It wasn't such a big crime in the scheme of things. As a bookkeeper he could have stolen so much more. He only took enough to cover his mother's debts after she passed away. He planned to pay it back slowly covering his tracks along the way. Its not that the mob didn't pay well they most assuredly did but Jeff was over extended in ways a bookkeeper shouldn't be. There were flashy cars and an out sized house. The kids went to an exclusive school. His wife had expensive tastes and nothing seemed to be easily trimmed from the budget. In short Jeff was living large and feeling the pinch. Still it wasn't anything he couldn't handle. That is until his employer hired a second bookkeeper to check his work. Jeff was found out immediately. Rather than denial or subterfuge Jeff threw himself on the mercy of his boss, confessing everything. His boss simply replied. "Mr. Gardner. We will discuss this over dinner at your house tomorrow."

Big Sal did not look angry. He did look hurt. Jeff understood instinctively that his boss took this as a personal affront. Somehow he did not fear for his life. Big Sal preferred humiliation and revenge over a simple hit. Not that he didn't employ those against his enemies. Jeff had seen it himself a courier who lost a shipment might get off with some broken bones for a first offense. If he redeemed himself on later assignments Big Sal rehabilitated him. If he screwed up again, Big Sal wrote the shipment off and the courier ended up being nabbed by some of Sal's friends in law enforcement. This kept the reach of lady justice at bay and had the effect of making Sal look much cleaner than he actually was

Big Sal was more genteel than most of his kin but he was nonetheless a thug through and through. Jeff understood exactly what he was getting into. Laundering the money and making it clean was something he never contemplated the ethics of. To him it beat slaving away for a bank or insurance firm and taking decades to earn the kind of money he was taking home with Sal from day one. It had been a good life thus far.

He knew he would have none of the things he currently possessed if not for Big Sal. His wealth had attracted Emma. Even after bearing two daughters she was still a stunner. 5 foot 6 with long brown hair, a trim figure, modest bust, terrific legs and a flawless complexion. She looked at least a decade younger than the 37 that the calender said she was. Their daughters aged 17 and 15 were virtual clones of their mother. In all the years of their marriage Jeff had never confided in her where his income came from. As far as she was concerned her husband worked in the city for a corporation. It was a fiction Jeff felt was harmless. Now he realized that his carefully constructed world was about to collapse.

That night he went home and tried to explain things to Emma.

"Emma, there is something you must know."

"What is it dear?" replied Emma.

"I don't work for the Trident Corporation. That is I DO work for them but they are a dummy corporation a shell. In reality I work for Big Sal Maglini the mobster."

In a halting, difficult confession, it all spilled out of Jeff. The fact that their lives were the rewards of criminality. That her wardrobe, house and cars came from ill gotten gains. That he had done a bad thing by crossing Sal. And that he should be fearing for his life.

Emma was not sympathetic. She was the sort of woman who put airs over others and liked to point out how perfect her life as Jeff's wife was. Her anger was intense.

"I should divorce you, Jeff!"

"If you did that ALL of us would go to jail. There is nothing that we own that isn't connected to mob money. Even if they did not send you to jail, you and the girls would be left penniless. Are you prepared to live off food stamps and food bank left overs? Imagine the girls going to the lousy local high school, No you and the girls are not that type. I don't think that Big Sal is going to kill me, that's not his way. I'm sure what he has in mind is not fatal but no doubt is rather humiliating. He may even let me keep my job after extracting his vengeance. He can't afford to kill me. The new guy he hired is smart but only I know the books so thoroughly. I know where all the bodies are buried both figuratively and literally."

Jeff explained that Big Sal was coming to dinner tomorrow. He wants to meet the entire family. Emma eventually cooled down. She helped the girls with their homework and even made a late snack for Jeff. Jeff was still consigned to the couch for the night.

Jeff went to work the next morning to find the new bookkeeper looking like the cat that ate the canary. God how Jeff hated the guy. Still if he were in the same position as the new guy he would have done the same thing. There was no better way to ingratiate himself to Big Sal. Jeff was blunt with the new guy. The books told only part of the story, Jeff knew the ins and out of big Sal's operation to a detail that the new guy could never hope to understand right away.

"We can either work together," said Jeff, "Or we can be a loggerheads and Sal's operation starts springing leaks."

The new guy was sharp as a tack but he understood that the only way to become Big Sal's right hand man was through Jeff's knowledge. They settled into an uneasy truce and checked and rechecked each others work.

Jeff left work as early as he could. He found Emma working on a fancy dinner. The girls were home in their school uniforms helping their mother. Jeff could tell that she was cool to him but she put on a false front for the girls sake. Emma cooked phenomenally well and made an impressive dinner of pasta and steak, something she instinctively knew that Sal would enjoy. It looked like there would be plenty of leftovers as well.

Emma was dressed in one of her finest dresses, a short blue number that always got Jeff hard. The girls were told to put on nice clothes and that their father's boss would be coming to dinner. Faith and Paula whined at first but did as they were told.

Even though he was their father Jeff really had to appreciate his daughters beauty. Faith had been dating for a year and Jeff had to field phone calls for her from all sorts of boys when he was home. Paula would not be allowed to date until she was sixteen but Jeff could tell that he would have his hands full with her as well.

Sal's big car pulled into the Gardner's driveway right at 8:00 P.M. Jeff was surprised to see Sal's youngest son Geno exiting the car as well. Geno was indulged by his father in everything. Despite this he was not spoiled. He shared his father's ruthlessness and was the most reliable of Sal's sons. Once Sal retired or was eliminated by a rival Geno would inherit the bulk of his father's operation. Geno stood six one, towering over his father. He also had a taste for the ladies and the high life. Most women found him devilishly handsome. Jeff had no idea why he was accompanying his father on what was essentially a nothing operation.

Big Sal entered the house with a nod and kissed Emma's hand. He introduced Geno as his protegee. After the preliminaries the six people sat down to dinner. Both Sal and Geno complimented Emma on her cooking and on her looks. The girls were practically flirting with Geno. However, to his relief, Jeff noticed that Geno didn't seem to be reciprocating his girls' flirtations.

After everyone had eaten. Sal told Jeff that it would be a good idea if the girls left the room now so that the remaining three of them could discuss some private business. The girls excused themselves and went to their rooms.

"Now we can talk Mr. and Mrs. Gardner," said Sal. "As you are probably aware of by now Mrs. Gardner, may I call you Emma? You husband has been caught stealing from my operation. It is not so much the size of the infraction but the principle which makes me angry. No one wants to get me angry. It is not good for their health. I'm not sure what your husband has told me about our operation but I have the power to make people disappear or suffer sudden injury. I also have to power to achieve certain ends if I desire. Now that your daughters are out of the room I can tell you that If I set my mind to it, I could reach them at the Cadwaller School they attend and have them hooked on drugs and turning tricks to fund their habit in a matter of weeks."

Emma's face drained of color and her hands balled into fists.

Sal noticed these changes and the bulge in Jeff's throat and the red anger of Jeff's face.

"I tell you these things, not to anger you. but to explain my abilities. As I said these are things I COULD do to punish your husband not necessarily things I WILL do. I have something quite in store for your husband. Something that involves you."

Emma's jaw dropped and Jeff felt a very queasy feeling in his stomach.

"My protegee Geno here has a taste for the finer things in life. One of those fine things is as he so succinctly puts it is 'Milfs.' I can't interest him in women his own age. He claims that he likes the experience and beauty that these women provide. He also likes total control. You see, you Mrs. Gardner, will be a form of collateral. If you agree to be Geno's slave for ten days your daughters will never know that I and my organization exist. I feel that ten days is the optimal amount of time for your husband to and daughters to be deprived of your wonderful company. Your husband will be so sufficiently chastened that he will never steal from my organization again.

Of course if you opt not to be collateral against your daughters' virtue then I shall be forced to exploit them. "

"Oh my God!" Gasped Emma.

"Now see here Mr. Maglini!"

"You are in no position to complain Mr. Gardner! If not for you Mrs. Gardner would not be in this position. You, of all people, must know that I like to use incentives that differ from most of my brethren. I break your leg -- you heal and may learn nothing. I Break your arm -- you can't work for me for weeks and, despite your malfeasance, I continue to need your services. Break your heart, break your desire to rebel and you become more valuable to me than you are now and will never stray again. Working for me has given you a very nice life. I can take it away, I can eliminate you for instance but that is not my way.

Sal looked at Emma and asked. "What do you say, Emma?"

Jeff's wife took a few moments to catch her breath and contemplate the enormity of her predicament. At last she sputtered, "What choice do I have? I must protect my girls."

Emma shot a look of utter contempt at her husband and turned to Geno and asked. "What would my duties entail?"

Geno, who had been quiet most of the evening suddenly became animated. He had a look of sheer delight as he eyed Emma up and down and replied.

"You will be my plaything. You will be at my beck and call. I will decide what you wear or what you do not wear. I will make love to you in every way imaginable. I'm not into violence as I like to be gentle. I do have a few kinks but nothing too weird. You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen Mrs. Gardner, it would be an honor to keep you as a willing slave for ten wonderful days."

Emma took a long look at Geno and said. "I can agree to that." She turned to her husband and said, "You will be lucky to get to even sniff my panties for a very long time if EVER!"

Sal said, "My driver will pick you up next Saturday as Noon. This gives you over a week to clear your schedule."

Geno interjected with, "I'd like you to stop shaving immediately. I like my women hairy, temporarily!"

After working out the final details Sal and Geno pulled away in their huge car.

As soon as they were gone, Emma broke into tears and retreated to the master bedroom. The girls asked their father what had happened. He hugged them close and told them the truth. Their mother's tears were the result of something stupid he had done. Jeff didn't need to be told. That night he slept on the couch.

For Jeff, the time until Saturday passed very slowly both at home and at work. Emma decided that it didn't look good to the girls for Jeff to spend every night on the couch she allowed Jeff to share the marital bed again. However, the bedroom was one large ice cube. Emma wore her dowdiest, thickest flannel nightgowns and refused to get undressed in front of her husband. She erected a wall out of spare pillows down the center of the bed and made it very clear to Jeff that he was not to even think of letting his hands stray over to her side.

Emma really hated to stop shaving. Her body hair was thick and grew quickly. She had begun shaving at age twelve. She had to shave her legs every day to keep them smooth. By the time Saturday rolled around she would look like a woolly caterpillar under her arms and below her waist. She cleared her schedule for the necessary ten days. Emma was barely able to conceal the contempt she felt for Jeff from the girls. As a cover story Jeff and Emma had decided to tell the girls that their mother was going on a little vacation because she was under so much stress lately. The girls said that they hoped that their mother had a good time.

For Jeff the week was sheer torture. The new guy was constantly on his case and Sal had started giving him the silent treatment. Every bit of information he had to relay to Big Sal had to pass through the new accountant. It was maddening and humiliating. To make things worse every day Geno sent Jeff an email of pictures from a calendar counting off the days until Emma was Geno's plaything.

At last Saturday arrived. Not knowing how to dress Emma put on a conservative beige pantsuit. She packed a few things in an overnight bag. She hugged Grace and Paula with an intensity that belied a simple vacation. "You girls will never know how much I love you." Said Emma.

"Oh mom," said Grace, "You're just going away for ten days. Its not like we won't see you again."

At noon Big Sal's limo pulled into the driveway. Purely for appearances sake Emma kissed Jeff goodbye. It was the first time that his lips had met his wife's in over a week. As she left the door the last words she heard was Paula's comment, "Wow a limo mom! This must be one terrific vacation." With tears in her eyes Emma slid into the back seat of the limo and tried to keep herself from breaking down in tears.

The drive was uneventful. Wine and cheese were provided, so Emma sought some liquid courage. A consolation, she thought was the fact that Geno was at least handsome and not a troll like his father. In short order the limo pulled up in front of the Maglin's sprawling, immense house. A servant led Emma into the house.

Geno was waiting, dressed as a police officer.

"Mrs. Gardner, so nice of you to come. Our adventure begins now."

Geno withdrew a pair of handcuffs and before Emma could even react, her hands were cuffed behind her back.

I will lead you to my playroom, Mrs. Gardner. Geno gathered up Emma's purse and overnight bag and led her along a hallway and down a flight of stairs.

The room was medium sized and starkly white. Emma was able to process that in one corner was what looked like a prison cell!

"We will begin your intake now," said Geno. He walked over to a desk near the cell and beckoned Emma to follow.

Geno began to empty Emma's purse, speaking into a recorder he noted each item in her purse and then placed the contents in a large manila envelope. There was a safe next to the desk and Geno opened the door and placed the envelope and the empty purse inside it. He opened the overnight bad and cataloged the contents. These were also placed in envelopes in the safe as was the bag.

He walked up to Emma and unfastened her handcuffs. He stood in front of Emma and said. " You will address me as Master. You are now number 27 whoever you were as a free woman is immaterial. You are mine for the next ten days and all of your desires should be in pleasing your master. You will now remove, one item at a time, everything you wore as a free woman."

Emma realized, with dread, what Geno wanted. She began to unbutton her blouse. She slid it off her slim frame and handed it to her captor. Geno noted the color and size into the recorder and folded the blouse into a small square. Emma removed her shoes and then her slacks and handed them to Geno who folded the pants into a neat square. Knowing that nudity was inevitable, Emma steeled herself and unfastened her brassier. Her breathtaking white breasts spilled out. Geno's hard on was quite noticeable.

At last Emma slipped off her panties. Involuntarily she shivered. Geno let out a low whistle. "You are very beautiful number 27. I also see that you have stopped shaving as I requested. That will go in your favor. Now you need to surrender your jewelry."

Emma quickly removed her earrings and watch. Next came her necklace. Emma realized that the last items she possessed were her wedding ring and engagement ring. She slid these off realizing now that they were empty symbols. She knew that she would stay married to Jeff but she would never sleep with him again. "When all of this is over," she told herself, "I am finding myself a lover. He will be the antithesis of Jeff and he will get the sex that Jeff will never again receive."

After cataloging her jewelry, Geno placed it all in an envelope. Emma's clothes and jewelry joined the envelopes and purse and overnight bag already in the safe. With finality Geno shut the safe and spun its dial. "These items will be returned when your sentence is over."

Geno took out a camera and took full length photos of Emma from the front, the back and each side. He also took closeups of her face from the same angles. All the while Emma was forced to hold up a board with the number 27 on it.

Geno donned a pair of latex gloves and approached Emma. Instinctively she knew what would come next. Geno's gloved fingers explored her womanhood and her anus. After removing the gloves Geno also checked Emma's mouth and ran his fingers through her hair.

Geno led Emma to stand over a drain in the floor. He brought forth a hose and Emma was deluged with warm water. At one point Geno gave Emma some soap and ordered her to lather up her entire body after which he hosed her off again.

"Here is a towel number 27. You may dry yourself." Said Geno

While Emma was luxuriating in the enormous towel, Geno took something from the desk. He approached Emma and had her turn around. Emma felt a tightness around her throat and heard a click. Instantly She realized that she had been collared! Emma's hands went to her neck.

"You won't be able to remove it. Its on a time lock. You will be able to remove it in ten days. You can't see the front. It say number 27 in very large print. After servicing me you will spend the rest of the night behind bars. I find that loosens up my slaves and that they will do just about anything to avoid returning here. Number 27, kneel before me, undo my pants and give me a blow job. You WILL swallow every drop."

Picturing her daughters Emma wadded up the towel to make a pad between her and the tiled floor. She got on her knees and opened Geno's pants. His phallus was enormous, far larger than her husband's. With a bit of difficulty Emma wrapped her mouth about it and went to work. In a few minuets Geno moaned and grasped the back of Emma's head. He came in copious waves straight down her throat.

After pulling up his pants Geno said. "You have done well number 27." Tomorrow we will defuzz you and begin to explore you in every way possible sexually but now it is time that you cool your heels for a while. Emma was led to the cell and locked in.

Geno left the room and Emma threw herself upon the cot in the cell and began to cry spasmodically. Hours later, her tears completely spent, Emma rose from the cot and began to explore her cell. There was a toilet and a sink. There was toothpaste, a toothbrush, and toilet paper. Above the sink a mirror showed Emma her entire collar for the first time. It was leather and metal with the 27 prominent in the middle above the depression between her clavicles.

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