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Control Issues: More


To my editor, jacuzzigal, I give my gratitude. Thank you for your help, encouragement and time. I know it's customary to acknowledge the efforts of an editor, and I do so with all sincerity. I just don't want your excellent skills to be so well known that I lose you ~ I appreciate you and your effort very much.


She barely heard the phone ring. She didn't want to hear it. Whoever was calling had interrupted a damn good dream. Cate grumbled something of a hello into the phone. She was more than half asleep and wanted to go back. When she heard his voice she whined that he had wakened her from a dream of their lovemaking. John could hear the smirk on her face when she told him he'd pay for that. He laughed into the phone, knowing the last time he had to pay for something it was one of the most erotic nights they'd shared. Maybe he'd get lucky like that again.

He decided he'd wake her up even more this morning. He was away on business and missed her. He asked her to tell him about the dream. Within a few moments of description the two were aroused and making love over the phone. This time the scene he created in their minds was more then they'd explored before. Cate was surprised but didn't stop, the quality in her voice told him to push on a little more.

He added a dimension of another woman watching them. He said the woman was clearly aroused. John added that her hands were on her breasts as she tried to watch in silence but was found out. He wanted to gauge Cate's reaction to his suggestion. She wasn't too participatory, but he knew by the sound of her voice there was some kind of curiosity there. She even admitted she wondered how it must feel to suck on a breast or to tease the nipples hard.

Before they finished their phone call John asked Cate to write him. He wanted her to think about what it would feel like for her to touch another woman's breasts. He knew he'd sparked something that morning. She sort of groaned but said she'd do it. She even went so far as to say it might be revealing. He always enjoyed the fact that she was open and curious about new ideas. The truth was he had a way of bringing things out in her – he always found more. He could shine a light into her imagination. She had never shared that place with another person – except him.

Cate sat down later that day and wrote her thoughts about touching another woman's breasts. She wasn't surprised at how difficult it was to allow the thought to grow in her mind. But she was surprised at how easy it became once she let the idea take hold; hold being the operative word. She began to imagine hefting the breasts of this imaginary woman, jiggling them as she did to her own so often. Her hand followed her thoughts. She closed her eyes and pictured her hands on the woman, all the while trying out the movements on herself. Cate licked her lips and felt a stir in her depth.

She wanted her mouth on the imaginary tits. Her tongue began to reach out to it. So tentative at first, barely letting the very tip of her tongue to touch. But she wanted to. Soon her mind led her to licking the nipple. A flick would be ok, she thought. It was more than a flick though. In her mind she moved her mouth over the tit and sucked it into her mouth. The sensations were surprising but not as surprising as the wetness she was experiencing in her panties. It was turning her on. She fought to let the image continue, before long the struggle was over and she realized she wanted to continue.

Her mind was lost in imagination about the woman's breasts. She pictured squeezing them together, her head buried in them. She imagined all the things she loved when her breasts were in the hands of her lover. She caressed, squeezed, pinched, licked, sucked and anything else she wanted. Her panties were damp and she felt herself clenching the muscles of her womanhood.

Cate started to type with great inspiration. The words poured out and onto the computer screen. Each thought or want was revealed. The words that came out through her hands surprised her. Her fingers were flying on the keyboard and her mind was full of the images that had brought such surprising pleasures. She quickly finished and hit the send button. John had his email – he had her thoughts again. When she sought the pleasure of relief her mind couldn't help but recreate what John had started that morning.

The phone rang about eleven o'clock that evening. She had just settled into bed with a book. She knew it was John and she smiled because she also knew he'd have something to say about her email. She didn't even get her greeting out.

"When I get home you will know -- no you will see and feel -- what your email caused in me. You will know so very well." John had a smile in his voice.

"I just did what you asked of me my sweet." Cate's voice held a smirk.

"Just wait, you just wait." He went on to tell her how much he enjoyed the images her words evoked. He also mentioned what stood out to him was that it was all about her. The focus was on Cate's pleasure, nothing with regard to the 'other woman'. Shyly she agreed and added that she kind of liked that idea. She was coming into her own about what she wanted. She was comfortable about asking, fantasizing and sharing – with him.

"It was kind of hard to ..."

"Don't say 'hard' Cate!"

"Oh John, goodness, get a grip. It's just a word." She knew what was coming next.

"Grrr oh I'll get a grip alright. If only I could get a grip on you right now." She laughed at him and tried again to tell him what it was like to consider the thought of touching another woman. She knew one of John's fantasies was to have a threesome with two women but she had told him she could not be a party to that, that it just wasn't her thing.

"After reading your thoughts today I'd never know you weren't interested." He was being playful with Cate, but it seem to quiet her instead.

"John, you know what I mean. You clearly saw yourself in my words it was only body parts. There was no particular woman per se." She knew he'd touched a nerve. She had enjoyed the thoughts. Maybe that was what unnerved her. Cate was glad now she didn't share all her thoughts in that email. Some things can remain unsaid.

The next day passed so slowly for each of them. John had stirred her up so much and she couldn't wait for him to arrive home. It wasn't just John that stirred her, it was the thoughts in her mind she couldn't stop. She was touching herself almost unconsciously. Her hands seemed constantly to be on her breasts – she loved the feel of them in her hands. Her mind was stuck thinking what it would feel like to touch another woman's breasts.

Looking at the clock she knew he wasn't due home for a few more hours and she was already as sexually frustrated as she could get. Damn him for planting that image and for making her write her thoughts – he always got more from her. Had John been there her shy smile would have given her away. Her eyes looked at the clock again.

She knew it wasn't only his suggestion that had her going. It was what she learned about herself. Cate never considered the idea before, but she'd never considered many things before John came into her life. He drew so much out of her that sometimes she wondered where all of it was stored. Smiling to herself and almost chuckling she heard the door open and John call out, "Cate? I'm home, are you here?"

She came sliding to the entryway in her socks, stopping just in front of him. "Hi! Come on let's go upstairs." She barely contained her laughter. "Hey, you started this pal, now up, let's go." He laughed at her, taking her in his arms and kissing her hard. She pressed herself just as hard to him.

"Hmm, someone sure seems to be in a hurry. Why's that?" He loved to tease her and toy with her. Often his words would elicit a blush or a shy reply, even though they'd been together so long. It was endearing to him.

"You're so full of it pal. You think I can't feel your want?" Her hand slipped to his crotch for emphasis. "HA, I got cha, didn't I?"

"Whoever said it was men that don't need foreplay, should meet you." John let out a hardy laugh and squeezed her tight. "I'm glad to be home. I'm always glad to come home to you. Now come with me, I'd like to have a drink and nibble of something – that is if you can be patient."

"You could nibble on me," she said with a wink. "How was your day? Did the meetings go well?" The two chatted as they walked arm in arm to the kitchen.

"Very well. Just a few minor changes and it's a done deal. I'll go back for a day next week."

"That's great honey, I know how much time you put into that project." Cate opened the refrigerator looking for something to put together for him. " I didn't make anything. My mind was ummm, rather preoccupied you know." She grinned at him. "I suppose I could pull something together but it might take a while." She stretched out each word and let out a silly huff. She looked at him to see if her actions did anything but he just laughed with her.

"I love when you are so impatient – for some things." He took her into his arms, "I love you so many ways." She sighed and held on to him tighter and whispered she loved him too. "But I'm also hungry woman!"

She smiled at him and agreed. "Now you're going to make me wait though... " Her giggled was stifled by a kiss. "That isn't helping you know." He smiled as he held her face in his hands.

"Why don't you head upstairs? I'll be there shortly." He kissed her again, a long, slow deep kiss before sending her on her way.

Cate went upstairs, freshened up and looked at her nightgowns, she thought maybe the blue or the black one tonight. Her hands slipped among the garments and felt silky and cool on her fingers. She grinned and made her choice. When she heard John she went and jumped onto the bed, sitting on her knees, wearing nothing but a big smile. John's smile was a big as hers.

"Well, well, well, seems I'm overdressed." Before she could say a word his hands pulled her to his lips. Cate stretched her neck up to press against his lips. She made good use of her hands unbuttoning his shirt, before moving to his jeans. She was fumbling a little and his hands pushed hers aside and made quick work of the buttons and the zipper too. With his lips still on hers he pulled his shirt off. If they could have continued their kiss and push his jeans off they would have but they sacrificed the kiss for urgency. She was rushing and pushing and he got a kick out of it. "Am I in your way?" he asked. She told him to shush and hurry up. He did.

John pushed her back on the bed and was over her in a moment. They kissed passionately. Cate wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She felt possessed with want. "John I need you in me now, like I've never needed you before." Cate's breath was shallow and her hand reached down to guide him into her. "Really John, please." She pleaded, "please!" He looked into her eyes as he slowly teased her and when her fingers dug into his back he entered her fully in one driving thrust.

Their eyes pierced each other's as he held still and she gripped him as tightly as she could, inside and out. "Something's gotten into you my sweet Cate. What do you think it is?" He moved slightly and she dug her heels into his back. The look in her eyes was so intense, "Do you suppose this has anything to do with our conversations? Are you imagining a woman watching us? Or maybe you're thinking of Mike and the night at the restaurant. You know he'd love to join us." He pulled almost out of her and drove back in with emphasis.

"John, just fuck me! I don't know or care, just fuck me!" He had every intention of doing just that, but he still wanted to dig deeper into her mind. He took her legs from around his waist and pulled her body forward then pushed her legs apart. He rhythmically moved in and out over and over. He quickened his pace as he felt her reaching a climax. He drove her over the edge and held her tightly just like she held him tightly inside. "Yes, yessssssss!" Cate screamed out and John pushed for more.

He loved it; love to see the pleasure course through her body. He planned to see more tonight. He held her as her body quieted, his hand brushed the hair from her face and he kissed her softly. "I love seeing your pleasure Cate... it's beautiful." She smiled up at him knowing he always felt that tenderness when she climaxed, and she loved him for it.

"Thank you John, I sure do love to give you the pleasure of seeing my pleasure." Her smiled turned to a grin. "Didn't you say something about more? I distinctly remember you mentioning more." Her eyes were full of fun and desire. He kissed her hard and she pressed her hands against him, pushing him away from her. She definitely had more in mind. "I want more."

"You do?"

"Oh yes, I sure do."

"I'm so surprised."

"You are not you big tease."

"Me tease you? I'd never do that."

"Maybe I'm mistaking you for someone else then."

He held her hands down on the bed and smiled at her. "Maybe you were. Maybe it was Mike or maybe that 'other woman'. What do you think about that?" That grin, she loved that grin of his. "Hmmm?"

"Maybe someday love. I don't know how you push buttons I didn't know I had but you do. I was surprised at the mention of being watched, especially by a woman. When you described that she was touching her breasts I knew what 'she'd' be feeling but only to a point – no pun intended. You should have written to me about what it's like to suck and lick on breasts. You should tell me how your mouth feels when full with the soft flesh." She grinned slyly. "That's what I want to know about."


"Damn, as soon as it came out I knew it was backwards! Damn, damn, damn." She shook her head mostly at herself but him too. "You just twist my mind around and around and you love it don't you? Now would you just roll over so I can move? I need to move if I'm going to get more you know." He rolled over taking her with him. "Smooth move." Their shared laughter filled the room.

"I thought so. OK, I'll give you a break on the whole 'other woman' issue for now. But your true feelings just came out – might as well admit it baby." He kissed her lightly, she growled and bit his lip. "So we'll get around to it for sure."

"Oh we will huh? You're giving me a pass on this for the moment huh? Mighty sporty of you." He wasted no time and pulled her to him and kissed her passionately. Slow and deep, the kind you don't want to end but knew it'd be worth it for what came next.

"Now what about that 'more' you mentioned?" Grinning she slithered down his body. She straddled one of his legs. Cate watched him with a glint in her eyes. The love she felt for him was overpowered by lust. She lowered her womanhood onto his shin, grinding and humping. Still watching him intently she pulled her hair back into a ponytail and dropped her mouth down onto his cock.

He saw the head go into her mouth and immediately reacted with a small thrust. She sucked and twirled her tongue on it, tasting herself and him. She moaned her delight. So did John. She slurped loudly as she pushed her mouth down his shaft then up again. John squirmed some as he encouraged her for more. He took a deep breath of their mixed scent that filled the room as he watched her every move.

Her breasts were tantalizing close to his member so she didn't resist. Letting go of his cock with her hands she pressed her tits closer. She bent her head to envelop him with her breasts. She lifted her head, and said to him, "Isn't more great?" Not waiting for an answer, knowing the answer she took him right back into her mouth.

Cate held her breasts around him, loving the feel of him so tight and wet. The head of his cock came so close to her lips, it was teasing her mouth. Thrusting with force John slid through the divide of her tits. So slick and warm, just like her mouth was as she tried to capture him with each thrust upwards. Her fingers formed a sort of jail for his cock. Not that he wanted to escape but she loved the feel of him held beneath her fingers. John let out a few groans and Cate hummed at each.

"Mmmmm, more."

"More?" She smiled. "Isn't that my line John?" She filled her mouth with him again.

"It's you I think of every time I hear the word, my insatiably sweet and lovely slut."

She giggled and he moaned at the vibrations her giggle caused. She couldn't get enough of the delicious and delightful feel of him pulsing in her mouth. The heat, the friction and the throbbing were almost too much to contain.

"Cate, stop." She looked up quizzically. "More fucking. More thrusting. More of me buried deep inside you. Lots more." He pulled himself from her mouth and sat upright. His breathing was still rapid, his eyes still full of lust. "Kneel baby, I want to take you from behind. I want my hands on those beautiful tits. I want to breathe in your ear and tell you how much I enjoy our fucking."

Cate happily complied. She lifted off his leg that had held him captive to her. Her knees were almost weak hearing his words. "Oh John, yes. Yes! God you're beautiful. Love me the way you want John, because it's the way I want too." John guided his cock into her slowly, far too slow for Cate. "More John!" They smiled at their 'word of the night.'

More is what she got. John thrust into her so hard he knocked her down onto her forearms. Now her ass was higher and he loved the change of sensation. He pounded into her. Both were grunting, dripping with sweat and wanting more. The intensity increased as he drove hard into her. The pillow her face was buried in muffled her screams. Her hands gripped the soaked sheets.

John's hands were digging hard into her hips. They were both slick with moisture. Bending to drape himself over her back John grabbed her arms. There was barely breath of air between them. Their heat rose up. The sound of his balls slapping her ass mixed with their grunts and her high-pitched squeals. He drove harder.

The explosion was imminent. Just a few more thrusts. She felt his first burst as she yelled out. "Yes, John. More!"

There'd always be more for them.

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