tagInterracial LoveCome Into the Dark Ch. 02

Come Into the Dark Ch. 02


For weeks she thought she had imagined it. Maybe it was just a dream.

But then she started to feel as though she was being followed. And there were times when she'd almost swear she could smell him. That was when she decided that maybe, maybe he just needed to be provoked.

And so every night, she lie in bed, and touched herself to the thought of him. She would lie there on top of the sheets, pinching her nipples, biting her lip. Her index and middle finger playing in the folds of her sopping nether-parts. She knew he was watching. She just.. knew.

One night, as her climax neared and her back started to arch, a hand covered her scream, and she had her wish. She had been so caught up in her pleasure she didn't see him walk right in from the bedroom door. "Do not cum."

Immediately, her hand was removed, and she turned to face him. She could really make him out now, his face glowing in the moon light. It frightened her to know that this man, who had given her the greatest gift she'd ever received, was a white man.

All her life, she knew that interracial relations were unacceptable. Raised by her emotionally scarred mother, she thought nothing good could ever come of falling in love with a white man. But, here she was.. Certainly not feeling any disdain. In fact, she wondered if *love* was the correct word to use.. Did it describe the way she felt about him? This sick infatuation that held her from eating and sleeping? That kept her from wanting any man but him? Even now, staring into his dark eyes, she wanted nothing more than to give herself to him. Completely. What ever he made her feel, race could not change it. In fact, it seemed almost taboo- and she liked that too.

He must have seen her aching devotion in her eyes, and kissed her full on. He pulled her up onto her knees, the passion becoming too much for her to bare. And as the kiss grew deeper, his hand grasped and pulled and her hair, tugging her head back. He wanted to take her all in. He pulled his head back and watched in amazement as she tried to recover the lost connection.

His other hand drifted down from her precious little neck, to the swell of her full breasts. Her nipples, like tiny little daggers- so hard and eager. He continued his way all the way down to her belly button, and pausing on her slight bulge of a tummy. And then, past her hairless mound and found her clit. The heat of her was enough- his cock was pulsating, trying to break free of the barrier his pants provided between them.

As he fingered her, he teased, " Look at you.. so wet. Mmm... I'm going to have some fun with you tonight. Is this what you wanted, My little slut?"

She felt the rush coming over her body. His hand, dancing between her thighs proving to be too much on her aching clit. As he started to insert his finger into her opening, she came. Her body shaking, shattering, exploding into him. His hand slipped to her back and held her tight against him. She moaned, and then, in almost a whisper, she says, "Yes Sir."

He laughed, and then, harshly, released her to fall back on the bed. She fell, clumsily, landing on her stomach. She looked up, trying to figure out how she displeased him. Suddenly his voice was a bit deeper, more authoritative. He says, "I told you not to cum!" His hand came down on her ass like lightening. So fast, so powerful. He continued to strike her, listening to her whimper and hiss under his might. It wasn't until she began to cry that he rested his hand on her backside, rubbing and carressing her. "I do not like to punish you. But you must learn."

Through her small tears she whimpered and replied, "Yes Sir. Sorry Sir."

Then, the bed shifted under her as he climbed on behind her. He started by placing small kisses at the back of her thighs, and slowly, moving upward, kissed all over her luscious backside. Something about black women had always pulled him in. The way they seemed to be built for fucking, hips, thighs, ass.. It was a remarkable thing to see her laying there cowering under his touch.

It was time to really make her understand what he had come for. He stood, removed his clothes, and told her to come to the side of the bed. She knew what he wanted. She sat up, and looking his raging hard on right in the eye, she asked, "May I S..?"

His response was to shove his manhood down her throat before she was able to finish. Her mouth felt so good wrapped around his cock. The perfect size, it seemed they just fit together. And so warm, wet... The way her tongue danced under his cock while she took him in. She was indeed a very good choice for his newest pet.

While his hands played with her young tits, hers played with her pussy. Growing wetter and wetter the more he thumbed and pinched her nipples. Sounds of sloppy wet sucking and moans filled the air- both hers, and his. He moved his hands to her head, fucking her face with such desperate need, his moans becoming one long cry, his strokes faster, harder. She knew what was coming, and as badly as she wanted to, she dare not cum too.

He cried out, one loud short cry, and plunged his cock all the way in. She twisted to accommodate the whole 8 inches of him, and then he released into her all the frustrations he'd held back. He was frighteningly still, holding her in place as he shot load after load down her waiting throat. And then, he pulled himself from her mouth and said "lick Me clean".

She removed every trace of semen she could find, being careful to slide her tongue under the ridges of his head. Then, he lie down on the bed next to her. Uncertain of what to do, she continued to sit there until he said, "Sit on My face". A novice to most things sexual, she slowly climbed up his body until her sex hovered above his mouth. His hands pulled her down, slowly, until she could see only his eyes. The entire time, his eyes bore into her, watching as he flicked his tongue to tease her clit, then buried it inside her. It was the most wonderful thing she'd ever experienced. She threw her head back and started to moan her gratitude. Rocking her hips as he continued his assault on her ever sensitive flesh. A hand went up to play with her breasts, now rocking and swaying in time with her hips. He spanked them, one, then the other. He loved the way she shrieked but never stopped moving. Then without warning, he pulled her down and lie her on her back.

Tonight, unlike before, he would make his official mark on her. As he covered her body with his, he looked her in the eye not unlike the night they were together before. She could feel his manhood hard along her thigh. She would finally get to feel him inside her.

Without a word, he led her hand to his groin, and allowed her to touch it while he continued looking in her eyes. He said, "Tonight, you will forget you have ever been with any other man." And with that, he thrust his length into her depths. So tight, like a vice on his cock. She screamed, and then moaned. She tried to climb away. It was too much. She had not remembered him being so large. He started to pound away at her, grabbing her arms and holding her wrists above her head in his large hand. His other hand, snaked around her middle, pulling her more and more into him. There was no escaping his assault on her body, and soon, she gave in to the feeling of him occupying the small space between her legs. Soon, the room was spinning, her head so full of lust. She found herself screaming, moaning, begging to be fucked. He obliged her every prayer.

It wasn't long before she was begging to cum. He sat up, and removed himself from her. "Not until I tell you." And then he was repositioning himself . Taking her legs up over his shoulders, he reinserted himself into her wet pussy. Holding her by the waist, he renewed his efforts. This time, getting deeper, pulling from her desperate screams, She could feel him delving deeper than anyone had ever gone. Within minutes, she felt his cock growing even harder. His strokes became violent, and she feared in his ecstasy he might just hurt her. He said, "Cum for Me, little girl. Let Me feel you cum."

No sooner than the words left his mouth, she became an animal. Gripping the sheets, screaming, crying, moaning her pleasure. She shook and wriggled under him and as his cock pulsated inside her, he felt the muscles of her pussy gripping his shaft, milking every inch of him. He put his head back and started to cum, grunting as each hard thrust pushed more and more of his seed deep into her channel. She moaned, and he moaned, their ecstasy uniting them. As he came to a stop, she looked up at him. She wanted to tell him the way she felt, to say that he awakened something inside her so pure, and so real.. But all she could do was stare.

He leaned in and kissed her forehead, then started to gather his things. "Wait. Please?"

But she was too late. He was leaving. It had been decided. It was at that moment that she heard him say, "I know how you feel. One day, when it's time, I'll take you completely. Until then, Just know that I know.. And I am always with you."

She watched as he walked out of the room, and she felt a certain amount of contentment with his words. "Always with me".. This stranger was becoming her drug.

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