tagLoving WivesConfessions Ch. 15 - Jake

Confessions Ch. 15 - Jake


Thank you Wingedangle for editing.


If there is one thing I really hate, it is going to the dentist. I hate having my teeth scraped, and buffed with all those sharp instruments, especially how time consuming it is. The funny thing is, Bev, my wife, is my dental hygienist.

Bev found a way to make my appointments pleasurable, as well as never leaving that dental office discontented. Let me tell you what occurred that changed my opinion, of the torture chamber we call the dental office.

After listening to me complain countless times, about how much work I miss just to go to her job, Bev made me a deal. Her boss had agreed to let her have a set of keys so she could open the office early and get my teeth done. We would go in long before I had to be at work, she would clean my teeth, take the x-rays, and I would be out, in time to get to my own job. I reluctantly agreed to this, even though that meant a much earlier wake up then I would prefer.

On the morning of my appointment Bev woke me with a soft kiss, "Time to get up sweetie, big day for you."

I grunted as I opened my eyes. Yeah big day, let's get tortured bright and early. This sucks!

It wasn't long before we were on the road. I followed her in my truck as I listened to loud music to derail my brain from thinking about sitting on that uncomfortable, hard, sterile chair. Oh, how much better it would have been to wake up early for a good morning sex session, I would have no problem waking up to that. I mean, just imagine waking up with your wife climbing on top of you and sliding your morning wood deep inside her pussy, yeah, that would be fun! Or, if she wanted my mouth to be used, she could have woken me with her sweet pussy on my lips too. I could eat her for hours and not care if I was late for work!

But no, here I was, up bright and early to get my teeth scraped.

We pulled into the office parking lot and she smiled to me as she headed to the door, keys in hand. Yeah, smile Bev, smile over beating on my mouth so early in the morning! I'll make you smile; I'll bend you over the hood of your car and fuck you like a whore.

So, I followed her inside and watched as she turned on all the lights and fired up the computers. She told me to follow her down the hall to the hygiene room, and as she skipped before me I couldn't help thinking how much I wanted to rip those clothes off her at that moment. Just to take her hard and fast, let her feel my frustrations.

She gave me a little smile and extended her arm to point at the chair, with slight reluctance I headed toward it.

She smacked my ass as I passed by her, "Attaboy!"

Don't make me have to bend you over Bev... I'll give you a spanking you'll never forget.

Keeping my comments to myself I sat and stretched out on the chair. I watched her as she busied herself with preparing her tools that she would brutalize me with.

I couldn't resist taking in the view; people say that scrubs don't make a woman look appealing, but I have to disagree. The way her top barely reached her waistline, giving you a perfect view of her heart shaped ass. The purple scrubs shaped her body nicely; it was neither loose nor tight. She was so sexy! When she sat on her little stool and faced me. The V-neck part of her scrubs allowed me to see the heart pendent I gave her on our fifth anniversary; I couldn't help, but think of how happy I would be to kiss that heart and work my way down to her ample tits.

I could feel myself growing rigid as I thought about taking her right here and now, taking her as she sat in that chair. Ripping the scrubs from her body and caressing her.

She broke me from my dirty mind with her soft voice, "You ready?"

I shook my head, "No, I hate this Bev. I mean, who likes getting their teeth cleaned anyways?"

She gave me a sly smile, "I can make it more enjoyable for you."

I bitterly laughed, "How?"

She stood, never taking her eyes off of me, "I could do this..." She reached down to the hem of her shirt, pulled it over head dropping it on the floor beside her.

I smiled at the view of her tits hiding behind her sheer black bra, "Well, this does help."

She giggled, "How about this?" She hooked her thumbs on to the elastic waist band of her purple pants, sliding them down her legs exposing the tiny black panties that covered her precious flower.

I had a hard time controlling myself from jumping up and ravaging her right there, but the logical side of me took over, "Holy shit Bev! What if someone walks in and see you like that?"

She reached behind her and unfastened her bra, it floated to the floor; I licked my lips as I looked at her hard nipples. She gave a small grin, "Is this any better? And relax nobody will be here for some time Jake."

I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't dreaming before I responded, "Well, this is a much better way to get your teeth cleaned."

She moved closer to me, looking down at me, "Oh Jake, you're getting more than that. Right now, I have to see if you're ready."

She placed her hand on my crotch and stroked me through my pants, "Oh yes, very ready."

She unfastened me and I gladly lifted my hips for her to remove my pants and underwear, "That's it Jake, let me take care of you."

I can't think of a time in my life where I've been so excited. Between the chances of being caught by her coworkers, and the way she was seducing me, I was in a whole new world of lust.

She bent at the waist and licked my cock, "Wow Jake, look at how hard you are. Just looking at it is making me wet."

Never, in the nine years we've been married plus the three years previous to that, never once telling me that she was wet; hell she was the anti-naughty talk queen. She was a whole new woman; this was a side of her I've never seen before.

She used her right hand and began to caress my balls as she took me deep into her mouth, moaning as her lips slid down my shaft. Her left hand moved to my right hand guiding it to her panties. Sliding my cock out of her mouth she whispered, "Feel my pussy Jake, feel how wet you make me."

Her fingers tickled at my balls as her mouth once again, began to move up and down my shaft, the way she was swirling her tongue around was driving me crazy. I slid my fingers over her panties and realized what she said was true, she was soaked, so wet I thought maybe she had made herself cum on the way here. I moved the silky fabric aside and slid my middle finger inside her wet pussy as I pressed my thumb to her clit.

Before she released my cock from her mouth to speak, she gave a long lick down my shaft, to suck on my nuts, "I'm going to ride this massive cock of yours until you squirt your load inside of me."

I had to resist blowing my load inside her mouth as she began to suck on me once again. Her words were like music, like a symphony of encouragement. I found myself wanting to know how fast I could make her orgasm. With that thought I took action and added my index finger and began pumping them in and out of her pussy fiercely, with each entry I made sure my thumb slid over her clit.

Her breathing increased, becoming more and more like pants. She wrapped her right hand around my shaft and stroked me as I swirled my fingers inside her hot pussy.

I felt her pussy convulsing on me as her words flew through the air, "Fuck yes, I'm cumming Jake, Oh my god yes!"

She was rocking her hips into my fingers as she came, I could feel her whole body shake with her orgasm. Her juices flowed like never before, spilling her sweetness into my palm with every tremor.

When her orgasm subsided she looked up at me with a big smile, "That was so good Jake, now I'm going to fuck you so hard."

She pushed my fingers away from her, and stood before me. She slid her hand down her creamy thighs and touched herself; another thing I had never seen her do, "I can't believe how hard you made me cum."

She was practically glowing; she climbed onto the chair with me, her wet pussy hovering over my rock hard dick, she lowered her hips slowly bringing her hot box toward my cock, resting it in between her folds. She only allowed the head of my cock in close range of her sweet opening, before sliding my shaft between her folds, coating it with her sweet nectar.

The sensation and view were both overwhelming. There was my sexy wife, in her silky black panties that were still pulled to the side, with my cock nestled in her folds, its helmet slightly protruding from her. Oh, how bad I wanted to fuck her, how bad I wanted to fill her sweet pussy.

As if she read my mind she lifted herself, and took hold of my cock, "Now I'm going to fuck you Jake." She lifted my cock and lowered herself, sliding my member deep inside her.

I placed my hands on her hips as she began to move. She swayed them back and forth, then side to side. As if they had a mind of their own her hips progressed to tight circles as she bounced on top of me.

Her moans became high-pitched intakes of air, her mouth half open, her jaw quivering. Her eyes were closed, I felt her pussy starting to constrict and loosen on my dick.

Her words were almost a shout between her pants of pleasure, "I'm cumming Jake, I'm cumming! Cum with me Jake, fill me with your hot cum!"

That was all it took for me, my cock exploded inside her wet pussy. Stream after thick stream rushed through my cock spraying deep inside her. I held onto her hips tightly as my orgasm seemed to never end, trying to control the fierce jerking of my body. Her pants of pleasure echoed through the office as we joined each other in climax.

As the greatest pleasure of my life began to subside she lowered herself and kissed me ever so softly, "Good morning Jake."

I held her there for a short while, feeling her breathing as it slowly returned to normal. She smiled as my cock slid from her, and the wetness of our pleasure touched our thighs. "We should clean your teeth more often."

I kissed at her lips, "As long as we do this to, I'll get them cleaned every day."

We slowly came back to our normal senses, got our clothes back on and she gave me a tooth cleaning that didn't bother me at all.

When I left, I found myself looking forward to my next appointment, it couldn't come soon enough.

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