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Everyone's got to make a buck however they can when they have bills.

For several years of my college life I worked as a janitor for the school I attended, work most of the night, take classes during the day, who needs sleep. This is one of those jobs were people think nothing of you and you become invisible. But invisible has its advantages and you'd be amazed what you see when people forget your there.

For a stretch of several months I covered the environmental service needs of the campus business college at night on my own. The day to day work didn't really need more than one person and when there were big events extra hands would always be assigned.

One of my tasks was to close the facility at midnight and lock the building down. Usually I gave the building a once over some fifteen minutes before midnight. Locking the doors first then making my rounds this way no one else was getting in while I was sending people out. This way I could give anyone on hand fair warning and get a idea of who was around or things I would need to deal with.

On this particular night some forty minutes or so before closing a young couple came in by the looks of them campus juniors or seniors. The young man was a fairly nondescript blond, corn pole thin and tall. His companion was a cute well proportioned young lady of Asian background. They happened to come in while I was in the lobby checking on the main offices. As they passed me by heading for the stair I informed them off the impending facility closure that would be occurring within the hour. Until I did my lock down rounds that was the last time I gave them any thought.

Quarter to midnight rolled around and I proceeded with my normal nightly routine. The building was five stories and due to its placement on a significant hillside the main level was the thirds. I was at that moment working on the fourth floor so I started form there proceeding down the stairs to the lowest level. Like most nights I encountered at best one or two people. Now when I finished with the first floor I headed for the elevator to go up to the fifth and last floor on my walk though and it occurred to me that I had not see the couple who had come in less than a hour ago. It was possible that they had already left but the only access point they had at this hour that was not locked or a fire door was the main lobby and frankly you tended to notice when it was being used since the second, third (lobby level), and fourth floors were joined by a grand central stair.

Now for the readers' information it is helpful to be aware of the fifth floors layout (the scene of our events). When you come off the elevator you are at the end of a small short east west hallway with the fire stair being at the other end. Midway down this hallway you have a balcony on your left and a large hallway/lounge branching off perpendicular on your right. His area is comfortably laid out with coffee tables and various chairs for lounging and it is flanked on both sides by large specialized classrooms.

As I rode the elevator up to number five I figure the two of them might be up there perhaps on the balcony. Now the elevator is loud when in use accompanied by a distinctive beep when it hits its floor. I was fairly certain if they were there they would hear me coming to evict them.

The elevator arrived depositing me at my destination. I exited and proceeded on down the hall. Expecting them on the balcony I was looking to my left and I saw no one. Clearly they were not there. Not the first time I've been wrong. So I turned right to check the lounge and classrooms and stopped dead in my tracks.

Before me in the lounge was the young couple. The young lad was sitting on the edge of one of the coffee tables with his back to me. His pants were off and he had his legs spread. I could just make out the young lady kneeing there in between his legs. I couldn't see much of her so I was unaware of her level of dress or undress (shame) but what I could see were her hands on both sides of his waist and the top and back of her head as it bobbed up and down in his laps. You could clearly hear the sounds of a energetic blowjob being performed.

I was not at all surprised that such a thing was going on. I was however surprised they hadn't noticed me or heard the elevator. Well no matter I had a job to do so I took a step back and rapped my fist on the wall a few times.

"Excuse me! The building is closing if you would please collect yourselves and make your way out it would be appreciated it, thank you!"

There was a moment of palatable shock and surprise. The young man whipped his head around to look at me, his face ashen and the young lady instantly stopped what she was doing and too looked up. I could clearly hear the pop of the cock leaving her mouth as well as see the strands of precum and saliva that hung from her chin and surprised face her lips still forming that lovely and inviting O shape.

My timing it seems was impeccable and hers premature for as she brought her head up to stare at me in surprise she was still largely at cock level and this was the moment the you man blew his load. She was looking at me and unprepared for the blast of warm cum that suddenly sprayed across her face, in her eyes, in her mouth, in her hair, and so on. She was so surprised that she fell back off her knees and onto her rump giving me a momentary look at a wonderful squeezable set of B cup breasts that had been exposed for her boyfriends' enjoyment.

All I could do was laugh.

"Have a good night." Was all I said as I turned and made my way out and down the stairs laughing most of the way. Truth be told I would have liked to have stay to catch the ending of that little show. I however didn't want to get in trouble with my supervisor so I gave the two there privacy to get quickly dressed and take off.

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