You set there at the table amongst friends, enjoying the laid-back atmosphere of yet another party. Mellow music is flowing throughout the house, along with good wine and liquors. This night seems no different than any other Friday night you have spent in this same house, sitting in this same chair, with the very same friends. As the clock winds forward, however, you soon find out that this night will be like no other.

Half-heartedly, you laugh at your friends joke, holding your glass of bourbon close to your mouth. Your eyes scan your all too familiar surroundings. They fall upon the front entrance, as the door is being pushed opened.

Neither your eyes nor your heart were prepared for the vision of perfection that crossed that threshold. Your breath is caught in your throat. You stand there as though frozen by a magic spell, as though you fear any movement would cause her to magically disappear.

Your mouth feels dry. Finally aware of the glass in your hand, still hovering close to your mouth, you take in all the liquid it contains. You wince at the burning sensation caused by the bourbon. You look back to the door, only to find your Princess gone. Your eyes search through the crowd of familiar faces until, finally, they fall upon the one that your minds eye had memorized.

You watch with complete admiration as this great beauty is led by the party's gracious hostess to mingle with surrounding partygoers. You watch as she shucks the full-length overcoat off her shoulders. Revealing to you even more of her beauty. You drink her in slowly, with purpose, more importantly with desire.

Her mere presence has grabbed the attention of nearly everyone in the room. But it was far more than the contrast of her creamy milk-like skin against your naturally darkened flesh that held on to you with a vice-like grip. You were certain that this angelic creature was your very own personal gift from the heavens above. There was something in her aura that told you this woman...this beautiful white woman was created just for you.

Your eyes search over her body countless times, always beginning with her golden silk-like locks. Even from across the room you could enjoy the piercing blue of her round eyes. You licked your own, as your gaze stops at her pouty mouth. Her ruby lips are so full, you allow yourself to imagine their softness, their warmth. Her neck, so long and slim, seems to be beckoning you to come taste its soft sweet smelling flesh.

Her light colored blouse allows you the pleasure of seeing the dark caps of her full braless breasts, causing an all too familiar stirring inside your pants. A low deep groan escapes through your lips. As the two women move in your direction you enjoy the sight of her long shapely legs moving toward you. Her skirt is just short enough to cause the stirring in your loin to become an intense arousal. The strappy high heels on her feet showed off her red tipped toes to perfection. The thought of sucking her perfect toes causes your arousal to grow. You feel it twitch and throb as the women find their way to you.

You change your stance, hoping to cover your obvious desire. No matter how you stand, however, nothing hides the oversized erection contained by the fabric of your pants.

The hostess starts the introduction and you reach out your hand to meet hers. Feeling the warm, soft, moist, skin of her palm causes your throbbing erection to lunge forward. You see her eyes shift to find the movement. Your smooth dark skin hides your embarrassment. Your eyes meet hers once again. The look of desire on her face surprises you. You look deep into her beautiful eyes to make certain you are not mistaken. She raises one eyebrow and slightly licks her lips. Yes, desire was certainly the look her face held.

The two women turn and walk away, giving you the pleasure of watching her round, shapely ass swaying from side to side. This causes your arousal to grow to a state almost painful. Your engorged erection aches, twitches, throbs...begging to be released from its confinement.

Unable to stand the sweet torture any longer, you make your way up the stairs to the bathroom. You silently curse when you try to open the locked door. You look around you; luckily, no one else seems to around. You spot an open door and quickly head for it. Shutting it quietly, you slowly turn the lock. It will only spin in your fingers, unable to lock. For the second time you silently curse. As the visions of the beauty down the stairs fill your head, you decide to take the chance of being caught. The need for relief is just too overwhelming.

You reach down and turn off the lamp on the bedside table. Feverishly, you unzip your pants, and fish out your aching cock. Being released from the heat and the tight quarters of your pants is a relief all it's own, for the dark hard flesh you hold in your hand loosely. You take in a deep breath, before you slowly move your hand up and down the long, thickness of your manhood.

Your grip is loose to begin with, but as your pace quickens, you tighten your grasp around the hard, veiny tube of muscle. You let out a deep animalistic growl. You want the release to be quick, but your body seems to be fighting against your efforts. You close your eyes tightly, trying to concentrate on nothing but the release your body needs so badly. Your arm begins to ache from the frantic movement. Your breathing is erratic. You grunt. "Damn it," you growl through clinched teeth.

Frustrated and tired, you give up. You reach up and rub your aching arm. You throw your head back, and look up at the ceiling. A shadow, moving quickly catches your eye, but you see no one in the darkness with you.

You jump at the sound of the voice in the room with you. You do not hear one word she says, but you are certain of who it is. You look around trying to find her. The room is too dark. Suddenly you feel her breath on your neck. You freeze, you can't breathe.

"You look like you need some help with that," she says, but you don't hear. The blood rushing from your head is just too loud.

"Wha?" you try to ask. You understand when you feel her arm reach around your waist. You moan as you feel the soft warm touch of her hand on your hardness.

"I asked if you could use some help," she says. "I feel obligated," she whispered.

You clear your throat. "You should," you manage to say.

Her hand starts to move slowly, stroking you. "Oh, and why is that?" she says softly in your ear.

"Because you did this," you tell her, making yourself twitch in her hand.

"How did I do this?" she asks you, tightening her grasp around your hardness.

"Mmmmmm," is all you can manage, as this sexy creature strokes your erection. It feels as though the room in spinning. You are drunk with passion and desire.

You try to turn around and face her, but she won't let you. So you reach around your bodies and grab her, pulling her closer to you. Your hands kneed her firm, round ass. It's her turn to let out a moan, right into your ear. The sensual groan sends shock waves through you. You have to touch her, taste her, now.

You reach and hold onto to her hand, taking it in yours, before you turn around. Your bodies crash together with desire. Her hands wrap around your neck, pulling your face closer to hers. You grind your hardness into her as your lips touch hers. Her lips were even more wonderful than you had imagined. You lick your tongue across them, tasting their sweetness. She parts them, giving you more of her to taste and explore. Entering her mouth, your tongue finds hers. Your hands move up her waist, and slides over her full breast. You try to contain your hunger; gently you massage her ample mound of flesh. She groans into your mouth, as you take her hard nipple between thumb and finger, rolling it, pinching it.

You somehow tear your lips from hers, kissing your way down her chin to her neck. You taste her creamy skin; her scent drives you mad with desire. You feel her hands on the back of your head; gently she pushed, urging you on. Your fingers fumble with the buttons of her blouse. With her help, the garment finds its way to the floor, uncovering two perfect mounds of firm, succulent flesh. You waste no time devouring one of them. Her hand holds on to your head, while moans of pure pleasure escape her mouth. Greedily, you explore each breast as though it was your first.

Her hands leave your head, and you hear the zipper of her skirt ripping down. You step back enough to watch the fabric fall into a puddle around her feet. You reach and turn on the lamp. The sight of her near naked body was almost more than you could take.

"My God," you whisper into the air. You know that you have never seen anyone, anything as beautifully sexy as this woman standing before you. Her lacy panties clung to her, allowing you to see the plump mound between her legs. Her thumbs hook the side of her sexy panties. She peels them over her curvy hips and ass, down her legs and off of her feet. With her sexy high heels still on she climbs on the bed. Falling onto her back, she spreads her legs, opening herself with her fingers. The sight makes your mouth water.

You quickly tear off your clothes, never taking your eyes off of the all too sexy temptress lying before you. You climb on the bed between her opened legs. Hovering over her, you kiss her again, deeply. Your desire to taste all of her consumes you, and you make your way down her luscious body. You stop only long enough to give your attention to her perfect breast once more. You kiss your way down her flat stomach with passion. Finally you reach the object of your desire. You breathe in the sweetness of your arousal, before you bury your tongue into her folds. You feel her body shudder as your tongue flicks over her swollen bud.

You gently suck it in your mouth. You feel it throb, swelling more. Her peaches sweet juice flows onto your chin; you lick it, sliding your tongue deep inside her.

You barely hear her, "Lay down for me, please," she whispers. You reluctantly lie down beside her, and watch her. She wastes no time, and you watch as she licks the length of your hard shaft. You can't stop looking at her; it is the most erotic thing you'd ever seen. Her mouth stretches over your thick, rock hard rod. You feel it slide down her throat. Your entire body tightens.

She stops her oral pleasure only long enough to turn herself around. Her legs straddle your head, and you watch as she lowers her ass, offering you another taste of her sweetness. You accept with pleasure. Your tongue makes love to her, as she does the same to you with her entire mouth. Her talents are amazing, causing sensations you have never known. Suddenly she stops and you feel her body stiffen. She grinds her body on your tongue you suck her bud harder. You can feel her body erupting. Her sweet nectar covers your face. You drink it as though it was a fine wine, savoring it until there is no more.

Her body recovers, and you watch as she slides her body down, over your chest and stomach. She leaves a trail of her wetness across your body. With her back facing you she hovers over your body, holding your erection up. You watch in awe as she lowers herself down onto it. You are wrapped inside her warm wetness it grips you tightly. Her thrusts are slow gently she rises and falls. You are in heaven. You watch your dark rod slide in and out of her pink opening. The sight alone was enough to make you lose control. You can stand it no more. You have to be deep inside her, as deep as you go. You raise your body, holding on to her. Sitting up, you gently lay her down on her stomach; she pushes her knees under her. You look at her beautiful ass sticking up toward you it seems to beg you. Your big hands grab her soft cheeks, spreading them.

"That's beautiful baby," you tell her.

"Mmmm," she moans, "Please," she begs you.

"Please what baby?" you ask her; you want to hear her tell you what she want.

"Inside me baby, please, I want you inside me," she pleads. She doesn't have to ask twice. You enter her with passion with purpose. She seems to have been made just for you. You can feel every nook. Her walls grip you tightly. You quicken your pace. Your bodies slap together loudly. She reaches and rubs her aroused bud while you pound your thick wand inside her. Once again you feel her body on the brink of explosion. Her walls tighten around you, bringing you over the edge with her. Your body tightens as you feel her orgasm spill from deep inside her. She continues to ride it out, causing a wave of pure pleasure. You thrust yourself deeply, and fill her with your own orgasmic juices. Spent, you both fall onto the bed in a pile. Your bodies glisten with sweat. You lie there and look at the beautiful contrast of black and white.

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