks and they took us around and introduced us to some of the entertainers. There was a sultry torch singer name Elizabeth and a stand-up comedian from down under named Stanley.

Then we met Pat. She was a hypnotist and quite beautiful. We started talking and I told her that I was afraid if the sea got choppy, I might get seasick. She said that hypnosis could prevent it and asked if I wanted to give it a try.

I said why not, so we went back to our cabin for the necessary quiet to obtain hypnosis. For some reason I had begun to fell a little woozy and I lay down on the bed and she took a spinning wheel-type gadget from her purse. She asked me to focus on the spinning wheel while she talked to me.

I don't remember much except she was saying, "How do you feel?"

I told her I felt fine and ask her when was she going to hypnotize me?

She stated she already had and placed a hypnotic suggestion in my mind that would prevent me from ever feeling seasick again.

I couldn't believe that I had been under, but took her word for it. I learned later that she had not only hypnotized me and planted a seasickness prevention thought, but also had planted a special word that when she spoke it, would put me under again and back in her power.

We went back to the party. I saw Angel dancing with the punked-out guy called Chaos. They made a striking pair, her with her blue-eyes, blond hair and a body right out of a sailor's dream and he being well over six feet, black and pierced nose, lips, tongue and cheeks.


I saw Jill and Pat come back into the party. I excused myself from my dancing partner and went over to talk to her. "Well, and just what have you two been up to?" I inquired of Jill and Pat.

Jill explained just what had transpired in our cabin.

I explained once I had paid a lot of money for a hypnosis course to help me lose weight which didn't work but I wished her luck. About that time Pat, whispered something in Jill's ear and she reacted strangely.

She seemed to fall into some kind of trance. He eyes looked glazed over and her pupils were dilated. I was beginning to suspect that someone had slipped some kind of drug into her drink.

Then Pat announced to the Party. "Ladies and gentlemen. We have for your entertainment this evening the famous stripper, Jill Jiggles. She will be preforming for our enjoyment this evening!"

I couldn't believe my ears as the room erupted in laughter, cheers and applause. I was thinking this was some kind of joke, then as someone put on a sexy blues CD and Jill started slowly dancing, moving her hips in a circular motion and playing with her breasts.

This was no joke, someone had drugged this shy little schoolteacher from Michigan and had transformed into a hot stripper. At first I couldn't believe what was happening. Then it occurred to me, Pat had, during their hypnosis session, planted some kind of hypnotic suggestion that allowed her to control Jill.

I realized I had to stop this, but as I went to try and take her out from the party, Chaos, grabbed me and said, "Unless, you want to get hurt and see her hurt, you will shut up and stop interfering!"

I didn't know what to do. I knew he meant business. I continued watching Jill's performance as she slowly removed more and more clothing. Soon she was dancing in just her panties on a small table showing her lovely body to all.

Just about this time Dan entered the room and just stood there in shock, watching his wife undulate in her panties. He didn't make a move to stop her. He just watched in amazement as she played with her pussy through her panties.

I thought to myself, well, if he doesn't mind, why should I?


I felt like I was in some kind of dream. It was like someone had read my mind and somehow convinced my wife to act like a whore in public. I felt my little dick harden as two of the guys at the party slowly pulled down her panties inch by inch.

Then, to my disbelief, they started exposing her shaved pussy. She was like a beautiful statue being unveiled! Her pussy, shaved and on display for all to see. She seemed totally unaware of my presence and was in her own little world, her mouth open and her eyes half shut.

I heard someone say, "Hey look, there's her husband and he's rubbing his dick through his pants watching his bitch expose herself!"

The whole room burst into laughter and I realize I had unconsciously started rubbing my little stubby.

"Well, we've seen what she's got, let's take a look at his!" Cyclone said as he held his video camera on Jill.

Suddenly two guys grabbed me, while two of the girls, Sweet Tits her friend, started unbuckling my pants and pulling them off my legs. Next came my underwear. The room exploded with laughter and applause when my undersized, four and a half inch penis came into view, fully erected and tipped with a drop of pre-cum.

One of the women came over with a ruler and measured it and report my four and a half inches to everyone at the party. All of a sudden the who room was chanting "4.5, 4.5. 4.5!

I was completely humiliated. Here I was being stripped and verbally abused by two women who were making insulting remarks at my manhood or lack of, while my wife was allowing herself to be stripped and having her cunt fingered and teased by two young punks who had apparently shaved her pussy bare!

The worst part about it was, because of my fantasies, I could do nothing about it. I was like a deer frozen in the headlights. It didn't seem that my wife was being forced into acting like a slut. It was like someone had read my mind and was using my deepest desires against me.

Cyclone was shooting close ups of my mini-cock while insults and taunts came from the girls. "Oh my god, no wonder his wife strips for men, he only packing 4.5 inches!" and "I think it looks cute, kind of like a little clit!" another woman said.

About this time, Kelly came into the room and realizing what was happening, grabbed Jill's and my hands started leading us to the door while Angel grabbed our clothes and held it open. Once in the passageway, he took us to our cabin and locked the door.

I slowly regained my composure and Jill seemed groggy like she was just waking up.

Angel said, "I think they drugged and hypnotized Jill to make her do that!"

Jill looked at us and realizing she was naked, let out a scream and dove under the covers. "What happened, where are we?" She asked.

I remained in shock while Angel explained to Jill what had happened.

I finally came to my senses and tried to console my crying wife. "It's ok honey. It's all over. They won't bother us again and your hair will grow back. I can't believe they shaved you! I'm going to press charges!"

Jill said through her sobs, "They didn't shave me, Angel did. It was a surprise for you, but now they have turned it into some kind of cheap act!"

Suddenly I realized I was still standing there with nothing on from the waist down. Angel who was holding our clothes, handed them to me. I knew now that now a lot of people had seen my little penis, not to mention my wife totally naked and shaved, including our new friends, Kelly and Angel. I felt ashamed and turned on at the same time.

Kelly said, "There is another little problem. The video. They have proof of Jill willingly stripping and you watching and masturbating. We can say Jill was drugged and hypnotized but you standing by, allowing it all to happen and playing with yourself, might be hard to explain."

Jill started crying again and Angel said, "You guys go back to our cabin. I'm going to stay here with Jill and see after her."

"A good idea," Kelly said, "Come on Dan, we have some thinking to do."

(To be continued)

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