tagLesbian SexComing Clean Ch. 04

Coming Clean Ch. 04


Chapter 4: 'The Sorority Party'

Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for your votes, PC's and e-mails on my previous stories. You may wish to read previous chapters of Coming Clean to learn about the characters portrayed in this continuing story. Enjoy.


Ignoring the whistles and 'Hello's" from the male students, Jo parked her Harley Low Rider in front of Gamma House and dismounted. Kat and Kitten's cycles were already there and she hoped she hadn't missed anything. Unfastening a canvas bag from the bitch seat, she strode to the door and rang the bell. A tall, slender woman opened it, her ash-blond hair contrasting with her dark blue sweats.

"I'm here to see Tiffany and Melodie," Jo said, flashing a dazzling smile.

Courtney Trow couldn't believe her eyes. A beautiful black woman stood in the doorway, her close-cropped hair dyed a bright yellow. Her leathers and jeans fit her snugly, and her scoop neck crop top emphasized her full breasts and flat muscled stomach.

Who is this person, another of those rough women Mel and Tiff had been associating with? Honestly, I don't know what's gotten into them lately…

"Hey, I'm standing here," Jo said with a smile, snapping Courtney out of her thoughts, "Tiffany and Melodie, are they around?"

"Um…ah…sure…I'll tell them you're here Ms. …?"

"Tell 'em Jo's here, sugar lump." She caressed Courtney's face, "My my, your skin is so soft. What lotion do you use?"

Courtney sighed at Jo's touch, and then recovered her composure.

"I…I'll go get them," she said as she turned and started up the stairs. She turned several times to see Jo smiling at her. She smiled back. Her panties were suddenly damp and she felt flushed.


Melodie, Tiffany, Kat and Kitten heard the rumble of Jo's cycle, but were reluctant to stop what they were doing to go and greet her. Melodie and Kitten were enjoying a languorous 69, licking and nuzzling their partner's juicy pussies. Tiffany and Kat lay beside them, fingering each other and kissing.

A knock at the door made them stop for a moment.

"Mel, Tiff, there's someone to see you," Courtney said opening the door. She was stunned to see her sorority sisters naked and in bed with those rough women, their tanned muscled bodies in contrast to the white skin and softly rounded bodies of their lovers.

Melodie lifted her head from Kitten's wet slit. "Thanks. Send her up Court." She dropped her head and began licking again.

Courtney backed out hastily, collided with a hard body and squealed in surprise.

"I got tired of waitin'," Jo said as she hugged Courtney to her. "What's goin' on in there that got you so spooked darlin'?

"They…they're busy. I didn't want to bother them," Courtney said hastily, making no effort to escape Jo's embrace.

"Hah. Busy eatin' pussy I bet," Jo chuckled. "Those four are somethin' else." She nuzzled Courtney's hair, "What's that shampoo you're usin', sweetness? It sure smells nice."

Before Courtney could answer, the door flew open and Melodie and Tiffany emerged, their hair disheveled, nipples erect and pussies glistening.

"Jo! Hi! C'mon in," they chorused. Jo released Courtney and held out her arms, gathering them both into a bear hug and kissing each one in turn. "Thanks Court," Tiffany said as they dragged Jo into Melodie's room and closed the door.

Courtney listened at the door for a moment, suddenly feeling left out. Hearing the giggles and laughter inside, her skin tingled as she remembered Jo's touch, her hard body, and her firm breasts. She ran to her room, locked the door, pulled off her jeans and panties and masturbated furiously to orgasm; imagining it was one of those women making love to her.


"Someone's overdressed," Kat laughed as the four descended on Jo and stripped her.

"It's great to see you guys too," she replied as they carried her to the bed. Kat and Kitten sucked her thick brown nipples, Melodie stuck her tongue in Jo's mouth as they exchanged wet kisses, and Tiffany slid between Jo's spread legs, licking and fingering her lover's pink pussy. Jo writhed in pleasure as four warm mouths pleasured her and hands roamed over her tingling skin. The four made love to her for over an hour, bringing her to the edge and backing off until she was begging them to make her cum.

Melodie had joined Tiffany between Jo's legs as they took turns sucking her pussy and tonguing her asshole. Jo's body suddenly stiffened as her climax flowed through her like molten lead. Kat and Kitten sucked noisily on her breasts and rubbed her clit while Melodie licked her pussy and Tiffany wiggled two fingers in Jo's asshole.

Jo threw her head back and screamed with joy as she was nibbled, sucked licked and fingered into multiple climaxes, finally asking them to stop and lay panting as they kissed and caressed her. Kitten brought her a bottle of water that she drank greedily. She leaned back and grinned at her friends sitting on the bed.

"You sure know how to make a girl feel welcome."

"We're so glad you could make it for the party," Melodie said, rubbing her face between Jo's breasts. "We're gonna have so much fun."

"Speaking of fun, who was that delicious morsel that let me in," Jo purred.

"I bet her puss tastes sweet as honey."

"You mean the Ice Princess?" Tiffany said sarcastically. "That's our sorority president Courtney Trow. She thinks it doesn't stink and lets us all know it."

"She seemed right warm to me," Jo replied. "I bet with a little sweet talk she'd make a fine pussy licker."

Kat lay next to Jo, rubbing her pussy on an ebony thigh. "Andrew Jackson says I can have her eating my snatch by midnight."

"You're on," Jo replied. "Although I feel I'm puttin' up sucker money. After all I warmed her up for you."

"You sexy bitch. I could just eat you up," Kat growled, slipping two fingers in Jo's pussy and kissing her passionately.

"It's hot and waiting for you," Jo said in a low voice, kneading Kat's breast and squeezing the nipple between her fingers.

Next to them Kitten and Melodie slid into a 69 position, Melodie on top. Tiffany knelt behind Melodie, licking the redhead's ass cheeks, rimming her asshole and then wiggling a finger in. Kitten pulled Melodie's dripping pussy to her mouth and thrust her tongue deep inside, feeling the velvet walls close on it. Melodie fastened her mouth on Kitten's pussy, sucking the labial lips and sliding her tongue up and down on them, feeling Kitten shudder in ecstasy. Tiffany moaned as Kitten's hand found her wet slit and began fingering her. The room resounded to the sounds of lovemaking as the five worked towards shattering orgasms.


Courtney pressed her ear against Melodie's door, listening avidly to the slurps and moans. She had considered approaching the girls in the sorority that she was attracted to; but being President, she was reluctant to become involved with anyone for fear of bringing controversy to the chapter.

She looked around, saw no one in the hall, opened her robe and began fingering herself in time with the squeaking bedsprings. She tugged and twisted her nipples, rubbing her clit with her thumb and pushing two fingers in her pussy. Leaning against the door, she jilled off until she heard cries of release from inside the room and came violently, sinking to her knees with an agonized moan.


Kat and Jo lifted their heads from each other's pussies when they heard Courtney's loud moan.

"I knew I was bettin' sucker money," Jo chuckled.

"Might as well hand it over now," Kat replied. "That little dollie is mine."


A thumping bass line shook the rafters of Gamma House as the sorority party roared into the evening. The reception room and the rest of the house teemed with men and women from the various fraternities, singing, laughing, drinking and flirting.

Kat, Kitten and Jo moved through the throng like sharks in a school of minnows, the chains on their boots jingling. They had dressed in their skintight jeans and low cut crop tops, drawing appreciative stares from the men and many of the women. Melodie and Tiffany followed behind them, watching their lovers asses jiggle, wishing they were back in bed.

"There she is Kat," Kitten muttered, seeing Courtney talking with some frat boys.

"We got your back. Go get her," Jo added, slapping Kat's ass.

Courtney jumped when Kat appeared saying, "Hi there Courtney. I believe we met in Melodie's room earlier. I'm Kat in case you forgot. Who are these guys? Friends of yours?"

Courtney's knees almost buckled as Kat grabbed an ass cheek and squeezed it. Her face was inches away from this rough woman and she suddenly had the urge to kiss her. The raw sensuality of this spike-haired Amazon was making her head spin. She's gorgeous, and her breasts are so large. I'd like to put my face between them, suck on her nipples, suck her…

"Hey, we were talkin'," one of the frat boys said drunkenly. "Take a walk old woman."

Kitten saw Kat's body tense, the muscles in her arms and back tightening. "Oh hell. C'mon Jo. The craps gonna hit the fan unless we do somethin'. She'll tear those punks a new one."

The frat boys stepped back as Kitten and Jo appeared on either side of Kat, pushing Courtney aside.

"I hear they opened a fresh keg on the back porch, guys," Kitten said amiably. "You oughta be first in line."

"Y'all better run along now," Jo rumbled. "Can't miss any free beer."

The young men hesitated for a moment, opened their mouths to argue, stared into three pairs of steely eyes and thought the better of it. Shuffling and mumbling they disappeared into the crowd.

"Hi I'm Kitten," she said, offering a hand to an astonished Courtney.

"And I'm Jo, you remember me doncha?" She stroked Courtney's arm and felt her tremble.

"How about a drink and a nice chat?" Kat said, taking Courtney's arm.

"Yep, a nice chat is what you need," Jo added, taking the girls other arm as they walked away.

"Ms. Courtney's gonna have the time of her life with those two," Kitten said.

"I have a feeling the Ice Princess is about to melt," Tiffany chuckled.

"Melt in their mouths you mean," Melodie quipped, and they all laughed.


Courtney was beside herself with lust. The closeness of Kat and Jo was making her wet and they kept touching her. Light caresses on her face and arms, on her thighs and breasts. She had only one beer but her head was spinning. The three were sitting on a swing on the side porch overlooking a grove of trees talking about motorcycles, school and boys.

"You're such a pretty girl," Jo said, running her fingers through Courtney's hair. "I bet you have a ton of boyfriends."

"And your skin is so smooth," Kat added, stroking Courtney's thigh near her pussy and noticing the girl didn't pull away.

"I…I haven't met a girl…uh…I mean a boy I was really interested in," Courtney stammered. Jo's hot breath on her ear and neck made it difficult to concentrate on what they were saying.

They had both turned towards her and were running their hands up her short skirt, when their hands touched her pussy, it was like an electric shock. They began caressing her breasts and licking her neck and ears.

No, nooo. Not here. Someone will see. Ohhh it feels so good. I don't care.

I want this. I've dreamed about it. Eat me! Fuck me! Take me pleeease!

As if reading her mind, Kat and Jo unbuttoned her blouse and unfastened her bra freeing her breasts and sucking on her nipples. Courtney threw her head back as pleasure consumed her. She lifted her hips as they peeled her soaked panties off, then spread her legs as two hands found her pussy .Hot mouths sucked on her breasts, fingers swirled in her pussy and stroked her clit until she thought she would die.

She exchanged open-mouthed kisses with each woman in turn while the other lashed her aching nipple with a hot tongue. Their fingers pumped into her while their thumbs rubbed her clit. Back arching, Courtney's orgasm hit her like a bolt of lightning. Then another, then another, her shrieks of joy muffled by Kat's mouth until she slumped down on the swing, her eyes closed.

"Wow, now that was an orgasm," Kat said admiringly, licking Courtney's juice from her fingers.

"I counted three," Jo replied, licking her fingers. "I think this one is a keeper. I'll go find the girls and leave you two alone." She rose, stretched and strode into the house.


When Courtney awakened, she found herself in Kat's arms. "About time you woke up," Kat said softly. "You had quite a time."

Courtney snuggled against Kat's breasts. "Ohhhh, that was wonderful. Thank you Kat. I've wanted to have a woman make me cum for so long."

"You're makin' up for lost time," Kat replied. You had three."

Shifting in Kat's embrace, Courtney pulled down Kat's top and sucked a nipple in her mouth.

"Ummm…wanna cum some more?" Kat sighed. "That feels good, sweetie."

"I…I want to taste you," Tiffany said, looking shyly at Kat.

"Taste me?" Kat replied in mock indignation. "What am I, a lollypop?"

"I want to taste your pussy," Courtney replied, her voice shaking. "Can I please?

Kat nodded, removed her boots, slid down her jeans and soaked panties and sat back on the swing, legs spread. She gently guided the girl between her legs, cupping and rubbing her breasts, murmuring encouragements.

Shivering with desire and fear, Courtney brought her face within inches of Kat's gooey pussy. The intoxicating scent of feminine arousal made her mouth water. Tentatively she licked the drooping labial lips, Kat's gasp encouraged her and she licked up and down, sucking the lips, wiggling her tongue into the wet pink hole.

Kat leaned into the cushion, hips rising to meet the probing tongue, hands tangled in Courtney's hair pulling her face into her crotch. Ohhhh…that feels so damn good. She's a natural pussy eater, a natural lover. I want this woman. Oh gods that tongue…Ahhhh, yessss!

Making little mewing sounds, Courtney drank happily from Kat's overflowing well of desire. She sucked and licked harder, working two fingers deep in the velvet wetness. Kat moaned as Courtney's lips found her clit, sucking on it and caressing it with her tongue. Fucking Courtney's face, she pulled and twisted her own nipples; eyes shut and back arching as her orgasm neared.

Courtney felt Kat's body shake and knew she was cumming. She wanted to give this woman the same pleasure she experienced, so she licked and sucked even harder, pushing a third finger in Kat's pussy and twisting them around. Fingering her as she begged to be fucked harder, Courtney fastened her mouth on the juicy hole in time to receive a flood of cum in her mouth. Gulping and swallowing, she drank her lover's juices, fingering her to another screaming orgasm before Kat pushed her gently away.

Kat slumped on the swing, breathing heavily; sparkles appearing in her eyes. Dazed by the ferocity of her orgasms, she and Courtney kissed and snuggled until she recovered.

"Did I do okay? Did you like it?" Courtney said, licking Kat's ear.

"That was amazing," Kat replied, her voice low. "You are amazing. No one has ever eaten me like that before. Are you sure this is your first time?"

"Uh huh," Courtney giggled. "I just did what I thought would make you happy."

"I want to return the favor. On your knees, on the swing, facing the house."

Courtney reacted instantly, pulling her skirt up to her waist and wiggling her bare ass at Kat. She moaned as Kat licked and nibbled her ass cheeks, bathing them with her tongue. Courtney spread her legs as Kat's fingers darted in her pussy, then rubbed and spanked her clit. When Kat's tongue probed her puckered asshole and wiggled inside, she bit her lip to keep from screaming.

Pulling Courtney's ass higher, Kat's finger replaced her tongue in the wet crinkly hole as she sucked hard on the girl's clit. Bucking her pussy and ass into Kat's face, Courtney thought she would faint again when another finger went into her asshole and Kat's fist spread her pussy lips apart, working in deep as she writhed in overwhelming pleasure.

Kat's lust consumed her as she finger fucked Courtney's ass and fisted her pussy. The woman drove her insane with desire and she wished she had her double dildo so they could fuck each other senseless. She rained kisses on the round ass cheeks, pumping in her lover's holes until Courtney stiffened, gave a barely stifled shriek and flooded Kat's hand and arm with cum. She came twice more in quick succession then fell back, Kat barely catching her.

They sat together exhausted on the swing, leaning against each other and holding hands. After a few minutes, Courtney found her panties and bra, putting them on as Kat began dressing, laughing as her leaking pussy made a wet spot in the crotch of her jeans. Courtney went on her knees and licked it playfully while Kat ran her fingers through her hair. Hand in hand, they rejoined the party.

Melodie and Kitten were slow dancing, bodies pressed together. She lifted her head from Kitten's shoulder when she saw Kat and Courtney coming towards them.

"Here they are. I wonder what they've been up to?"

"I have a rough idea," Kitten responded, seeing Kat's wet crotch and the contented looks on their faces.

Jo and Tiffany appeared beside Melodie and Kitten. They had been making out in a secluded corner, their clothing in disarray.

"Look who's here," Jo said. "Those look like two well fucked people."

"Grinning like a mule eating blueberries through a barbed wire fence," Tiffany added. "My grandpa used to say that."

The partygoers stared at the couple walking by, holding hands and giving each other loving looks. The tall swaggering, tanned woman with spiked hair and voluptuous body, and the equally tall woman with long ash blond hair and the figure and gait of a fashion model. They made an incongruous pair, but it didn't matter to them. They had found each other.

"Hello everyone," Courtney said brightly. "Are you enjoying yourselves?"

"Looks like you two have," Tiffany remarked as Jo laughed and slapped her on the butt.

"I was about to show Kat my room upstairs, would you all care to see it as well?" Courtney said seductively.

"Lead the way," Kitten replied. "I wanna look at her ass," she muttered to Melodie.

"I have a hunch you'll be seeing a lot more of it very soon", she replied.

"It appears the ice princess has melted," Tiffany chuckled as they climbed the stairs.

"Melted? Why she's a puddle on the floor," Melodie responded. "I hope I get a drink from it before the nights over."

"You first after me," Tiffany said. They wrestled playfully for a moment then followed the others into Tiffany's room and closed the door.


The morning sun illuminated Courtney's room, revealing pairs of naked bodies and clothing strewn everywhere. Jo and Tiffany cuddled together in an overstuffed chair; Melodie and Kitten spooned together on the bed, Kat and Courtney lying beside them; Courtney draped over Kat, her head pillowed on her large breasts. They had enjoyed each other all night, finally falling asleep as dawn was breaking.

The group was now complete and more adventures awaited them.



Coming soon: Ch. 5 'Friends in Need.'

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