tagErotic HorrorControl Ch. 01

Control Ch. 01


She gazes at her body's reflection and runs her smooth hands over her curves, her reflection seems different. As if the mirror was waving slightly and compressing into itself slightly. It makes her eyes sore. She then drops her gaze down to her feet, rubs her puzzled eyes, then blinks several times. Two average C cup breasts block her view of half her flat tummy. She runs her nails softly over her small, pink nipples. They harden almost instantly and goosebumps prickle her chest.

As she keeps her gaze down to the floor, out of the corner of her eye she could have sworn she saw a shadow. She blinks and it seems hovering just across the room, but it's so blurry it seems so close.

She turns back to the mirror and plucks off the dangling eyelash quickly, smiles, and heads for the shower.

After a steaming shower and a cool rinse off she wrings her hair and steps a manicured foot onto the tile. She yanks the towel off the rack and she begins to dry herself. She throws the towel over her head and shakes it furiously, squeezing the ends and repeating.

She slows down drying as the air suddenly electrifies. Almost simultaneously, three immense fingertips run up her thigh.

She hastily brings the towel down over her torso, backing up slowly while looking around the bathroom and reaches for the door handle behind her. Upon opening the door she dashes for her bedroom down the hall.

Her plump, smooth ass bounces with each landing and each movement captivates him as she flees. All ends when she slams the door, followed by clicking, then all is silent for now. He waits.

She flicks on the light switch for her lamp and massages her forehead, her head still spins and the panic settles. She pushes her stringy red-brown hair back. The head rush fades away then she proceeds to her dresser and reaches in to pull out her favorite lace-and-ruffle boy shorts and a matching polka dot bra.

After clothing herself for the night, she pushes back the covers and rolls up in a cocoon of blankets. She can't help but keep replaying what just happened and how to justify it.

It was probably muscle spasms. Yeah. Muscle spasms.. She tugs the lamp cord at her bedside and drifts off slowly into a quiet slumber.

He watches over her intently with his lusting, bright grey eyes. Watching each strand of hair fall into place, how her skin looks so decadent and rich in Dark, and how her form radiates heat and a lovely aura.

He caresses her cheek and gently scrapes the edge of his perfect nail on her jawline. He grins slyly as her steps back into the Darkness of the room and his form disappears into a black mist.

"Ophee...Ophee... OPHELIA"

Her eyes shoot open in alarm and her body jerks. She can't tell whether she is still asleep or not, nor if she really knows where she is. Her body is paralyzed in fear, and somewhat exposed. Somehow she unraveled herself from her shell. Her fingers are able to move and she feels beneath her.

She's still on her bed. Thank goodness. It's a relief for her, giving some sense that she is still here and can move.

It's very cold in the room. The damn heater must not have turned on tonight. She reaches for the covers, which had a majority drooping onto the floor, and throws them back over herself sleepily.

A deep breath in, and out. In, and out. Her body still shakes from the startling wake up. Just before she was dreaming a peculiar dream.

She was naked, floating around in what seemed like the Universe. Except she hadn't known which way she was drifting. Was she going forward? Backward? Down? Up?

Her hair floated around her head without direction as if she was underwater. She didn't feel cold, nor warmth or air. She wore simply nothing around her skin. But she wasn't dead. She could feel her heart beating. She stared in admiration as she passed by far away swirling clusters of colors, and masses of illuminated dust with an immeasurable amount of stars embedded in them, and polished pastel colored planets of various sizes.

Next thing she knew, she stood in one of her empty classrooms. She looked around at the empty chairs and waxed stairs that lead to where the back doors should be. Behind her, a blank white board and a spot where the table that holds the projector and the professors notes should also be.

At least she now felt like she was back in her own mind. She looked down and realized she was still nude. Thankfully, no one could even be here to see her shame. So she didn't bother to cover herself. It was actually quite exciting.

Then she heard slow footsteps. A mans footsteps. It sounds like they were circling the room where the doors should be.

They stopped.

She gulped and let out a shaky breath. A strong presence stood behind her. Tall, large, and giving off a comforting warmth. Suddenly, two muscular arms wrapped around her, enclosing her arms to her sides. They did not squeeze her or constrict all her movement, so she was not fearful.

Maybe it would just be an odd wet dream. She supposed so and stayed calm. But again realizing she was still in the buff and an unknown man was holding her gingerly, she blushed in embarrassment and could feel the warmth trickle down her chest and her nipples tingle in excitement.

She could feel his head come in closer towards her neck, his breath curled around her skin. In a deep, enticing, and serene voice he whispered just behind her ear, "You will be mine, Ophelia." She melted and her heart jumped.

"All of this," he massaged her stomach to her thighs, "will be all mine and to use for my own desires." He stroked her hip as his opposite arm held her two arms. His fingers started gradually crawling towards her mound.

She gasped and pushed herself forward to get out of his reach. Luckily, she got free the first time and she made a dash for the stairs. Halfway up, she cut through a row of the familiar cushioned seats. Stopping to catch a breath she glanced back at the front of the class.

She only got a glimpse of his torso and the top of his head. Definitely large. With toned muscles that are only slightly bigger than average, short silver hair and creamy light skin. Protruding behind him were enormous black wings. Like a ravens wings.

They spread and he was gone from the front. She turned her head to the back and saw there was a door. An exit! She sprinted up the rest of the stairs and was only about three yards from the door.

She kept hearing him call her name behind her. The deep voice getting closer, she could almost hear him growl. She opened the door quickly and shut it behind her firmly. Upon coming back to reality, she could still hear him calling her out and his growls of frustration.

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Great story

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