tagBDSMCommand Ch. 02

Command Ch. 02


"Thank you for not going through with it," Shannon said.

I had basically cornered her because she had been avoiding me.

"You and I are going to talk. Come," I had said and she had had no option but to follow me.

We were in a Starbucks, so she'd see that I wasn't about to ask her to blow me in front of a bunch of strangers-unless... whoa! No. No. That's where I had to draw the line.

"For not going through with what? I mean, you blew me-"

"Please! Not so loud," she urgently whispered.

A lady next to us was trying not to stare.


I learned she had fought with her boyfriend because he thought she was seeing her high school crush and she had proven him wrong, but the words exchanged had left her with no desire to come clean, which had been her original plan. She told him everything and I would take a punch to the face if necessary.

She asked me to be the better part of our twisted friendship and stop it. I promised I'd try, but asked her to also help me by not being a temptation near me. Of course I didn't ask her to move away, but I did tell her that I'd avoid her and she should do the same, because if she as much as talked to me in a tempting manner, I'd fuck her until I planted, deep inside of her, every drop of cum I could produce in a day.

Mostly because I knew some part of her wanted me to fuck her bareback and was only waiting for the day when we did so.

*If* we fucked. Or so I meant to tell myself.

The lady next to us almost fell from her seat. Maybe we had said something a little too loud. I'm unabashed regarding sex... but her? Shannon was about to die on the spot.

My heroic attempt at being the better man.

First week? Easy. Second? So-so. Third? Complicated as fuck.

On the fourth I arranged a weekend getaway to a nearby town with the idea of hooking up with a random girl in whichever bar looked good enough to do so.

I even let our neighbors know I was going out of town so they'd watch out for any strange activity at my place.

Then, the fateful call from my wingman. Stomach flu.


I checked Craigslist and the expectations for one night stands, from the female point of view were: muscled guys with foot-long dicks who also had to look too young to be legal, and they'd better be willing to fuck girls who refused to give out information or pics. Those were among the most rational among the inane requests I mostly found. I winced, thinking about how picky could they get for girls, but I didn't stop to find out. I needed sex.

I tried Tinder. Nothing for the night!

Stupid self, being a millenial and all, I didn't have the best social skills to smoothly strike a conversation that would lead to sex on the same night, since I relied on technology breaking the ice if only a little. So I stayed home.

I heard my neighbor's car leave. Sigh of relief!

I went to the not-really infallible workout... But there she was. Wearing the tightest pair of jeans anybody could've asked for.

I immediately recalled the sweet sound of her musical moans against my ears as I made her mine and- time to go grocery shopping before I lost my mind.

Fruits, veggies, organic whateverthefuckthatwas... and then, a pair of cupcakes before me. I threw them in. I knew exactly what was I doing but I couldn't stop myself. And so... where I had started this story.

Once inside her house, I set the cupcakes on the table and looked at her.

"Get naked," I commanded.

"But I-"

"Naked. Now."

She got rid of her jeans and panties first. I couldn't hold back any longer.

"Never mind. Against that table. Don't make me wait."

I knew her trembling lip was because of lust and not fear. I could see it in her eyes.

"Look at me," I commanded.

She had her hands against the table. While not built like a linebacker, I knew she liked my torso just fine. I got rid of my shirt and I saw the hunger in her increase.

I lowered my zipper and pulled out my cock from there, "you know what you said? I'm making it happen."

She gasped, "you can't!"

"Tell me not to do it and I'll use a condom. Stay quiet and you'll get your pussy full of my cum."

Shannon moaned in a low volume, her eyes fluttering just with the mental image.

One second. Two. Three. Five. She didn't say a word.

I got behind her and simply placed my cock in direct contact with her pussy lips from behind. The skin on skin sensation made her wiggle in anticipation.

I waited for a few seconds now that she could feel my unprotected manhood against her soaked labia. All I got was silence.

The warm wetness began enveloping me. I exhaled slowly as I made my way inside my gorgeous neighbor. Inch after thick inch of my cock disappeared as Shannon's bare, greedy pussy accepted more and more of my unclad length. Probably even minutes went by as I savored every millimeter of my flesh making its way in as slowly as I could manage.

"Ohmygodsogood," Shannon whispered it so quickly it seemed a single word.

Eventually, my hips met her lovely butt. She whimpered. I pulled back a little and then pressed forward, delighted with the heat, the texture, the wetness of my neighbor's defenseless womanhood. I grabbed her by the hips and our rhythm was established almost immediately.

Thrust after thrust produced a moan. The house filled with the sound of her voice as she let me know how much she liked it.

"Oh... Oh, please," she'd whimper every now and then. "Give it to me..."

I tried something different that I had never thought about.

"Cum," I ordered.

While not obeying immediately, her pussy walls almost convulsed with the tension and she moaned. Incredibly loud.

"Cum!" I said it louder.

She gave out a short yell and she sounded almost in pain, I could feel her submissive nature yielding to me and aiming to please me.

"Cum, dammit," I said, harsh.

"Oh... Oh, God... yes..."

I went for something different. I bent over so my mouth hovered right behind her ear. I whispered with a tone that gave no room for questioning.

"Cum for me, Shannon. Do it."

She squealed out loud and I felt her orgasm before I heard it. With constant contractions, her pussy demanded my milk. She screamed.

Our neighbors wouldn't have the slightest doubt. Shannon was getting fucked real good. If someone was a little observant, they'd notice her boyfriend's car wasn't there, though.

"Take it," I whispered, feeling my core contract to almost an uncomfortable level, but then, sensations of overwhelming pleasure took over my body and I exhaled my release right against her ear in a long whisper. The indescribable feeling of cumming directly, deep inside the girl you lust after almost made me black out.

The sound escaping my lips was almost a purr, I contentedly groaned as I felt my seed filling her, and Shannon pressed her butt against me, ensuring we wouldn't leave a single drop of cum outside her, as promised.

Shit. There was no mistaking the sound.

His car parking outside. Someone was going to have a serious change in their life unless we acted fast. Shannon and I looked at each other. I bolted for the back yard.

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