tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCollege Night Ch. 02

College Night Ch. 02


When Jack and I left the club at around 4AM, I had spent most of the last 4 hours naked, in front of guys from school. I had heels on, but nothing else for most of that time. Jack had me take his arm as we walked to his car, he opened the door for me. That made me feel like I was his girlfriend. He closed the door, walked around and got in. Then he turned to me...

"Take off your dress."

No sweet talk, no honey, baby, nothing like that. Just take off your dress. It was the only thing that I had on. He told me to leave my thong, the one that he had bought for me, in the club. I hadn't worn a bra either.

I reached behind my back, undid and unzipped it. Pulled it down, exposing my tits and then pushed it over my hips and down. I lifted my feet out of it.

"Give it to me."

I shivered, picked it up and handed it to him. Then I watched as he reached back, then dropped it in the backseat.

"Put your seat belt on, then turn towards me and spread your legs."

I did that, showing him my bare tits and pussy once more. It made me feel horny. And Jack sure enjoyed seeing me naked again. I had my left leg up and pressed against the seat, my right leg down on the floor. My nipples, as usual, were erect. I almost thought I was going to leak.

"Get your shoes off, Sabine. I want you bare ass."

I hurriedly slipped off my shoes and he took them and dropped them in the back seat too. I had nothing at all on, nothing.

Jack chuckled, started the car and took off. We had to drive through the down town district from the club, towards campus. Jack tried to stop at every light and when we did, he would turn and look at me, look at me naked and smirk. It was scary, embarrassing, and a huge turn on. I was just hoping that we didn't get stopped by a cop on the way to campus.

He turned onto a residential street and slowed.

"Undo the seat belt and get your hands and knees facing me."

I did that and gasped as he reached over and began to fondle my tits and nipples. I felt like a cow, with my tits dangling under my chest, but his hands on me felt really, really good. I just knelt there and let him feel me, eyes closed, not paying attention to where we were, if there were any cars around us. It just felt so damn good.

"Turn around and face the window, still on your hands and knees."

I did that and whimpered as I felt his hand on my pussy.

"Legs further apart Sabine."

I moved my knees apart and then I felt his finger slide up me. I laid my fore head on the door and let him do what he wanted to me, which was a nice slow finger fuck. I could even hear how wet I was. That was really embarrassing. And all the while he is driving slowly down this street, I am bare ass naked, getting finger fucked.

It seemed to take forever, but we finally got to campus and in the parking lot. It was lit fairly well, but it was now about 4:30AM. Jack parked and looked at me, hands and knees, naked. He chuckled. Then he got out and walked around the car. He hadn't told me that I could move so I stayed on my hands and knees. He opened my door.

"Get on your back, legs open."

I did as I was told. He chuckled again. Here I was bare ass, legs spread, in a campus parking lot with a guy that I just knew, kind of. Not a boyfriend or anything, just a guy that I knew.

"What do you think is going to happen now Sabine?"

"You're, um, going to fuck me?"

"Good girl."

I watched as Jack unzipped and struggled to get his stiff cock out of his pants. It finally was out and he pushed it down and ran it between my pussy lips.

"Are you on birth control?"


"Do I have a condom on?"


He pushed the tip down and slid it inside me. I gasped and moved my hips up to help him get it in.

"I'm going to fuck you Sabine, bare, and I am going to cum inside you."


"You don't care? You could get pregnant."

"I know."

"Want me to pull out?"


"Want me to cum in you?"

"If you want."

Then Jack began to pump me, reached down and grasped both my tits and squeezed them, his hard cock thrusting in and out of me. I grabbed his upper arms and worked my hips up and down, helping him fuck me. Naked, in a parking lot, fairly well lit, on campus, a religious school. If someone came by I would most likely get expelled. I didn't really care. It just felt good. It felt really good to have his stiff cock thrusting in and out of me.

It seemed like a long time, but I am sure it wasn't until he stiffened even more and then I felt him twitching inside me and knew that he was cumming inside me. All the while he had been feeling my tits and nipples while he pumped me. And now he had shot a load of cum right up inside me. Jack looked down at me and chuckled again.

"Are you easy, Sabine?"

I felt my face heat up from embarrassment.


I felt him ease back and then his cum began to leak out of me, out of my hole and down my ass crack. Jack looked and chuckled again, took out his phone and snapped a picture of me with his cum leaking out of me.

"Clean me off."

I got out of the car, squatted in front of him and sucked and licked him clean. All the while cum was oozing out of me, down my thighs. After a bit he took my mouth off of him. Chuckled again.

"Get your dress and make sure the car seat is clean."

So, naked as the day I was born, outside, on campus, I opened the back door, got my dress and wiped up the cum on the car seat, still bare ass. By now Jack had put his cock away. Then he let me get my shoes, put them on, held out his hand for my dress. I gave it to him and he had me walk to my dorm, naked but for shoes. While we walked he felt my bare ass.

"Tomorrow, Sabine, I want you to do something naughty. Think you can do that for me?"

"I suppose."

"Think about it until class this morning and then do it sometime today. You can tell me about it tonight."


Then Jack took my dress that he was holding, pushed it between my legs and wiped the cum that had run out of me. It made my dress sticky and somewhat wet. He crumpled it up to spread the cum around as much as possible then looked at me, smirking. He held my dress out to me.

"Put it on Sabine. Feel the cum on your skin."

I took it and put it on. It felt icky. But it was Jack's. He felt my tits through the dress once again and left me. I put on my dress, it felt icky with the cum on it. I walked into my dorm and then to my room.

I took off my dress and got a towel, wrapped myself in it, got another towel and walked to the main shower room on the floor. Then I showered and got the cum off of me. Then went back to my room.

All the while I was thinking about naughty. About what Jack had told me to do today. Something naughty.

It was around 6AM so I laid down on my bed naked and for the first time in my life, I masturbated myself to orgasm. When Jack did me it was just for him, for him to get off. He didn't worry about me, about whether it was good for me. He just wanted to get inside me and cum. Actually, I was good with that. It made me feel good to make him feel good. And I liked how it felt when he came inside me.

After I had cum I thought more about being nasty, naughty and came up with a sort of plan that I would have to probably change on the fly depending on how things went.

I found a pullover top and a wrap skirt, ankle socks and low heels. I got dressed, still not having any underwear. I went to breakfast at the cafeteria and went to my first class. I was getting both excited and nervous since my plan involved my religion class. What I was going to do was not going to be very religious at all.

I knew that a couple of guys from my religion class had been at the club last night. That they had seen me. I got there early and picked one out. I walked up to him.

"Sit with me in the back today?"

He looked at me, mentally stripping off my clothes.

When it was time for class to start I walked in, all the way to the back. The class had tables for two for the students. I looked to see that he was following me. He was. I went to the far back, on the left side and took the chair nearest the wall, leaving him the one adjacent to the aisle. I sat down, pushing my skirt back so my bare ass was on the chair seat. He sat next to me. I let him think while class started. Maybe 10 minutes in I took a sheet from a notebook and wrote on it.

"Want to see my tits?"

I pushed the note over to him. He read it and looked at me, grinning. I turned sideways to the front of class, rested my left elbow on the table, blocking my body from the front and pulled my shirt out of my skirt. Then I slowly lifted it, baring my tits to him. Fuck, I was so horny! I let him look for a bit at my tits and erect nipples. Then I pulled my shirt down. I turned back to the front and then pulled my skirt up on the side towards him.

I bared my leg from the floor all the way up to my hip. He had to know that I had nothing on under it. But just to make sure, I took his hand and placed it on my bare hip. I wrote another note to him...

"You can move your hand around, but no real touching..."

I felt his hand go back and fondle my ass. He lifted up my skirt in the back and leaned back to look at me. He had to see my ass crack. I shivered as I felt his hand run across my bare ass.

Then his hand moved forward and under my skirt at the front. I kept my thighs together but let him run his hand across my abdomen, feeling bare skin. It felt good, risky, but good. I wrote him another note...

"Want to see it all after class?"

He smirked at me and removed his hand. I was almost shaking. I didn't know this guy well at all. I was taking a large chance. But it was really naughty, really really naughty.

After class ended I walked out with him, led him to the back stairs. I knew that on the 4th floor that no one would be there. We went up the stairs, he was behind me, looking at my ass. I found an empty classroom and led him in, closed the door and walked to the back. I pushed study tables up and set a chair for him at one side of the room.

I took a deep breath and bent over, maybe 6 feet from him and took off my shoes, then my ankle socks. The socks went in my shoes. I looked at him and took off my top, my tits and nipples bared. I folded the shirt up, seeing him staring at my bare tits. Then I unbuttoned the first two buttons of the wrap skirt, then the one inside. I looked at him again and pulled it open, baring my pussy. Then I folded it up and put it on the shirt, then on top of that went my shoes with the ankle socks.

I was completely naked. I picked up my clothes and walked over to him, set the clothes on the table to his left. Completely bare ass.

He had a huge grin on his face. I moved back, about 6 feet away and lowered myself. Leaning back on my hands I moved my feet about 3 feet apart and then lifted my ass up so he could see the entire front of me, the bare ass naked me. Legs spread, globes of my ass down, my pussy crack displayed, tits bare, everything bare.

"You can take pictures if you want."

I never saw a smart phone come out so fast! He started taking pictures of me acting like a whore. I was completely naked, spread and letting him do it. I actually let him pose me as he wanted. First braced up on my arms and legs, every thing I had showing.

Then on my back, legs spread wide, resting on my elbows so my face was easily visible.

On my hands and knees, partially sideways so my ass, pussy and asshole showed, with one tit dangling and my face in view.

I even went as far as to pull my pussy lips apart when I was on my back so the pink showed, my open hole and how wet I was doing this.

I have no idea how many pictures he took, but I didn't try to hide who I was, my face was in plain sight for all of them. And he seemed to really enjoy taking them while looking at my naked body.

I was in that class room for around 30 minutes, bare ass naked for him. And I knew that he would be showing his friends every picture he had taken of me. I cared but I didn't care if that makes any sense. I was nervous, kind of scared doing this but also aroused. My nipples had never gone down and I knew that I was really wet.

And, at the end, I motioned him between my legs, braced up on arms and legs and let him feel my tits. I just said to him...

"I am not having sex with you..."

He was feeling my tits, smirking at me, looking down at my bare pussy. Rubbing my stiff nipples. He started to run a hand down my body towards my pussy.

"No, don't. I'll do other stuff."

He chuckled. Then he reached down for my hand and I took his, he pulled me to my feet, still naked, nothing on at all. I looked at the small pile of my clothes as he pulled me to the front of the classroom.

"Get on your hands and knees, facing the door."

I did it, stupid of me. He walked to the door and opened it. I started to get scared but also really turned on. My clothes were like 30 feet away from me.

"Your tits look fat hanging down like that."

I said nothing.

"Lower your head down."

I did that.

"Your ass looks really big and fat when you're like that."

This time I moaned, it was humiliating to hear that.

He walked up to me, squatted and lifted a tit up. Then he let it drop. It bounced and swayed under me. Then he lifted the other tit, did the same thing, chuckling.

"Stand up and bend over facing me/"

As he walked back towards the door, the open door. I did that too.

"Swing your upper body back and forth."

I did that, feeling my tits swinging back and forth, slapping together. It was humiliating, arousing. God, my nipples were hard! He was laughing at me, the stupid cow in front of him! The stupid naked cow!

Then he told to me to turn around and bend over, feet wide apart. Which I did. I heard him walk up behind me and then his hands on my ass cheeks. He pulled them apart, chuckling.

"Just wanted to see both of your holes."

I could feel his hot breath on my ass, my asshole, my pussy, his face was that close to me.

"How gutsy are you?"

"I don't know."

"Walk out of the classroom."

It was during the day, classes going on below this floor. Did I dare to do it?

I got upright and looked at him, then the door. I walked to the door, looked left and right, then stepped out of the classroom. He followed me.

"Walk to the main stairs, then back to the back and then back here."

I must have looked very scared because he laughed and called me chicken.

And then I did it. I was totally naked and walking in the hallway of the fourth floor of the religion building. Up to the top of the main stairs, turned, walked the length of the hall to the back and then turned and walked back to him. I hadn't noticed, but he had taken more pictures of me walking. I stepped by him and back into the classroom. Walked in a ways, got down on my hands and feet, the front of me up, spread my legs wide and let him look at the bare ass me again. Tits and pussy out in the open, globes of my ass hanging down. Legs spread wide. Nipples hard as diamonds. Really aroused. So much so that I really wanted to fuck. But I didn't.

I watched him take more pictures of me, spread out and naked. I waited until I asked him if he was done and then I got up and walked to my clothes. I had spent 40 minutes naked in front of a guy that I didn't even know his name. I put on my ankle socks first, then my shoes, prolonging being naked in front of him. Then my top, but leaving it above my tits, then my skirt. Then I finally pulled down my top and walked out of the classroom.

Once I got out of the religion building, I started thinking how dumb I had to be to let him see me naked, letting him take pictures of me besides. But it made me so damn horny doing that.

I went to my classes that afternoon and after the last one I went to the restaurant on campus, the one where Jack and the other guys had taken me into the men's room and had me strip nude in the handicapped stall.

I saw the guy from the morning sitting at a round table with a notebook computer on it and several other guys standing behind him. He saw me and waved me over. I went to him and he had a picture of me up on the computer and several other guys that I didn't know standing and looking at me. Yeah, I was bare ass. Then he hit a button and a slide show started. All of me. All of me bare ass naked. Face in plain sight along with everything else. Legs spread wide and pussy on display.

"Is that you?"


"Nice tits."

"Yeah and nice twat too."

"When did you get naked for these pictures?"

"This morning."

"Does he have something on you?"


"Like blackmail."

"No. I just got naked in front of him."

Laughter as they watched all the nude pictures of me go by.

"So, you want to do it for us too?"

"You have a place?"

"Why not where these were taken?"

"Because I don't want to go back there now."

I was getting aroused, standing there, as pictures of the naked me scrolled on and on. How nasty would it be to get naked for, um, eight new guys?

"Can you sneak me into a ground floor dorm room?"

A few of them huddled together. In a couple of minutes...

"Yeah. We can."

"Let's go then. But I have to leave by 5:30."

"That gives us a couple of hours."

"And I don't fuck."

"But you'll get naked in front of guys that you're not dating and for nothing. Just because, right?"

"Yeah, just because."

I walked with the group of them. This was going to be really nasty. So I decided to make it as bad as possible.

They smuggled me into a dorm, first floor, a suite with a bedroom and a study/living room. I looked around at them, there were nine of them. Nine horny, oversexed college boys. And I was thinking bad thoughts.

"OK, you three."

I pointed to three of them.

"Strip me. Take everything off me."

They came at me like crazed chimps and I had to stop them.

"Don't rip or tear anything. I won't try to stop you, just get my clothes off of me. But I want nothing on, nothing at all. That includes my shoes and ankle socks."

Now they were a little calmer. My top was pushed up, my arms lifted, my tits popped out, the top over my head and then pulled down my arms. It got tossed behind them. My skirt came next, unbuttoned and it took a little figuring from them, but they finally found the inside button and that came undone, the skirt falling to the floor.

Some one cleared off a study table and my ass was pushed up on it, then my upper body pushed down. Two of them took my ankles and pulled them apart, flipping my shoes off, then tugging off my ankle socks. I was completely naked again. I watched one of them pick up my socks and skirt and move them as far away from me as was possible.

And just to make it easy for them I lifted my feet up and put them flat on the study table, outside of my hips. I leaned back on my elbows with my legs open. My tits lolled to the sides of my chest, my cunt was in the open, just a seam, a crack. But my cunt was swollen, puffy, and reddish. I had no hair on it, but even if I did, my hair was so light and not at all full, it would have concealed nothing. My cunt was just right there, exposed. And of course, my traitorous nipples were erect, as usual.

They all clustered around me, staring, grinning.

"You can touch my tits and nipples. But go easy, you've got two hours."

I watched from side to side as they squeezed and fondled my tits, chuckling and then...I felt something at my crack. I looked down and one of them had his cock out and was rubbing the tip between my lips.

"No! No fucking!"

"I'm just going to rub it here. Relax."

Fuck! I was so turned on! The tip of his cock kept hitting my clit, sending what felt like an electric shock through my body. And he made sure it kept hitting my clit, over and over. With the tit fondling and the cock between my lips I was going to go over the edge, I knew that I was.

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