tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCoerced Cruise Ship Couple Ch. 03

Coerced Cruise Ship Couple Ch. 03



When Dan and I got back to my cabin, he was a mess. His emotions ran from extreme anger to extreme guilt.

"Why didn't I do anything, I just stood there like an idiot! I don't think Jill will ever forgive me for that. I think I have just ruined my marriage! And those bastards! Wait until I get my hands on them!" Dan exclaimed.

"Hold on a minute, Dan," I said, "I know you're worried about your marriage and want to kick the crap out of those guys but this is the time to be cool, not do something that will make things worse!"

Dan had mentioned to me in his emails that he had a bad temper and I knew if I didn't talk some sense into him now, he would do something crazy and screw things up even more!

"Let's think this through," I continued. "They have a video of your wife doing a very slutty strip tease and you watching and masturbating, allowing it to happen. You go to the Captain on this, that video will be seen by a lot of people and you will come off looking like a compete fool, with I might add, a tiny pecker!"

"But what can we do, there's too many of them to fight and they are holding all the cards!" He asked.

"Let me deal with them. You're too pissed off and if you start swinging, they can have you confined to your cabin for the rest of the cruise, or worse, taken into custody when we get to Maui. Let me talk to them and see what they want for the tape." I explained.

"Thanks, Kelly," he said, "I know you're right!"

I went to their suite and knocked on the door. Sweet Tits answered. "Well hello, if it ain't the guy who rescued the maiden and her tiny-dicked husband. Come on in, we've been expecting you. I walked in and there were, Cyclone, Chaos, and Dog-Boy, hitting on a pipe of something. It didn't smell like pot. More like PCP.

"Good evening gentlemen, and I use that term loosely, very loosely. I have come for the video tape. Parties over, funs done. Time to do the right thing." I told them.

"Maybe you're funs done, but ours is just beginning!" Cyclone answered. "While your buddy's slutty wife was putting on a show, Sweet Tits, went through her handbag and found her address book and you know whose name and address we found? Her employer, the pastor of her church, her family, her friends and let's not forget her kids. I know they all would love to see, good old mom letting her hair, and knickers down at a party!

I realized he really had us by the short hairs. I asked him, "Ok, so you can ruin their lives. Why? They never did anything to hurt you. Their just a nice couple trying to enjoy a cruise."

"Oh, it's not them we want. It's Angel. I would really like to shag that bitch of yours. You see, she reminds me of a bitchy nun I use to know in parochial school when I was a boy. She was really hot and like to tease us, then if we tried anything, she would report us to the Priest who would then whip our asses and take away our privileges. I always wanted to fuck that cunt but seeing she isn't available, your wife will have to do!"

"So you're punishing us for something someone else did to you years ago?" I asked.

"Yeah, that's a good way of putting it, but that's not the only reason. Angel's hot. Just my type. A proper lady with a fire burning deep inside her. Beautiful face, beautiful everything!" I've seen your wheelchair, I'll bet she hasn't had a real fucking in years."

I had to focus myself to keep from losing my cool, this jerk knew how to push buttons, but I wasn't going to let him push mine.

"So, if I let you fuck my wife, and I'm not say I will, you will return the tape and leave us alone for the rest of the cruise?" I asked.

"Absofuckinglutely" he replied.

I told him I'd get back to him and headed back to our cabin.

When I returned to the cabin, Angel and Jill were waiting with Dan to hear what happened. I explained to them the terms they had given me.

Dan then replied, "So we're fucked! We can't go to the captain, if we try to use force, they can press charges and the only way they will give us the video, compromises Angel. They have the power to ruin our lives and disgrace us in front of our family, friends and community. Jill and I will lose our jobs, home and the respect of everyone we know. I want to kill those motherfuckers!


"Calm down, Dan" I told him. We have more leverage than you might think.

"What do you mean? Asked Jill.

"Well," I continued, "Cyclone seems to have the hot's for me right? Well that makes him vulnerable. I have never met a man with a hard dick yet, that can't be manipulated!"

"Are you telling me you would actually consider going to bed with that asshole?" Dan asked.

"Not exactly," I continued. "If he wants me, it would have to be on my terms. I think I can get the goods on punkie without submitting to him. If we set this up in our cabin, and video tape him confessing to the whole thing, then we have some evidence to show the captain."

"But how will you get him to confess and use your cabin, he doesn't seem that dumb!" Asked Jill.

"Just leave it to me," I replied. I've yet to find a man who listens to his brain instead of his penis when sex with a woman is concerned! There are still some details to work out and frankly, I'm tired and need some sleep. Let's meet for breakfast tomorrow and see what we can come up with."

Dan and Jill agreed and after giving Kelly and I a hug, returned to their cabin. I undressed and got into bed with Kelly.

"Just what do you have on that sexy mind of yours?" Kelly inquired.

"You'll see. You trust me don't you Darling?" I asked.

"With my life!" Kelly said. "But knowing you, this is going to a real roller-coaster ride. Are you sure you don't just want to fuck Cyclone?" He asked jokingly.

"Hmmm, now that you mentioned it, that could be Plan B." I returned teasingly.


We slept well that night in spite of the dilemma we were in and met Jill and Dan at ten a.m. the next morning at the buffet. They both looked tired but I wasn't sure if it was from fucking or fighting or both.

After we had all pick out our breakfasts we sat down at a table in a far corner of the room where we could not be overheard.

Dan was the first to speak. "Jill and I have been talking it over. We can't let Angel take any chances of being hurt. Jill and I will try to buy them off and if that doesn't work, Jill says she's willing to offer herself up in exchange for the tape!"

"You'll do no such thing." Angel said. "They want me, and I know how to handle this jerk. Here's the plan. Cyclone is a sadistic asshole, right? Well, what if I make him an offer, he can't refuse. I will tell him that I have wanted him from the first moment I saw him but I want to make it as sexy and possible for us."

Angel winked at me and continued, "I will tell him I'm really pissed at Kelly and resent the fact that he can't satisfy me. I will tell him that I want Kelly naked and tied to a chair so he can witness what a real man can do for me. This will appeal to his cruel nature. Then I'll tell him I will wear a nun's habit and white garter-belt and stockings and pretend I'm his parochial nun tormenter and he can have his way with me and get his revenge on her while I get revenge on my husband!"

Dan and Jill were astonished listening to Angel's devious plan as she continued. "I will tell him that I will only go along with this if we do it in my cabin because I want it to be special between him and I and my husband and don't want his band looking on, because I would be too self-conscious in front of a bunch of people to really let me hair down.

What he doesn't know is Dan will be videoing and voice recording the whole thing from the balcony. We have an excellent camcorder that will work perfectly. They don't know our balconies adjoin our two rooms. He can see no one's there when he enters and I will ask him to close the curtains for privacy, then Dan can sneak over and start shooting.

The minute I get his confession to the drugged drink, and the hypnotic suggestion by Pat, Kelly, who will only look like he is helplessly tied up will get up and throw him out. If he tries to use the tape, we will take our tape to the captain."

Dan and Jill were amazed how clever Angel's plan was and agreed wholeheartedly. Dan said, "If you have any trouble throwing that son-of-a-bitch out, I'll be glad to lend a hand."

We all laughed and finished our breakfast. Afterwards, Angel and Jill went out to find something that would work as a nun's habit and Dan and I went up to our cabin so I could familiarize him with the camcorder. We couldn't afford to have any slip-ups.


I felt like a fool. My naiveté had caused all our problems. If I hadn't have been so trusting with Pat, or accepted an already mixed drink from a stranger, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Although I don't remember the strip show, just Dan's description of it caused tears of humiliation to run down my face. I do remember something about peoples saying 4.5 over and over and wondered what it meant. I asked Dan but he said he didn't remember.

I wanted my shaved pussy to be a special surprise for my husband and not entertainment for a bunch of deviates at a party. I thought about my family, friends and community's reactions that the tape would bring. I could never show my face again.

I thought about Dan's reaction, at first I was furious that he would allow and then masturbate to such a spectacle starring his wife! Then I realized if I had talked with him, maybe played along with this game a little, he wouldn't have been so paralyzed and horny when the reality hit him square in the face.

I decided to give my husband everything he wanted. I reached down and started playing with his little cock. He reacted immediately and expanded to its full size. . His cock may appear small to others, but to me, he was my knight baring his mighty lance.

He quickly put his head between my legs to thoroughly inspect, smell and taste my bare pussy. I grabbed his head and held him tightly against me as he frantically sucked and licked me. My poor baby, how selfish I had been withholding my favors.

He quickly entered me and for the first time in a while, we came together, in more ways than one. We kissed and cuddled in afterglow. I never loved him as much as I did at that moment.

I also thought about Kelly and Angel. How kind, brave and world-wise they were to try to help us out of this mess. Angel was taking a big chance and for me, the person who had caused all this trouble. I swore I would make it up to them, and Dan, if we could just get that tape back!


Kelly and I went back to his cabin. His camcorder was easy to learn. I had used a similar one at home. I told him, "You are a true friend! To risk you and your wife's safety to help us is no small thing. No matter what happens, I will always remember what you and Angel are trying to do for us!"

Kelly replied kiddingly, "Oh stop now, you're making me cry!"

Last night with Jill was fantastic. At first she seemed very angry with me and I felt guilty about my reaction to the situation at the party. How turned on I was. How I let my wife be exposed and fondled. How I let myself be stripped and humiliated.

Then for some reason, she stopped being angry and grabbed my dick. Go figure? I had been dying to explore her newly shaved cunt and started licking her like a man obsessed. She said to me, "Oh Dan, suck me, suck me like you have never sucked me before. Make me cum, make me, aaahhhh!"


Jill and I found a store aboard ship that had some plain scarves. I chose a white and a black one for my nun's habit. The white garter-belt and stockings were no problem because I had brought them to go along with my 1940s nurse costume for the ship's Halloween Gala that would occur on the cruise back to Los Angeles.

I decided it was time to confront Cyclone. I took a stun-gun in my purse that my husband had given me just in case he tried anything. I was almost hoping he would. When I arrived, Sweet Tits answer the door and said, "Well, well, well, it's Grandma come a calling. Can I get you a glass of Ensure or how about a pair of Depends?"

I smiled at her and said, "It seems that Grandma's the one who Cyclone wants to fuck, what's the matter, honey, are you getting too stretched out?

Sweet Tits gave me a dirty look and shouted, "Cyclone, it's your bitch, here for her shagging!"

Cyclone came into the room. He was stark naked. He was really buffed and his long cock swung from side to side as he approached me. He then said, "I'm so glad to see you Angel. I started to have a wet dream about you but fell asleep before I came. Oh well, that will give me a bigger load to shoot in that fine pussy of yours later."

"How charming," I commented. "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?"

Cyclone laughed and replied, "That's what I like, a woman who doesn't take my shit, you're going to be fun to train! So you decided to make a trade, huh, your pussy for the tape?"

I explained that I would under certain conditions but I wanted to talk about them in private.

He quickly snapped his fingers twice and his friends vacated the room he then asked, "Okay sweetheart, what's the deal?"

I told him about never getting any satisfaction from my husband and how much he appealed to me. I also explained how I understood his needing to get revenge on the nun because I felt the same way about Kelly.

Then I mentioned the nun's outfit and his eyes lit up as he licked his lips. I added that I would give him the fuck of his life but only if we could do it in the privacy of my cabin with my husband, tied naked and watching.

He bought it completely. Especially the part about Kelly. He told me he had fucked other wives in front of their husbands before and it was one of his favorite turn-ons.

To make their sweet wives beg for his cock and admit that he fucked them so much better than their husbands and to watch their hubbies cry with humiliation was as good as it gets for him.

We agreed to meet that evening at nine p.m. and I left, giving the finger to Sweet Tits as we passed each other in the hallway.

(To be continued)

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