tagNovels and NovellasCollege Roommates Pt. 02

College Roommates Pt. 02


Chapter 1

Rachel was an unusual girl with unusual issues. No-one other than her parents and her therapist knew that she had issues; she hid them well and presented a consistent and well defined picture of herself to everyone she met.

Rachel was five foot tall, with long straight brown hair and a slight but well toned body. She was not exactly a pretty girl; she was plain, almost forgettable. The way she dressed enhanced her 'forgettabilty'; she wore the frumpy, loose-fitting clothes that you would expect of a highly religious good girl. In general no-one, especially boys, gave her a second look and that is exactly how she liked it; it allowed her to hide her issues and pretend they were not there. It allowed her to control her issues. However, that was about to change.

At nineteen Rachel took the big step of leaving home, and the protection and support afforded her by her parents, to move to college. She knew that she would have to share a room with another girl and this concerned her. Would her issues reappear? She was relieved when Jill entered the room on that first day of college. Jill was a nice, sweet girl who had a strong religious background and a lovely sunny personality. She immediately felt at ease with Jill and they quickly became good friends as the first few weeks of college passed by.

Jill did have a boyfriend, Dave, but he too was a good religious boy and the two of them never did anything inappropriate in Jill and Rachel's room. In fact she was convinced that both Jill and Dave were virgins. This was perfect.


Chapter 2

One evening a few weeks into her first semester Rachel noticed that Jill was out very late with Dave. This was unusual; she was usually back by 11pm. She began to get a little worried because Jill was usually very considerate and would let Rachel know if she was going to be late. She began to pace the room, unable to settle down and go to sleep until she was sure that Jill was okay.

For a fleeting moment she wondered whether Dave had finally built up the courage to have sex with Jill for the first time. She quickly dismissed the idea; Dave was obviously a pussy and she could not believe that Jill would really want her first time to be with such an unattractive wimp.

Her mind quickly got back to worrying; it was now past two in the morning. Where could she be?

However, it was not just Jill's absence that was making Rachel worried. She felt her old issues re-emerging; she felt herself getting obsessed with Jill. She tried to convince herself that what she felt was just natural concern for her good friend's well-being; she was not convinced.

Eventually she heard footsteps in the corridor outside the room. It must be Jill. Rachel quickly got herself into bed and feigned sleep.

The door opened and Jill breezed in. Rachel could smell the heavy aroma of alcohol almost immediately and she understood that Rachel must have been to a party. She felt a sudden strong pang of anger deep inside her; why hadn't Jill asked her to go to the party too? Why had she not even told Jill that she was going to a party? She felt hurt and jealous. The rational side of her brain told her to stop being so stupid but she could not help herself.

Jill had her back to the 'apparently sleeping' Rachel when she got undressed for bed. Rachel watched her undress intently. She had seen Jill get undressed on lots of occasions but tonight it was as if she was seeing her for the first time. She stared in wonder at the beauty of Jill's curves. Rachel said to herself 'Oh my God. She is so beautiful. My Jill is just perfect.'

By the time Jill got into bed she was wearing a little t-shirt and panties. Rachel was shocked to hear that Jill started to pleasure herself a few moments later. As far as Rachel knew Jill had never done that before. What had gotten into her tonight? Rachel began to feel her own panties getting damp as she listened to every little noise that Jill made. She really wanted to touch herself; share the moment with Jill; but she knew that she could not. If Jill thought that Rachel was awake then she would stop instantly and be terribly embarrassed. So Rachel just listened and imagined that it was her fingers inside her perfect Jill.

After a few minutes she knew that Jill had made herself cum. Rachel was almost unbearably horny now. She prayed that Jill would go to sleep quickly so that she could touch herself. However, Jill did not go to sleep. Rachel heard her do something with her phone and then start to search through her wardrobe. Rachel could not understand what she was up to at this time of the morning. She dared to sneak a peek at Jill just in time to see her strip off her t-shirt and panties. The sight made Rachel think that one touch to her pussy would be all it would take to make herself cum; she resisted a little longer.

Rachel watched in amazement as Jill put on a long coat over her naked body and left the room. Immediately Rachel thought 'She must be going to have sex....but who with?' It did not even cross her mind that Dave could illicit such a reaction; she was right.

Rachel resisted touching herself for another couple of minutes to make sure that Jill was not coming back. Then she got out of bed and picked up Jill's discarded panties. She looked at them and her mind flew back a few minutes to when she saw Jill wearing them. She was soaking wet now; she needed to make herself cum. So Rachel stripped off her pyjamas and got into Jill's bed. She brought the panties up to her face and sniffed deeply from the gusset. The sweat odour of Jill's juices was strong and intoxicating. She gently licked the gusset and so that she could taste Jill's sex; imagining that she was actually licking the real thing.

Rachel could wait no longer. She slipped into Jill's panties and started to vigorously masturbate herself through the lacy fabric. There was no tenderness; no gentle build up. Rachel was roughly finger fucking herself whilst lost in a dream about Jill's perfect curves.

There was no holding back. Rachel let herself scream every time she made herself cum. She did not care if people heard; they would not think it was dowdy, religious, good girl Rachel anyway.

After an hour of hard-core rubbing Rachel eventually stopped. She had cum inside Jill's panties at least four times and the lace had rubbed her labia raw. She embraced the pain; it made her think of Jill. She replaced the panties on the floor where Jill had left them. She put her pyjamas back on and got into her own bed. This time she fell soundly asleep.


Chapter 3

The following morning Rachel was suddenly awakened by the sound of door flying open and Jill running in. Jill was sobbing uncontrollably as she threw herself onto her bed. Rachel saw her chance for a bit of physical contact.

She got up and sat down next to Jill. Rachel put her arm around Jill to comfort her. 'What's wrong Jill? Are you okay? Did someone hurt you?'

Jill continued to cry loudly until she finally began to utter a few words. 'I...I...can't believe...what...I...have done.' She collapsed into tears again. Rachel held her tighter and marvelled at the feel of Jill's soft curves against her body; knowing that she was naked under her coat; mesmerised by the sight of her naked thighs as her coat parted slightly at the bottom.

'Shhh. Calm down. I am sure it is not as bad as you think. Tell me what happened.'

'I had sex with Ged.' Jill cried again.

'Oh my!' Rachel pretended to be shocked; maintaining the religious good girl pretence. Then she frowned. 'Who is Ged?'

'Dave's roommate.' Jill's sobbing got louder than ever at this admission.

'Oh my God! You had sex with the college football captain? Does Dave know?'

Jill had a look of shame on her face as she looked up at Rachel. 'We did it in Dave's room and he caught me...ehh...ahh...erm...'

'Caught you what?' Rachel could not help herself sounding eager to hear more.

'He caught me sucking Ged's penis a few minutes ago.' Once again Jill collapsed into an uncontrollable bout of crying. Rachel opened her arms; inviting Jill into a consoling hug. Jill readily accepted and rested her head on Rachel's small chest.

Rachel wrapped her arms tightly around Jill; pulling her against her chest; getting excited by the feel of Jill's face pushing against her aroused boobs. Rachel could feel herself getting damp again; she hoped that Jill would not be able to smell her juices.

She had nothing to worry about. Jill could concentrate on nothing but her intense guilt at so cruelly destroying the boy she had loved for so many years with the boy he hated. However, even in her distraught, guilt-ridden state she could not bring herself to regret giving her virginity to the beautiful Ged. It had been truly amazing; the perfect first time; well first few times. She did regret that they were so reckless that Dave had caught them in the act. He did not deserve that. It could have been handled a lot more considerately.

Rachel continued to hold her for a few minutes whilst whispering soothing nothings into Jill's ear; trying to make her feel slightly less guilty. All the time she was imagining Ged and Jill together. Ged, his sexual prowess and his huge cock were legendary around campus and Rachel was aware of most of the stories. Thinking about that big jock deflowering her Jill with his massive weapon gave her a complex mix of emotions; intense jealousy, a raging libido and strong gratitude. She was grateful that it had happened as it gave her the opportunity to hold her Jill's face against her receptive boobs.

Jill had begun to calm down a little when they heard a knock at the door. 'Jill? Jill? Are you in there? Are you okay?' It was Ged.

'Oh God! I cannot see him like this. I can't speak to him right now. Please Rachel, tell him I need a bit of time to think things through. Tell him I will call him tomorrow.'

Rachel gently kissed the top of Jill's head. 'Don't you worry Jill. I will speak to him. You just sit there and gather yourself.'

Rachel headed to the door. She opened it, slid out and then closed it behind her. Ged looked a little surprised. 'Oh...errr...I guess you must be Rachel.' He held out his hand and Rachel held it but did not let go.

'And you must be Ged.'

'Yes. I am looking for Jill. Is she in there? Can I speak to her? I need to see that she is okay.' Ged could not help noticing the outline of Rachel's erect nipples through her pyjama top; Rachel was still sexually excited and meeting the gorgeous Ged did nothing to reduce it. Although it was not Ged's obvious gorgeousness that interested Rachel it was her intense jealousy that he had took her Jill's virginity and her new-found hatred of this man-mountain.

'Jill is in there and she is very upset. She needs some time to think. She said she will call you tomorrow. I am sure you understand.'

'I guess.' Ged looked and sounded disappointed but he was suddenly surprised by what Rachel said next.

'So you are the man who finally got the sweet innocent Jill to open her legs. I have heard all of the stories about your massive cock. I bet you virtually split her virgin cunt in two.'

'What? Err...are you fucking crazy?' Ged finally pulled his hand away from Rachel's and looked at her with disgust.

'Yeah probably. But more than that I am fucking horny. Everyone thinks I am little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. Little frumpy religious Rachel. I like them to think that. But what I really want is a big cock like this...' Before he could move Rachel grabbed a handful of Ged's package. '...to rip my tiny ass apart. It has been far too fucking long.'

Rachel maintained eye contact of such intensity with Ged throughout her outburst that it made him feel decidedly uncomfortable. Ged was stunned; he could not think of any words to say; he just stared back at her in disbelief.

'I may not be the prettiest girl on campus and I am sure you have fucked many fine asses. But if ever you want it dirty and nasty and rough-as-fuck then come and see me and you can destroy my tiny ass any time.' Rachel's eyes were wide open with apparent lust as she smiled at Ged and licked her lips.

Finally Ged found the words he was looking for. 'You are fucking crazy. Your friend is in there upset and you are offering your ass to me. You are disgusting. I am going to tell Jill who she is sharing with when I see her tomorrow.' Even as he said it he could not stop himself from imagining having nasty rough sex with Rachel's ass. The thought was not entirely repulsive.

'Just remember Ged. I am Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, religious Rachel. No one would ever believe you.' Ged left and Rachel returned to Jill.

'I can see what you saw in him. He is a beautiful man.' Rachel said to the now-calm Jill.

'What did he say?'

'He asked if you were okay and said he would call you tomorrow.'

'You're right. He is beautiful. I just could not resist him. And he was unbelievably gentle and tender and giving. It was amazing. I just wish we had not done it in Dave's room. What was I thinking?' She started to sob again; another excuse for Rachel to give her a hug. This time Rachel got the pleasure of Jill's ample boobs being pressed against her own B-cups. Rachel stroked Jill's hair and smiled to herself; she felt happy.

What Jill did not know was that Rachel was beginning to develop a plot to get rid of Ged so that she could have her Jill to herself.


Chapter 4

The next day Jill work up and got ready for her classes. Rachel was careful to ensure that her staring was not obvious to Jill whilst she watched her get dressed.

Jill felt a lot better and calmer but still had intense feelings of guilt. She sat through her classes all day but could never manage to concentrate. All she could think of was the amazing time she had with Ged and her terrible betrayal of Dave. She had to try and speak to Dave.

At just after four in the afternoon she arrived back at her room to find Rachel waiting with a hot cup of coffee. 'Hi Jill. Are you feeling better today?'

'Hi Rachel. Yes, a little bit. I just feel so damn guilty. I want to see Ged again soon but I think I need to try and speak to Dave first. Although God knows what I would actually say. I know I just need to try. I owe him at least that.'

'I am sure Ged will understand if you don't see him tonight.'

'I will just give him a call and let him know.'

'Oh I wouldn't do that.' Rachel said quickly. 'I am sure I saw him at football training. Why don't you go and wash up?' Jill did as suggested.

As soon as Jill was in the bathroom Rachel grabbed Jill's phone and sent a text to Ged. 'I want you tonight. Get here as soon as you can and make me scream. I'll be waiting. Love. Jill.' As soon as the message had been sent she deleted all trace of it from Jill's phone. She replaced the phone where Jill had left it.

On the other side of campus Ged heard his phone beep. He ran off the field of play to read his text. He gave himself a little smile when he read the unexpected words from Jill; he had her hooked; another fuck buddy to add to his growing portfolio. Although unlike all the other sluts this one needed to be treated like a girlfriend; with care and tenderness. He felt extremely proud of himself that he had managed to woo virginal Jill away from her long-term boyfriend in such a short amount of time. He felt that he was truly gifted.

It took quite a bit of concentration form Ged to avoid getting an erection, in anticipation of a night of passion with Jill, during the remainder of his football practice but he managed; a few rough tackles helped focus his mind.

Back in Jill and Rachel's room Jill emerged from the bathroom wrapped only in a towel. Rachel wanted to rip it off her there and then but knew that she could not. She strained to get a glimpse of Jill's pussy or ass as she bent over whilst she put some panties on. Rachel did not manage to get the view she wanted but she was certainly getting very wet.

When Jill was finally dressed Rachel said, 'So are you going over to see Dave now?'

'Oh God. What will I say? I have treated him so very badly. I am an utter bitch.'

'Hey, hey now. You are not a bitch. You just got carried away. It was your first time; you were excited and a little bit drunk.'

'Thanks Rachel. You are a good friend but we both know that I have been a super bitch to Dave. I just need to get over there and face up to what I have done.'

'Good luck,' Rachel said as Jill left for Dave's room.

As soon as she had gone Rachel locked the bedroom door, fished Jill's panties out of the laundry basket and proceeded to repeat the self-pleasuring she had enjoyed the previous evening.

She was getting close to her second orgasm when she heard a knock at the door. She smiled to herself; she knew it would be Ged. She stopped finger fucking herself through Jill's panties and glanced at the clock. It read 18:05. Ged must have run all the way hear after his football practice finished; no doubt excited by the text she had sent from Jill's phone.

She got up and checked the peep-hole to be sure that it was Ged and then she opened the door without showing herself. 'Come in,' she whispered.

Ged entered the room expecting to see Jill, hopefully naked. What he actually saw was Rachel, who had closed the door behind him, wearing nothing but a pair of panties that were obviously not hers. They were much too big for her slight frame. His mind was full of questions...'What the fuck is going on? Where is Jill? Why is Rachel standing there naked? Why is Rachel wearing Jill's panties?' He just stood and stared open-mouthed.

Even in his shocked state Ged's promiscuous side noticed that Rachel actually had quite a good body. It did not have the womanly curves of Jill; rather it was thin and slight and toned with small but nevertheless perfectly formed boobs with their erect nipples. He felt the familiar stirrings starting to happen in his shorts.

Rachel stepped up to him and grabbed his semi firm cock through his shorts. She looked up into his eyes and smiled. 'So are you ready to destroy my ass yet?'

For a short moment he was tempted to give her what she wanted. She was stroking his cock and he was getting excited but he snapped himself out of it. He was here to see Jill. He pushed her away and she fell over her bed. 'Get off me you mad bitch.'

Rachel slipped off Jill's panties and exposed her tiny tight ass to Ged. 'Go on. Fuck it now. Fuck my ass.'

'You are fucking mental. Just tell me where Jill is.'

'You know you are gonna fuck this ass sometime. Why not do it right now?' Rachel was wiggling her ass at Ged, pulling her cheeks apart slightly.

'Just fucking tell me where she is.'

'Okay okay, calm down. After she texted you she decided that she would rather go and speak to Dave.'

Ged left without another word to Rachel. He muttered to himself. 'That bitch is fucking nuts.' He could not get her tight little ass out of his head for a while though.

He started to make his way back to his room but then thought twice. If he wanted to keep fucking Jill he would have to give her space to talk to Dave. So he headed back to the sports block to get washed up.

Rachel knew that her plan was coming together and that soon Ged would be out of the equation. This thought made her happy.


Chapter 5

Meanwhile, Jill arrived at the door to Dave and Ged's room. She was unbearably nervous; she was almost shaking. She almost wimped out about a dozen times before she eventually knocked on the door.

After a few seconds Dave answered the door. He looked a complete mess. He had obviously not got out of bed all day and his eyes were still red from all of the crying he had done. He squinted through his glasses to see who was there. 'What do you want?'

Tears had begun to fall down Jill's pretty face again. 'Oh Dave, I don't know what to say. I am so sorry.'

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