tagRomanceComputer Geek Ch. 11

Computer Geek Ch. 11

byAda Stuart©

Returning home, Kate discovered that she had the entire house to herself for a change. She went into their bedroom and unpacked the rest of her clothes. She thought about her strategy from this point on.

Should she hide herself away in wide clothes and keep her distance to Scott, hoping the distance would be enough to shield her heart from getting hurt? She already loved him. How much more damage could he cause her? It would hurt like hell having to leave him at the end of the year. If she wanted to avoid any hurt, she shouldn't have married him in the first place.

So what other option did she have? Maybe she should do the exact opposite? Dressing herself up and tempting him at every corner, trying to make him wild with lust for her. Could that possibly end with him loving her? She couldn't force him to love her no matter what she did, but maybe, if he saw other men feeling attracted to her, could he feel any jealousy for a wife he didn't care about?

It was a dangerous road, and an option that could very easily land her in a worse position, making him lose all respect for her and thinking her a trollop. But, if he did respond to her she would at least know whether he could develop any deeper feelings for her.

Still, what could she do about the conditions she had come up with so hastily? Should she just throw them overboard and let him believe that she never stood by her decisions? Or would he rather think that she was adapting to the situation and being flexible?

Did it really matter what he thought about her? It was her opinion than mattered the most, and right now she wasn't happy with the situation. She felt like she had lost all control over her own destiny and had put her entire life on hold for a year, awaiting his decisions.

Maybe she should just take advantage of the situation and do exactly what she wanted? She laughed as she thought about what she really wanted right now. That was the easiest part. She wanted him, in her bed, inside of her and beside her all day long. If only she could live in the moment and just enjoy him while he was hers and not worry about what came later.

Of course she could, she realised suddenly. It was that easy. She just needed to focus on here and now, and do whatever she felt like doing. She didn't have to tell Scott about her decision. Instead, she would let him continue doing his utmost to persuade her to lower her defences, and in the meantime she would do her best to make his life hell. Better his than hers.

She giggled as she imagined his shock when he realised what was going on. Feeling relieved to have finally made a decision, Kate cleaned out the content of her wardrobe and replaced them with the new clothes she had recently stored away in boxes.

All the new underwear was filling her section of the drawer and she had no qualms as she put a few of her items into Scott's drawer as well. She had done some serious shopping lately and she welcomed the opportunity to have a lot to choose from. She stripped down and put on some blue coloured lacy panties. As she tried to locate the bra, she heard the front door open and Scott whistling a familiar tune.

"Kate? Where are you?"

"Up here," she shouted, as she finally located the bra and slowly started to put it on.

There was no rush, she decided. She heard him run up the stairs and enter the room as she fastened the bra on her back. Scott stopped dead in his tracks and she slowly turned around, trying to make her expression as neutral as possible. He was staring at her, his mouth agape in astonishment.

"What are you doing?" he finally managed to croak.

"Trying some of my new purchases. Do you like it?" she asked as she twirled around in front of him. His mouth opened even more and she took immense pleasure as he gawked at her. "It even has crotchless panties," she explained, as she lifted her right foot and placed it on the nearby chair, letting him see for himself. She roamed her fingers slowly over the opening and touched herself. "Pretty aren't they?"

He just mumbled something incoherently as she gave him a wide grin.

"I knew you would like them," she exclaimed happily, before she went over to the wardrobe and bent over to locate a pair of stockings.

She found the garter and put it on, before sitting down on the bed to put on the matching stockings. Scott was still standing in the doorway and gawking at her as he followed every move that she made. Kate felt slightly uncomfortable by the scrutiny, but shrugged it away with a smile.

"What would you like to have for dinner?" she asked as she went over to the closet and pulled on a short skirt and a revealing top.

Her effort to start a conversation didn't give any quick results and she bent over to grab a pair of high heeled shoes before strapping them on. Fully dressed, she walked over to Scott and rose onto her toes to give him a small kiss on the mouth. That seemed to wake him up as he groaned before reaching for her. Immediately, she stepped back and grabbed his arm and dragged him along with her.

"Come here, darling. I'm cooking some dinner and you must help me."

"With what?" he said teasingly. "Lifting up your skirt as you stir the pan?"

"Only in your dreams. You'll be my kitchen maid, so come along," she said when he tried to back off.

Finally, he accepted his destiny and followed her into the kitchen.

"Watch where you're going," she smiled as she caught him staring at her legs and the gather that was visible underneath her skirt.

"What's with the outfit?"

"I just felt like using some of my new stuff."

"It's nice. I like it."

"I'm glad. Now, can you cook?"

"Of course, but I normally settle for some take away on my way home."

She made a grimace. "Then you're up for a surprise. I'm making pizza."

"Pizza? Homemade pizza?" He had a dreamy expression.

She nodded.

"That's my favourite. How did you know?"

"A little bird whispered it to me at the wedding."

"Carl, I suppose."

"The very same."

She poured some flour onto the table, and grabbed the nearest container. The dough she had prepared an hour ago was now ready.

"Can you get me the baking plates over there?"

Scott did as she asked and watched as she prepared the dough.

"You've done this before."

"Countless times. I love to cook," she informed him, as she rolled out the dough into two round pizzas and placed them on the baking plates. "Now you can prepare yours and I'll do mine."

She showed him the ingredients he could choose from and soon they were both occupied with pouring on tomato sauce, ham and any other ingredient that they enjoyed. They bantered playfully as each fought over which ingredient to add first.

"That was mine," Scott complained as Kate snatched the bowl of onions right in front of him.

"You can have the garlic instead," she offered.

"No way. I've no intention of smelling so bad tomorrow that you won't be able to come near me."

"Maybe I should use some instead?" she suggested. "Then I'll have the entire house to myself until the smell wears off."

"Not a chance. I'm not as averted to garlic as you are. Besides, I'll be immune since I've eaten it myself," Scott teased as he poured all the rasped cheese over his own pizza.

"Hey, you could have left some for me as well," Kate complained.

"I like cheese. But I can cut some more."

"I'll do it myself," Kate intervened as she grabbed the cheese and started rasping it on the kitchen table. "I do not trust you with the little cheese that's left," she giggled as she gave him a wink.

Immediately, Scott moved around the table and pressed his body against her backside. Holding his arms around hers, he covered her hands with his and helped her rasp the rest of the cheese into small pieces. She felt him push against her backside and she felt his cock against her lower back. Her breath hitched as she enjoyed the heat streaming from his body and being transferred into hers.

"We need to get the pizzas in the oven," she heard herself say hoarsely.

"I just felt like helping you," Scott murmured as he let go of her hands and placed them on her thighs and roamed them upward to her waist, lifting her skirt in the process.

She arched her back against him and he answered by roaming his hands up along her sides and cupping her breasts in his hands. She leaned her head back against his chest, revealing her throat at the same time. He bent down and kissed the sensitive skin on her throat as he continued fondling her breasts.

"Scott," she interrupted.

"Don't make me stop now," he pleaded.

"Fuck me on the kitchen unit, will you?"

"Are you sure?" He sounded shocked that she gave in this easily.

"Hurry," she gasped as she pushed back against him to make him move faster.

He didn't argue but immediately turned her around and lifted her onto the kitchen unit in one quick motion. She bent forward and started ripping off her shirt and unbuttoning his pants. He stood staring as her hands worked quickly to remove his clothes, before he lifted her top and unclasped her bra.

"The panties," she murmured. "Take off my panties," Kate suggested as she tried to wiggle them away from her.

Scott lifted her in his arms, before pulling her panties down her legs and throwing them on the kitchen table. Kate didn't care to look if they landed in one of the pizzas. Right now there were more important matters to attend to.

She wrapped her legs around Scott's body and pulled him closer to her. She could feel his cock against her opening, and she spread her legs wider as she caught his lips in a deep kiss. She groaned as he plundered her mouth and pushed his cock deep inside of her at the same time. She wailed in pleasurable shock and she felt as if she could climax right away.

Scott stopped for a little, letting her adjust to his size, before he retreated and plunged even deeper inside of her. This time she whimpered in pure amazement that a part of him could feel so natural inside of her. She squeezed her inner muscles around his erect shaft and she heard him catch his breath in a whoosh as she kept releasing before squeezing her muscles again.

"Yes, that's right. Milk my cock," he groaned against her lips. "Make me come just by being lodged inside your tight cunt."

His words made the heat inside of her rise a few more degrees and she squeezed with all her strength around his cock, protesting when he retreated almost all the way out of her body. She tightened her legs behind his back and tried to pull him inside of her again. He chuckled slightly.

"Patience, darling. Patience."

"Arggh," she groaned in a very unladylike manner that made him smile even wider. "Just finish me," she commanded.

"Rushed sex isn't always the best," he said as he winked at her.

She grabbed his face and pushed her tongue inside of his mouth, playing with his and feeling the backside of his lips. She heard him groan loudly. Taking that as a good indication, she moved her hands down his body and cupped the root of his shaft.

She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and squeezed tightly as she moved her other hand further down and cupped his balls. At the same time he pushed deep inside of her, making her clench around his entire length.

"Hold on," he instructed as he started retreating and pushing deep inside of her again, increasing the pace as he kept fucking her.

She moved her hands and grabbed a hold on his shoulders as he started moving in a way that had them both moaning from pleasure. He placed his hands on her hips and moved her body in accordance with his, pulling her forward as he plunged deep inside of her body, before pushing her away as he redrew.

The friction he created inside of her cunt was so strong that her skin felt sensitive all over. She moved her hand to her clit and started massaging herself, trying to give herself that extra little push that she needed to plunge into oblivion. Scott moved slower as he had obviously seen what she was doing to herself.

He seemed to enjoy the view and slowly fucked her cunt in accordance to her pace. She could feel every inch of his cock as he slowly pushed himself inside of her. She lifted her hand away from her clit and watched as he retreated and pulled the large cock almost all the way out of her.

"I want to watch," she pleaded.

At the same time, he pushed his hips back, removing his cock from her sheath and letting her see her fill. His erect cock pointed so proudly toward the ceiling and the bulbous head was so red with unleashed power. In awe, she stared as he gripped the large member with his hand, and directed the head against her tight warmth.

She felt the heat stream from him and felt how he stretched her skin as he pushed himself through her narrow opening. He held her sex lips away from his cock and retreated a little before pushing deeper inside of her. She could see the broadness of his shaft filling all part of her cunt and she wondered how she was able to take him.

She squeezed her muscles around his shaft and she felt the tight fit as he gave her another inch of himself. She could see his cock being covered in glistening juices. Most likely from her, but his own must also be coating his cockhead. She leaned a little backwards on the bench and pushed her ankles against his buttocks, trying to force him to come deeper inside of her. Immediately, it felt like he hit the bottom of her and she gasped as the slight pain.

"Your vagina," he explained. "Just sit up a little and it will feel better."

He pulled her toward him, before he pushed further inside of her. This time, it didn't hurt. Instead she longed for him to increase the pace and take them both into heaven.

"Do it," she pleaded. "Make us come."

"With pleasure," he groaned, as he increased the pace and fucked her deep before retreating and plunging even deeper than before.

She clung to him, feeling the tension rise inside of her as his large cock pleasured her insides and made her groan with delight. All too soon his insistent fucking pushed her over the edge and she screamed out as wave after wave of pleasurable delight convulsed through her body. She clung to Scott as he followed her into the unknown, emptying himself inside of her while he roared loudly.

It was a good thing the house was empty, Kate thought as they clung to each other while their breathing returned to normal. Scott held her so closely it felt almost as if their skin were glued together.

After several minutes she felt him lift his lower body away from her, before pushing inside of her again. It was as if he was trying to hold on to the feeling of exquisite joy that they had just shared and staying inside of her until his cock was hardening again. The ache in her backside made her cringe at the thought of spending any more time in the same position.

"Are you warming up again?" she asked suspiciously as he continued the motion of retreat and push.

"Absolutely," he smiled broadly. "It would be stupid of me not to take advantage of having you in such an excellent position."

"My bum has fallen asleep so I want to move."


"Desperately. Besides, I could use some sustenance as well, otherwise I will probably start chewing on you," she said teasingly.

"Be my guest. I like rough sex."

"You do? So this is too vanilla for you?" Kate was slightly disappointed. He didn't enjoy what they were doing?

"Calm down," Scott laughed as he showered her face with small kisses. "I was only teasing. I'm not into BDSM or something, although I would love to tie you up and have my way with you once in a while."

"But no spanking?"

"Not unless you like it. You just let me know what you need and I'll try to give it to you, sweetheart."

"I want food," Kate growled in unison with her stomach.

"How boring," Scott said as he grinned at her while helping her down to the floor. "I was really hoping for some grand revelation. I'll guess I'll just have to settle for reading your books instead," he said glumly.

"I wouldn't base it on the books. I read a lot more than I would like to experience in real life."

"Like what?"

"Like threesomes..., spanking..., and vampires. Oh, and some domination is just way too much."

"Damn, there goes my favourite," Scott teased.

"Which one?"

"You don't like to be dominated in the bedroom?"

"To some extent, yes. I like the man to take command, to almost force me to have sex."

"A common female fantasy," he nodded.

"Yes, but some of the domination borders on degradation and calling the man "Master" and "Sir". I don't like that kind of sex."

"Me neither. I would rather have my woman take command and be a willing and active bed partner. It's much more exiting that way."

"Do you have any secret fantasy that you want to live out?" Kate wondered as she put the pizzas in the oven.

"Many. Where do you want to start?"

"Go for the one on top of your wish list."

"In that case I want you to fondle me while I sleep, wake me by sucking my cock and ride me hard until I come inside of you."

"Sounds interesting. Do you have any other fantasies?"

"You've fulfilled many of them already, like fucking on the kitchen unit and the 69. But, I could always handle you tying me up and having your wicked way with me."

"I seem to have the lead role in all of your fantasies," she said more lightly than she could have hoped for.

"Why shouldn't you? You're my wife and I intend to experience as many marital pleasures that I can. Speaking of which, what happened to that condition of yours of not wanting me inside of you? Did I misinterpret you in any way just now?" He suddenly sounded cautious.

"I changed my mind," Kate told him truthfully. "I decided that the condition put too much restraint on me as well."

"U hu," he said as if he didn't understand a word she was saying. "So let me get this straight. You want me to fuck you?"


"But what about the other conditions?"

"They still stand. Our marriage is still up to scrutiny in one years' time, and I still want the freedom to meet other men."

"Are you sure about that?"


"Do you intend to let me fuck you in the morning and then you go out and fuck another man for lunch?" He almost sounded insulted.

"In theory, yes. That was the deal, remember?"

"Do you have another man already?"

"No, not yet," she replied calmly. "But that might change within the year."

"What if you become pregnant?"

"I won't. I'm on the pill, remember?"

"There's still a small possibility. They're not infallible or you could forget to take them."

"Do you suggest that you wear a condom?"

"Yes, I think that might be best."

Somehow, the idea of a piece of rubber standing between them made her sad, Kate realised.

At the same time the alarm went off, indicating that the pizzas were ready and they sat down to eat and the conversation steered into safer territories.


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