tagCelebrities & Fan FictionConquering Of Superman Ch. 04

Conquering Of Superman Ch. 04


Darksheid fed off Superman’s psychic despair and mental pain. Superman’s despair arose from watching Lois Lane and Wonder Woman give into their lustful needs and the fact that preferred Darksheid’s cocks.

Darksheid moved into the lab where Brainiac was hatching his diabolical scheme.

“It is done!” exclaimed Brainiac, “The first batch of Supermen ready to invade the earth and do your bidding Darksheid!.”

Darksheid laughed as he inspected the first ten Supermen. “Are they exactly like him?” he questioned.

Brainiac indicated that for the most part, they were but he was not sure about their stability. However, it did not matter to Darksheid because he was going to send these Supermen to earth to cause havoc and this would hurt Superman more than any physical punch. The Protector of earth would become its worse nightmare.

“Open a portal was opened with a Mother Box and send the Supermen through” commanded Darksheid and immediately his word was followed and the Supermen leaped into action.

“I will be able to control them from this panel if necessary” stated Brainiac “but it should not be necessary as their instructions are biologically entered into their brains.”

The portal opened on earth and the ten Supermen sped off in different directions. A monitor was brought into Superman’s room so he could watch what these Supermen would do.

High above the earth in Justice League Tower, Batman, Green Lantern, Hawk-girl, and Power-girl had gathered to make plans.

“We have heard nothing since Flash and Wonder Woman went through the portal to try to find Superman on Akropolis” stated Batman, “We must assume that they failed. I also no longer see any sign of Darksheid.”

“We have to launch a rescue team for the three of them” said Green Lantern, “Batman, Power-girl and I will attempt the rescue. Hawk-girl, you call in some reinforcements.”

With that, the team split off. A portal was open and the three heroes entered and found themselves in seconds billions of miles away on the planet Akropolis and in the stronghold of Darksheid.

Each scattered in different directions to find their comrades and they stayed in contact through their communicators.

Batman sneaked into a room and found it filled with armaments. As he turned to leave the room, he heard someone move behind him. He got ready to pounce but to his surprise, it was Wonder Woman.

“Where have you been?” asked Batman, “We have not heard from you and we came to mount a rescue mission.”

“It isn’t necessary” she whispered back, “we are O.K. but quickly come into this room and we will see about MOUNTING.”

Batman followed his teammate. Wonder Woman shut the door and Batman saw a huge bed.

“What are we doing here?” asked Batman.

“We have some time!” said Wonder Woman. With that spoken, she slowly came up to him and kissed his lips. He felt his dick get hard under his costume and he did not fight her approach.

“You want me don’t you Batman?” whispered Wonder Woman in a sultry voice.

His eyes looked into her blue eyes. He then surveyed that beautiful Amazon body. Her breasts were spilling out of her costume and her long creamy Amazon legs were tight and athletic. She turned slightly so he could see her ass too.

“Do you want some of this?” she asked.

Batman felt his manhood being manipulated by Wonder Woman and he could no longer think. He wanted to be inside her.

She slowly took off his costume and kissed every inch of his body. He stood there with only his mask on. She began to caress his chest and his tool. He felt a warm rush throughout his body. He had always wanted to fuck her but never did because of his friendship to Superman.

As she laid him on the bed, she slowly began to dance slowly for him and stripping off her costume. Just then, the door opened and Lois Lane entered the room. Batman was startled.

“Lois?!” asked Batman.

She simply smiled. “I know you have always wanted me Batman,” said Lois. With that, she joined in with Wonder Woman dancing for him.

Lois had a knee-high shirt on and she began to ride it up slowly and teasingly towards her waist. Batman watched intently as he caught a glimpse of her black laced underwear. His cock moved at the sight.

As Lois exposed her tight ass, he could only think of how lucky Superman was to have Lois but he wanted her bad and he did not care any longer about Superman.

Suddenly, he felt something warm and wet on his manhood. As he looked down, he saw Wonder Woman taking his meat into her mouth. His eyes rolled as he felt this intense pleasure.

Lois climbed on the bed and commanded him to kiss her pussy. He put his powerful hands on her lacy underwear and tore it off. There exposed in front of his face was her neatly shaved pussy of Lois Lane girlfriend of Superman.

“Eat me!” she commanded.

“What about Superman?” asked Batman.

“Don’t you want what your friend has?” asked Lois. And with that, Batman buried his face into her fur. His tongue slowly licked the lips of her pussy as he entered his finger into her jewel box. Her faces showed pleasure.

Lois laid him on the bed and sat on his face as his tongue slid in and out of her sweet pie.

“You taste so good!” escaped Batman’s lips. Both Wonder Woman and Lois laughed.

“Don’t you care about Superman?” asked Wonder Woman.

“Hell no!” answered Batman. “I have wanted both of you since the day I met each of you but I never imagined that I would get a chance at the same time.”

“It is my turn!” exclaimed Lois to Wonder Woman and so they switched positions. Batman could not believe his eyes.

He felt Lois licking his cock like a lollipop. He then felt his cock enter Lois pussy. She began to ride him like a wild horse. Wonder Woman still on top of his face, he sucked and licked her pussy while playing with her tits. Wonder Woman orgasmed on his face and he felt his cum explode into Lois’s pussy. They had succeeded to take down another hero.

In his room, Superman watched in mental anguish from jealousy as they both fucked Batman and he was betrayed by his closest friend.

The women planted the control device on Batman. He was now under their control.

Back on earth, one of the Supermen had flown to the Justice League Tower high in space and found Hawk-girl.

“Superman!” we thought you were captured by Darksheid.

He did not answer her. At super-speed, he tore off her costume and she stood there naked. Her long red hair flowed to her shoulders and her red fur felt free. She was caught off guard.

She had fantasized about fucking Superman but what woman had not but she did not know what to make of what was happening.

“You like it” stated Superman.

“No, not like this!” answered Hawk-girl but her body betrayed her as she felt her pussy become soaking wet from this aggressive move on his part. It was a total turn on.

He then took off his costume in a wink of an eye and his manhood stood stray-out. She gasped but he was on top of her immediately. She fought him not to be raped but his strength was overwhelming.

Part of her enjoyed their sex which was rough even though she did not want to acquiesce because she knew she was being raped; raped by Superman.

Her hands beat against his strong chest and she enjoyed the feel. She squeezed his nipples and he laughed as he then sucked hard on her nipples. She writhed in pleasure. She felt herself orgasm. It was wrong but she was enjoying it. She then felt the strong thrust of his manhood in her. It filled her up. Her pussy felt like it was on fire. She needs the thrusts to be strong and hard. She acquiesced to him.

“FUCK ME YOU INCREDIBLE MAN!” she screamed. “I will fuck you like you have never been fucked before. Forget Lois, forget Wonder Woman! When you have had a Thanagarian, you will never go back!”

She hit Superman hard and then jumped on top of him and rode his cock like there was no tomorrow. She was not going to be the victim. She was now going to rape Superman.

She felt Superman stick his hand up her ass and she immediately orgasmed again. “He knows how to fuck a woman” were her thoughts. Her hole was on fire and it needed to be quenched. She bounced up and down on his shaft until she felt this incredible explosion.

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed as she found her senses being overloaded by multi-level orgasms. She howled and screamed “FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!”

She passed out. Superman smiled and planted the control device. Another hero gone.

Darksheid laughed as Superman watched the imposter Superman fuck Hawk-girl. Superman’s psychic fear and depression was wonderful food for Darksheid; a monster who lived off this type of energy.

To be continued…….

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