tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCollege Girls Ch. 02

College Girls Ch. 02


Jennifer is my sorority sister and we're both in our freshman year at the university. She saved enough money to buy her first car, but her dad demanded to go with her to the car dealer. He said that Jennifer wouldn't be able to negotiate the best possible price because she was so young. When Jennifer told her dad that she'd rather go by herself, he laughed and said that the salesman was going to take advantage of her. Jennifer's dad assured her that she'd end up paying too much for the car. Jennifer was determined to prove him wrong, so she asked me for advice.

Jennifer is a pretty brunette, about 5'3 and slender, with large, firm breasts. I told Jennifer that with her good looks and great body, she should be able to get the deal of the century. I advised her to wear some skimpy clothes and casually show some skin. I figured that if she showed a little cleavage and flashed her underwear a few times, the salesman would bend over backwards to give her a great deal.

She was skeptical at first. Jennifer claimed that she'd never been an exhibitionist before, but I reminded her of what happened during pledge week. The older girls tied her up and slowly stripped her naked in front of some fraternity guys. She was forced to hang with her arms in the air while her bare boobs, firm rear-end and dark hairy triangle were on display for all the guys to observe. I told her that the car-shopping plan should be a breeze compared to that night of humiliation. After listening to my reasoning, she decided to take my advice. It sounded very innocent and harmless. Little did she know that through a series of mishaps, she'd end up showing a lot more than just a little cleavage and a few panty flashes.

Jennifer didn't own any sexy clothes, so I gave her one of my outfits to wear. First, she slipped into a pair of thin, white panties. They were the thong type with little strings on the sides to keep them in place. The strings were very thin and Jennifer started to complain because the strings felt like they could easily break. She was afraid that the panties wouldn't stay on, but I assured her that she just wasn't used to wearing such tiny panties.

A short, pink, wrap-around mini-skirt covered the panties. There was a slit up the right leg and a string at the top of the slit that held the skirt together. Jennifer is a couple of inches taller that I am, which made the skirt even shorter on her. It barely covered her butt! Even though the skirt was so short, I continued to reassure her that she looked fine and had nothing to worry about.

I handed her a little pink and white striped sleeveless shirt to wear. It had two buttons in front that were straining to open. Jennifer is a bit larger on top than me, so the shirt looked a size too small. It was a bare midriff top that stopped just below her bra-less breasts. Her flat stomach was completely exposed. Jennifer's nipples poked out against the lightweight knit material. The top button was slightly lower than her nipples, so she was showing plenty of cleavage when she bent over. Jennifer put on some white, high-heeled sandals to give her a little extra height and she was ready to go.

I was going to the dealership with Jennifer and I didn't want to upstage her, so I just wore a white T-shirt and some low-cut jeans. My jeans hung so low on my hips that a little bit of my butt-crack was showing. My bra-less breasts were also visible under the tight cotton T-shirt, but it was nothing compared to the skimpy outfit Jennifer was wearing,

Mary, a senior in the sorority, gave us a ride to the car dealer. When we arrived at the dealership, Jennifer told me that she was nervous and couldn't go through with it. Jennifer said that she felt practically naked! I told Jennifer to get out of the car and walk around. If she still felt uncomfortable, then she could get back into the car and we'd forget all about it.

We got out of the car and a cool breeze immediately lifted her skirt up to her waist. I'm sure anyone looking in Jennifer's direction got a flash of her itty-bitty panties. Jennifer quickly pushed the skirt down and tried to return to the car, but Mary locked the doors! Jennifer pleaded with Mary to let her in, but Mary just smiled and waved as she drove away. Now Jennifer was forced to go through with it.

I stayed out of sight and watched from a distance as Jennifer looked for a car. While Jennifer walked around the car lot, she was getting a lot of attention from the salesmen. It was a breezy day and she continued to have trouble keeping her skirt down. Jennifer must have decided that since she'd come this far, she may as well quit acting like a prude because she appeared to begin loosing her inhibitions.

She was admiring a Camaro when a nice looking, older salesman came up behind her. Jennifer pretended not to notice him and bent over to look at the tires. She kept her knees straight so that the skirt would ride up as high as it could. He was getting a good look at her thong panties, which were almost non-existent as they drifted up into her butt.

The salesman offered to help Jennifer, but she said that the sticker price was way out of her price range, so she was going to leave. He begged her to stay and check out the car. Jennifer pretended to be interested as he opened the hood. They leaned over to look at the motor and from his angle, he could see right down her shirt. There was a large bulge developing in his pants, so I knew my plan was working. I think Jennifer was starting to get turned on by the attention and began feeling at ease with the situation.

Then some unexpected events turned the innocent plan into a humiliating strip show. The first mishap occurred when the salesman caught the string of the mini-skirt in the hood when he slammed it. Not knowing that the string was caught in the hood, Jennifer walked around the side of the car and the string came untied. Since that string was the only thing holding the skirt on, it fell to the ground. Jennifer's face turned red with embarrassment as she stood there in those tiny white panties. Her dark bush was visible through the thin material of the little undies and the salesman just stood there, taking it all in.

Jennifer asked him to please get the skirt for her, but his hands were trembling so much that he couldn't get the hood opened. Then her situation went from bad to worse. The salesman decided to just yank the skirt out of the hood and when he did, the string was torn completely off. Now what was she going to do? Jennifer's only choice was to wrap the skirt around her and quickly jump in the driver's seat.

The salesman persuaded her to take the car for a test drive. I had to see what happened next, so I ran over and climbed into the back seat. The car had a manual transmission, so it was impossible to hold the skirt in place and drive the car. Jennifer tried to wrap the skirt around her waist like a towel, but there wasn't much material to work with. Each time she moved her legs to shift gears, the skirt separated a little further. The salesman watched as more and more of her legs became exposed. Soon he was able to see Jennifer's panties, as the skirt came apart at her waist.

Finally, Jennifer turned a corner and the skirt fell completely off. The salesman tried not to be obvious as he stared at her neatly trimmed brunette bush, which was easy to see under the thin white fabric of the tiny panties. I giggled and told the salesman that he shouldn't be looking at a little girl's underwear. He said that he wasn't, but we both knew that he was.

As the salesman started making small talk, Jennifer began to relax and enjoy the little adventure. We turned down a street that had a few bumps. When we hit the first bump, Jennifer's boobs bounced up and down. This really got the salesman's attention, so she decided to try it again. She hit the next bump a little faster, but when her breasts bounced up, the top button of the shirt popped off.

Jennifer stopped the car and bent over to look on the floor for the button, practically falling out of the shirt in the process. She located the missing button and thought she had everything under control, but then the second mishap occurred. As Jennifer straightened up in her seat, the shirt got caught on the blinker lever. The lever pulled on the shirt and popped the last button off.

Jennifer shrieked, "Oh my gosh," as her titties fell out for all the world to see.

The salesman started breathing heavy as Jennifer tried to position the material of the shirt to cover her breasts. Now she was in real trouble. How was she going to hold all of her clothes in place and drive the car at the same time? Sensing her embarrassment, I offered to drive the car back to the dealership allowing Jennifer to cover up. However, the salesman took over and traded places with Jennifer. Jennifer wanted the salesman to driver her home, but he told her that if she was really interested in the car, she should come back to the office and he'd make her a great deal. At this point, Jennifer was only interested in covering her nudity, but I persuaded her to find out what kind of great deal he was willing to offer.

When we arrived at the car lot, the salesman purposely parked the car in the furthest spot from the door. I guess he wanted all of his buddies to see Jennifer walk by. I got out of the car and told Jennifer that I'd wait for her in the showroom.

Jennifer sarcastically said, "Thanks a lot!"

Jennifer suddenly had an idea. If she tucked the skirt into her panties, it would stay on and she could hold the shirt together with her hands. This idea led to the third mishap. As Jennifer tucked the skirt into those little undies, the thin strings on the panties snapped, causing her underwear and her skirt to fall to the ground. The salesman's eyes were as big as silver dollars as he gazed at Jennifer's naked body. Her bare ass and pussy hair could be seen from the busy street as several cars honked when they drove by. Jennifer quickly picked up the skirt and wrapped it around her. Holding the skirt with one hand and the shirt with the other, Jennifer followed the salesman to the office leaving the panties lying on the pavement.

The salesman led Jennifer to a seat in his office, which was secluded except for a window facing the showroom. Luckily, the showroom was fairly empty. As Jennifer sat in the office, she continued to hold the shirt together with one hand and the skirt with the other. I stood outside the office as the salesman described the great deal he could give her. Jennifer said that his price was too high and that she was going to leave. He said that he was going to find out if he could make her a better offer and left the room.

Soon the salesman returned followed by the sales manager, office manager and finance manager. I'll bet those guys don't sit in on every sales meeting. I'm sure Jennifer's lack of clothing made this meeting special. From where I stood outside the office, it appeared as though Jennifer felt extremely vulnerable with all those guys looking at her. They were trying to distract Jennifer so that she would let go of the shirt or the skirt.

The first deal was written on a piece of paper. To reach for the paper, Jennifer had to let go of the skirt. As she did, the skirt fell open and Jennifer's right leg was completely exposed. Half of the skirt was still resting in her lap, but any sudden movement and her pussy was going to be revealed. The guys realized that forcing Jennifer to reach for papers would put her in more of a compromising position, so they kept showing her lower deals.

Everyone was shaking with anticipation as Jennifer's skirt was about to fall on the floor, so I told Jennifer to ask for the car's invoice sheet. They said that Jennifer was not allowed to see it, so Jennifer wrapped the skirt tightly around her waist and told them that she was going to leave. All of the sudden, the invoice appeared. Jennifer offered them $100 below the invoice price, but they refused, so she sat there holding the invoice with both hands. Without any hands holding her clothes in place, the shirt fell open, but was still covering her nipples and the skirt was back in Jennifer's lap barely covering the dark hair of her neatly trimmed bush.

They were dying to see Jennifer's nipples and pussy, but so far they were out of luck. Jennifer set the invoice down, pulled her shirt and skirt together and told them that $100 under invoice was her final offer. When they refused again, Jennifer said that she was really glad they couldn't work a deal because she would have to lean over with both hands to sign all the paperwork. She wouldn't be able to hold her clothes in place while she signed the documents. With that statement the deal was made.

As all eyes were upon Jennifer, she slowly bent forward to sign the purchase order. As she did, the shirt fell away and her breasts were completely exposed. Jennifer's breasts are full and firm, with pretty pink nipples. Her nipples began to stiffen as the breeze from the air conditioning vent blew down on her naked tits. From the bulges in the guy's pants, it was obvious that Jennifer's nipples weren't the only things getting stiff. Jennifer couldn't believe it. She was sitting in a room full of strange men with her boobs completely exposed!

The salesman handed Jennifer a second form to sign, but she accidentally dropped the pen. Without thinking, Jennifer leaned over to pick it up, but suddenly realized that her bare butt was in full view of the guys to the right of her. Jennifer began nervously fumbling to pick up the pen so that she could sit down in a hurry, but she actually pushed the pen further away. She had to bend completely over to pick up the pen. This gave everyone in the room a chance to move into position to admire her firm, young butt cheeks. Jennifer felt totally humiliated.

As she sat back in her seat, the skirt fell, but she caught it before it could fall completely off. Then Jennifer positioned it so that it was barely covering her bush. This elevated the guy's level of excitement. They really wanted that skirt to fall, but for the time being, they went back to gazing at Jennifer's bare titties as she signed the last piece of paper.

When it was time for the loan, Jennifer told them that she wanted the lowest interest rate available. The rates they were offering were not appealing, so once again she pulled the shirt and skirt back into position and told them that she was going to leave. They came back with a rate that was next to nothing and Jennifer agreed to the terms.

The finance manager left to get the paper work together, so Jennifer sat and chatted with the men while he was gone. As they talked, Jennifer really started teasing the guys. When Jennifer laughed, she made sure her breasts wobbled back and forth. As her breasts bounced, her shirt came open again. Jennifer also kept moving her legs causing the skirt to slowly slide down, but she would always catch it just before the hair on her pussy came into view. It was driving the guys crazy.

The finance manager returned, but he had to sit far across the desk because the office was so crowded. Jennifer almost had to stand up to take the first forms from him and when she did, the skirt fell to the floor. She put her hands up over her face as if she was embarrassed and told the guys that she was afraid that was going to happen. Jennifer turned around with her back to the guys and slowly bent down to pick up the skirt. All of the guys were getting a great view of her firm, smooth ass.

The salesman jokingly said that Jennifer should throw that skirt away. Jennifer replied in a soft voice that she should also throw the shirt away, but then she'd be sitting there completely naked in front of everyone. They said that they didn't want her to feel uncomfortable, so they told her that they'd immediately send for an expensive, leather Corvette jacket for her to wear. Jennifer agreed and handed the salesman her skirt, then removed what was left of the shirt. He quickly carried off the clothes, but the guys were in no hurry to give her the jacket.

Jennifer was now totally nude and sitting in front of a group of strange men while she signed the rest of the forms. I was amazed at how many forms she had to sign. Jennifer slowly and carefully read each form while the guys just sat and stared at her beautiful tan body. Some of the workers from the garage walked by the window, but all they could see was her back. When Jennifer realized she had an audience, she turned sideways in the chair and gently bounced her breasts as she signed the remaining papers. This gave the guys at the window something to look at.

Finally the paperwork was signed and the car belonged to Jennifer. She stood up and asked for her jacket. The men said someone was bringing it right up. As she stood there waiting, the guys at the window were admiring Jennifer's bare butt cheeks while the men in the office were looking at her fully exposed tits and bush. Jennifer's little pink nipples were pointing out with excitement and she made no attempt to hide her nudity. She even turned around to face the window, then put her hands up to her face and gave the guys in front of the window a surprised look as if she didn't know that they were there. With her hands up to her face, the guys at the window had an unobstructed view of her nice full breasts and her cute little pussy.

A guy came in and handed her the jacket. He looked shocked. I guess he didn't expect to see a naked girl in the office. Jennifer slowly slipped the jacket on while the guys watched her every move. After zipping the jacked halfway up, Jennifer turned to the guys and explained that the jacket was too short. She turned around and showed them that half of her bare buns were hanging out. Then Jennifer turned back and pointed to some of the pussy hair that was peeking out from below the front of the jacket. The guys said that it was the best they could do, so Jennifer took the keys and paperwork, then headed for the door.

The showroom was a little more crowded now and everyone stopped what they were doing to watch Jennifer walk across the room. When Jennifer got to the door, she dropped the car keys, then slowly bent forward to pick them up giving everyone one last look at her nice round bare behind. She turned and waved, then proceeded to the car. I met her in the parking lot and we headed for home.

When Jennifer called her dad to tell him about the deal she got, he was astonished. He couldn't believe that Jennifer got such a great deal. He asked Jennifer what her secret was so that he could get a great deal, too. Jennifer just laughed because she didn't think her dad could handle knowing what her secret was.

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