Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 05


"Oh fuck, what are you doing to me baby," he said as he felt his cock strain in his new shorts.

"Just trying to turn you and that great, big cock of yours on," she said seductively as she walked to him and met his tongue for a feverous kiss.

Feeling his 11 inch cock almost bursting through his shorts and feeling the cockhead and four inches go out of the bottom she messaged it and jerked the crown with her fingertips.

"Let's take some pictures baby, then I'll blow this great, big horny cock like you never had it blown before. Then after you pop I'll suck it hard then ride the fuck out of it, just like all your horny old sluts," she said in such a sexy voice that it was hard to recognize that it was the shy, and conservative sister he used to know.

Kissing each other hard, he began shooting in rapid fire, catching every second of her incredible body as she posed in the most seductive ways, standing, sitting and lying on her back; crossing her legs, showing her amazing ass and tits in the most eye-catching ways.

He wanted to jerk off a hundred times as he caught his sister's amazing body perfectly. In one sexy pose he had her sitting sideways on the high-back chair then directed her to swing her right leg around and put her foot on the cushioned foot-stool.

She looked absolutely sinful in that shot, with her one pump on the foot-stool with the heel digging into it and the sight of her long, sexy legs in stockings with the long garter strap stretching along her thigh. The sight of her heel digging into the cushion while her left pump was on the ground was one of the sexiest shoots he took all day.

After two hours of posing for him she was so horny and needed to suck him that she dropped right in front of him as she squatted on her pumps and released his big, straining cock.

"Oh God, I gotta blow this huge fucking cock before I go out of my mind," she groaned in a sexy voice of passion and lust as she squatted on her new black high heels and pulled out his throbbing shaft. As she was slithering her tongue up and down his shaft she took her time to give each of his hanging balls her loving attention.

"Oh fuck sis, suck those balls," he mumbled excitedly as she bathed each one of them in the hot her saliva in her excited mouth.

As she skillfully blew brothers huge hard on, using her tongue and hands to stimulate his massive shaft, the video cameras were catching every second of the incredible lust between them. She was so horny for her brother's big cock that this would have made an epic porn movie.

"So, am I blowing you better than my girlfriends or all of your whore Professors?" she said in a hot voice as she looked at him slyly, then licked away at his huge shaft waiting for his response.

"Oh fuck sis, you're driving my big cock crazy," he groaned as he felt the muscles on his stomach tighten from the way she was playing with his huge shaft.

Hearing him say that sent sparks deep into her pussy as she put her mouth over his fat cockhead and took as much as his shaft as she could into her mouth. After 15 minutes she was greedily sucking up and down on his head and four inches of his shaft. Her hands made up the difference, as they stroked in unison taking up the remaining 7 inches. Very few of the girls and women he fucked could ever take more into their mouths then his sister.

The 75 year old Professor was the only one to be able to suck him right to the base, taking every inch of his 11 inch cock down her throat. It would take her almost an hour to expand her throat muscles to take his long and fat shaft and when she did they both came in an explosive orgasm that shook the room. His Professor was truly gifted, with a one-of-a kind throat, but his knock-out sister was driving him even crazier with the way she was using her tongue around his crown and shaft as her mouth clamped down on it.

During the week they would watch the video together and literally jerk themselves off to the incredible sights of the two of them fucking and sucking each other and the way they kissed. Blowing her brother's huge cock excited her more than anything in the world. She felt so empowered to control and turn on such a big cock.

Even though she gave her two boyfriend's head, it was without the thrill she was experiencing having a huge cock to play with. Where she could easily swallow her other boyfriends to the base, she could only take a few inches of her brother's massive tower in her mouth, and his thickness stretched her mouth out 10 times as far as her boyfriend's. Her brother's big cock was so thrilling to her that it actually made her cum just by stroking and sucking it.

After 20 minutes of her incredible skill he was climbing the walls and needed to cum. She felt the cues in his cock that told her he was ready to burst. Squatting on her pumps she looked up at him and grinned slyly,

"Oooooh baby, it's your turn baby..... Show me how bad you need to pop....Give me all that cum that's stored up in your big ass cock...Let it cum for me baby.... Show me what a real big cock cums like ...Oh baby let me see that big hot load," she groaned through clinched teeth as his breathing got deeper and deeper.

She went on teasing him as her hands violently pumped up and down his saliva-coated shaft.

"Come on baby let your naughty, teasing sister taste your big hot load..... Shoot it for me big brother..... Drain that great big cock in my horny mouth. Oh God I want to taste your cum so fucking bad baby," she pleaded as her own pussy came violently.

For her brother, that did it.

"Ohhhh fuck...Here it cuuuuuuummms baby."

Suddenly burst after burst of hot cum came flying out of the pulsing slit from the tip of her brothers huge cock head, then into her anxious wide open mouth. After five powerful burst leapt from his throbbing cock she swallowed, as another five burst shot out.

She could not believe how much her brother could cum, especially after all the powerful loads he had had already that day. It was truly amazing. Her brother came more in one orgasm then both the boyfriends she fucked combined. After what seemed like two minutes he finally groaned and finished with another six long ropes that she eagerly swallowed.

After he came she continued to groan while running her tongue over his impressively hung, oversized cock. Determined to fuck him, she pumped and sucked his dick to another raging hard-on.

"Fuck yeah baby," she groaned. "I want to ride the fuck out of this huge dick of yours so fucking bad." "Oh fuck my pussy's on fife for this huge-assed cock of yours," she snarled as he groaned excitedly at the thought of getting back into his knock-out sister's amazing pussy again.

His smoking-hot sister continued to lick his massive pulsating shaft like a rabid dog. As she licked away at his huge cock she couldn't stop marveling at the sheer size of it as it dwarfed her two boyfriends by a mile.

As she feverishly worshiped her brother's excited 11 inch cock with her slithering tongue, mouth and hands he was grunting louder and louder.

"Oh fuck sis, your so fucking sexy."

He was going crazy as his knockout sister was actually making love to his big cock. It was what he had dreamt about and stroked off to for years, and now like a dream come true here she was licking his big cock and pumping it through her long fingers as if the only thing in the world that mattered to her was pleasing his great, big cock.

"Oh fuck,I need that pussy again sis, or this big dick's gonna cum all over that sexy outfit," he said taking hold of his fat shaft at the base and squeezing it hard so that he wouldn't explode.

"Oh God, let me fuck it for you baby. I wanna ride the fuck out of it," she groaned as she stood pumping his eager-to-fuck shaft in her outstretched hands as she guided him by his fat cock to the high-backed chair.

Kissing him after he sat back in the chair she took his massive 11 inch hard on in both hands and said demandingly,

"Now it's my turn to fuck your huge pussy pleaser baby."

"As I got dressed in this sexy outfit you bought all I could think about was your huge fucking cock an how bad I wanted to fuck it," she groaned as she kissed and licked all over it again as it towered up his tight chest to his hard pecs. "Fuck, it's so big," she groaned hotly. 'God I can't believe my girlfriends fucked this huge-assed cock," she groaned in disbelief over his size as it took up his entire chest.

"Fuck it sis...I need that pussy," he scowled in a desperate voice that came from her having the sexiest body he'd ever seen or fucked.

She then turned her back to her brother and went between his legs and took hold of his fat shaft as she anchored her pumps to the floor, and began rubbing his huge cockhead against her scorching fuck lips. As she groaned saying he had such a big cock and that she couldn't wait to fuck it the cameras were catching every moment of her 'new' unleashed personality. The cameras would also evidence something the 80 year old owner of the modeling agency knew the instant he saw her incredible photos which was, her face and amazing body were designed for the billion dollar porn industry.

Once her brother's huge cockhead made contact with her wet pussy lips she began to moan unconsciously. Slowly, she began twisting her wild ass around and around his huge cockhead as it began passing the entrance of her smoking pussy.

"Oh FUCCCCK," she cried out as she came from the wild thrill of knowing that she was going to fuck such an enormous cock.

She continued to insert his big head between her overly sensitive fuck lips and slowly guided that 11 inch monster into the burning fire of her pussy. She continued to move her gorgeous ass in small circles to help make room for her brother's great, big cock. As she cautiously fucked down on it, taking short breaths, she could not believe that having just a few inches in me made me feel so stuffed!

As she ever so slowly dropped her pussy down each sex filled inch of her brother's huge cock she kept uttering,

"Ohhhhhh fuck..... You're so fucking big baby..... Your sexy cock is soooooo fucking huge...Oh God, Its filling every inch of my tight pussy more than any other cock I've ever fucked."

His groans of her pussy feeling so amazing wrapped around his cock as she came, drove him crazy as her scorching liquid lubricated his fat shaft. She came ten times just by inching his great big cock into her pussy until he finally bottomed out. When she finally hit bottom her pussy felt so stuffed by her brother's oversized cock that she shuddered and came all over his huge shaft for over a minute, as she tried desperately to adjust her tight pussy to its frightfully massive length and width!

After a half hour of dropping her pussy up and down his fat cock he pulled her back to him so that she was lying on his tight, muscular stomach as his great big hard on began fucking into her slowly, and with an amazing sense of confidence. As he began fucking his giant shaft into her boiling cunt she anchored her new size 10 high heel pumps on the floor. As she did her brother fucked into her faster and a lot harder as he reached around and pulled her pussy lips apart with his fingers. She then turned to face him and began kissing him madly.

"Oh fuck, you're stretching me in every direction," she groaned out loud from being so full of cock.

She came so hard all over her brother's big, fat cock as he continued to fuck and pound into her until she was short of breath and gasping for air. Even though he knew she was gasping for air because of the sheer driving force of his angry 11 inch cock and the way it was hitting her tight over stuffed pussy, he didn't back off for a second and actually fucked her harder.

Even through her shrieks and cries he continued pounding into her so hard as he kept repeating how great her sexy pussy felt wrapped around it and that he couldn't believe she could take so much of him. As he thrust into her mercilessly her firm 38DD tits were flying around in lusty circles. At one point he lifted off the chair and grabbed her huge, swinging tits as he continued to pound into her wet fuck-hole.

They fucked like this nonstop for over an hour until she felt her brother's big cock start to pulse deep inside her which caused her to cum again!

He then shouted, "Ohhhh fuck sis, your pussy's too fuckin' good for my big cock. Come and suck me off nowwww....Come and get it sis, come and get this big cock."

Being so horny and so over-stimulated she immediately obeyed her brother and lifted up which caused his huge cum-soaked cock to flop out on his tight chest and bounce in the air angrily. Before it could slap back a second time she had her hands on his huge pulsing shaft and began pumping it enthusiastically, as her burning mouth went right over the sensitive crown of his cockhead, as she tasted her own pussy that coated his huge shaft.

"Yeah, taste that sexy pussy of yours sis," he groaned, knowing she was absolutely enjoying tasting her smoking cunt on his fat shaft.

Flicking wildly she moaned, loving her taste as she anxiously waiting for his huge cock to explode and pop off down her throat. As she licked up and down her brother's wet shaft she was going wild as she tasted my own pussy on his thick shaft.

"Take it sis," he groaned as his big cock began to shoot burst after burst of hot cum up his pulsating shaft, out of the pulsing slit from the tip and into her anxious, wide open mouth.

After five minutes when he finally stopped cumming she climbed up beside him and they kissed like the most passionate lovers for over an hour. After the 14 hour day of all the sexy photos and outfit changes and all the sizzling fucking, they needed that sexy time to just kiss and look into each other eyes without even touching the other's body. They both knew that there would be a lot more time to fuck. They had all week, and a lot more time to play with each other.

For him, it was a well thought-out plan that came together perfectly and for her it was a coming out of her shell that she so desperately needed. At 18 she had felt so repressed, being a part of her parents religious empire, even though she and her brother would have been totally shocked if they knew that her parents were guilty of a million sins they preached.

After the hour passed Jason talked to her about the swimsuit website, but this time she was really open to see it, especially after he kept telling her how great she'd be at it, and all the money she could make. Taking her hand he said,

"Let me show you how you absolutely blow these models away sis."

He led her to his bedroom and showed her the site that advertised the models and what they paid.

"Wow I see why you picked out all those outfits for me," she said in a surprised voice as she looked at the models wearing the most sinful bathing suits she ever saw that barely covered their private areas, with some even showing the outline of their nipples and areolas through the sheer material of the swim suits.

"Ok, I know you never wore anything like those bathing suits before today, but you absolutely blow-away all of those models sis," he said proudly which made her smile, then added, "and you'll easily make a ton of money once they see your amazing body."

"You really are persuasive big brother," she said with a little flirtation in her voice then added, "I think I just might be ready."

During that week when they weren't fucking or watching the porn movie they both performed in, they carefully selected the photos that they would send to the owner of the swimsuit agency.

After the offer came to fly to LA they left their parents a brief letter saying that they were moving to LA because of a great work offer for the two of them. In the letter they told the parent's that they cared about them and that they would contact them once they got settled there.

What the father didn't know was that his wife discovered the DVD in the living room player of her son and daughter's sexy fuck-fest. While he was at their Religious Temple recording a set of lecture tapes that they would sell to their millions of weak-minded disciples, she was finger-fucking her horny pussy and ass and pinching her huge nipples as she watched her confident and sexy son fuck her daughter with one of the biggest cock's she ever saw or fucked herself.

It reviled the Rap Star's huge, black cock and the huge cock of the blond twin brother she had just spent the week fucking at the religious retreat. Her son had a cock that dwarfed her husbands.

"Fuck he's huge. He's easily five times bigger than his own father," she thought to herself in excited disbelief.

Watching the DVD, she was surprised by the way her daughter was dressed and the way she was talking to her brother, using vulgar words that she herself used all the time when fucking each of her young studs, but never in her life imagined her straight-laced daughter would ever use.

Although she did admit that her daughter's body was really sexy and could see that her son was absolutely going crazy for his sister, she wasn't the least bit impressed with were her daughters fucking skills.

Even though she could see that her son was really turned on by her body, he clearly was the experienced lover, molding her into positions and telling her how to arch her ass or her back when he was fucking her. As she watched her daughter suck her brother, she thought of a million different ways she would have used her tongue, her mouth and her hands to really turn him on and get him off.

"Fuck, the things I could do with that great, big dick,"she thought to herself as she watched her daughter unskillfully suck on her brother's huge dick," she thought to herself confidently. "A cock that huge needs to be worshiped, and while it's being sucked he needs to hear over and over how huge it is, and how much it turns her on to suck it."

As she watched the DVD she began to get infuriated with her daughter and even started saying things out loud out of frustration for what she wasn't doing to really please her brother's huge cock. She imagined all the different positions she'd fuck him in to really use his huge cock, and the sexy 69 positions they'd be in to really make it intimate between them. It was clear to her that her daughter with her amazing body did not have many lovers, and the one's she did have were inexperienced themselves.

"Christ, why isn't she cupping his gig beautiful balls while she's stroking him to really work-up his load," she said out loud as she watched her daughter just pump his huge shaft with one hand instead of cupping his hanging ball sack and squeezing them with the other.

"God, if he likes what she's doing to his great, big cock, he'll absolutely love what his experienced mother will do to it," she said as she pinched her huge nipple while she rubbed her distended clit to another boiling orgasm.

When she watched her daughter's attempts at sucking his big cock she thought about how much better at using her throat muscles she was. She was confident that she could suck most, if not all of his huge cock down her throat. She was able to do this to the blond stud and the black Rapper which drove them both crazy.

"God, I wish I had that huge cock here right now. I'd let him know what it was like to get great head," she thought to herself as she began sucking on her own finger as she rubbed her hard clit.

As she watched intently she imagined a million things she would have done with her body, especially using her tight pussy, to really get her sons huge cock off and to keep him rock-hard. When she saw him thrusting his huge cock into his sisters she was surprised that her daughter didn't use her ass and push off her pumps to equally meet his powerful thrusts.

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