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Superman/Wonder Woman: Lust


Chapter 1

Superman/ Wonder Woman

I claim no ownership over any DC Comics character. The only character here presented not currently owned by DC Comics is Lust. All other characters are owned by DC. No copyright infringement is intended in any way, and if this or any other story I write is found to be in violation of copyright law, I will gladly take them down. However, I make NOTHING for this.


An old man sits in Joe's Coffee Shop on the outskirts of Metropolis. He has a cup of coffee and a slice of chocolate pie that is the tail end of another decent meal prepared by Joe himself. Ever since the WOT got signed, the food seemed to taste better. He watched people pass by outside, smiling at those who still ran around like the world was going to end tomorrow.

"Old Earth's been spinning for far longer than we've been here, and it'll keep long after we're gone." His personal motto seems very applicable when you watch the poor bastards that run around like they do.

He lifts a carefully measured bite of his pie towards his mouth, and then freezes in place. Staring out the window, He had seen literally thousands of people pass. It's been so long since one of them caught his interest. But she does.

The girl is about eighteen. Her hair is blonde, her eyes are so crystal blue, her skin is absolutely alabaster colored. Her fingernails are brilliant red, and her lips match. Her figure is perfect. 36D-22-36. She is stunning. He can't take his eyes off of her.

As he stares at her, she turns and looks right in his eyes. He knows it's impossible, the window is a one-way, but he honestly believes she sees him. He stares back until she turns away, then sits comfortably in his seat again.

Tess, his waitress, comes up to his table. She was quite the looker in her day, and suddenly he notices it. He can't help himself. "Tess, how have you been?"

Tess smiles. "Good. Come with me?"

They head off to the restroom together.


Kal-El, the last son of Krypton, sits in his chair at the Justice League Lunar Base. He can't believe how unbelievably boring the last few weeks have been. He wouldn't mind the super-villains being underground, or the strange lack of natural disasters, or even the newly minted World Organization Treaty stopping almost all wars, if they hadn't happened all at the same time. He and the rest of the League had been largely unneeded for months now. Only Batman had managed to keep usy, but that was almost entirely taking out thugs and improving his equipment. Most of the others had been left to do nothing.

Kal looked out the observation port towards Earth. Of course, he has his alter-ego's life. He could probably get away with being Clark Kent full time, but Lois had left him long ago, a side effect of her aging and him not. He could even make a new alter ego. But this holds no interest for him. He has no desire to return to a boring day job on Earth. Besides, why bother. The only reason he had needed an alter-ego was so that super-villains couldn't hurt those he loved. His loved ones are all dead or here.

Kal noticed with a small shock everyone slowly standing to leave. He missed the whole meeting by gazing at the Earth. He notices Princess Diana, A.K.A. Wonder Woman, staring at him, a quizzical look on her face. She saunters up to where he is sitting. "Kal, you look a little out of it. Is anything wrong?"

Kal looks Diana in the eye, searching for a hint of sarcasm. When he sees none, he decides to tell her the truth. "I'm bored, Diana. I always thought that if everything ever calmed down, I would live out my days with Lois. But you know what happened there. I just seem to be, I don't know, stuck. I'm the Man of Tomorrow, but I can't look forward to it." Kal continues to stare at the Amazing Amazon, hoping to see a glimmer of understanding there. A beacon of hope for his sanity.

He finds instead a look that Lois used to get when she talked about intercourse. Diana's eyes are wide, her mouth turned up in a smirk with just the bare bit of a glint from her teeth on one side. Kal looks at her a bit confused as she says, "Maybe you need someone else to spend the time with. Someone you can actually do something with."

Kal can't believe what Diana is saying. He steps back, unsure if she is serious or not.

"Diana, what are you saying?" He decides that he won't take the direct approach and take a chance of losing a friend. Diana's eye twitches for a moment, as if he had just asked the stupidest question anyone had ever asked.

"Fuck me. Kal I want you to fuck me. Treat me like your super-whore. Just, take me please!" Diana's expression changed to one of insane need. She starts to fall to her knees right in the meeting room, and Kal knows that he has to do something. Using his super-speed, he grabs her and flies out the ionic airlock to the JL Early Warning Station, a space station the JL uses to watch for villains from space.

Once on the station, Kal sets Diana down, then resumes his place in front of her. All of one one-hundredth of one second have passed, and even Diana's enhanced senses barely notice the change. What she doesn't do, is care. She pulls down his tights, taking only a moment to glance around while she pulls his cock out. It springs out just as she looks back at it, and she almost gets a smack in the eye. It's huge. Easily ten inches, maybe more, and as thick as her wrist. Wonder Woman swallows a full eight inches of it without hesitating, making Kal throw his head back and moan. Earth's mightiest defender can't believe how good this feels.

He takes the back of Diana's head in his hands, slowly and carefully pushing his cock deeper into her throat. She obediently swallows more and more of the massive slab of manhood. Kal feels her throat clenching on his cock as she gags and tries to swallow. Something else the Amazon princess is amazing at.

Kal watches gleefully as Diana starts speeding her cocksucking, deep throating him over and over. She chokes, gags, and spits all over it, and he can feel his cock getting ready to erupt. When it gets close, Diana feels the sperm traveling up the shaft, and slams her throat down until her lips are flush with his pubes. She feels his sperm shoot straight down her throat, registering that any mortal woman would be dead right then. She swallowed almost perfunctorily, and then stood up and turned around. "Now that we're done with the preliminaries, let's get to the main event." She says, as she turns around and spreads her pussy lips. Kal is instantly hard again, watching the Amazonian play with herself, and she squats down onto his super- cock. She slides down farther and farther, feeling it open up first her lips, then the head popping behind the tight little ring of her vagina, further opening it. She wants it all inside of her, and so is still sliding down when she feels an insistent push at her uterus. She let's her legs give, and feels the head of his big cock press through the entrance to her womb, almost the whole head going in. For just a moment, there is a great deal of pain, but then Kal starts to use his superspeed to vibrate his body as she sits speared on it. Her pussy gets wetter and wetter as her lover acts as a vibrator. After a little while, Kal feels, actually feels, the squeezing and clenching of Wonder Woman's awesome musculature deep inside her. The strength with which her pussy squeezes would be more than able to crush stone. It squeezes Kal's hard cock as she bucks her orgasming hips hard against him. The tightness of her pussy against his hardness makea his eyes roll back in his head, but his super endurance keeps him from cumming again just yet.

He fucks her for hours, slamming harder and harder into her. He alternates for a time between fucking her at superspeed, shaking her body with tiny sonic booms, and superstrength, cracking the titanium floor of the station. She cums over and over, her eyes rolling and her head thrown back, screaming into the abyss that Kal-El was the true god of sex.

He fucks her until she stops calling the names of the gods and starts screaming his instead. He can only hear it due to the tiny wisps of matter in space. Finally, both covered in sweat, Diana smiles at him. "Kal, I know how to make you release in me."

Kal can barely even think any more, so he simply turns his head to look at her. Diana turns around and pokes out her incredible ass, so thick and juicy. "Take it, Kal. I need to be really fucked good. Knock me out with your dick." She pulls her alabaster ass cheeks apart to invite Kal inside of her.

Kal's mind races. "How do I do this? I've never been allowed in anyone's ass before." He pokes her dark hole with the head of his cock. Diana knew he would be a little nervous, so she throws her body back and impaled her ass on that spear. She slides her perfect ass balls deep onto Kal time and time again, squeezing her musky depths as hard as she can.

Kal feels his load building in him, churning up into his shaft and priming to fire his kryptonian sperm. He knew Diana was able to handle it. He slammed he ass hard, and then pulled her arms to push as deep as he could. Then he released. If their arms weren't entwined, he would have launched her into space. Instead, her body tried to pull away from his from the force, and he launched sperm deep into her ass.

They woke up after recovering. Neither could recall exactly how they had managed to start fucking, but they knew now what to do. They decided they would stay together.

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