tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCollege Girls Ch. 27

College Girls Ch. 27


College graduation day finally arrived. When they called out "Mindy Sparks", I proudly walked across the stage and received my diploma. Underneath my gown, I wore a light summer dress and white panties. I wasn't wearing a bra, but I was far from naked like some of my sorority sisters.

Audrie was one of the boldest exhibitionists in the sorority house. It was quite obvious that she didn't have a stitch of clothing on under her robe. As she pranced up to the stage, her big boobs bounced freely under her gown. The stage lights illuminated Audrie's dark bush beneath her gold satin robe, which was acknowledged by applause and catcalls from the guys in the audience.

When Audrie reached center stage, her face became red with embarrassment. It looked as if Audrie suddenly realized how sheer her graduation robe really was. Backlighting on the stage created a nude silhouette of Audrie's perfect body, which was viewable by everyone in attendance. This incited a collective gasp along with looks of disgust from many of the parents and grandmothers that turned out for the event. Cameras flashed throughout the arena as the barely dressed coed accepted her diploma and hurried back to her seat. I'll bet some of the fathers took more pictures of Audrie than they took of their own son or daughter.

Even though I acted like a good girl on graduation day, that doesn't mean I was an angel during finals week. I tried to be an angel, but once again a simple panty flash turned into a big mishap rendering me helplessly naked in front of a group of strangers.

The evening started out innocently enough. I went to a bar with my boyfriend, Vince, and I was perched on a high bar stool. Vince was playing darts with his friend, Duke, so I was left sitting alone at the bar, drinking a beer and reading my Business Studies book preparing for my last exam. I majored in Business Education with a Teaching Degree, which gives me the opportunity to teach business as well as work in an office setting.

Sitting at a table below me was a girl who looked to be in her twenties, along with two younger boys. The boys couldn't have been more than eighteen, but the bar is pretty lenient about serving minors during finals week. I was getting bored, so I thought I'd have a little fun and put on a show for them. I had a large glass of beer in front of me, but the peanuts were in a bowl a little out of my reach. I'm just slightly over five feet tall, so I had to stand on the foot rail of my bar stool and lean forward to grab a nut. This caused the hem of my short sundress to ride up in back, exposing my pale pink panties to the group below me.

I never looked down at the boys, but from the corner of my eye I could see that they were thrilled by the vision in front of them. I could feel their hungry eyes feasting on my panty clad backside as I slowly reached for the peanut. Everyone was getting quite an eyeful because my panties were practically see-through and only came halfway up my butt. I bought the tiny underpants so that when I wear low-cut jeans, my panties wouldn't show above the waistline. Of course, this meant that half of my butt-crack was hanging out above the thin elastic waistband and the other half was plainly visible through the very thin fabric of my little undies.

When I finally sat down, I should have stopped, but once again I let my emotions get the best of me. That's how I always get myself into trouble. Even though I was wearing a very short and skimpy dress, I thought, "What harm could come from showing off my panties to a few strangers?"

I tried to concentrate on my text book, but I couldn't resist the urge to let my panties pop out in public again. As I slowly leaned forward, I noticed that there was a mirror behind the bar. I was able to see the reflection of the girl and the two boys sitting with her. The girl was very cute with brown hair and a dazzling smile. The sparkle in her eyes was mesmerizing as she stared at me from behind. I hadn't been interested in a girl since I met Vince, but my boyfriend's lack of attention was forcing me to fulfill my needs elsewhere. After selecting a peanut, I sat back down on the stool, but my curiosity was overwhelming and I needed to find out if this beautiful girl had any interest in me.

The boys had shy nervous expressions on their faces as if they couldn't believe what they'd just witnessed. The girl on the other hand wore a confident smile on her face. She was definitely smiling at me, but I couldn't tell if she liked me or if she just enjoyed watching me tease the young boys.

I didn't want any more peanuts, but the attention I was receiving from the girl inspired me to reach for another one. As I leaned across the bar, the bartender came over and asked if I needed anything. I was wearing a dangerously short white button-down dress without a bra, and the top two buttons were open. Since I'm such a diminutive and petite girl, I was forced to lean over pretty far to reach the nuts.

I might be small, but my medium-sized breasts are full and firm. As I bent forward, my dress gapped in front giving the bartender a birds-eye view of my round rosy nipples. I took my time searching for the perfect nut as the bartender positioned himself so that he had an unobstructed view of my nearly naked breasts. With my barely covered butt on display for the people behind me and my titties exposed to the bartender in front of me, I began to feel aroused. My nipples started to harden and I began to experience that all too familiar sensation of wetness between my legs.

After giving the bartender a nice long look at my puffy pink nipples, I told him that I had everything I needed and started to sit back down on the stool. Then the funniest thing happened. While slowly sliding down into my seat, the hem of my short dress got snagged on the top of the chair behind me. I pretended not to notice and continued to sit down, but I could feel that my dress was flipped up in back. My smooth tan flesh was exposed all the way up to the small of my back, revealing my little pink underpants to the young boys behind me. It sent chills up my spine because I knew that my tiny panties only concealed half of my butt-crack, but I did nothing to correct the situation.

From the reflection in the mirror, I could tell that the girl was looking at me. She probably thought that I was completely unaware of my predicament. The beautiful girl giggled as she pointed out my quandary to the boys at her table. As the bartender brought me another large beer, I continued to study while acting as though I was oblivious to the awkward circumstances.

The young boys were free to check out my nearly naked butt until my jerk of a boyfriend and his equally annoying friend showed up. My boyfriend quietly came up behind me, tugged on the waistband of my underpants and dropped an ice cube down the crack of my ass. He startled me so I quickly turned around, but he didn't pull his finger out of my skimpy undies and I felt the thin elastic waistband of my tiny panties snap.

I sternly said, "You're so immature" as I leaned forward on the bar stool.

I promptly lifted the back of my skirt and reached down into my underwear to fish out the cold ice cube, probably exposing most of my bare ass to the boys at the table behind me in the process. The melting ice cube left a wet spot on my panties, which only made the see-through material even more transparent. I threw the ice cube on the floor and then I examined my damaged undies. My stupid boyfriend managed to break the elastic on the thin waistband near my right hip. This is the moment when I should have collected my belongings and left the bar, but I just couldn't resist the idea of teasing the shy young boys just a little more.

I stood up and turned my back to Duke, which forced me to face the group that had been watching me all night. In order to show Vince what he'd done to my underwear, I had to lift up my short sun dress. I may have over-exaggerated the need to raise my dress because I lifted the hem higher than my belly button. With my dress up so high, I was certain that the group could see my neatly trimmed auburn bush, which was barely hidden by my translucent panties.

I showed my boyfriend the broken elastic and said, "Thanks for ruining my underwear! I'll bet they're gonna fall right off."

The eyes of the young boys lit up when they heard that statement. The girl had a big smile on her face, too. She knew that I was kicking the boys' hormones into overdrive, and she seemed to like watching me torture them as they squirmed in their seats. The girl also gave me the impression that she liked watching me for her own personal pleasure, as she gave me a wink and licked her luscious wet lips.

With the young boys staring right at me, I wiggling my hips a little and then told Vince, "Look at my panties. You really ripped them. Now what am I going to do? See how they slide down my thighs when I move! I don't think they're gonna stay on much longer."

Duke yelled, "You're right, they won't!"

Then Duke reached under my short dress and pulled my underpants all the way down to the floor. I stepped out of my torn undies and without thinking, I bent over to pick them up. I no longer had any panties on, so when I bent over, my bare butt cheeks were pointed right at the girl and young boys seated behind me.

Reality suddenly set in and I remembered that I was completely naked under my dress. I was mortified when I looked back and saw that the girl and her young friends had an unobstructed view of my bare ass. With my knees straight and my legs slightly spread apart, I'll bet they could even see my tender pussy lips from behind.

I can be pretty bold when I'm wearing panties, but I'm a lot more self-conscious when I'm totally nude. Instead of directing my attention at the people behind me, I should have focused on securing my panties because Duke quickly grabbed my little undies off the floor before I had a chance to pick them up.

Duke started twirling my panties on his finger so I tried to snatch them away, but he was too quick far me and tossed them to my boyfriend. Vince held my undies high in the air, but I was determined to retrieve them. He's six-foot-four, which is over thirteen inches taller than me, so I was forced to jump for them.

Jumping up in a short dress with no underwear on underneath was a big mistake. When I jumped into the air, my short dress flew up exposing my bare butt and hairy triangle to everyone around me. Then my dress acted like a parachute as it slowly floated down, giving the people around me an extended peek at my nakedness.

With Vince holding my panties up high, I couldn't secure my dress and raise my arms at the same time. Therefore, I was forced to leave my extremely short sundress unrestrained as I leaped into the air. The young boys had front row seats for the spectacle and the girl sitting with them found the reaction on their faces to be priceless. I knew that the boys were getting glimpses of my ass and pussy, but I continued to act as if I was unaware of my public exposure because the cute brunette seemed to be enjoying it. She really liked seeing that I was a helpless innocent victim baring my butt and bush to a bar full of strangers. Watching me get humiliated in public looked like it was turning her on.

Finally, my boyfriend threw my panties and they landed on the bar. Duke tried to grab them, but I slapped his hand away. Unfortunately, his hand knocked over my freshly poured large glass of beer, which spilled onto the bar and ruined my text book. The beer also splashed off the bar and drenched the top of my dress. Now my nipples were even easier to see as the thin white cotton material became instantly transparent.

With everyone looking at my nearly naked breasts, I felt extremely vulnerable and held the text book in front of me. My boyfriend gave his friend a high-five as they started laughing. Duke even tried to take my book away and my drunken boyfriend made no attempt to come to my defense.

My eyes began to well up with tears as I declared, "Vince, you've ignored me all afternoon and when you finally showed up, you humiliated me in front of a bar full of strangers!"

He said, "Oh come on. We're just having a little fun."

I said, "Well the fun's over. I'm leaving and I never want to see you again!"

He said, "Why don't you get over yourself" as I grabbed my billfold and headed for the door with my text book clutched against my chest.

Vince tried to follow me, but Duke grabbed his arm and said, "Let her go. You don't need her."

I heard my boyfriend call out, "You're right. I don't have to put up with this crap" as I left the bar and I walked out into the night.

I began to head towards the campus when I sensed someone coming up behind me. Thinking that it was Vince, I yelled for him to go away, but it turned out to be the beautiful girl that was seated at the table behind me. She put her arm around me and gently brushed away the tears from my cheeks. Following the girl was the two young boys that had been sitting with her. I buried my head in the girl's bosoms, trying to hide my blushing face.

Everyone was quite for a moment, then I broke the silence and meekly said, "I'm so embarrassed. I was trying mind my own business and study for my final exam, but my jerk of a boyfriend decided it would be fun to expose me to his friend and everyone else in the bar. Then a beer spilled and ruined my book. I just hope no one saw my underwear."

The girl giggled and said, "Oh we saw a lot more than that!"

The boys snickered, and then she continued, "But you handled yourself very well. You don't need him. By the way, my name is Jennifer. I'm a grad student in the school of business and behind you are Andy and Brad. They're a couple of freshmen that I'm trying to tutor so that they can pass their exams."

I introduced myself and looked back to say hello to the boys, but they were too nervous to say hello back to me. Then Jennifer and I turned our heads and gave each other endearing smiles. She continued to keep her arm around my shoulders, but she lifted my text book from in front of me and examined it.

Jennifer said, "Your book is ruined" and then she tossed it into a nearby trash can.

I screeched, "Jennifer, you can see right through my dress. I was using that book to hide my boobs."

Jennifer replied, "I'm sorry. Hey, it's only eight o'clock. The Business School Office is still open. I'll bet I can find you another one. Who's your teacher?"

I replied, "Professor Wrissley."

She said, "I think he's still there. Let's stop by and find out."

I said, "But look at me. I'm practically naked!"

With a devious smile she said, "Don't worry. I'm sure he won't mind."

Her smile raised a red flag about her intentions for me. However, I was a little drunk and had just broken up with my boyfriend, so I continued walking with her because I couldn't resist her sweet caring personality. As we headed towards the School of Business Building, the young boys followed close behind. They watched intensely as an occasional breeze lifted my short dress up exposing my bare butt cheeks to them.

I tried to hold my dress down, but Jennifer pushed my hand away saying, "You don't have to guard your dress. You're among friends. Besides, those panties you were wearing barely covered your cute little behind anyway."

I explained, "Those panties were for my low-rise jeans so that they wouldn't hang out above the waistline when I bent over."

Jennifer said with a little laugh, "I solved that problem by not wearing any panties. See?"

I looked at Jennifer's butt and noticed a little bit of her butt-crack was showing above her short white shorts.

She smiled and said, "I like showing off my butt. I work out hard to look like this, so I'm not afraid to show it off. Besides, it gets the little boys' attention while I'm babysitting...err, I mean tutoring. It seems to drive the boys wild."

I said, "I'll bet it does. It's driving me wild right now" and she responded with a hug and a smile.

Jennifer has model good looks. She's tall and thin with long dark hair and a very pretty face. Her breasts aren't much bigger than mine, but they look round and perky. Jennifer's golden tanned skin was a sharp contrast to her peach tank top and flimsy white bra. She looked delicious and I wanted to eat her up.

We finally reached the Business Building and we had to climb a steep flight of stairs to get to the front door. Of course the boys followed behind, but they took their time so that they were several steps below Jennifer and me. It was obvious that they wanted to look up my dress, but neither Jennifer nor I made an issue of it. Once we were inside, Jennifer told the boys to get Professor Wrissley and then she led me into the kitchen area.

Jennifer said, "I think we need to wash off this beer. You smell like a brewery."

I watched nervously as Jennifer lathered up her hands, and then started caressing the front of my dress until it was all sudsy. She kept moistening her hands under the warm water and then rubbing them up and down the front of me. Jennifer looked me in the eyes and smiled as she gently squeezed my breasts through the wet fabric. The sensation of her gentle hands against my nipples was getting me excited, but then Professor Wrissley suddenly entered the room. Jennifer stood up and purposely stepped aside, leaving me standing there unprotected in my soaked white sundress.

Jennifer said, "Mindy's text book got ruined tonight. I was wondering if you had another one so she can study for your exam?"

Professor Wrissley observed my practically non-existent dress, chuckled and replied, "I have the exam on my desk. Maybe you should just take it now and get it over with."

Jennifer said, "That'd be great!"

Then Jennifer gave me a sinful grin and declared, "Professor Wrissley, I guess you'll need to sit and watch Mindy the whole time to make sure she doesn't cheat."

I squealed, "Jennifer! You know I'm practically naked" as I made a vein attempt to fold my arms across my chest.

A look of panic crossed my face as Professor Wrissley examined my sheer white dress. The dress was now sticking to me like a second skin because it was saturated with water, so Professor Wrissley had plenty to look at.

Acting like a true gentleman, he smiled and said, "No, Jennifer, I think I'll let you keep an eye on her. I'll be in the lounge. Let me know when you're finished."

When Professor Wrissley left the room, Jennifer began unbuttoning my dress so I squeaked, "What are you doing?"

She said, "I can't get the soap out. I'm going to have to rinse your dress in the sink."

After unbuttoning my dress, she quickly slipped it off my shoulders and in an instant I was naked in the middle of the Business School Building. As I stood there totally nude, Jennifer stuffed my dress into the sink and began running warm water over it.

I asked, "Can't we go into the women's restroom and do this?"

She replied, "Well, we've already started here, so we might as well finish up here."

I said, "But now I'm completely naked and anyone can walk into this room at any time!"

Jennifer said, "Would you quit worrying! It's late. There's hardly anybody here."

Then she turned to me and said, "I still need to get the soap off of you" and began running her slippery fingers up and down the front of my naked body.

Jennifer softly tickled my belly button and then proceeded to drag her ruby red fingernails up the front of me until she reached my taunt nipples. She used her fingertips to tease my super sensitive nipples and then she softly massaged my entire breasts. Her magic fingers felt magnificent and I was beginning to relax and enjoy the phenomenon that she was creating.

Jennifer looked down and sweetly said, "Aw, it looks like you've got a little soap on your girl fur. I'd better take care of that."

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