Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 05


"You have the best pussy I've ever eaten sis," he said as he held her waist with his free hand to prevent her from falling off the table.

"Oh fuck," she snarled as her pussy spasmed all over his mouth. It was the hardest she had ever cum, and she knew it was because of the huge cock her brother had in his pants. She was desperate to fuck it, and her pussy was exploding at the thought of it being buried deep inside her.

When she finally stopped cumming she stepped down from the coffee table and they met in the hottest kiss she ever had. Their tongues were instantly flying over each other's and the groaning filled the room with the sounds of hot, sinful lust. The taste of her pussy and ass all over his mouth drove them both crazy. When she reached down to massage his cock, she was treated to another big surprise.

"Oh fuck. You really are huge," she cried out in lust. "So big and so skilled at fucking."

"Oh fuck, I'm so fucking horny for you sis. You're a fucking knock-out," he said as she messaged his huge bulge in his pants.

"How bout some more pictures big brother. Let's show that camera of yours my sexy ass," she said with a new-found confidence.

For the next hour he took the most seductive pictures of his smoking, hot sister, having her cross her pumps over each other and bend forward. In those steamy pictures he captured her exposed ass cheeks to perfection and in a few he had her push the shorts and her thong to the side to shoot her gorgeous asshole and her hanging pussy lips.

She was giving him everything he asked for and even took off her sheer lace bra to show her huge naked tits and her aroused nipples under the sheer material of her blouse. In those poses he had her pinch her nipples through her blouse as she licked her upper lip seductively. He even sucked on her huge tits through the sheer material, and when he stopped they looked almost naked through the wet spots from his saliva

At the point where they were so horny she squatted down on her pumps and kissed his bulging cock through his strained shorts.

"I need to blow it bad. This big cock of yours has been driving me crazy the entire shoot," she said hotly as she took out his huge hard-on and began slithering her tongue all over it before she put his big cockhead in her mouth.

"Ok fuck sis-you're so fucking hot," he said as he took his camera and began shooting his naughty sister as she worshiped his huge cock.

As she sucked her brother's huge cock she was so horny and groaning like crazy. He could tell she was going to cum.

"Rub your clit sis. Get us both off," he snarled, as he felt his cock reach the boiling point.

Taking his cue she reached down the front of her unbuttoned shorts and began rubbing her extended clit. I a minute they were both exploding in a powerful climax. As she came, her pussy juice soaked through the cut-off shorts as his cock blasted a load so hard it splashed all over the expensive coffee table.

"Stay hard. I need you to fuck me," she snarled as she kept pumping his semi-flaccid cock while sucking on his cockhead as it turned into another raging hard-on.

Helping her peel-off her skin-tight shorts over her killer ass then down her slender legs and over her pumps, she bent over the chair and told him to fuck her. Working his rock-hard cock up her cum-soaked pussy once again he was amazed at the way his sister's pussy clung to his fat shaft and drew him in. The sexy rhythm they fucked at became instantaneous as they now knew instinctively how the other liked to set the pace.

"Oh fuck, your great, big cock fills me so fucking good," she groaned as her ass dropped down on his long, thick length.

"Cross your feet over each other," he snarled, as he took one of her legs to show her just how he wanted it done.

"Oh fuck," she snarled as her pussy became so much tighter from having her legs crossed this way.

"Something you learned at school big brother," she snarled out loud as his huge cock pried her cunt apart, giving her the most incredible feeling she ever experienced.

Ignoring her comment he started fucking her like a madman. Up until now he fucked her pussy with the passion of a lover, but now he was fucking her for the sole pleasure of pleasing his great big cock. It was the first time she saw this dark side of her brother, and she was absolutely loving it.

"Oh fuck," his sister screamed out loud as she grabbed hold of the back of the chair for her dear life.

Fucking her like a freight train now that her pussy was reshaped to take everything his great big cock had to give, he unleashed his wrath on her, slamming his big dick into her so deep that every time he bottomed out the smack of the base of his big cock hitting her crotch filled the air in the house with the loudest slapping sounds.

Reaching and grabbing one of her hanging tits through her blouse while he grabbed hold of her wavy hair he grunted out loud.

"Fucking teasing bitch. Teasing me for years with this fucking hot-ass body of yours," he grunted as he slammed his turned-on cock into her exposed pussy.

Oh God, a few times. I'm sorry," she stuttered because of how hard and powerful he was fucking her.

"When bitch? WHEN?" he growled as he pulled on her hair as he squeezed her hanging tit and pinched her swollen pink nipple really hard.

"Oh God, it's just that I heard all those stories from my girlfriends about your huge cock and I was so curious about it, especially because my two boyfriends were so small compared to what they said you were.

"So when sis. When did you do it?" he groaned as he sent his big cock up into the deepest and wettest pussy he ever fucked.

"Oh God one time when I knew it was just you home and I left the door open to the bathroom a little when I was taking a shower. I wanted you to see my body when I came out of the shower." She said as she tried to catch her breath because of his unrelenting pounding of her wet pussy.

"Fuck, I knew it," he said in a depraved voice. "I knew you knew I was watching you too bitch," he snarled.

"Oh fuck baby. You fuck so hard," she groaned as she clung to the chair for dear life, so she wouldn't fall over.

"Yes I did. I saw see you watching me in the mirror. I wanted you to see my body. I took my time drying off and even cupped my tits and ran my hand over my ass knowing you were looking at me. God, I was so horny for you. Everything I heard about this great, big cock made me so horny," she groaned as her ass was getting smacked so had it turned red.

He was fucking her in a way now that none of her two boyfriends ever did. Even though they always came real quick, in less than 5 minutes or less, they always fucked her tenderly, and she never came that way. This was something new and she was absolutely loving it.

"Fuck it lover. Fuck it for all those years I teased your great big cock," she groaned as she looked back at him and saw the look of a raged madman.

"Gonna cum bitch," he snarled through his clenched teeth.

It was the first time he didn't tell her to cum with him or try to make her cum before he got off. This fuck was clearly all about him and that turned her on like crazy.

"Cum baby. Fill your newest pussy with your great, big load," she groaned through clinched teeth as he slammed into her so hard that the chair almost fell over.

A few seconds later he dumped a gallon of the hottest seed into her scorching pussy. As he exploded she fucked her wild ass back on him, desperate to drain every ounce out of her big cocked brother.

After he exploded they kissed passionately as she told him how hot that was, and that she'd never been fucked like that. When he apologized for fucking her so hard and pulling on her hair, she told him that she loved it and that it really turned her on like crazy when he went totally 'animal 'on her like that.

"Do you fuck all your Professors like that," she asked as they kissed.

"Yeah sis, they all like it really hard," the added, some, like this one 75 year old Professor even loves to get smacked in the face with my big cock, really hard."

"Umm, I'm surprised you don't knock her out with your huge dick," she said hoping he might try the same thing on her face.

She had two more outfits to try on, that she couldn't wait to model for him. They were the most sinful of all of them.

As he dumped the pictures of his hot sister into a folder marked 'Hot Shorts and Pumps' she was slipped her incredible 36DD-21-33 body into a devilish, skimpy tear drop bikini. It was a sheer mesh fishnet style that reveled every delicious inch of her flawless, natural body.

The fishnet thong ran between her wild ass cheeks, making her look so much more nude, and with the added effect of her wearing high heel pumps made her hot new look sinful. The tiny fishnet top looked like it was molded to her amazing tits. The only thing that kept her nipple from popping through the top was the single, tiny thread of the net design that went over the center of each nipple.

When she came into the room he immediately started snapping pictures of her amazing body as he directed her poses while telling her how hot she was. In some poses he had her lying on the expensive, glass, dining room table with her legs crossed. With one pump on the glass and the other on her crossed leg he had her take it partially off and let it dangle from her foot.

"Sexy sis.That looks really hot," he said as he clicked away from that one pump to her whole body as she blew him those pouty kisses or while she licked her upper lip in the most sensual way.

In another pose he had he get on her knees and bring her ankles up in the air. The sight of her black pumps in the air like this and seeing the bottom of her new shoes was so naughty. It gave him another raging hard-on as he snapped away.

"Why don't you come in front me and let me suck that great, big cock while you shot me baby," she said in a sex crazed voice.

"I like that sis," he said as he went in front of her and she unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock again.

"Fuck it's so big...Umm, and already dripping," she groaned as she sent her tongue right out to stab his already flowing cockhead.

Snapping away as his ultra-hot sister pumped and licked away at his big cock, he was going crazy just by her hands on his cock flesh.

"Did I make this great, big cock hard again," she teased.

"Maybe big brother wants to smack my face with his great, big cock from all the years of me teasing it," she said in a voice so hot it almost made him cum right then.

"Why don't you smack my face with this great big cock. Smack it for being such a naughty bitch to it for so long," she said taking it in her hand and slapping the side of her face a little.

"Oh fuck," he groaned as he snapped a few pictures of his sister gripping his big dick and smacking the side of her face with it.

"Did you smack any of my girlfriend's faces with this huge-assed dick big brother," she groaned as she smacked the other side of her face then licked he pre-cum flow out of his open slit.

"Yeah, that fucking bitch Cheryl," he said in an irritated tone

"Umm, why?" "Cause she wouldn't let you fuck her because she was afraid of this great, big cock," she groaned knowing that was the reason, because her friend had told her he was way too big and that she only sucked him off.

"Yeah, the bitch wanted me to fuck real bad. She heard form Karen,(her other best friend) how I fucked her and called me to say she wanted me to fuck her too, but when she saw me she freaked, so as she was sucking me I her face with it. As I smacked her face with it, she kept telling me to hit her harder. Her face was as red as an apple and she must have cum 20times form getting smacked in the face with my dick," he growled as his sister used his big cock to smack one side of her face then the other repeatedly.

"Go ahead big brother-use my face and smack it with this huge-assed cock. Smack your teasing little sisters face with it," she said in a hot voice as she looked up at him with a naughty look on her face.

Putting down his camera he fisted his huge cock and began smacking other side of his sister's face than the other. As he did he saw her hand go under her fishnet thong and rub her hard clit.

"Finger fuck your pussy," he demanded as he smacked the right side of her face. "Finger fuck it bitch," he snarled as she brought her hand over the back of her ass and pushed the thong to the side and went right into the center wetness of her sexy fuck-hole.

"That's it bitch. Let me hear that soapy pussy," he snarled as her fingers went in and out of her wet cunt, making loud slushy sounds.

"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum," she groaned out loud.

Grabbing her hand he demanded that she finger fuck her ass.

"Fuck that sexy, teasing ass sis. Fuck the shit out of it," he implored in a demanding voice as his big cock smacked her face a little harder, turning her cheeks bright red.

"Oh fuck...Gonna cum," she groaned as her body spasmed.

"Ahhhh," he groaned as hot, white jets of cum burst out of his aching cock and shot all over her back and the expensive, glass, dinner table.

After the intense cum he lifted her off the table and they kissed passionately before she went to shower and change into her last outfit. Following her into the bathroom with his camera he had he sit on the edge of the sink and cross her sexy, long legs.

"Sexy. Really sexy," he said shooting the tips of her pumps then panning out to catch her entire, amazing body.

"Take your top off sis," he said commandingly. "Let me soot those big, sexy tits."

Grinning slyly she untied her top and let it fall to the tile floor.

"Sexy tits sis, now take em' in your hands and cup em' for me," he said in a stern tone.

Her big tits dwarfed her hands and as she pushed them together he snapped away catching her hot, pink nipples.

"You like these big tits," she said holding them up for him.

"Oh fuck, when we get in the shower I'm gonna fuck those sexy tits of yours with his big dick," he growled.

"Oh God baby," she purred as she looked at him biting her lower lip from being so turned on.

"Now pinch those nipples for me," he said in a deep voice, as she did what she was directed to do.

Seeing his hot sister pinch her nipples had him rock-hard.

"Now lick those sexy nipples sis. Suck your own big tits," he commanded as she did and nearly came from the sexy thrill of sucking her own nipples and tits.

After shooting a bunch of pictures he made her get off the sink-top and face the mirror and pull her fishnet thong bottom half-way down her ass. Her pumps made her ass stick out perfectly as he shot her beautiful ass from behind.

"Now turn to the side and let me see those tits," he directed.

"Very sexy sis," he said as he clicked away.

"You feel sexy baby?" he asked, but already knowing the answer.

"Oh God, I feel so fucking sexy," she purred.

"Ok sis, now fuck your pussy from behind."

"Oh God yes, but these pictures have to be just for us," she said hotly as she sent her hand over her exposed ass and began finger-fucking herself.

"Yeah baby, for our eyes only, I promise," he said assuring her, but in his mind he knew that he'd keep them just in case her modeling took off and she'd forget about him. "Just a little insurance sis," he thought to himself as he snapped always at her finger fucking her amazing cunt a foot in front of him

Seeing her face start to contort and hearing her pumps click on the tile floor he snapped away, wanting to catch her explosive orgasm.

"That's it fuck yourself sis. Cum nice and hard for the camera," he said in a throaty voice as her pussy exploded in a liquid blast that shot right out of her spasming cunt, hitting the lens of his camera and his face.

"Ohhhhh God," she groaned as she had her first ever pussy squirt.

With his face soaked with her cum he knew just what she'd like. Putting his camera on the counter top he counter and brought his mouth right to her gushing pussy and began trashing her insides with his tongue as he worked her pushed-out clit with his finger.

"Oh fuck," she groaned as she continued to cum all over his mouth from being so over-stimulated.

The 75 year old Professor had a squirting pussy like none other he ever fucked. She squirted every time she came, which was like every few minutes. She taught him that as a pussy squirts if you tongue fuck it then finger fuck it; it will continue to explode in a massive orgasm. He tried this on all the other older women he fucked at college and they all came the same way.

"Oh fuuuuck," she groaned as her pussy kept squirting as he was finger-fucking her boiling cunt fiercely and as fast as he could, as his knuckle hit her aching clit and set her pussy exploding.

As he fucked into her, she exploded all over him, drenching his face, shirt and shorts. Cumming so hard and so powerfully she collapsed onto the counter a he reached out to catch her.

"What the fuck was that," she said in amazement of her brother's incredible skills.

"That was your pussy squirting cum sis," he said kissing her next to comfort her.

"Oh fuck, that never happened before," she said in a throaty voice, needing a glass of water bad.

"That only happens when you're really turned on sis," he said in a confident voice that told her this was more about what he learned while he fucked at college.

Taking off her pumps they went into the shower where they kissed like lovers as she soaped and pumped his big cock. After 10 minutes of kissing she went to her knees as he fucked his turned on cock between her 38DD mounds of flesh. Groaning like crazy he burst a huge, hot load up through her big tits, splashing all over chin then her face and then the glass enclosure.

After they dried off she went to her room to change into her last outfit. Going to her bedroom she was so horny to model the sexy lingerie outfit for her brother. She couldn't wait to dress, especially the tan thigh high stockings. She never wore stocking like this before, but just knew that they were going to look really sexy on her legs.

She knew her girlfriend's all wore stockings and high heel s when they fucked, because she had gone to lingerie stores with them, but she was too timid and introverted to buy them for herself when she knew she was going to fuck her boyfriends.

Going to her bedroom she dried her hair and lotioned her legs. First she put on the tiny, white thong and after she did she stood in front of her full-length mirror and turned to look at her ass. The thin string was lost between her two, sexy ass cheeks, but came out above her ass crack and made her look so nude.

Running her hand over her ass admiringly, she began to think of how sexy it would be to be a real model. She then put on the sexy, white, lace corset and then rolled up the sheer white thigh high stockings and clasped the long garter straps to each of them. Stepping into her new pumps she stood in front of the mirror and just took in the sight of her amazing body and how sexy she looked.

Being so turned on, she put one high heel over the other and bent at the waist.

"Wow, wait till he sees me in this," she thought to herself as she once again and very naughtily thought about her brother's huge cock. Before she walked out she put on a hot, red shade of lipstick for added effect.

As she dressed in her bedroom he was all set-up and ready to shot, but this time had three cameras on a tripods that were shooting video.

As she walked down the hall his ears immediately picked up on the sounds of the black high heel pumps he bought her, and the second she came into the living room his jaw dropped at the sight of her.

"Do you like what you see," she said in a seductive voice that before this day never believed he'd ever hear from her.

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